kinds of manicure

  • Classics of the genre
  • Vip-service: manicure de luxe
  • Boules kinds of manicure: European and hardware
  • Relax in full spa manicure
  • Japanese manicure
  • A la naturel

Nails - a business card of a modern woman. Did you not repel dirty groomed nail plate, even if the owner is a written beauty? Manicure - not only the way the beautiful design of the fingers, is mandatory hygienic procedure for women and men. However, first came to a beauty salon, you get stuck in a variety of suggested manicure. So you can opt for one of them, it is necessary to study in detail the variety of this action.

Classics of the genre

Classic cut (aka - wet) Manicure - standard services in the price list includes other Soviet hairdressers, when other types of cosmetic treatments to our young ladies were not even familiar .  Nail plate is cleaned of residues of varnish, if they have previously covered such .  With sand, glass or metal nail file to shape it (ideally - an oval) .  Ask the master does not use a metal tool because of these saws nails start to exfoliate and crumbled .  For thin nails preferred fines cover .  Hands are washed thoroughly with soap and water, wipe and drop them in the cosmetic bath with hot water .  If you wish, it can add essential oils or seething ball to soften the skin .  The rough skin of hands, the hot liquid to be .  After 10 minutes, steaming stop and start the further processing of nails .  Wet plate rasp in any case can not be - it contributes to their stratification .

On the cuticle (the skin, which is in the nail hole) cause softening cream or balm, after which it is removed with scissors or clippers, tweezers. This process is quite painful and traumatic - in bad faith if the master refers to the sterilization of instruments, it can easily carry infection during circumcision cuticle. On the nail, absorbed water during "otmokaniya" in the bath, apply a spray-drying. Why is this done? Water evaporates from the nail plate within days after the manicure while forming bubbles on the lacquer coating and facilitating the emergence of chips. Next Master polishes the nails and apply foundation under varnish. Use colored nail polish, rhinestones and drawings - on request.

This method fits well with hot manicure. It replaces the water in the bath oil composition with the addition of vitamins and essential oils. This ceremony is similar to aromatherapy: you enjoy the smell of a rose, ylang-ylang and patchouli, while the master gently massages the skin firming lotion and rub into the nails.

 appropriate kinds of manicure

Vip-service: manicure de luxe

Advanced version of the classic manicure involves a set of procedures aimed at improving the appearance of hands and nail plates. Massage with essential oils, wraps, paraffin, application of professional carers and equipment - such as medical masks and anti-age serum. In fact, most of them if you wish, you can easily replicate at home. Of interest is the session "sealing" nail him should not give up in any case. This is a real rehabilitation of neglected, layer and the deformed plates. These therapeutic compositions are lubricated with inclusions of vitamins, natural pearl powder, quartz, malachite. Top fixer is applied to prevent flushing of nutrients. Repeat this process every month and you will not know any problems with nails.

Boules kinds of manicure: European and hardware

"Bloodless" ways to remove the cuticle, regardless of technology implementation manicure, based on the same principle: excess skin soften, then back down without clipping. When the hardware version of its "removed" grinding cup on a special machine, the European version of the same is not intended to eliminate it altogether.

Hardware manicure does not require pre-steaming, it is performed on dry nails. The procedure takes very little time due to the fact that the sawing, sanding and polishing are carried out is not the master of his own, and with the help of the device, the nozzle that rotates at a speed of 10-20 thousand revolutions. Due to the fact that the machine for "automatic" care is relatively inexpensive, many are trying to use it at home. However, if you do not end the appropriate courses, it is not necessary to put on his experiments. Diamond and sapphire tips at such speed revolutions may come off the surface of the wafer or processed corn and cause serious injury. Do not try to combine these types of manicure, as a hardware and trim, in any case impossible - the use of nozzles on wet surfaces is not permitted.

European manicure can not serve as an alternative to the trim if you - a rare visitor to the beauty salon. It does not provide for the removal of corns and no burrs, no release of the substrate from the accrued nail cuticle. The need to alternate it with the classic no longer only in the case of regular and thorough care for your hands and nails. Peel soften in the substrate gel with fruit acids, and then shifted with a wooden stick. Dirt under the nails removed with a soft brush and soap solution. The effect of light peeling is achieved through the use of a scrub with the polymer particles. After the nail polish is covered by the base or varnish treatment.

Relax in full spa manicure

When it is running the wizard combines European and manicure, leaving or trimming the cuticle on request. After processing, the substrate must nail chemical peeling - the skin of hands is applied to the composition of milk and the AHA-acids to remove dead skin cells. Ends spa manicure acupuncture massage and stone therapy.

 different types of manicure

Japanese manicure

The Japanese are known to the whole world his captiousness and thoroughness. To nail care they could be coming from all responsibility and thoroughness. You know that for the average person care for more than 15 Japanese woman uses cosmetics? A Japanese manicure involves the use of more than 25 drugs and formulations! First Master diagnoses the status of each nail, prosvechivaya its special lights and causing agents. Next is a personal list of medical cosmetics, and in some cases advise to sit on a special diet (if a critical condition of nails).

Nails and hands massaged keratin lotion, paper towels degreased and smeared with a special mineral foundation. She fills in micro cracks and smoothes the nail surface. The nail pearl powder coated and colored lacquer is applied.

A la naturel

French manicure or "french" - a tribute to the fashion for all things natural. Nails rasp, brush special brush, regrown portion further vybelivayut pencil manicure. Nail plate lacquered color nude (transparent pink, light beige or even colorless). Types of manicure, derived from the "french", "Hollywood" (the white part is decorated with rhinestones and covered with shiny varnish), fun (in the nail "seal" is not only vitamins, but also artificial stones, colored feathers, flowers), creative (the tip of the nail covered with colored, not white matt varnish).

Any of these types of manicure does not exclude the need for home care for your hands and nails. In between visits to the salon do restorative baths and daily use nourishing cream.

 Types of manicure. Find your own!

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 how to remove stretch marks on his chest

  • What are stretch marks
  • Causes of Stretch Marks
  • Pets elimination methods
  • Cabin and surgical methods for removal

Finding ways to remove stretch marks with problem areas, in particular the breast is one of the most pressing issues of concern to virtually every woman. Millions of women around the world are wondering - how to remove stretch marks on his chest, while agreeing on the most original experiments and relying on the many experiences of her friends, employees, neighbors, acquaintances passing on forums and blogs.

On the basis of numerous information submitted in printed and virtual literature, the conclusion is that stretch marks, called stretch marks in medicine, it is easier to prevent than to pay later, solve this problem a lot of funds and time. However, experts do not deny completely remove stretch marks as the probability of household methods and salon treatments. Especially if we are talking about a relatively recent formations - not older than six months, such is the period of "maturation" of persistent scars.

What are stretch marks

Stretch marks are formed due to atrophic changes in the skin that takes place kolagenovyh fiber connective tissue, the first time filled with blood capillaries, which causes a pinkish or reddish color of fresh stretch marks. After some time, the vessels gradually disappear completely atrofiruyas in connective tissue cells, as evidenced by the white long-standing striae. Since the power in the absence of blood flow in areas with stretch marks becomes insufficient, the formation of persistent scars, it is difficult to eliminate the post.

Causes of Stretch Marks

The cause of stretch marks, regardless of their location, one - excessive stretching of the skin on the weakening of its flexibility and low muscle tone. Similar phenomena occur in the sharp fluctuations of the weight (speed dial mass or weight loss), pregnancy, lactation, hormonal disorders and diseases of the endocrine system. Expands the mammary glands during pregnancy in the absence of proper preventive measures will inevitably lead to a stretching of the skin, which often leads to stretch marks on the surface of the chest. But stretch marks on his chest - not just a problem of young mothers, they often occur on young skin while restructuring the body on the stage of adolescence, while remaining unchanged in adulthood.

 how to remove stretch marks on breast self

Pets elimination methods

Separate removal of stretch marks with breast desirable to begin at the first sign as to get rid of stretch marks can be fresh and at home. For stubborn stretch marks effectiveness of home treatments is significantly reduced, at best, be able to improve the condition of the skin due to bleaching and smoothing scars, often as necessary to remove two or more one-year extensions at the clinic of plastic surgery or beauty salon.

Usually home treatment program is comprehensive and includes several mandatory to perform activities - water procedures, massage, cosmetics and even a change in diet and nutrition.

Water Treatments

Water takes no small position in dealing with stretch marks. Leather during water treatment receives necessary for normal functioning of moisture, trace elements, the conditions for the regeneration of cells and full circulation. Are the benefits and contrast showers, and pouring, and baths with essential oils, plant extracts and sea salt. Douches, combined with manual massage each breast (except the nipple), strengthens blood vessels, raise the tone pectoral muscles and skin, the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers. The lifting effect - skin tightening - create rubbing his chest with ice cubes or frozen concoctions of herbs. It is also possible to carry out rubbing his chest - a damp cloth, then dry, slightly heated tissue.


Breast massaged house, preferably in combination with water or using suitable procedures or aromatic oils. There are two main types of breast massage - manual and Taoist massages, which differ from each other technique.

Manual consists of making circular stroking, vibrational motions from the nipple to the shoulder joint, with one hand to hold the breast, and the other to massage.

Daoist massage consists of rotational movement around each breast from the outer contour to the center, and a slight pressure on the breast. Experts advise to go for quality massage to the professionals in order to avoid the negative effects and maximize the result of the procedure.

Any type of breast massage should be performed, avoiding the intense, rough, power moves, preferring light stroking and rubbing.

Cosmetic procedures and

Recommended home peeling with coffee and honey mixture, clay and seaweed wraps, rubbing the skin of vegetable oils (olive, almond, linseed). Also, do not neglect masks with aromatic components (frankincense, ginger, rosemary), aimed at improving the supply of skin tissue, metabolism and synthesis kolagenovyh cells in them. Prepare compositions wraps and masks can be at home, using natural products - milk, sour cream, honey, cream, olive oil, cheese, eggs and other ingredients.

Finished cosmetics (lotions, gels, lotions, masks) is preferred to take the content of vitamins A and E, amino acids, lactic and hyaluronic acid, vegetable oils (coconut oil, avocado oil, wheat germ), protein hydrolysates and other compounds that promote the synthesis of collagen fibers .

Any cosmetic procedure performed with ease movements and avoid stretching the breast skin, which may result in deterioration of the situation.

Physical exercise

From the large number of physical exercise for the treatment of stretch marks is best to help swimming, developing the pectoral muscles and as a result, leads to skin elasticity breast. You can also practice a home gym to strengthen the tone of the chest and lumbar muscles as correct posture - a pledge without stretching the elastic chest.

In particular, we recommend the following set of exercises for the chest:

  1. Stand facing the wall, rest against it hands, and make at least 10 aftershocks in the wall.
  2. Get up against the wall, palms outstretched hands along the body pressed against the thighs, try to connect the blades, squaring his shoulders as much as possible. Hold this position for 10 seconds. Repeated at least 10 times.
  3. Sitting cross-legged, raise hands folded in his hands, join hands and squeezing them firmly for 10 seconds. Repeat 8-10 times.
  4. With his back against the wall, to make no less than 100 times the movement, imitating the style of swimming breast stroke.

Proper nutrition

Choosing a program to remove stretch marks, you should definitely pay attention to diet, which should be based on the protein components of foods high in vitamins A and E - vegetable oils, nuts, seafood, fruit. Carbohydrates and flour products better to restrict to the minimum amount. Also have to give up fatty and sugary foods, convenience foods and foods with a high content of dyes, preservatives, limit consumption of coffee and alcoholic beverages.

 how to remove stretch marks on his chest in the cabin

Cabin and surgical methods to eliminate neither I

Healed striae, numbering more than a year of life, are almost impossible to remove independent. In such cases it is better to trust in skilled beauty salons and plastic surgery clinics to help find the best solution to the question how to remove stretch marks on his chest. Typically, there are several treatment options offer extensions depending on the degree of stretch marks, general condition, financial capabilities and preferences.


The method is effective for fresh stretch, based on the effects of mixtures of seaweed, cosmetic clay or aromatic oils. Therapeutic compositions are applied to the breast skin with stretch marks, the top covered with thermal blanket and maintained for 30-60 minutes. The course consists of 5-12 procedures depending on the size of the damaged area of ​​skin.

Chemical peeling

During the procedure, the damaged area of ​​skin stretch marks treated with special formulations containing acid - trihloruksunuyu, phenolic, alpha-hydroxy. Acid molecules deeply penetrate the epidermis, promote deep exfoliation and accelerate cell regeneration. It held a session under general anesthesia, as accompanied by severe pain. Contraindications this kind of peeling in diseases of the heart and blood vessels, allergic reaction and some chronic illnesses. Side effects of the procedure - a certain proportion of the toxicity of the active substances and the possibility of scarring.


Alternatively peeling procedure is based on the polishing composition of the surface of the skin with a mild abrasive microparticles. Since the method relates to the surface exfoliation of the skin, the effect of it is to wait only when fresh banners, from which no trace remains after competently conducted the session.

Laser peels

Cleansing the skin of the upper stratum corneum of the skin with stretch marks with a laser is characterized by many advantages, including - painless, rapidity, sterility and absence of complications in exact compliance with all recommendations of the doctor during the rehabilitation period. Some experts do not recommend the use of laser peels to treat stretch marks on his chest.


Problem space cut away with the introduction of special mixtures of vitamin and mineral supplements, extracts of herbs, nutrients, protein nature. As a result, increases metabolism, promotes full (for fresh stretch marks) or partial (for persistent striae) resorption of scarring. Total carried least 6-10 treatments at weekly intervals.

Having achieved a certain result after the home or salon treatment, it is recommended to observe a number of preventive measures to prevent the formation of new stretch marks - maintain a healthy lifestyle, proper diet, regular cosmetic caring activities. This will allow for a long time to save the breast skin smooth, supple and attractive.

 How to remove stretch marks on his chest elimination methods

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