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The birth of a child, perhaps, the happiest event in a woman's life. How many happy memories of happy days of pregnancy, a first look at the baby - this tiny and dear! But besides all the pleasant moments associated with the birth of the child, there are a nuisance - stretch marks on the body. Someone more of them, someone less, but to avoid them completely few people can. Of course, it is not lethal, but each of us wants to look attractive body and sexuality, and stretching - not the best way to achieve this. So how do you get rid of those nasty stretch marks on the skin as the body to return to its former smoothness and elasticity?

There are many ways - and not very expensive. And if you are tired of spending money on expensive ointments and creams that promise to solve your problem, try the old folk method: apple cider vinegar from the stretch. Cheap and cheerful, and most importantly, it works! Barely a week after the daily use of vinegar, stretching noticeably become white, and a month later will become practically invisible!

Incidentally, pregnancy and childbirth - are not the only reason for the appearance of stretch marks on the body of a woman. These troubles occur in the event that she lost weight dramatically - the skin loses its elasticity at first, and then on it becomes a light pink stripes, which we call stretch marks. Apple cider vinegar copes with such problems, especially at the beginning of their appearance. The sooner you start to deal with stretch marks, the better, because after a couple of years of unpleasant marks on the skin can be disguising or make a little more discreet, but to get rid of permanently - almost impossible. So what is stored in the store apple cider vinegar and start improving your body.

How to choose vinegar

The first step is to choose a good apple cider vinegar. Buy five percent, it is best suited for rubbing into the skin. Running eyes on the shelf with colorful bottles of vinegar, do not try to save! If your choice falls on a suspiciously cheap plastic cup with a liquid resembling acetic acid, instead of getting rid of stretch marks you have, at best, will not achieve any effect. But the worst - get a chemical burn, you need it? Do not spare money for a favorite, because even the most expensive apple cider vinegar is much cheaper cream for stretch marks.

Now, apple cider vinegar should be completely natural. If you notice that the liquid in the bottle is unclear - do not worry, it's one of the signs that you are not in front of the synthetic product. Moreover, it is a vinegar and need to buy, because it, unlike his fellow crystal clear, not clarified, not filtered and not deprived of most of the nutrients and trace elements. And our skin oh, how they need it!

 apple cider vinegar against stretch marks

How does the apple cider vinegar

Many people know that if you drink apple cider vinegar in the morning on an empty stomach, you can lose much. But that vinegar can be rubbed into the skin, it is an excellent remedy for stretch marks and cellulite, and many have not. How does it work? Now let us explain. Just let us first find out what is the apple cider vinegar and why it is so useful to the body of any woman.

The fact that the apple cider vinegar just filled with useful elements, because in addition to pectin and other important antioxidants, which include:

  • B Vitamins A, B, C, E;
  • Acid - malic, citric, oxalic, lactic;
  • Trace elements - calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, copper, potassium, magnesium;
  • Flavonoids, enzymes.

Due to its chemical composition, apple cider vinegar - the only one among all the other kinds of vinegar, which has healing properties. This is a great remedy for many skin diseases, hair loss and even some inflammatory processes. And as for cosmetic reasons women use it for a long time. So remove stretch marks from the body cider vinegar is very convenient. As described above, this product contains malic acid and other (by the way, most of the useful substances contained in the fresh apples, pass into vinegar virtually no losses). That is, if rubbed into the skin of apple cider vinegar, you can get the effect of light peeling.

Recall that in beauty salons for peeling use the following acid: fruit, lactic, glycolic, pyruvic and retinoic. These acids attack the upper and middle layers of the skin, otshelushivaya dead cells and enhancing the regeneration of the skin. That's just the acid sixties and seventies interest - as opposed to five per cent of apple cider vinegar, which acts on the skin is much softer and gentler.

Vinegar helps to exfoliate the skin on problem areas and allows the body to replace old cells with new ones. With daily use of apple cider vinegar, your skin layer by layer updated and streamers becoming paler and less noticeable. This process can not be called very fast, but with diligence you can win ugly stretch marks!

 apple cider vinegar stretch marks on the body

How to use apple cider vinegar against stretch marks

For the first time, mix apple cider vinegar with a conventional clean water at a ratio of one to one. Take an evening shower, rubbing the washcloth those places where you have stretch marks - it is important that your skin has been prepared for the procedure and heated. You can then proceed directly to the rubbing vinegar into problem areas.

You can simply rub vinegar in areas of the body where there is a stretch, but you can make and kind of wrap: after application of vinegar, wrap with plastic wrap themselves, cover with a warm towel and stay in this position for at least an hour. Due to the thermal effect of vinegar works considerably more active, causing the body to quickly update skin cells.

After you wash away the vinegar with yourself, do not forget to put on your skin moisturizer. Making such a procedure should be at least twice a week and in a month you will see the first results. If your skin is well-accepted procedure of rubbing vinegar first, then the second time you can use the pure product, undiluted water. But do not forget that for some people there are contraindications to the use of apple cider vinegar

Unfortunately, not all women can afford such rubbing the skin. Quite often you can experience allergic reactions: itching, redness. Before we proceed to get rid of stretch marks using apple cider vinegar, make a little test, causing a few drops of vinegar on any part of the body (of course, avoiding mucous membranes). If five or ten minutes of irritation appears, then you may well use this method to get rid of stretch marks. Otherwise, you'll have to find another option.

 Apple cider vinegar from the stretch: beautiful skin without the expense

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 carrot juice Sun


  • Carrots add blood
  • How to get a tan using carrot juice
  • Treatment of sunburn using carrots

What we just did not go in order to get a smooth, nice tan! All day "zharimsya" in the bright sunshine, smear over a ton of tanning - and all this for a couple of weeks with a bronze color of the skin was washed off and turned into a semblance of its former magnificence. And what to say about the financial cost, when he came to the store to dizziness we peer into space prices means for a quick tan. However, we often forget that there are wonderful natural products that can easily replace the most expensive lotions and creams of this kind. For example, familiar to all of us to carrot childhood. It is in every house, in every refrigerator, but other than that it is added to the soup, and it is perfectly treats myopia, we are about it know nothing.

Try and keep your budget and used for tanning a wonderful folk remedy - carrot juice. It not only helps you to quickly acquire the coveted bronze skin tone, but also protect against dangerous UV rays. It has long been known that prolonged exposure to sunlight is dangerous to the health of the skin. This threatens not only to early wrinkles, dry skin and the formation of age spots, but terrible disease - cancer of the skin. Using time-tested natural remedy for sunburn, you will not regret it, and will find the opportunity to a nice tan, while maintaining their own health.

Carrots add blood

Once upon a time carrots were grown not for the root, but for tasty green leaves. Time passed, and people understood what kind of valuable orange root hiding from them all the time under the ground. Vitamin A is contained in this vegetable, it plays a huge role in the normal functioning of the retina. Valuable vitamins and minerals obtained by eating carrots, helps to strengthen the immune system and, more recently, scientists have proved that the carrot juice - a great tool for the prevention of cancer. So it's safe to open the fridge and crunch of sweet carrot, as much as you want - the health benefits you get for sure.

In addition to the body's restorative properties of carrots is very beneficial for our skin:

  • Vitamin A in carrots is an excellent antioxidant that helps prevent aging of the skin cells. Age-related changes are slowed down, the body is cleansed of free radicals. And they, these radicals, apart from aging threatening and unpleasant diseases such as dermatitis, rashes and even eczema. In addition, vitamin A contains beta-carotene, it is very good for health.
  • Carotenoids and antioxidants in carrots help the skin cope with the harmful action of sunlight. They increase the immunity of the skin and burns in the case of perfectly cure it.
  • Vitamin C helps the body produce such an important element, as collagen. It is he who is responsible for the elasticity of our skin, it also prevents the appearance of wrinkles and aging blocks.
  • Carrot juice is rich in potassium, which prevents excessive dryness of the skin and the appearance of muscle spasms.
  • If you regularly eat carrot juice, you can avoid problems with skin pigmentation.
  • Carrots contain a variety of essential oils that help digestion. This means that drinking a glass of fresh carrot juice a day, you do not give a chance to pimples and acne appear on your skin.
  • Carrots have anti-inflammatory effect, it helps revitalize the skin, giving it a healthy glow.

Talk about the beneficial properties of carrot can be long. But in addition to all its valuable qualities for the health, it has another important advantage: it is publicly available. Carrots - perhaps one of the most low-priced products, and it is sold in any shop. Masks and lotions made with this vegetable, can afford any woman, regardless of her financial opportunities. That is why we advise you not to pass such a wonderful, magical means, like carrots. In fact, besides the fact that it is extremely valuable for health, one hundred grams of raw carrots all thirty-two kilocalories! This means that, to use it in the food, do not need to worry about possible weight gain.

 delicious carrot juice Sun

How to get a tan using carrot juice

You'd be surprised, but with the help of carrot juice can achieve a beautiful, even tan, without leaving home. No, you do not have to sit for it on the windowsill, catching the last rays of the sun, or buy expensive equipment for home tanning. All you need - it's a couple of carrots, grated on a fine grater. Having put this weight on your face and body, you get the color, dreamed. In addition, you enrich your skin with valuable vitamins and minerals that will help keep your skin young and healthy.

In order not to be disappointed in this method, try to comply with two conditions: first, it is not necessary to keep the mask for too long, and then you will get suspicious orange color, did not like the color of the sun. And secondly, if you are pale beauty with a very thin skin, this method is not for you at all! It is suitable only for the dark-skinned girls who want to make their skin darker tones for a couple.

If the carrot mask Sun you do not do, then do not despair. In the end, we go to the beach is not just to get a nice tan, but also to just lie under the warm rays of the sun and relax. And in order to enjoy a little later has not turned into flour in the form of sunburn on inflamed skin, you need a fresh carrot juice.

Drink a glass of fifteen to twenty minutes before sunbathing - this you will ensure not only the tan, but also protect against harmful ultraviolet radiation. And in order to better internalize the juice, add a little cream. Do not go overboard with drinking carrot juice: one cup a day is enough! Otherwise, colorants get to your skin from the inside, and you get quite the tan, which had been counted!

Another great option for a relaxing sun - lotion homemade. Make it yourself is not difficult, all the ingredients are probably stored in your kitchen. To prepare the lotion, take any little vegetable (preferably olive) and carrot juice. It is necessary to mix the ingredients in a ratio of one to one. Pour the finished lotion in a bottle with a spray and take with them every time when you go to the beach. Apply the lotion on the skin and gently rub the soft massaging movements. Keep this lotion is better in the refrigerator, and take it from there at least a couple of hours to use - you need to allow time for the oil to soften.

Also nice fit for lotion coconut, almond and peach oil. They all contain antioxidants, and provide additional protection against the effects of sunlight on the skin.

 nice carrot juice Sun

Treatment of sunburn using carrots

Unfortunately, there are occasions in life when, regardless of our desires and the precautionary skin still burns in the sun. At first, she blushes betrayed, then it starts to hurt, so it's impossible to turn around from side to side in bed. And in addition to this - nasty blisters and peeling skin. Sound familiar?

Before you run to the drugstore and buy a new vehicle from sunburn, try to cope with the problem of home remedies. The fact that any medicine contains many chemicals that can harm your skin. In addition, it is possible that in the purchase of the vehicle burns may be causing substances you are allergic. I agree that it is rather unpleasant to feel the itching and burning of the skin at the site, and so the affected burn. So try first to undergo treatment with the help of carrots - it will certainly help bring your skin in order.

We offer you the following recipe for the treatment of sunburn by using a carrot:

  • Grate the carrots on a fine grater and squeeze the juice out of it. Add the juice of aloe in a ratio of one to one. Dampen a soft cloth receive funds and apply to the affected area.
  • Finely grated carrots, mix with one egg white, to impose on the affected area every twenty minutes for an hour.
  • Grate the carrots and finely raw potatoes, mix the ingredients. Apply the resulting slurry to the affected skin.
  • Make camomile tea and add a little bit of freshly squeezed carrot juice. This wonderful soothing, anti-inflammatory agent, which is very good for sunburn.
  • Mix carrot and cucumber juice in equal proportions and apply on the damaged areas.
  • Beat in a blender a little carrot and a pair of ripe tomatoes. Apply the mixture on the sun burnt the place. Pulp tomato relieves itching and burning, and together with grated carrots, this mixture gives a quick result.

Whichever recipe you choose, remember that the best treatment for sunburn - is prevention! Using carrot juice for a beautiful tan or for the treatment of burns, you not only save money, but also nourish the skin, helping it to quickly deal with injuries. The only advice - be careful with the amount of alcohol consumed carrot juice, otherwise the color of your skin will give you a lot of inconvenience.

 Carrot juice Sun: simple recipes for healthy skin

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