• About procedures in beauty salons
  • Foot Care in the home

In the woman all should be fine - and the hands and face, body and legs. Moreover, it is necessary to keep track of your feet and look as carefully as we take care of your face, this should regularly do a pedicure. No matter what the weather is outside, in what kind of shoes we shod, most importantly, always and everywhere to feel confident.

Legs - is everything: tripping, beautiful appearance, general well-groomed and, of course, health. That is why a long time ago, more than a hundred years ago, Kim Birkenshtok (inventor of the open sandals) said: "The foot - a foot brush." Today we will try to tell you all about the pedicure, and you will just have to choose a method suitable for the care of feet.

 All of pedicure

About procedures in beauty salons

Pedicures should be done at least once a month. Firstly, it is good for health, and secondly - legs will look aesthetically pleasing, and third - in women will flying gait. Yes, many women say this - pedicure gives lightness, as if wings grow behind him, and I want to fly. There are several kinds of treatments called pedicure, offering salons, and they have obvious differences:

  • All pedicure salons is done in the following way: apply special means softening the cuticle, and then she pulls back with a wooden stick, trimmed nails, and it is applied to a colorless or pink nail polish;
  • Classic pedicure: used tool - scissors and forceps. Steamed legs cut off the cuticle, polished nails. Then the legs are treated with oil or cream to moisturize and nourish the skin;
  • French pedicure: it does not apply any piercing-cutting tools and do not use water. Just carefully removed the cuticle, and then it becomes thinner and thinner, but steady result is visible only 6-8 treatments, while the first is a combination of procedures with the classic method;
  • Hardware pedicure: it instead of water, use a special solution, which is able to distinguish even the rough skin of healthy without injuries. In order to treat the skin of feet and ankles, special nozzle-cutters of different size and level of rudeness, and it allows you to individually choose the tool. Apparatus pedicure is good that after it is stable result - the skin grows more slowly and last longer ogrubevaet.

In addition to these species, we note pedicure using a variety of spa treatments. This includes the care of the skin with masks and massages and nail treatment, and even the removal of superfluous hair - the whole complex! This pedicure is performed by a specially developed technique:

  • Is the procedure of softening the skin of legs with the drugs, which include lavender, mint and grapefruit;
  • Mikropiling - carried out with the use of raw sugar, pleasantly warms the skin. This pedicure includes exfoliation of old and rough particles;
  • Held leg skin rejuvenation - for example, sea serum.
  • Held procedure exfoliate rough skin and soften the cuticle - Pedicure Nail;
  • Moisturize your feet with the help of oils of patchouli, rosemary or lemon with cloves. Incidentally, at this moment it becomes pedicure aromatherapy;
  • Massages the feet and ankles, using special oils, which include grapes, ginger and Indian wormwood;
  • Applying nail polish. In this pedicure with a spa receptions over.

Agree to receive a pedicure every woman wants - it's not just a hygienic procedure, and mouthwatering holiday for the whole body, straight after the pleasure! But if you can not visit beauty salons and pedicure professionals (at least because of the high cost), it is possible and necessary to carry out foot care and at home.

 All of pedicure

Foot Care in the home

So, how to make yourself a pedicure? Remove the pre-coated with a polish and prepare the tub with warm water. Remember that too much hot water pouring not - it is quite a serious blow to the heart. To pedicures brought fun into the water, you can add any means (chamomile, thyme and sea salt), that is pleasant to you. Feet in the water bath must be kept for as long as rough skin softens. All this time, blow off some hot water, as the cooling bath. Now the legs are ready, you can begin to do a pedicure. Treat each leg in turn, is engaged in one second out of the water can not be removed.

To begin with remove the rough skin of the foot, using a special metal terochku. Pedicure must start with this. It is not necessary to use a blade or scissors - you can get hurt badly. If you have corns, they must be neatly cut tongs. After this leg rinsed, wiped dry, and it is applied moisturizer. By the way, a pedicure is considered complete if it is to carry out all the procedures.

You can now process the nails - this is also included in the concept of a pedicure. Leg steam and cuticle move away quite easily. If it is not too rough and large, it is enough to slightly open the nail plate, but if need be, make sure you trim it special tweezers. Do not overdo it, the cuticle, cut under the root is not aesthetically pleasing, and the pain is inevitable, and pedicures will be hard labor.

The nails neatly trimmed and polished nail file. Now you only have to put nail polish on the surface - first degrease the plate with alcohol or acetone, and then apply the varnish. Use special spacers finger - the only way to make the most carefully pedicure. Let it dry and cover with the top fixing solution. All pedicure ready! Your legs are ready to conquer all the others!

Doing a pedicure at home should be at least two times a month, and even soar and clean skin of the feet need on a daily basis, and then, even in the open shoes you will feel like a king!

 Pedicure. What you should know about this procedure?

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 classic facial massage

  • Classic facial massage - especially
  • Technique of classic massage

At first glance, it seems simple facial massage a welcome addition to the procedures for skin care. Of great importance is always given to cosmetic products and not to massage. And absolutely nothing! Among all types of skin care products and treatments facial massage holds an important place, it is very necessary for our skin. Facial massage performs many useful functions:

  • improves blood circulation (to prevent congestion);
  • activates the lymphatic drainage (removes excess water and removes edema);
  • normalizes and slightly speeds up the metabolism;
  • It opens the pores and helps the skin to breathe;
  • strengthens muscle tissue and skin;
  • resulting in skin tone, makes it more elastic.

Depending on skin type, beautician selects a special agent for the massage. This can be antiseptic powder for oily skin or a special massage oil for dry. Massage can also have several different types. Here are the most common ones.

  • Classic facial massage

It is the most common form of traditional massage, which we consider in more detail below.

  • Lymphatic drainage

It can be performed manually or using a special apparatus. Regulates lymph flow (liquid) and improves blood flow through the vessels, stimulates metabolism and improves skin tone. The effect of this massage - anti-aging.

  • Shchipkova (massage Jacquet)

Pretty complicated technique performed rhythmic tingle your thumb and forefinger. Influences on the deeper layers of the skin, making it more active metabolism and provides healing of micro traumas. Recommended for use after hygienic cleaning of the face.

  • Plastic

Recommended for aging skin and fat deposits on the face. Running strong and energetic movements of the pressing. It aligns the contour of the face, rejuvenates the skin, speeds up the movement of blood through the vessels, slightly expanding them.

 facial massage classic

Classic facial massage - especially

As mentioned above, classical massage - the most common traditional massage technique, the so-called classics of the genre. Depending on the intensity of the massage can have a relaxing effect or, on the contrary, tonic. This massage is aimed primarily at skin rejuvenation. Classical massage has the following functions:

  • improves blood circulation;
  • It prevents the appearance of wrinkles;
  • improves skin tone;
  • It ensures the flow of oxygen to the muscles of the face;
  • relieves muscle tension;
  • removes puffiness.

The therapeutic effect of the procedure, classic massage is based on the following actions. Firstly, it is an exfoliating effect, as well as improved blood circulation in the vessels of the skin. The outflow of the fluid removes puffiness. It speeds up the metabolism and regeneration of skin cells. The indications for the procedure of classical massage is:

  • loss of skin tone;
  • skin aging;
  • dehydration of the skin;
  • age wrinkles;
  • excessive tension of the facial muscles;
  • uneven complexion and others.

 classic facial massage technique

  Technique of classic massage

Classic facial massage involves the implementation of a number of different techniques. This stroking and rubbing, kneading and vibration. In the process of massage accelerates the blood through the vessels, and muscles are warmed up and become more malleable. Skin and muscle fibers become softer and more supple. The fibrous tissue thins and elastic fibers increases. Increases the ability of muscles to stretch, it is possible to simulate the shape of the face.

Stroking the skin and rubbing her movements provided by major massage lines:

  • from the center of the chin on both sides along the jawbone to the ear (lower part);
  • from the corners of the mouth and nose wings to the ear (lower part);
  • from the sides of the nose to the temporal zone;
  • on the upper eyelid - from the inner to the outer corner of the eye;
  • on the lower eyelid - from the outer to the inner corner of the eye;
  • from the bridge of the nose between the eyebrows along the wings of the nose, protruding from the nose to the cheeks;
  • from the center line of the forehead to the temporal brow areas.

Before the massage should be good to clean the face of the remnants of cosmetics, masseur's hands must also be clean. Put your thumbs on the bridge of the nose between the eyebrows. Lightly pressing uniformly move along the cheeks until his jaw. This technique will help ottech blood from facial veins and prepare the skin for the massage. Apply talc or powder, or oil massage cream and evenly spread it all over his face. Touching the skin should be gliding and easy, without rubbing and pulling the skin.

  • Massage the forehead
  1. Pads for fingers (index, middle, ring - let's call them "workers") put at the center of the forehead and easily smoothes the skin towards the temples, first with one hand in one direction and then the other hand - another. Do not make simultaneous motion with both hands, so as not to stretch the skin. Repeat the movement for 5-6 times.
  2. Then spend both hands smoothing movements from the bottom up - from the eyebrows to the hairline itself.
  3. Place the fingers of one hand on the left temple and the other hand along the smooth skin of the forehead toward the right temple. Just - in the opposite direction. Repeat motion 10 times.
  • Massage the cheeks

Thumbs rest against the chin or jaw bone and finger pads workers spend stroking towards the ears through the bone cheekbone.

  • Massage the chin

Spend stroking from the center of the chin to the ears (6-8 times). Zaprokinte head slightly back, face and chin stretched forward. Spend the pads of the fingers working on the neck downwards. This method is very effective for smoothing wrinkles appear first.

  • Massage nose

Working fingers of both hands (one by one) spend pats on the back from the tip of the nose up to the bridge of the nose between the eyebrows. Repeat the movement for 6-8 times.

  • Massage of century

Put a finger of one hand to the outer corner of the closed eye. The middle finger of the other hand to make circular movements: on the upper eyelid from the inner to the outer corner of the eye and along the lower century - on the contrary. Repeat the movement 10 times for each eye.

After completing the massage, remove all traces of the massage means wet swab. Blood in the face is now particularly well circulated, so it is useful to apply the nutritional or deep moisturizing mask. In heated and prepared skin, she will give the maximum effect.

Classic massage is especially good and effective in an age when the skin begins to fade. That network at the first signs of aging: slackness and sagging, dryness and flaking, forms wrinkles. If you do it regularly in his youth, it can be a long delay these annoying symptoms.

Contraindications to the procedure of classical massage

It would seem that massage can be done at any age and in any condition of the skin. However, there are several cases where any massage, even the most traditional is strictly contraindicated.

  • Violation of the integrity of the skin

When there is an injury to the skin, cracks, scratches, rashes, etc.

  • Acne and ulcers

When there is a rash on the skin, internal and external acne, ulcers.

  • Diseases

When lesions are observed, for example, allergic from dermatitis, herpes, etc. And at any acute viral infection of the whole organism.

  • Low pressure

When the patient has a sharp and sudden decrease in intracranial pressure.

  • Couperose

When the patient has active symptoms of rosacea - spider veins and spider veins of the blood vessels on the face.

 Classic facial massage - the features and performance technique

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