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  • Customizable fighting
  • Breathing exercises
  • Food
  • If all else fails

Have you noticed that the older a person becomes, the more extra kilograms accumulated in his body? And if earlier to get rid of the effects of the New Year holidays can be with a single discharge of the day, it adds weight over the years, even almost from drinking a glass of water. No, we do not read you a horror story from a brochure about the benefits of fitness. All this - the harsh truth of life that can confirm a lot of desperate women. Those women whose age voice is considered rude. Those who dials into a search engine does not address nightclubs, and a cry for help - "how to get rid of fat." And it is for them we have prepared our publication, because every woman wants to be beautiful, in spite of the year of birth in the passport and a collection of facial wrinkles.

So, the secret to getting rid of excess fat on the body - it does not address the garden where the apple tree grows with rejuvenating apples. And do not even coordinate with the stream "live" water. Here you will find a list of recommendations about proper nutrition and a series of non-traditional exercises that will help lose weight. Yes, everything is banal and prosaic. And, in contrast to the bottle of "living" water is much more real.

 how to get rid of fat properly

Customizable fighting

So you eat the same as ten years ago, but weigh more? You would think that higher forces have conspired to add to your waist extra centimeters? If yes, then we have two news for you. Good and bad (everything here is also traditionally). Good - no conspiracy exists. Higher forces there to have nothing to do. And even more - up to your waist. The bad news is that your metabolism is not as flawless as before. Yes, and you are sure to move much less. That's the result.
But put aside all the good and bad news aside. Let's see what happens in your body when you are approaching menopause notorious. Once you spend a detailed analysis can be considered to have received a powerful tool in the fight against excess fat that has accumulated in the body.

The main reason for excess weight

The number one reason for which is so difficult to get rid of excess fat - is hormones. With the onset of menopause, estrogen levels drop sharply. This, in turn, leads to further accumulation of fat in the abdominal area. In addition, hormonal imbalance leads up to the fact that the woman starts to feel a sense of constant hunger. Even after a meal. Always chewing people - a clear confirmation. In addition, patients observed sleep disturbances. And what do our women to go to sleep? That's right, looking for sleeping pills in the refrigerator.

Meanwhile, the insomnia is caused by no means hunger, and decrease leptin levels and elevated ghrelin levels. You would think that this is all the enemies of your slim figure? Certainly not! Finally we left the most common and ruthless enemy. This is a stress. Disobedient children headache for contract training, mortgage payment, instability in the country - all factors leading to increased levels of cortisol, the so-called "stress hormone", which also causes your body to store fat. And it does not matter, "jam" Do you suffer problems, or a safe distance from the appliance. Stress often leads to fat on the abdomen and flanks. Perhaps it is necessary to solve problems, instead of sitting on endless diets? Try it!

Why to fight obesity

Now it goes on your favorite jeans, in which it is impossible to climb. Everything is much more serious. Excess weight affects your health. Doctors say that excess fat causes diabetes type 2 and a number of heart disease. In addition, the new study found that being overweight is a risk factor for bone loss. Fat acts not only on the hips and waist, and the bone marrow, thereby reducing bone mineral density. Frightened? It's good. And now put off tight jeans to the side, and we will learn to get rid of those kilos that prevent you feel beautiful.

Breathing exercises

If a series of intense exercise does not work, then it's time to change tactics. You'd be surprised, but the fight against excess weight sometimes helps not exercise bike, and yoga classes. Engage in breathing exercises. For those who have never before encountered such exercises will describe the easiest way to restore vitality. Imagine yourself a young carefree cat. Get on all fours. Arch your back (this time working the deep abdominal muscles), breath and pull your belly as it should as closely as possible to the spine. Deeply inhale and exhale for 4 seconds. Repeat the exercise in the morning and evening. If excess fat and will not go away, then you are guaranteed to be nervous less. And it is also good.

 how to get rid of fat permanently


Avoid convenience foods. Even if you have no time to cook dinner, avoiding raw fruits and vegetables instead of stuffed carcinogens ready meals from local cuisine or fast food restaurant. Eat more monounsaturated fats (MUFAS), which are found in nuts, olive oil and seeds. Other fat burners can be found in avocado, green tea, and whole grains. Include them in your shopping list, and your body will work on these sources of healthy energy, like clockwork. Try to eat at the same time. So you are accustomed to discipline and stop snacking in between meals. Also, weigh yourself every day to control body weight, and together with it and its menu.

Drink plenty of water. Studies show that regular consumption of drinking water throughout the day can lead to a more active metabolism, regardless of the chosen diet. In addition, water helps the body get rid of toxins and improves overall health. And it is also very important in our difficult age. Drink at least 2 liters of water, carry a bottle to drink every time you feel thirsty. There is one simple way to determine whether your body has received the necessary amount of moisture throughout the day.

Take a look at the color of your urine. If it is almost transparent, and odorless - so that's all right. Yellow and pungent smell indicates a lack of moisture in the body, or for some diseases. Which ones? This is determined by a physician using clinical analysis of the urine itself.

If all else fails

You have exhausted yourself diet, exercise and numerous breathing exercises and the weight is still there? Maybe nature has decided that you are just such a better way? It is quite possible that such weight is necessary for normal functioning of the body? And your wrinkles on the sides - this is not an unfortunate misunderstanding, and that will add you to the full?

So stop torturing yourself with hunger and quietly hate scales. It is better to start training the most important in the life of every woman. Occupation is called "Learning to love yourself." Only dumplings and potatoes is better to postpone. You will agree that being overweight - loose concept, and tempt fate ad infinitum is not necessary.

 Top tips on how to lose fat

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 skin care after 50 years

  • Properties of the skin in that period
  • External manifestation of deterioration of the skin face
  • What accelerates and enhances the display changes
  • Features skin care after 50 years

Every woman wants to look beautiful and spectacular ever. But there is in the nature of the processes by which, alas, no one is immune. For example, aging - a natural process, a certain life stage, and it is not necessary to be afraid of. To feel confident, the woman should take care of themselves, not only during the heyday of its beauty, but also during its extinction. Although ... It is hard to say that beauty fades after fifty years - there is a beautiful, elegant and well-groomed women who give young girls a head start! Skin Care after 50 years - this is the main, and perhaps only - not including plastic surgeons - method of dealing with the manifestations of aging.

Properties of the skin in that period

After fifty years of withering of the skin and its transformation is not just faster, but is growing like a snowball - all problems suddenly appear at the same time, and it produces a painful impression. Do not be afraid, you just need to know some features of the skin and changes in this age range. If we consider the amendments strictly from a scientific point of view, we can distinguish the following nuances:

  • Reduced protective functions of skin, it changes its type from normal (or fat) to dry;
  • Reduces the thickness of the skin - this is it, the impression of "parchment cover";
  • Weakens muscles - this leads to a decrease in turgor (elasticity) of the skin and its sagging;
  • May impede the flow of oxygen and nutrients in the skin.

The main cause of all the changes - a hormonal failure in women, in other words, the climax. The fact that this period is not allocated the necessary quantity of the hormone estrogen, which occur due to external transformation as described above. Therefore, skin care during this period should be carried out in combination for the treatment of menopausal symptoms - such as the normalization of hormonal levels.

 proper skin care after 50 years

External manifestation of deterioration of the skin face

To conduct social surveys, medical surveillance and the frequency of references to women cosmetologists was compiled a list of the external manifestations of a kind of withering skin after 50 years. Of course, this does not mean that everything is all the same, but these signs were listed as the main ones:

  • Horizontal wrinkles on the forehead;
  • Omission of the upper eyelid;
  • Sagging skin, a change in the usual oval;
  • Double chin;
  • Increased hair growth on the chin and cheeks may also appear mustache on his upper lip;
  • Wrinkles around the eyes - "crow's feet".
  • Circles under the eyes.
  • Vertical wrinkles on the forehead.

What accelerates and enhances the display changes

In our body, its normal operation and, hence, have the appearance of a number of factors. Frequent fatigue, nervous stress, depression, sad thoughts, fears and anguish, grief from the loss of loved ones - all this reduces the work of glands of the skin. This means one thing - secretory work disrupted, cell renewal does not occur, and dying cells do not exfoliate. From this it turns thin skin, dryness, changes color - the face is gray, sallow.

Negatively on the skin affected by smoking and alcohol, and - yes, as it is banal sounds - it is a proven fact - wrong and inordinate power. Especially strongly noticeable exterior changes on the face with a sharp reset-set weight. The skin loses its former elasticity, becomes flabby and saggy.

Misuse of cosmetics too does its damage. Lotions, creams (even nutritious) biomaski, massages and scrubs - all of which should be used only on the advice of the doctor-cosmetologist. And we both exist? Saw advertising - read - not! Useful! Do not be so carried away - too sad consequences that will be visible to everyone.

 Good skin care after 50 years

Features skin care after 50 years

At this age, to take care of skin is necessary with renewed care. Firstly, the skin should be well moistened - in deeper layers. This will slow down the process of aging. Note that choosing cosmetic preferably known, reputable brands on the market. Remember - in a cream must have vitamin A, C, B - they saturate the skin necessary moisture and renew the metabolic processes.

As a part of and should be present retinoids - they contribute to the early exfoliation of dead cells. Reading the cream, pay attention to the hyaluronic acid - it is best combats dry skin. Elastin, collagen, glycerol, amino acids or polysaccharides - These substances are required to be part of the chosen agent. The labels have to be labeled "50".

Apply creams alone is not enough - you need to carry out a comprehensive skin care. Around the eyes to help remove wrinkles serum with lifting effect. By the way, such serum may help in the restoration of the skin of the neck and décolleté. A fit and considerably strengthen the muscles, restore the usual shape of the face and remove saggy wrinkles on cheeks and chin will massage. Learn to do it yourself - no longer need to constantly refer masseurs-professionals.

An important point - all procedures as anti-aging and easy to care for a person who should be regular. "From time to time," "Oh, I forgot," "I'm tired and want to sleep" - it's all excuses for you and your conscience, this person is not converted. And one more thing ... Be sure to consult with your doctor. Only an experienced beautician can advise specific means for skin care. The doctor takes into account the hormonal changes - by the way, he can recommend to start supporting the body during menopause - it will not be superfluous.

Stay beautiful at any age - it is work that pays off with compliments and general well-being. It's so important to look for a king, and see yourself admiring glances of others, does not feel grandmother retirement age, and the young and well-groomed woman ... It's the dream of all women - it can be easy to implement! Little effort ... A drop of labor ... And twenty minutes nightly time.

 Skin Care after 50 years - to stay young forever!

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