how to remove stretch marks on the buttocks

  • Causes of Stretch Marks
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Nowhere who took "vmyatinki" and keloid scars on the skin of the buttocks many girls is mistaken for advanced forms of cellulitis. And starting to use anti-cellulite cream, make wraps and vacuum massage. Naturally, they do not have the desired effect, and the constant change of cosmetics does not improve the skin condition. That is understandable, because discontinuities deeper skin layers do not have anything to do with the "orange peel". However, with some persistence and proper care, stretch marks on the buttocks can be removed.

Causes of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks (in other words, striae) - the outward manifestation of the problems with the fibers of the skin, consisting of elastin and collagen. When you sit on a strict diet, or vice versa, for a short time you accumulate excess weight, your skin is stretched. The top layer of the epidermis is easy to such a change, but the deeper layers are not able to so quickly "to adjust."

The collagen strands are stretched and unable to withstand the pressure burst. In place of the gaps formed subcutaneous scars of white, red or purple. First, they are intensely pink or red tint due to subcutaneous hemorrhage at the site of rupture, which eventually will only brighten. The scale of "disaster" may be different - from a small spot size of 5-6 mm., To a prominent band on the skin length of 10-15 cm. Large streamers are formed most often it is on the buttocks, becomes the cause of women's facilities.

Pregnancy - the perfect "excuse" for the appearance of stretch marks. Weight gain, temporary disruption of metabolism and then suddenly "getting rid" of the burden of provoking mass appearance of stretch marks on the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. No wonder many women are embarrassed to go to sea because of the need to appear on the beach in a bathing suit only in the first few years after pregnancy. But the mere expectation of stretch marks on the buttocks disappear. To remove them, have to make an effort, because on their own they will not disappear.

Stretch marks may occur due to hormone replacement therapy, which is mandatory in the treatment of certain diseases. Hormones cause fluid retention, which again provokes tension of collagen fibers. Start getting rid of stretch marks before the end use of the hormonal drug meaningless. However, if you want to reduce the number of extensions to a minimum, follow the weight and try to drink less than 2 liters per day.

To predict the appearance of stretch marks can not be - some women manage to make three or four children and do not run into this cosmetic defect, and the other is enough to throw a few extra kilos to their buttocks "decorated" unsightly stripes.

 stretch marks on the buttocks

Ways to get rid of stretch marks

  • Massage

Massage - a great tool to fight stretch marks. To remove the stretch marks, it is necessary to massage the buttocks every day after showering. Use for this purpose, the essential oil of rosemary, menthol or eucalyptus. They "run" the process of cell renewal and stimulates collagen micro traumas healing. Prepare a special formula based on oil, add the olive oil in a glass of 50 grams. liked ether. Before the massage, apply a small amount of the composition on the buttocks and distribute it. Start with light stroking movements, gradually increase the intensity of the pressure. Go to pinching and patting. At the end of the procedure, rub the remaining oil in the skin. The first results will be seen after two weeks of daily care.

  • Wraps

Wraps are designed to remove stretch marks are different from those that do to combat cellulite. The first should have a tonic effect, cause the blood flow to the buttocks and stimulate metabolism. Second - to burn excess fat and eliminate the hated "bumps."

To use conventional wrapping cellophane film, which can be bought in any store. On clean skin with a thick layer is applied to the active substance, and then the buttocks and reed wrapped in several layers of film to create a sauna effect. Remove stretch marks will help algae, aloe juice diluted with sunflower oil, pineapple pulp, mush from the leaves of the walnut, white and red clay. Take a shower after 30 minutes after application to wash the skin with its remnants.

  • Baths

Baths with sea salt will help to consolidate the results achieved by a massage or body wraps. Regular single "portion" of salt for bathing is 100-150 grams. Win stretching helps bath, in which the solution is not less than 250 grams. sea ​​salt. This way of winning over the stretch marks - a real pleasure: buy flavored salt and give yourself a real relaxation. If you are concerned about the problems with the cardiovascular system, take a bath no more than 15 minutes, 2 times a week.

  • Scrubs

Remove stretch marks, you can use the scrub. The packaging peeling, used for this purpose must be stated that it smooths the skin. Cosmetic applied in a circular motion on the skin steaming triturated for 3-5 minutes, then rinsed with warm water composition. A good alternative to scrub with the polymer particles become a chemical peel. Its action is based on fruit acids that promote rapid skin renewal.

  • Fotopigmentatsiya

Remedy stretch marks with the help of a device called fotopigmentatsiey photocells. During the procedure, solar cells act on the damaged epidermis, "exciting" skin cells, stimulating an active healing of micro traumas and restore subcutaneous "skeleton" of the connective tissue. Pain, this procedure will not reason, it is safe and does not cause the appearance of dermatological diseases.

Injections of collagen and elastin artificially "fill" depressions in the skin, thus stimulating the production of natural analogues thereof. Injections should be doing expert cosmetologist, after making allergic compatibility test. The drug is injected directly into the injured place to the full alignment of the relief of the skin. Remove stretch marks get within 10-20 procedures.

  • Laser resurfacing

If you do not want or are not able to stretch yourself to win, you should be interested in such a way to get rid of them, like laser skin resurfacing buttocks. Of course, this procedure can not be performed at home - have to go to a beauty clinic or office.

Do not worry, the procedure is completely painless, so any discomfort you feel. The red beam device "burns" scars by activating the healing process and the formation of normal connective tissue instead of broken collagen fibers. After 5-10 treatments restored supporting "skeleton", stretching slowly, "filled" and turn white.

Within six months after the course of laser resurfacing do not expose the skin to UV rays, so you have to use sunscreen or lotion. Exposure to the laser is contraindicated if you are taking antibiotics or Aggravated treat gynecological disease. Grinding may be subject only to chronic stretching - this procedure will relieve you from the depth of stretch marks, when all other methods have already tried and it seems that stretching does not remove.

  • Surgical intervention

Unfortunately, the action of the laser are beyond stretching, which "included" sagging skin and other age-related changes. In this case, body wraps and massages are not limited - you need surgery. Under general anesthesia breaks simply cut from the deep layers of the epidermis. Operation ends circular tightening skin.

After surgery, you will have to stay a few days in the hospital and treating seams special antibacterial agent. Of course, this is an extreme measure, to resort to that after each pregnancy or a radical weight loss is not necessary.

 ugly stretch marks on the buttocks

Prevention of new stretch marks

There is no need to vigilantly monitor the slightest changes of its own weight, to prevent re-occurrence of stretch marks on the buttocks. It is enough to not eat after six, and of course, restrain the appetite in respect of flour and fat dishes. If you enter the "at risk", eat foods that stimulate the production of natural collagen - avocados, blueberries, fish, apple.

If you suffer from overweight, wearing a special corrective underwear. Girls "in position" is recommended to wear a support bandage and special tights for pregnant women. The degree of pressure they exert on their feet, equivalent to a light massage. With constant wear they will be an excellent prevention against stretch marks.

The regular use of creams containing in its composition amino acids, essential oils, bitter orange, cedar, juniper, ylang-ylang will have sufficient tightening and smoothing effect. Use these creams must be 2 times a day after showering.

If you plan to try to remove the stretch marks on their own, it is best to use several methods. Only a comprehensive approach and intensive care are able to return your skin to a perfect look.

 How to remove stretch marks on the buttocks? Simple Secrets

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