is it possible to get rid of stretch marks

  • Declare war banners with proper nutrition
  • Vegetable oil against stretch marks
  • Massages and body wraps
  • Getting rid of stretch marks in the cabin
  • Plastic surgery

Stretch marks on the skin rather depressing phenomenon that can cause negative emotions any woman. Each of us wants to look young, attractive and fight all the men on the spot smooth, beautiful and elastic skin. The appearance of stretch marks contribute to several factors. Firstly, pregnancy, during which a woman's body is subjected to strong hormonal surges. Secondly, puberty girls, here, too, is not without hormones. And thirdly - stretching can "decorate" your body, if you lost weight dramatically, for example, ten kilograms. And then there is the question - is it possible to get rid of stretch marks? How to give your skin the original appearance? In this article, we will discuss this particular issue.

Declare war banners with proper nutrition

Foods that we eat, have a strong influence on our body. And physical condition of the skin is dependent on our diet. Eating poorly, you will never be able to give your skin a sufficient number of necessary vitamins it. And to begin the fight against stretch marks is necessary to explore used products.

Nuts, seafood, herbs, vegetable oil, fruits and vegetables contain substances that give the skin its elasticity. That is why, before you ask the question - is it possible to win streamers should make sure that these products are required to be present in your daily diet.

The lack of fluid as negative effect on the skin, especially for pregnant women or ladies who go on a strict diet. They recommended additional hydration of the skin using special cosmetics, which contain plant extracts and collagen.

 Is it possible to get rid of stretch marks

Vegetable oil against stretch marks

Russian women have long used various oils to give the skin elasticity and firmness. Basically, this thing trusted linseed oil - just to rub it into the skin in place. Today, experts recommend the use of almond, olive oil and wheat germ oil. They all contain a sufficient amount of vitamin E, helps to regenerate skin. If skin is oily, it is better to use pure almond oil. Dry skin is more useful to mix it in equal parts with wheat germ oil.

If the "make friends" with aromatic oils and use them in conjunction with the plant, it is possible to arrange at home a real SPA. For example, such oils like orange, lemon and rosewood oil can help to get rid of stretch marks turn not only useful, but also quite a pleasant procedure. It should be easy to add a few drops of any of these oils in cooking, and mood elevation is provided to you for a long time!

Massages and body wraps

The procedure described above can help if streamers "feeble" just noticeable on the skin. In more advanced cases it is recommended to use different wraps and enroll in a course of massage. Professional massage therapists know how to help in this situation. It requires an active massage, which increases circulation and metabolism. Such procedures are particularly effective in the abdomen. In general, use a massage from the stretch can be in any zone other than the mammary glands.

To the effect of the hike to the masseur was the highest, it is necessary to fix its wrapping. You can use any products containing collagen, cacao butter, lanolin, elastin or other regenerating agent. Apply the product on the skin, wrap film and relax in the warmth while.

 is it possible to get rid of stretch marks on their own

Getting rid of stretch marks in the cabin

In beauty salons specializing in banners, bring your skin in order can be much faster, but the cost is a pleasure to be much more expensive. It produces seaweed wraps, mud, various gels. As employees of the salon can offer you other methods of dealing with strongly pronounced stretch marks. For example, using ultrasound or laser therapy correction.

Before turning to the salon, be sure to find out about it as much as possible information. Think, perhaps, one of your friends get rid of stretch marks is very praise it? Or do you read reviews about it on your favorite forum on the Internet. In any case, it is not necessary to trust only the bright advertising.

Plastic surgery

In the most severe cases physicians have resorted to surgery - abdominoplasty. This type of plastic surgery can get rid of stretch marks by excision of excess skin and fat. Of course, this operation is the most effective way of removing skin blemishes, but it, like any other surgery, has a number of contraindications and may cause post-operative complications.

Some experienced doctors try to explain to women that stretch - this is no big "evil" to go because of them under the knife is not necessary. Use more sparing methods of dealing with this problem, even if not immediately, but extensions will disappear and you will again feel young and beautiful!

 Is it possible to get rid of stretch marks? The answer is!

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 How to get rid of the irritation caused by depilation

Do you know how to quickly get rid of irritation after epilation? Probably not, otherwise you would not have to seek an answer to this question. Basically, remove any even too severe irritation caused by the epilation, you can easily. However, it will have to remember and to learn some simple and effective techniques that allow for a long time or to get rid of the unpleasant irritation that occurs in the most sensitive areas of the skin each time after hair removal.

So, you need to relieve inflammation:

  • disinfect the skin that have been exposed. This can be done by using an antiseptic agent such as chlorhexidine, aktovegin, Solcoseryl, hydrogen peroxide or seventy percent alcohol. All of these tools can significantly dry the skin, so after you use them to damaged areas should be applied to a mild moisturizer.
  • After hair removal should not wait for the emergence of a strong stimulus, it is better to put the Panthenol. This means we have recommended in any medicine cabinet, because it perfectly removes inflammation and helps with burns.

If hair removal is not much damage the skin, you can help the tea tree oil, which should be mixed with vegetable oil. Thus on a spoon 3 tablespoons vegetable oil is five or six drops of tea tree oil. After applying this mixture, you'll have to wait a bit, because it is not absorbed very quickly.
If your family someone grows houseplants, you probably can find aloe vera, which has long been considered a wonderful natural medicine. It is able to deliver not only on the stimuli, but also on other skin problems. Experience the miraculous properties of aloe can simply cut along the washed leaf of this plant, and apply it to the skin.

How to get rid of the irritation caused by the epilation, using means constantly under arms?

Typically, funds are able to remove most noticeable skin irritation after depilation available in any home. These efficient and fairly common tools include:

  • ordinary baby powder;
  • Children's anti-inflammatory cream;
  • moisturizer with extracts of aloe vera, calendula and chamomile;
  • various herbs, for example: calendula, chamomile, celandine or series.

If you have any of these herbs, you are very lucky. Since the herbal decoction of them perfectly helps to relieve irritation. Simply brew dried herbs, the resulting broth strain, soak them a cotton pad and gently lubricate the irritated skin. As a result, irritation and redness disappear.

This article was prepared

 How to get rid of the irritation caused by the epilation?

 turpentine baths slimming

  • How it works
  • Turpentine baths: species
  • Turpentine baths slimming
  • Terms of use turpentine baths
  • Useful properties of turpentine baths
  • Contraindications for turpentine baths
  • When it is impossible to lose weight

Do you think you can lose weight only after long workouts and diets? Surely you do not have the time or the will power to do the correction of the figure? If both questions you answered yes, then turpentine baths slimming - just for you. Just do not rush for turpentine. First of all, these baths must be taken correctly, clearly following instructions. Second, continue reading the article until the end and make sure that you are not afraid of contraindications.

How it works

Many girls felt a peculiar smell turpentine baths, involuntarily start to think, and do they need it. After all, only to plunge into the turpentine mixture need a huge bit of courage, not to mention to sit in her allotted amount of time. But believe me, it's worth it. After turpentine baths improve blood circulation, opens the capillaries and remove toxins from the body. And this, in turn, leads to a long-awaited weight loss. Of course, you do not get up from the bath after the first application of a coherent Thumbelina, but a week of such procedures it is possible to lose up to two kilos of unwanted weight.

Turpentine baths: species

Turpentine baths can be:

  • white
  • yellow
  • mixed.

Each of them is different from the others not only in composition and proportions of ingredients, but also in their therapeutic effect. For example, white turpentine baths should be taken when low blood pressure, and yellow - when excessive. In addition, white baths have a direct effect on the muscle cells, while those in turn controlled the flow of blood to the capillary network. Moreover, patients may feel the effect almost immediately: during the bathing shown a slight burning sensation and tingling over the whole surface of the skin.

But that's not all advantages of turpentine baths. For example, yellow turpentine bath temperature was raised body and contribute to significant perspiration. They are responsible for the dissolution and leaching from the body of various salts, which can cause diseases of the cardiovascular system, the musculoskeletal system and other ailments. There are also mixed turpentine baths. They are prepared by mixing the first two types, however they combine the advantages and white and yellow baths.

 turpentine baths slimming

Turpentine baths slimming

Many readers probably lost patience. Like, I promised to tell you about losing weight, and medical terms themselves head load. Once I have your attention, ladies. We are just starting the story about the correct weight. So, those who want to lose weight, you can use all three types of turpentine baths. However, most doctors and cosmetologists use for this purpose is mixed bath. In any case, you have to remember that the dosage and frequency of administration procedures prescribed by the physician, and the baths themselves should be carried out under the supervision of a qualified person, who knows the rules of preparation and holding of such manipulations.

If you are going to make turpentine baths slimming at home, do not forget that the initiative in this matter can threaten the health deterioration. Therefore, do not experiment, otherwise it will not achieve harmony and health will ruin. It is strictly forbidden to increase the amount of turpentine to best effect or make the water hotter, making a kind of mix of turpentine baths and bath home. We hope that you have learned this lesson. Go to the next. To carry turpentine baths you will need: water thermometer, beaker, petroleum jelly and, of course, turpentine emulsion. So, start the procedure:

  1. Cook 20-25 milligrams of turpentine emulsion;
  2. Pour into the bath water temperature of 35-36 degrees, dilute it turpentine;
  3. The duration of the first treatment should not exceed 5 minutes;
  4. Each subsequent bathing should last longer than 1 minute;
  5. The water temperature over time can be increased to 38 degrees;

Currently, the most attentive readers will ask: "But why do we need Vaseline? " Good question. And most importantly, timely. Vaseline to lubricate the most sensitive part of the body (genitals, armpits), before you get into turpentine bath.

Keep in mind that the effect is more pronounced weight loss only in the case when a bath is used as an additional method in the fight against overweight. Of course, now some of the girls will be disappointed. After all, they had hoped that turpentine baths can easily and safely recover the lost harmony. And then again forced to make some effort. Well, not without it. But the next time think twice before taking an extra piece of cake or a dish to eat sweets at the TV. So feel free to browse through a brochure with the diet or join the gym.

Terms of use turpentine baths

Have you noticed ever that the same dishes prepared by different people, very different between them? Like and products selected are the same, and the recipe is debited from a single log, and eventually a soup - both from the restaurant and the other just right to give the dogs. The same principle works in the case with terpentine procedures. Simply put, the thinner one who knows a few secrets. Which ones? Who will tell.

Bath should be comfortable and roomy. If you get in the water and out of it sticking out knees, then the desired effect will not be.
If the issue has been resolved with the knees, then the area of ​​the heart with all the exact opposite. Chest immersed in water is not necessary.
After taking turpentine baths rinse (probably only about this now and you want to), wipe, wrapped up warmly and lie down with closed eyes for 40 minutes.
Lie down? Now march into the kitchen to brew tea sweated! Drink and again in bed. Or in a chair with your favorite book and a blanket.
For one course of 10 treatments Slimming enough. And the bath can be taken every day and every other day. If the weight is critical, or just like a procedure, you can increase the rate to 20 per month turpentine baths.

Useful properties of turpentine baths

Now is the time to talk about what other benefits will give you such a nasty-looking, but good for your health turpentine bath. So, the regular procedure:

  • Strengthen and heal the body from chronic diseases;
  • Normalizes blood pressure;
  • Accelerate blood circulation;
  • Calms the nervous system;
  • Improve sleep;
  • Enhance immunity;
  • Add the patient vitality and energy;
  • Increase the body's defenses;
  • Saturate the body with useful substances;
  • Promotes rapid weight loss;
  • They help get rid of cellulite;
  • Makes the skin younger, more elastic and figure - carved.
  • An impressive list, is not it?

 turpentine baths slimming at home

Contraindications for turpentine baths

As with any other method of exposure to skin and health in general, therapeutic turpentine baths have their contraindications. It:

  • An allergy to turpentine;
  • Elevated levels of alcohol in the blood;
  • The tendency to a sharp increase in blood pressure,
  • Trophic ulcers and thrombophlebitis;
  • Skin diseases, skin rashes,
  • Breastfeeding and pregnancy;
  • Heart failure
  • Infectious diseases;
  • Cirrhosis of the liver;
  • Skin diseases (rashes, scratches);
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases.

As you can see, plenty of contraindications. So before you arrange turpentine parties at home, talk to your doctor first. And even better - make turpentine baths in the cabin or the medical center under the supervision of specialists.

When it is impossible to lose weight

If you are bathed in turpentine almost more frequently than in ordinary water, and the weight is still there, it is worth considering whether it is necessary at all to try to throw the weight. Can such a complexion - perfect for your body? Not everyone can be slim, as the cane, without any bumps and bellies stuck to the spine? There is nothing wrong with what you wear 42 size is too small. And 46 minutes - this is not a reason to climb into the loop (it's better in a hot bath with turpentine). The most important thing - it's your smile. That it makes men turn around after. A slim waist is not, believe me.

 Turpentine bath for weight loss, or harmony without effort

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