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Stretch marks - a cosmetic defects of the skin in the form of a sunken wavy bands. The average length of the stretch of 2-4 cm, width - about 1 cm. Stretch marks are thin, shallow white, similar to shramiki light pink color and the broad red and blue welts. In other words, stretching - a skin with damaged collagen and elastane fibers, which are responsible for skin elasticity and turgor. In such areas disturbed nutrition of the skin, and the skin itself is thin and weak.

The color of stretch marks depends on how much time has passed since their introduction. When stretching only appear on the body, they have a magenta hue due to large concentrations of them in blood vessels. Since the skin is trying to restore the damaged fiber. Over time, in the place of microscopic forms connective tissue and stretch marks turn white. White stretch marks can not be totally tan because they lack the pigment melanin.

Typically, stretch marks appear on those sites that are most affected by sudden changes in weight. As a rule, thighs, buttocks, breasts, hips. Less stretch marks appear on the back, arms, armpits, calves. In very rare cases, stretch marks can occur even in the face.

Stretch marks can appear for several reasons:

  1. Pregnancy. The growing belly heavily stretches the skin, the fibers do not stand and tear. There are wide purple striae, which will eventually fade and become less.
  2. The dramatic weight gain. In this case, the skin is simply no time to stretch and rapidly growing fat layer just breaks collagen fibers.
  3. Hormonal changes. Hormonal changes accompanied by many processes: puberty, menopause, pregnancy, and diseases of the endocrine system. In addition, the appearance of stretch marks on the body affects hormonal drugs, such as birth control pills or drugs based on them. Excess hormones in the body causes loss of collagen, the skin becomes thinner, breaks, and stretch marks appear.
  4. Heredity. This factor is also related to the appearance of stretch marks on the skin, so if your mother has stretch marks, likely that they will have. More precisely, it is not inherited by stretching themselves, and the overall skin condition.

 remedy for stretch marks on the body

Home remedies for stretch marks on the body

Experts claim that significantly reduced and make stretch marks almost invisible - a task feasible for any woman who set out to make the skin nice and elastic. The sooner you start fighting with stretch marks, the better the results you expect. Ideally treat stretch better when they have not turned white and they have a lot of blood vessels. Chances restore power to the skin at the site of microfractures. The process of getting rid of stretch marks and routine long enough, so please be patient.

Here are the most effective ways to deal with stretch marks in the home:

  1. Massage - an effective way to deal with stretch marks

    Massage not only enhance the resilience of the skin and make it smooth and silky, but also help to avoid the appearance of new stretch marks. Massage is better to do on a daily basis. Massage the problem areas of light tingling. In no case do not pull or rub the skin strongly, so you can further hurt the already weak collagen volokna.Vo pregnancy is enough to massage the abdomen in a clockwise direction, the hip - a bottom-up movement, and buttocks - the movement towards to the waist.

    Massage is effective in combination with various oils. The most useful is the almond. It has a lot of vitamin E, it is quickly absorbed and leaves no greasy film. If you wish, a massage can be used and essential oils, which are perfectly cope with the problem of stretch marks. But essential oils - the thing is very allergenic, so before eating do test for allergies, causing a drop of oil on the skin behind the ear.

    Against stretch marks is preferable oils of geranium, neroli, peppermint, clove and citrus oils. Add a few drops in vegetable oil (at the rate of four drops of essential on two tablespoons of vegetable) or your body cream. However, to prepare a portion of the cream and butter from the stretch will have every time before a massage, because the essential oil is able to greatly reduce the shelf life of your lotion or cream for the body. Moreover, the essential oil has the effect of immediately after adding; Even after a short time out of the oil evaporates useful efir.Posle shower or bath is also useful to rub the skin to a light massage mitten redness or washcloth. By the way, it is desirable to take a contrast shower.

  2. Peeling - an excellent remedy for stretch marks

    If it is carried out daily for about a month, the result is stunning. The skin becomes soft and gladkoy.Domashnie scrubs are not only effective in the fight against stretch marks, they are very easy to prepare and contain only natural ingredients. Scrub can be prepared from the coarse salt or fine coffee, which are mixed with vegetable oil, cream or vehicle for the soul.

  3. Wraps

    Different formulations for wrapping you can easily find in any drugstore. Very useful for skin paraffin wrap and a part of paraffin oils help reduce stretch marks, make the skin smooth and improves elasticity. Very effective algae, mud wraps, and body wraps glinoy.Takaya procedure makes the skin soft, smooth, and also displays the excess fluid and toxins. For best results, wrap the food wrap and lie down under a warm blanket for 2-3 hours.

  4. Mummies and creams for stretch marks

    Mummies, which can be purchased at almost any drugstore for a penny, can significantly reduce stretch marks. The main thing - the regularity. The easiest recipe for funds from the stretch with mummy - is to add crushed and dissolved in a teaspoon of water pill mummy in your body cream. A better children's cream - it does not contain fragrances and dyes. Cooking portion cream mummy needed every time before use. You can also add mummy and any remedy for stretch marks.

Incidentally, the cream against stretch marks. Today all kinds of creams, gels, lotions and emulsions against extensions presented in abundance. Choose the one that you are comfortable to put on the skin of the body. In addition, be sure to pay attention to the composition. If there was not retinol, collagen, vitamins (especially A and E) and oil (shea butter, jojoba or almond), then in front of you - really effective cream against stretch marks.

 ugly stretch marks on the body

Cabin treatments and surgery

Compared to home remedies to combat stretch marks, salon treatments are very effective and able to completely remove even long-term extensions. However, they have disadvantages - high price and soreness.

  1. Mesotherapy - the most popular treatment for stretch marks

    It consists in introducing into the skin with the drug injection. The preparation contains the active substance and even stem cells that detoxify and improve microcirculation and promote restoration of skin cells. This procedure is very painful, but also very effektivna.Suschestvuet bezynektsionnaya mesotherapy. Those active substances are literally driven into the skin of a jet of oxygen under pressure. Bezynektsionnoy mesotherapy procedure, of course, is less painful compared to the classical mesotherapy, but it is not as effective.

  2. Myostimulation - a procedure during which an electric current effect on the muscles and skin, increasing blood circulation

    As a result, the skin becomes elastic. Unfortunately, such a procedure can not be performed for women during breastfeeding.

  3. The ozone-oxygen therapy - a very painful but very effective procedure

    Oxygen-ozone mixture on the skin, causing it active metabolism, thus speeding up the regeneration of the skin. The result - a reduction of stretch marks.

  4. Chemical peeling - effective method of dealing with old stretch marks

    The procedure is to remove the top layer of dead skin TCA or glycolic acid. The procedure not only promotes the removal of rough scars and stretch marks, but also activates the production of collagen and elastin, that is, causes the skin to heal itself stretching. After a chemical peel, dermatologists recommend limiting being under direct sunlight as possible the risk of age spots.

  5. Radiolifting - one of the newest salon procedures to remove stretch marks

    When radiolifting beautician injected under the skin of a certain frequency electrical impulses. The current causes the synthesis of collagen and elastin, and the skin becomes supple and taut.

  6. Laser resurfacing

    When a laser beam beautician polishing removes the upper layers of the skin (and with it, and stretching) and pulls them both. This happens instantly and without bloodshed. However, the procedure is very painful (hence performed under local anesthesia), but the result - a young elastic skin without stretch marks - worth it.

  7. Reinforcement

    During this procedure, a beautician injected under the skin through a special puncture thin gold thread. These threads create a framework that supports the skin. In addition, the gold ions contribute to restoring skin cells. Reinforcement can be carried out for each problem area (breasts, thighs, buttocks, etc.).

  8. The most radical means of stretch marks on the body - abdominoplasty

    It is the removal of stretch marks by surgery. It conducted only when all of the above methods of getting rid of stretch marks have no effect. This surgery, which not only affects all layers of the skin, and even the muscles, and it is carried out under general anesthesia. During abdominoplasty excised the excess skin with stretch marks, and the muscles are sewn. Later, to remove the remaining stretch physicians recommend further carry out the procedure of mesotherapy or laser resurfacing.

The fight against stretch marks importantly - an integrated approach, ie the combination of salon treatments and regular home care. And, of course, love yourself and your body!

 Stretch marks on the body

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