how to lose weight quickly in the legs

  • Exercise - the best way to lose weight quickly
  • How to lose weight quickly in the legs with the help of cosmetics
  • The diet for quick weight loss

Which of today's woman does not dream about beautiful legs. But what if the legs began to appear "orange peel", and they do not look so attractive as before? Do not despair. There are several ways to lose weight quickly in the legs: with the help of exercise, diet and beauty treatments. No, no, you do not need to contact the surgeon and liposuction. Given modern technology, ways to lose weight fast without any harm to the body in abundance.

Exercise - the best way to lose weight quickly

The cheapest and most affordable way to lose weight by getting rid of excessive fullness in the legs - is jumping rope. It skakalochka wand helps to lose weight, make you slim and beautiful in a week of active sessions. Start with 10-20 classes should jump on the day. You can do it in the morning as the charge. Preferably on an empty stomach. But after jumping definitely need something to eat. This can be a toaster with a cup of coffee. Because we all know that coffee is the most effective fat burner. But do not abuse the amount of coffee drink - it increases the pressure.

The second way to effectively combat obesity in the legs - an exercise bike. This method will allow you to lose weight fast, but with some financial costs. At the same time, it would be nice to find a place of your assistant in the fight against excess weight. If neither the place nor the large amount of money at the moment, you can buy a subscription to the gym, where an experienced instructor will help to choose the optimum load on the legs.

Squats - another option to lose weight in the legs, which requires a certain strength of will, as necessary to carry out such exercises regularly. For one training must crouch at least 20 times, gradually increasing the load, approximately 5 squats per day. It is very important, squatting, keep your back completely flat. Then on foot will be distributed maximum load.

If you do not have a simulator, and go to the gym is not possible, you can use the exercise "bike in the air." To do this, lie on your back, lift your legs up, making the rack and slowly simulate cycling. Movement in within 10 minutes. This exercise burns a lot of calories, so your feet quickly acquire the perfect shape.

 how to lose weight quickly in the legs

How to lose weight quickly in the legs with the help of cosmetics


Effective weight loss can cause some cosmetics. The most popular today massagers. You will need a head massage and body cream to fight cellulite. One tube is enough for a full massage Apply a small portion of cream on problem areas and careful massage movements rub into the skin, increasing the press periodically. Massaging for 20-25 minutes every day while bathing or showering.


Who said that the wrap can be made only in beauty salons? Today you will learn how to do this procedure at home. To do it, you will need regular food film. No other is not suitable as a food film is breathable, and the body during the procedure can breathe. And a little bit of cream, you can body-slimming cream, you can even any hand cream. Apply a small amount of cream on the area of ​​the legs, but so that the skin remains oily. From above, not much pulling, food wrap film. You can put on warm pajamas to improve the steam effect. Leave overnight. In the morning rinse thoroughly with water, with massage nozzles. Cream and you can not apply.

The diet for quick weight loss

The most gentle and absolutely harmless diet is the so-called "delicious diet" (time can vary according to his regime, but most importantly to comply with a break between meals):

  • Breakfast №1: 7.00 - coffee without sugar;
  • Breakfast №2: 8.00 - fried toast of wholemeal bread;
  • Breakfast №3: 10.00 - banana, apple or kiwi - to choose from - 1 pc .;
  • Lunch №1: 13.00 - 250 g low-fat yogurt, banana, green tea 150 g;
  • Lunch №2: 14.30 - vegetable soup broccoli soup can or hodgepodge without meat and sour cream (mayonnaise), fruit;
  • Lunch: 16.00 - fruit - any less than 250 grams. Apples desirable to have lunch, because they contain acid and can cause hunger;
  • Dinner: 18.00 - 250 grams buckwheat porridge without butter, green tea or yogurt, a banana.

A month later your legs will become slim and beautiful. Another little secret - how to lose weight for the legs can be combined. Then you will still achieve the desired effect.

 How to lose weight quickly in the legs? Sport, cosmetics, diet - choose!

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 Tibetan recipe of youth

  • Some facts from the history of Tibetan medicine
  • Tibetan recipe of youth - on garlic tincture
  • Herbal tea - another young Tibetan recipe
  • What is the strength of Tibetan medicine

Interest in Tibetan medicine today is very high. And this despite the fact that medical science does not stand still, and modern technologies allow to produce very effective medication. But as it turned out, the knowledge accumulated by ancient healers, many of which have come down to us in the form of clay tablets with the records left by anonymous chroniclers quite fit into the realities of the third millennium. Moreover, they are often much more effective than patented drugs.

This fully applies to the preservation of youth and beauty. Tibetan recipe for youth, perhaps, be called The Makropulos Affair (which, however, the fruit of the imagination of the writer, not more than that), but it really is an effective tool for healing the body with a pronounced anti-aging effect. And we will share with you, not a single recipe, and the two - bonus from our magazine readers his devotees!

Some facts from the history of Tibetan medicine

The concept of "Tibetan medicine" includes a plurality of components. There is a lot of scientific research and not on the history of this very unique branch of medical science, a lot of points of view on what constitutes the basis of healing in Tibet. We do not intend to review all the theories and try to tell a very condensed form, on which postulates based Tibetan medicine.

If the simplified approach, we can say the following. Tibetan medicine is based on the ideas of the Indian Ayurveda, Chinese acupuncture and Tibetan herbal medicine. Before our time history of the development of Tibetan medicine came in the scientific incarnation (it's medical treatises written in ancient times) and in the form of legends. The researchers note that when comparing the scientific texts and legends, many things are the same. In other words, what is set out in the legends and myths have a factual basis.

In one of the most famous treatises on Tibetan medicine "Chzhud-shek" describes in some detail the principles of proper and healthy eating. Ancient healers gave it great importance. There are a lot of interesting recipes for various infusions, decoctions, herbal compiled by Tibetan healers, who have not lost relevance in our days.

Moreover, the image of modern life, constant stress, hectic lifestyle dictates the urgent need for energizing the body. And the ancient recipes of Tibetan youth in this situation can be very useful. They are a great alternative to the artificial "energizers" that ruin our health and lead to addiction. Tibetan medicine offers only natural products whose components are selected in such a way as to bring the maximum benefit to our body.

 Tibetan recipe of youth and beauty

Tibetan recipe of youth - on garlic tincture

This recipe was discovered by members of the expedition, held under the auspices of UNESCO, in one of the Tibetan monasteries in 1971. And it created a furor because quite simple products - garlic, alcohol, milk - they do wonders.

Alcohol tincture on garlic:

  • activates metabolism
  • It clears the circulatory system
  • It frees the body of fat and water deposits
  • It enhances the elasticity of blood vessels and making them clean and free from the "plaques"
  • significantly reduces the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system, heart attacks and strokes
  • It has an antitumor effect
  • improves vision

The drug has such a powerful effect that the treatment is conducted only once every 5 years (some sources indicated by an interval of 3 years).


You will need 350 grams of good garlic. It should be clean, chop and thoroughly grind in a porcelain or glass bowl to highlight the juice. 200 grams of garlic mass (with juice), put in a glass jar and pour the alcohol (200 ml required).

Tightly close the lid and leave for 10 days in a cool dark place. Strain through several layers of cheesecloth and squeeze. Leave the infusion for another 3 days, after which you can start a course of anti-aging treatments.

How to receive

Tincture at adopted strict scheme 3 times a day 20 minutes before meal follows.

  • The first day: Breakfast - 2 drops; dinner - 2 drops; dinner - 3 drops.
  • Second day: Breakfast - 4 drops; dinner - 5 drops; Dinner - 6 drops.
  • Third day: Breakfast - 7 drops; Lunch - 8 drops; Dinner - 9 drops.
  • Fourth day: Breakfast - 10 drops; Lunch - 11 drops; Dinner - 12 drops.
  • Fifth day: Breakfast - 13 drops; Lunch - 14 drops; Dinner - 15 drops.
  • Sixth day: Breakfast - 15 drops; Lunch - 14 drops; Dinner - 13 drops.
  • Seventh day: Breakfast - 12 drops; Lunch - 11 drops; Dinner - 10 drops.
  • Eighth day: Breakfast -9 drops; Lunch -8 drops; Dinner -7 drops.
  • Ninth day: breakfast - 6 drops; dinner - 5 drops; dinner - 4 drops.
  • Tenth day: Breakfast - 3 drops; dinner - 2 drops; Dinner - 1 drop.

Starting from the 11th day to take 25 drops 3 times a day until the infusion is completed. Drops are diluted in 50 ml of milk.


Tincture is absolutely contraindicated people suffering from epilepsy (they can not even eat garlic), those who have gastrointestinal disease, kidney, bladder, severe, pregnant women, when prostate adenoma and aggravation of hemorrhoids.

 Tibetan recipe for youthful skin

Herbal tea - another young Tibetan recipe

It's quite simple and quite affordable prescription Tibetan youth, because all the grass, which it is composed, are sold in our fitoaptekah. It has a very powerful revitalizing and rejuvenating effect on the body, which lasts up to 5 years.

Tea Recipe

You will need 100 grams of various herbs (St. John's wort, chamomile, Helichrysum, birch buds). All the ingredients mix and grind in a coffee grinder and store in a sealed container.

The mixture was sealed in a thermos - one tablespoon of herbs 500 ml of boiling water. Before going to bed drink a glass of tea with a spoonful of honey. In the morning drink the remainder of the infusion 20 minutes before breakfast.

Use the infusion should be as long as until the end of the mixture of herbs.

Herbal tea detoxifies the body, improves the condition of blood vessels, prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases, has anti-aging effect.

What is the strength of Tibetan medicine

People tend to take care of their health and the preservation of youth. For this, they resorted to a variety of techniques, to spend money on expensive drugs, treatment in sanatoriums and spa, which also requires considerable resources. Meanwhile, Tibetan medicine for thousands of years of existence managed to prove their worth and effectiveness.

It has a huge arsenal of various means and methods of treatment, diagnosis of various diseases. And this is often ahead of traditional medicine, which has made a deviation to the treatment of a patient's body by surgery or medication, without going into all aspects of the functioning of the human body.

Tibetan medicine pays great attention to it psychophysical state of the individual, adjusting it to result in an optimal state. And if drugs are used, they are mostly composed of natural ingredients. But the main argument in favor of such a treatment is the thousand-year history of Tibetan medicine, which (and this is quite obvious) has stood the test of time.

 Tibetan recipe for youth. Caution - Secret !!!

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