how to remove dark circles under the eyes at home

  • Why bruises?
  • How to get rid of bruises under his eyes?

The bruises under his eyes bring the fair sex is not less frustrating than acne and wrinkles. These bruises may occur not only because of a sleepless night spent in the club - the cause may be some trouble with health, and sometimes very serious. The skin under the eyes, as if a litmus test identifies problems with nutrition and metabolism. However, the cause of cyanosis under the eyes can become too soft and thin skin, through which the "shine" blood vessels. Improper care of this skin will only aggravate the existing situation - scrub with large granules or improper makeup remover provoke the appearance of under-eye puffiness.

Why bruises?

The answer to the question "why bruises under his eyes? "You can give only an expert. Visit a therapist, who in turn will give you a referral for examination by an endocrinologist, cardiologist and nephrologist. If health is all right, then with the characteristics of your body will have to cope at home.

Bruises under the eyes may occur due to overexertion. Small vials under the eyes burst, forming dark patches under the lower eyelids, after many hours of work at the computer. Remove them much harder than prevent. As soon as you will have the feeling of "sand" in the eyes, or the feeling of dryness, stop communication with the monitor for 15 minutes and make a special gymnastics. Buy special drops, wetting the cornea, and put them in her purse - let them always at hand, both at home and in the office.

If you are often plagued by pain in the eye sockets and migraine, for sure you have problems with blood circulation in brain vessels. For most people, they periodically arise and thus practically not detected during the medical examination, unless the running instances. In the evening you dizzy, throbbing temples, and in the morning have to disguise under-eye circles? To win such bruises, spend more time outdoors. Make time for sports: during training vessels of the brain active are saturated with oxygen.

Remove "in haste" dark circles caused by night parties, you can with a special cream for the eyelids. Choose a tool with a cooling and invigorating effect - make sure that its composition was caffeine or menthol. With these components, swelling and "spots" under the eyes disappear, wrinkles are smoothed out and the skin becomes lighter. Similarly, action has gel mask-Orientation meeting. To quickly get the morning shining eyes, put it ahead of time in the evening in the freezer refrigerator.

 how to remove dark circles under the eyes at home alone

How to get rid of bruises under his eyes?

Win and bruises can be at home, do not buy expensive cosmetics. The best tool in the fight with them will become the mask. With regular use of homemade cosmetics can not only get rid of blue under the eyes, but also to achieve stable preventive effect. The most effective are the following recipes:

  1. ½ bunch fresh parsley, finely chopped, add 2 tbsp fat sour cream and mix thoroughly. Apply makeup to clean skin thick eyelids for 5-10 minutes, rinse with warm water;
  2. 1 Cook the potato in "uniform", clean, mash the fruit with a fork until the condition of slurry. Mix the pulp with 1 tsp whey, wrap the mixture into a clean gauze and put on the eye area. Hold as long as the potato mixture has cooled down completely. This mask will not only remove the swelling, but also smooth out wrinkles (so-called "crow's feet");
  3. The most famous and at the same time easy to use a mask from cucumber. Put the cucumber in the freezer for 15-20 minutes, cut into slices and place them on your eyes. Change slices of cucumber every 3-4 minutes, after 20 minutes, wash with cold water or wipe the skin with ice;
  4. Similarly, you can use bananas and apples. On the basis of these components can be prepared in another vitaminized mask from circles under the eyes. It is necessary to knead ½ peeled banana, add 1 tsp apple sauce and three drops of menthol or eucalyptus oil. Wash off the mask as soon as you feel the tingling in the centuries gone.

A little patience and work - and the bruises will remain in the past. Well, if you do not succeed, nevertheless it is necessary to consult a doctor to rule out the possibility of internal diseases.

 How to remove dark circles under the eyes at home

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 how to get rid of stretch marks after giving birth

  • Body care before birth
  • The fight against stretch marks after giving birth

Oh, those extensions! Not one figure they spoil! Most often stretching occur after pregnancy and childbirth. As a rule, women in the early days is not very concerned about this problem. Newborn care takes all the thoughts and all the free time. But after a couple of months, and its own view of a young mother begins to irritate. And who like many extensions on the once slender girlish body? That rush of women to doctors for help, or girlfriends, trying to learn how to remove stretch marks. Someone advises desperate woman cream, some homemade recipes divided cosmetology, some advise to accept and address to the good psychologist, in order to take his new body after childbirth. We decided to combine in a single article all the most common methods of dealing with stretch marks.

 to get rid of stretch marks after giving birth

Body care before birth

Let's start with prevention! It is this simple rule, many women ignore. From the side it seems that it is much easier to deal with an existing problem than to prevent its occurrence. But we with you not one of them, right? Therefore, the stretch marks on our body will be considerably less. And to that was the need to consider a few requirements:

  • Wear a special brace for the belly and bra for pregnant women. This underwear helps the spine to cope with the increasing workload and protects the body from the appearance of stretch marks;
  • Rub the skin of the breast with lemon juice. This can be done at home, so "lemon method" so loved by our female.
  • take a bath with the addition of pine extract. Just make sure to keep the water at the same time was not higher than 38 degrees. Pregnant women is contraindicated high temperature water;
  • Be sure to buy a cream from extensions for pregnant women. It will make your skin more soft and supple. Today in pharmacies represented a lot of similar products, and if you are not sure what it means to choose, consult your gynecologist. Just keep in mind that the recipe in your bag or cream lonely dusty on the shelf will not protect against stretch marks. Will only regular rubbing. By the way, you can replace the usual cream for stretch marks olive oil. It also moisturizes the skin.
  • Take a contrast shower, rubbed ice cubes, do massage. The more actions you will take against stretch marks, the more likely that they will not have any. And note that spend huge amounts of money and a lot of time in the cabin is not required. Most procedures can be done at home and on their own, so do not ignore our advice.
  • Speaking of massage. Very effective during pregnancy is considered to be a slight tingling body. You can rub your body hard sponge or simply pat the problem areas of the palm. None of the motions will not hurt. Using any such massages can be in the home to enhance blood flow to the skin in a short time.
  • Prerequisite gets good nutrition. Often stretch marks appear because of lack of a rich diet of a pregnant woman. The body begins to miss some substances, and it indicates a problem with all sorts of reactions (and the appearance of stretch marks as well). Well, if the doctor will prescribe you a special mineral and vitamin complex for pregnant women. You can just listen to your own body. As a rule, a growing kid himself tells Mommy, what he would like.
  • But do not overdo it! Many women are so obsessed with the idea of ​​eating for two, not only double their daily diet, but triple his sinning on an immense appetite of the growing baby. Stop shifting responsibility for their own gluttony on any innocent (and the unborn) child. It is better to stand on the scales and see to what brought your negligence. How can you not appear stretch marks if your weight is many times higher than normal? The skin simply can not keep up your appetite. And no cream does not help to remove stretch marks. Only a balanced diet. Vitamins can leave. Their during pregnancy (and after childbirth), not much happens.

 is it possible to get rid of stretch marks after giving birth

The fight against stretch marks after giving birth

So you dutifully fulfill all the requirements of a doctor wearing a bandage smeared on not one cream for stretch marks, stretch marks but still there? More precisely, even not "there" and punctually appeared on the body during pregnancy, no matter what you were doing. This happens. Some women have a genetic predisposition to the appearance of stretch marks. So if your mother after birth began to wear indoors swimsuit, then you are more likely to be in vain to fight stretch marks. What to do? To move to a Muslim country, where the wearing of closed things is the norm? Or continue to try to remove stretch marks? We would advise you to the second option. And in order not to be unfounded, give a couple of recommendations. At this time, a more specific nature. Teach to get rid of stretch marks after giving birth.

  1. First on the list is already familiar to us the cream of stretch marks. Only this time, you should choose products designed for post-natal care for the body. This may be as a cream "Contractubex" as well as more well-known in the medical world the cream "Mederma".
  2. It is very effective in the fight against stretch marks is considered a massage. Hand variant improves circulation and limfodrinazh skin, it eliminates puffiness and laxity Vacuum massage allows you to achieve the same effects as in the manual method, and in addition is able to help a woman to throw a few extra kilograms accumulated in the body after birth. Any type of massage is best done at a time when the child is asleep (to be able to lie down after the procedure), and used in this special massage cream so as not to damage the structure of the skin.
  3. If the massage did not bring the proper result, try microdermabrasion. For a long name hides an extremely simple procedure: exfoliation of upper skin cells. On the body is covered with a special cream, which is composed of tiny particles ambrazivnye. They subsequently sanded skin. There is, of course, not the first time. But after a series of sessions of microdermabrasion women notice a significant improvement in skin condition. As you can see, the cream of stretch marks after giving birth can be different, as well as the methods of getting rid of flaws.
  4. Do not be quick to leave a beautician. Remove stretch marks also help to seaweed wraps. To do this, the body is wrapped for a while ... well, algae. It is proved that by this method you can get rid of stretch marks after giving birth, enhance blood circulation and restore skin elasticity. And that's exactly what's missing women after childbirth.
  5. Did you know that stretch marks cream is effective only 40% of cases? But even he can not completely get rid of stretch marks on the woman. Much more effective method is considered to laser therapy. Here is struggling with a lack of fractional thermolysis. Simply put, the doctor grinds stretching with the help of a laser. But it should not during pregnancy and after delivery. So when I saw the new body stretching, do not panic. All in good time. After the birth of your baby, you will have plenty of opportunities to get rid of the shortage, as long as use is traditional in such cases, a cream for stretch marks.
  6. The following method of getting rid of stretch marks is the most cardinal .  This is a surgical procedure .  Plastic surgery called abdominoplasty and can, according to surgeons remove inpatient stretch forever .  But this is possible only if the stretch marks are located on the lower abdomen, and the skin is strongly stretched after childbirth .  Then the doctor cuts the excess skin with stretch marks .  Deficiencies at this desperate method - mass .  First, the body is the scar from the surgery .  Secondly, after abdominoplasty woman going through a difficult postoperative period .  But it is - a young mother .  And after the birth of her place in a hospital bed in the clinic of plastic surgery and have your baby crib .  Plus anesthesia is quite a negative effect on the composition of breast milk .  Moreover, after the operation, you can lose not only stretch marks, but breast milk along with health .  Add to that the psychological factor (Psychologists have noticed that in those patients who got rid of any flaws with the help of plastic surgery, there is a dependence on the "light of beauty") .  Therefore, if you want your child to be healthy and happy, we recommend replacing the plastic surgery for stretch marks cream .

It happens that none of the above means makes it still does not remove the brace. Women have to wear swimsuits closed. Many are beginning to hesitate while their husbands. This, of course, sad. But understand that beauty - is not a slender smooth body or no stretch marks. Beautiful woman is one whose eyes burn. So accept yourself for who you are and begin to enjoy life.

 How to get rid of stretch marks after giving birth

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