stretch marks on thighs

  • How to remove stretch marks on thighs at home
  • How to get rid of stretch marks on hips in beauty salons

Stretch marks on thighs .... Many women panic and begin to frantically search for solutions to this problem. Indeed, it is not aesthetically pleasing look pale scars (striae) on the delicate female skin. Of course, to overcome this "attack" will be difficult, but there have always been women and perseverance! Before you begin the procedure for removing stretch marks, you need to know from what they do there.

Prone to stretch marks those women whose skin is low in elastic fibers: during rapid weight gain stretch fabric, and the epithelium did not "have time" as a result of the fibers are broken, there are white scars. But even if you lose weight, it stretches remain unchanged, but may acquire a bluish tint - it is not just stretch marks and scars whole. When the question - how to get rid of stretch marks on hips, women immediately apparent in beauty salons, turning to expensive specialists and spend not only time, but also quite a significant amount of money. Remember that to get rid of this phenomenon and can be at home - effective, cheap and easy.

 how to get rid of stretch marks on thighs

How to remove stretch marks on thighs at home

Ointments for popular recipes

There are many recipes for ointments such purpose, but there are also the most popular. For the preparation of ointments is necessary to take 1 gram mummy, 1 tbsp. a spoonful of boiled water and 80 grams of baby cream. All components must be thoroughly mixed (first mummy dissolve in water) and applied to the thigh 1 per day. Storing the ointment should refrigerated. But applied to the skin should be careful stroking movements, rub it is not necessary, but do not leave the ointment layer on the surface.


The perfect remedy for stretch marks on thighs - it scrubs. And, quickly and easily you can cook and a scrub at home. Mix coffee (ground), salt (or sugar) and cream (or olive oil) - all unique tool set. Apply scrub to be once a day, and it is better to do it in the evening while taking a shower. The distinguishing feature of such funds is to increase the ability of the skin to exfoliate dead skin cells - a result of the extensions become less noticeable. After using the scrub and the shower, be sure to put on a skin or a nourishing moisturizer.

Massage with stretching - the most effective means of

This procedure should be carried out regularly used in this special massage creams or oils. You can make honey massage - Apply the palm honey and start applying in turn the hands to the hips (as if patting). This will improve circulation, open pores and remove all the dead skin cells. Try this option - you make sure that the skin is much more pleasant to the touch and stretch purchased delicate pale appearance.

But oil, you can even use olive or any vegetable, will improve the skin's structure, making it more elastic. As you can see, not necessarily to spend money on expensive cosmetics to massage, use something that is always at hand. Honey and vegetable oil is certainly there in the kitchen of every housewife.

In order to get rid of stretch marks properly, prepare yourself a jar with sea salt and essential oils - the daily need taking baths with these ingredients. And of course, all these procedures have to be combined with a diet, or at least go to the proper nutrition. The skin condition depends on food - greasy, spicy and sweet food adversely affect the appearance. To get rid of stretch marks should be taken seriously, carry out procedures on a regular basis, but then the result will be noticeable. And do not expect too quick results, have patience, do not drop the procedure in the middle, and all must succeed!

 how to remove stretch marks on thighs

How to get rid of stretch marks on hips in beauty salons

How to remove stretch marks on thighs, if there is no desire or ability to do it yourself? Seek professional help cosmetologist. Be sure - you will have a professional help. Offers laser correction, massage apparatus and peeling skin thighs. Incidentally, the peels are different, and if we talk specifically about the banners, there will be appropriate to carry out the mechanical version - with a jet of sand produced under very high pressure, there is a correction of the skin.

Get rid of stretch marks and wraps that are carried out using algae - 12 procedures in course, and the effect is simply stunning! Some cosmetologists offer to conduct surgery. But as stretch marks on thighs have no effect on overall health, experts recommend not to resort to such radical methods. And do think about whether subjected to such stress? After any operation - a severe blow to your health.

Before we ponder the question - how to get rid of stretch marks on hips, remember the famous saying - "Perseverance and a little effort." Only regular procedures and diligence, self-confidence and good humor will help you overcome this problem. The woman simply must be beautiful in all, it is given by nature - just a little effort, and your body will respond gratefully to a flawless skin.

 Stretch marks on the thighs? There is an exit!

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 sculpted facial massage

  • Key features massage
  • When to do a sculpture massage?

The most powerful and effective anti-aging massage - a sculpture. The special technique in the capable hands of a professional turns into a kind of panacea for age-related manifestations in the skin. Initially, this massage is designed for use in patients after a stroke, and was called to transform the face after paralysis (remove distortions, drooping corners of the mouth or eyes). Subsequently, the technique has been adapted for cosmetic purposes, and has long been used successfully not only by professional masseurs, and beauticians. Sculptural facial massage includes several blocks, which follow one another in a clear sequence:

  • Neyroretseptornogo acting on the system, making superficial massage;
  • We provide lymphatic drainage deeper and strong movements;
  • Alternately working on facial muscles - first they relax, then toning;
  • We provide point facial massage;
  • If necessary, the massage around the eye area;
  • At the end of the additional applied liftingovye art using cosmetics.

 sculpted facial massage Joel siokko

Key features massage

Founder sculptural massage is Joel Siokko (Joelle Ciocco). It was she who made and tested technique of cosmetic treatments using high pressure deep massage the face, neck and décolleté. Massage Safety Joel Siokko a deep working of the muscles of the face and neck. Beautician gives muscle tone, is working on the fascia of the face and skull (strengthens them), focuses on the points of the projection of vessels to improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage to spend.

After this procedure, your facial muscles ache a bit like after a good exercise. But the effect of sculptural massage is simply stunning: sagging muscles are tightened and the skin in the cheeks, smoothed transverse and longitudinal wrinkles of the forehead, the skin gets a healthy and fresh look. During the massage beautician pays more attention is idle muscles - they are the main problem in the aging process.

Since massage technique aimed at a profound effect on the muscles, it helps to relieve and swelling. The facial skin will get a nice pink color, black eyes disappear, and even smoothed nasolabial wrinkles. Usually massage technique is carried Siokko course, but at least 12 procedures. Beautician starts with the décolleté, then rises to the neck and in the last instance is working on a face. Reaching the forehead, a specialist begins to "return", returning to the upper chest and back of the neck and shoulders.

When to do a sculpture massage?

Sculptural facial massage can be done not only for medicinal purposes, but also as a preventive - the skin is constantly in tone, circulation and microcirculation in the normal, all the facial muscles are working normally, not running start to train. It makes sense to begin to carry out massages after 25-30 years.

But it all depends on the woman's susceptibility to wrinkles - because look closely, there is a lady who is 50 years old and hard to find even nasolabial wrinkles (they appear as one of the first), but there are women in 40 years with deep signs of aging skin. It depends on many factors, including - ecology, neuro-psychological condition of the woman, heredity. But because we are women, and therefore always want to look perfect. A sculptural massage is almost the only way to change and to avoid surgical intervention in the form of expensive, not always effective, and what can we hide, sometimes unsafe plastic surgery.

 Sculptural facial massage - young without surgery

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