Dry skin of the face, what to do


  • What causes dry skin
  • Proper cleansing of dry skin
  • Cleansing the skin is very dry
  • Tips for the care and protection of dry skin

Dry to very dry skin of the face - it is usually thin and delicate skin, with invisible pores, acne is not prone to rashes and other unpleasant symptoms suffered by the holders of oily skin. In other words, it is beautiful skin. But every coin has two sides: the beauty is accompanied by early wrinkles, sensitivity, feeling of tightness, delivers serious discomfort, peeling.

What to do? To provide a thorough and competent care, which provides, in the first place necessary nutrition and deep hydration. This makes it possible to preserve the beauty and youth of dry skin for many years.

  What causes dry skin

It should be noted that the condition of the skin depends on a variety of causes and is not constant, varying depending on the age, lifestyle, diet, environmental effects, and other factors. Lack of sebum leads to loss of elasticity, appearance, cracks, irritation, redness and scaly patches.

If we talk about the internal causes that provoke dryness, then they include:

  • problems with the gastrointestinal tract
  • lack of essential vitamins and trace elements
  • endocrine disorders
  • stresses

External factors which lead to a decrease in production of the fat is:

  • excessive sun exposure
  • Seawater
  • atmospheric effects (cold, wind)
  • improper care (cleaning, catering)

If you learn how to properly care for your skin in a timely manner in response to changes in its condition, any problems with the skin you will not experience.

 very dry skin of the face to do

Proper cleansing of dry skin

Owners of dry skin should clearly understand that they are counter-cleaning products, which contain alcohols. Special care must be treated to a choice of means for cleansing the skin, choosing the soft and neutral - milk, cream, gels. It is desirable not to use soap.

For washing is best to use a soft, cool water. Not too warm water, nor too cold, not suitable. The fact that the cold water causes a spasm of blood vessels, and it is harmful to the skin and hot, conversely, expands them, which can cause vascular mesh, the formation of which is very prone dry skin.

Before you take a bath or shower, it is desirable to apply on oily skin cream for dry skin or olive oil, since (as strange as it may sound), such procedures have contributed to increasing dryness.

Cleansing the skin is very dry

Such skin is particularly vulnerable, it is easily irritated and can not tolerate even plain water. Therefore cleaning requires special care.

  1. Alternatively you can use to clean preheated oil - olive optimally. It responds well to very dry skin on the coconut oil - it also better slightly warmed.
  2. Oatmeal broth perfectly cleanses sensitive skin. To make it, take 2-3 tablespoons of oatmeal, which should pour boiling water. When the mixture has cooled Infusions and decoction strain through a sieve and use for other purposes. It can be stored in the refrigerator for several days.
  3. Use for washing the starch solution - half a teaspoon of starch in a glass of water (boil).
  4. If desired, wash water should be used only to melt water (she is very soft), and as a cleaning agent can be applied yolk mixed with olive oil.
  5. To soften hard water, you can use baking soda, lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.
  6. For sensitive skin suitable herbal teas, such as chamomile broth. Azulene contained in the plant, perfectly soothes irritated skin.

On sale now there is a very sparing cleansers for dry sensitive skin. You can try to find something suitable. Preference should be given to the production of known manufacturers, which produce high-quality cosmetics.

 very dry skin of the face

Tips for the care and protection of dry skin

Proper care of any skin (dry no exception) suggests a quality cleansing, nutrition and hydration. However, with respect to dry skin it is also necessary to use protection. How to do this, we will describe below.

To care need cream - moisturizing and nourishing. Humidification - a necessary component in the care of dry skin. The cleansing we have talked. Now we will focus on nutrition. For dry skin, it is very important to choose a cream that will solve the problem in the complex. Sometimes you have to go through a dozen creams before you find one that fits optimally.

Day Care

It is desirable to have two different cream - for a morning departure and evening. Day cream should be light bole usually in such creams mainly focus on hydration. It is applied 15-20 minutes after washing light massage until completely absorbed.

What should be guided by choosing a day cream for dry skin? Of course, it has to moisturize and nourish the skin so that during the day did not arise any discomfort, but this cream should perform another very important function: it should protect the skin.

Privacy is very important in the care of dry and very dry sensitive skin. Modern day creams usually contain all the necessary protective factors, protecting the skin from the effects of ultraviolet radiation, protecting from the cold and wind.

It is understood that when choosing a day cream should definitely take into account the seasonal factor. For the summer, it is important to have a high level of protection from sunlight, and in the winter a person should be protected from such unpleasant effects as frost and wind, which is detrimental impact on the status of sensitive skin.

Night Care

Now for the cream of the evening (night) care. This cream provides the skin with nutrition and, of course, moisturizing. Today, moisturizing factor is included in all high-quality creams are designed to care for dry skin. An important component of nourishing cream is the presence of vitamins and minerals that provide a healthy and beautiful appearance of our skin. Particularly useful for skin vitamins A and E, which is often called the vitamin of youth.

Nourishing night cream is applied to cleansed skin with light massage, massaging gently. If the skin has shelled areas it is best to apply the cream with a cotton pad, which had previously dipped into salt water. Thus you can quickly result in irritated areas in the normal state.

Night cream is desirable to apply a couple of hours before bedtime, and be sure to remove the remnants of cosmetic tissue. This will avoid edema

Additional care

As an additional care for dry skin can recommend a variety of masks. To achieve a good effect is better to do a course of procedures - it is usually 10-15 sessions, which are held at intervals of one or two days. After such a rate to maintain the result it is desirable to mask once a week. For dry skin, it is always a good therapy that helps to get rid of unpleasant symptoms such as contraction, peeling.

Now on the market of cosmetic products is offered a huge selection of ready-made masks from the most famous manufacturers. Yes, and recipes from home masks also not refuse. Make them simple ingredients are always on hand, in addition, these masks are effective enough and help to effectively solve the problem of dry skin.

 Dry skin of the face: what to do with this problem?

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 how to remove dark circles under the eyes


  • The bruises under his eyes: causes
  • How to remove dark circles under the eyes: methods and solutions

Do you know what the river is the fastest in the world? No, this is not Amazon. It has a much greater speed river of time. However, the impression of it will flow more sad than funny. It is understandable. Who likes wrinkles reflection in a mirror when not long ago life was just beginning? It seems that only yesterday you and classmates poured in "Phantom" champagne at the outlet, and today come up with an outfit for her daughter-graduates.

And everything is nothing. But those years eloquently reflected on your face and every day more and more difficult to apply makeup to look young and fresh. From now on, after a fun evening you are thinking not of the "call - do not call", and remember all the old wives secrets on how to remove dark circles under the eyes. And gentlemen here at anything. Junk swelling and blueness occur after the lack of sleep and alcohol the day before busting. Well, if my grandmother managed to convey all the nuances of people's cosmetology. And if not? Scintillating bruises under his eyes, to the delight of envious colleagues? Certainly not! We will not allow you to regret it in the morning on the last glass of champagne drunk eve. So listen, memorize, burn. We understand the intricacies of getting rid of bruises under his eyes.

The bruises under his eyes: causes

First, let dispel the myth that the only sleepless night and alcohol can bestow upon you this morning, and blue bags under the eyes. The cause of adverse events may be:

  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • frequent stressful situations;
  • fatigue or chronic sleep deprivation;
  • long stay in a stuffy room;
  • hours of work at the computer;
  • violation of cardiovascular activity.

As you can see, "culprits" in your problem is more than enough. Therefore, we recommend to think about a way of life that you lead. If black eyes appear regularly, you can instead of another equalizer for glossing over the dark circles to buy a ticket to a warmer climate? Beautiful sea, hot sand and bright sun can cure any stress. And you laptop to the beach is unlikely to take, and this is another guarantee that long-awaited holiday will take place in the glory.

 black eyes how to clean

How to remove dark circles under the eyes: methods and solutions

In the meantime, the tour operator is looking for the best option to rest, let's learn how to get rid of bruises under his eyes. Just will not do it with the help of cosmetics and the methods of traditional medicine.

  1. Mask of potatoes. In fact, there are so many recipes on how to remove dark circles under the eyes of an ordinary potato. The simplest of them - is to cut the potato lengthwise and cut down to put on eyes for 20 minutes. The second way - it's mashed potatoes. Make of it patty, apply to problem areas, and wait for a quarter of an hour. The third option is more complicated: the average potato rub on a small grater. Add the resulting mixture of 2 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil. Do not remove the bottle away. You will need to lubricate the area under the eyes, which appeared bruised. After that you can put on the prepared area potato-oil mixture. Leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse with strong tea.
  2. Speaking of tea. Did you know that welding is well removes puffiness and blue? Therefore, if the reflection in the mirror in the morning not pleased before apply makeup, soak a couple of minutes with steamed tea bags on the eyelids. Or just eye wash tea.
  3. Another lifesaver is cottage cheese. Mash with a fork small amount and apply on problem areas until the cheese is slightly dries (15-20 minutes).
  4. Cucumber also has a truly magical properties. Moreover, it can not only complement the taste of the salad, but also to remove the traces of a sleepless night, or yesterday's scandal with his superiors. You can simply cut the cucumber into slices and put on for ever, and you can prepare a full mask. To do this, rub the grated cucumber, add equal parts chopped parsley (you can replace it with coriander) and fill all the sour cream.
  5. Parsley and she is able to save you from bruising. Mix the butter with the chopped parsley to the mushy state and apply the mask under the eyes. Or replace the butter, cottage cheese and sour cream, if you are afraid of fat oversaturate delicate skin.
  6. Remember how you were transformed under the influence of ice water? Like five minutes ago black eyes prevents you know his own reflection, and a five-minute washing in cold water created the miracle. To the effect of low temperature more firmly entrenched, it is advisable to wipe the face in the morning a special cosmetic ice. And not in a hurry to run to the drugstore for a long-awaited cure. We are going to do on their own ice. To do this, pour into molds tea and clean them in the freezer. You can freeze the broth sage, cornflower, chamomile or parsley. The main thing - do not forget to enjoy the ice each morning.
  7. Perfectly eliminates the dark circles under the eyes and bread. Soak in milk loaf pulp. Spread the bread into mush, and apply on problem areas.
  8. If traditional medicine is causing your attack skepticism can seek the assistance of modern cosmetology. Special massage is also perfectly will take you back in shape. In addition, the beautician can impose a special eye mask to remove puffiness.
  9. You yourself can pick up a series of cream with rejuvenating effect. For it is not enough just to find a similar inscription on the jar. Determine really suitable means you get when you examine the cream. What is there to look for? Among other ingredients should be:
  • Hyaluronic acid. It not only moisturizes the skin but also improves blood circulation.
  • Collagen. One of the hottest components in the 21st century. Collagen makes the skin supple and tightens it.
  • Caffeine. Displays fluid from the body, stimulates metabolism, improves skin tone.
  • Manganese (improves blood circulation).
  • Green tea extract (reduces swelling).

As you can see, it is not necessary to be a chemist or a beautician in order to find a suitable cream to get rid of under-eye circles. At worst, there is always a checker and the ability to paint everything that you do not want to show to others.

An extreme way to fight swelling and bruises can be read plastic surgery. According to doctors it blepharoplasty is able to make all eyes open and clear. But we think that it is better to buy a ticket to tropical countries. Maybe from bruises under his eyes, you do not get rid of, but a lot of fun and new experiences.

 How to remove dark circles under the eyes: Win a fight against time

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