facial cleansing at home

  • Types of cleaning are available for home use
  • As with his hands to make the skin healthy and radiant
  • Chemical peels are hand-made

Clean skin - is the skin, delivered from the sebaceous plugs and dead skin cells, dust, dirt and makeup residue. Can you boast that your favorite makeup remover to cope with all the above impurities in the "hurray"? Spend test: wash your face with a scrub or gel, and then wipe the face with a cotton pad soaked in the lotion. You will be surprised to see that he was a dirty gray color, despite the recent washing. However, the lotion is not able to influence the deeper layers of skin - has a similar effect only cleansing. In order to get rid of acne or "black spots", you can visit a beautician, but you can save - in fact skillful cleaning person at home no worse.

Types of cleaning are available for home use

The most famous and popular form of skin cleansing - manual. At the same time, unfortunately, the most painful, as small pimples, black spots and blocked pores is squeezed by hand. After the procedure face swell, swelling and redness disappear after only 2-3 days. Of course, the traces left by a cleaning of the face, not hide any corrector or a thick layer of foundation. However, this method has been the most effective. A version of it is mechanical cleaning of the skin. The only difference is that resorting to this cleaning, you'll eliminate the inflammation of the special tool to help squeeze out even the most "deeply entrenched" in the face of acne. Swelling and redness will subside within a few hours, and the tenderness of this method is less (compared to previous) at times.

Less well known, but no less effective cleaning is chemical. Cleaning the components - a fruit acid and other chemicals, which "push" the dirt from the pores and helps to speed up the regeneration of cells. For this purpose, on the face mask is applied on them. If it does not contain components of warming that will reveal contaminated long before using it you must use a different mask with such properties. Especially useful chemical peels for owners of oily skin - a typical cleaning pronounced matting effect.

Recently gaining popularity this kind of deliverance from the imperfections of the skin, such as cleaning the special brush (brushing). Homes for the same purpose, you can use a portable beauty machine with special brushes, nozzles of different hardness. Such a cleaning person at home is ideal for sensitive and dry skin. It is only available for self-use view of the hardware clean (unlike vacuum or sonication). Brashing contraindicated girls whose skin is prone to rosacea and allergic rashes.

 facial cleansing at home

As with his hands to make the skin healthy and radiant

Facial cleansing at home takes more than one minute of your time. Therefore, it is better to spend the weekend, to be able to spend on it a couple of hours. The process of preparation for the manual cleaning of facial skin should begin with a thorough hand washing. Wiping his hands on a towel, a second disinfect their antibacterial wipes or gel for sanitation. If you have dirty hands will squeeze acne, the number of inflammatory acne and will only increase.

Any cosmetic procedure should start with cleansing. Even if you washed in the evening, the morning of the upper layers of the skin will still clogged secretions from the sebaceous and sweat glands. Before cleaning it is best to use a gel cleanser or scrub deep action. Making a choice in favor of the second means, do not forget that the peeling on the basis of walnut shells or apricot pits scratches the skin, and it only promotes deeper penetration of infection during manual cleaning. Buy scrub with the polymer particles, they have a more gentle effect. Wash antibacterial gel, then apply a little massage peels on the face and spread with soft massage movements. After a couple of minutes, rinse with warm water gel and gently pat the face with a towel.

In order not to spend money to buy a scrub, cook it yourself. The easiest recipe does not require you to no effort. If you love coffee, leave the thick and use it as an exfoliant. Coffee grounds versatile - it can be used to care for any skin type. It will help to cope with the excessive fat, acne and "black spots" in the home-based kefir peeling, sea salt and 2-3 drops of tea tree oil. Moisturize dry skin good scrub with sugar and fat sour cream. From facial wrinkles deliver the composition of apple or cucumber puree and milled oat flakes.

Wipe clean skin tonic. It will moisturize and soothe it after exposure to soaps and abrasive particles. In order not strengthen irritation to the skin after the cleaning procedure, select besspirtovoj embodiment, a number of components which include almond oil or shea butter. Apply a small amount of tonic to disk from the wool and spread evenly over the massage lines. Alcohol is only allowed as a part of the funds intended for very oily skin. You can prepare yourself for her tonic vodka, grapefruit juice and olive oil. You can also mix the vodka with a decoction of calendula, sage or mint leaves. The best tonic for dry skin will be low-fat milk or chamomile infusion.

The next step - steaming. Steam Bath promotes the maximum disclosure of pores and release toxins from the skin. The easiest way - the pan or bowl with boiling water. To enhance the therapeutic effect can be added to water, peppermint oil or tincture of eucalyptus. They have antibacterial and soothing properties. To extend the long hold face directly over the steam for 20-25 minutes. Eyes during the procedure, do not open, so as not to burn the mucous fumes. Once dry the face.

To achieve the same result can be twice as fast, using a steam sauna. It multiplies the effects of steam and operates on 220 V. Sensitive skin can respond to the steam baths peeling or torn blood vessels. An alternative would be for them a towel soaked in hot water. Prepare a few pieces and change them as they cool.

If you rarely clean pores or even have never resorted to this procedure, add a couple of special mask effect. Mix equal amounts of baking soda and salt, dilute with cold water or liquid soap to mush. Apply it on steamed face, wash off as soon as there was a strong burning sensation. This "fusion" part is designed for normal to oily skin.

After the complete training of the person directly to clean, wrap your fingers clean bandage or cotton cloth. Alternately squeeze pimples and black spots, pressing two fingers sore element to the complete expulsion of the mud clogged pores. Undoubtedly, the procedure is quite painful, but in the name of beauty will have to wait. Mechanical cleaning is different only in that job finger replaces the special tool, called cosmetic "spoon." It skalpeleobraznaya miracle spoon at one end has a loop for acne, on the other - large spots. To squeeze out the contents of the pores, you must put it in the hollow center of the loop. This cleaning tool is periodically disinfected with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

Sometimes the nose blackheads are not amenable to manual cleaning. You can delete them using the patch, which is sold in any store cosmetics. The composition, which he smeared "glued" to the grease tube and at the time of peeling "pulls" them. Freeing the pores of dirt, wipe the face lotion that tightens pores. It is necessary, in order to clean, breathable pores again penetrated dirt.

Make a clean face can (depending on individual sensitivity of your skin) once or twice a month. But mixed and oily skin needs extra maintenance of the achieved results. Weekly dried and do detoxicating mask of white or blue clay. Dilute it with warm water until the consistency of thick cream, add a few drops of vegetable oil and apply on face. When the clay is dry and there will be a feeling of tightness, rinse and blot the face makeup. You can also add in the day and night cream a few drops of essential oils of lemongrass, tea tree or orange.

 cleansing facial at home

Chemical peels are hand-made

This cleaning method can be performed in the home or in a salon. Your skin is prone to hypersensitivity? Then discard the chemical peel, otherwise then have to contend with a severe allergy. However, the holder of the type of fat or normal after the procedure will receive a young, healthy and radiant skin for one to two weeks.

Normal skin will have to "taste" the chemical peeling based on calcium chloride. Ask the pharmacy to sell you a solution of the minimum concentration. If you apply undiluted chloride on the skin, it will burn unbearably. Therefore, dilute with salted water at 1: 1. Wipe the previously cleaned face with a cotton pad, heavily soaked with the composition. When dries, wipe again. And since at least 10 times. After completing the procedure, wash and apply to the face moisturizer.

But to cope with rashes on the skin can be oily, using fruit acids. For this purpose, perfect slices of orange or grapefruit. If you are too lazy to bother with fruit, similar in action means can be found in most lines of professional cosmetics. Note peels and masks, on the packaging which indicates that the composition contains lactic, glycolic or tartaric acid.

It is not necessary to visit beauty salons to get rid of skin imperfections. If you have a skill you can do it with a dusting of face no worse beautician. Stop dreaming about beautiful skin - regular cleaning will help you look as if you are working on the best cosmetologist.

 Facial cleansing at home

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