how to pluck eyebrows at home

  • Where to begin?
  • Choosing the right form
  • The nuances of the procedure
  • Contraindications for plucking eyebrows

The most expressive part of the face - eye. But if you look closely, you'll see that the eyes are beautiful only in qualitative "framing", so you have to learn not only the right makeup, but also the art of caring for the eyebrows. Remember, as taught heroine Leah Akhedzhakova - Vera dry their strict boss? "Eyebrows should be thin and look like an arc, rising in surprise over the eye, and go to his corner" and, among other things, she was absolutely right. Very unpleasant look "messy", without a clear line of eyebrows.

In order to make your eyebrows were perfect, it is necessary to have some experience in taking care of them, so for the first time go to a beauty salon. It will give you the correct form that will fit exactly to your eyes, they can touch up and even make a tattoo. Once you "draw" his eyebrows, and can be self-monitor their condition - podschipyvat regrown hair, a little tint. If you decide to master the technique of plucking their own, carefully read the rules that must be respected when this cosmetic procedure. In this article we will talk about exactly how to pluck eyebrows at home.

Where to begin?

In order to carry out home plucking eyebrows, you should: tweezers, disinfectant lotion or gel, a mirror. It needs a large mirror - firstly, you free your hands; Second - you will see two eyes simultaneously, in order to avoid inconsistencies. Note that the lighting should be full-time, otherwise take care of the most powerful lamps.

Before the procedure, it is necessary to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water, wash your face and rub it (and eyebrows included) disinfectant lotion. Tweezers lotion to treat alcohol can be any. Many people recommend before plucking the eyebrows put on a moisturizer, but this should not be done - bad hair clinging tweezers, it slides along the surface of the skin, and this process is effective or does not name.

 how to pluck eyebrows at home

Choosing the right form

First you have to create the shape of the eyebrows. To do this, remember that the ideal eyebrow formed by three lines on the face. The first - from the wing of the nose to the eyebrows through the inner corner of the eye. The second - is also on the wing of the nose, but this time passes through the outer corner of the eye. The third - look right and draw a line from the end of your iris to the wing of the nose - the point of its intersection with the eyebrow is the highest bending eyebrows.

The nuances of the procedure

Now it is possible to pull out excess hair - first from the first two lines to the nose and the outer corner of the eye, respectively, and then forming an arc - above and below the brow line remove hairs. Start with a few hairs on one eyebrow, then the other - must try to make them symmetrical. It should take a short break after 10 minutes, and again go to the mirror - you see their flaws, and the skin slightly peredohnet from your torment.

After the whole procedure again and wipe the brow lotion can cause a gel or cream with a calming effect. Now just need to monitor the state of the eyebrows, in time to adjust their shape, and you'll always look great!

Contraindications for plucking eyebrows

Despite the fact that this procedure is not so difficult, and it may be performed at home, there are some limitations:

  • If you have a predisposition to allergic reactions. Rubbing face lotion, using tongs, wiped with an alcohol solution, you can cause excessive redness or rash on the skin;
  • In the presence of pustular eruptions in eyebrows - so you can carry infection to adjacent areas of the face, which will lead to total destruction;
  • If necessary, will soon go out - dust, wind and even frost can damage the skin, the more it will be virtually unprotected.

Still, the first time the removal of excess hair in the eyebrows is to hold a specialist in a beauty salon. In addition to the selection of the correct form, make-up artist will perform the procedure correctly, using disinfectants and absolutely painless, pre-treating the skin Special freezing composition. Learn to care for your face, create your image, try to trim options, and then you will always look not just attractive, but also original.

 How to pluck eyebrows at home? Learning together

 how to improve the skin

  • Proper nutrition
  • Active lifestyle
  • "Calmness, only calmness! "
  • Facial Treatments
  • Traditional methods

Beautiful skin - smooth, elastic, even pinkish color, with no rough edges and rashes. The standard will be the baby's skin, but how to achieve an adult woman? How to improve the skin? And is it possible at all? These issues are defined and thousands of women are looking for ways to solve their problems. Beauticians know some "chips" and successfully apply them in the work to improve the skin. But you can take care of themselves on their own - this is not only cheaper, but also more effective.

Proper nutrition

Skin like a light at once exhibits the effects of eating disorders - fatty and spicy foods, dimensionless cup of coffee, tea, sweets and carbonated drinks with dyes. All these goodies are not anything other than quenching taste, but the problems arise even on the face. In order to improve the condition and appearance of skin, it is necessary:

  • Regularly eat fish - it contains enzymes that promote skin moisture saturation;
  • Do not give up meat, just eat it boiled - supplier of protein to help cope with the exfoliation of dead cells and the creation of new ones;
  • A variety of vegetables are useful to saturate the skin with vitamin A;
  • Nuts, corn, peas and eggs "will bring" to the body of vitamin E;
  • To improve the complexion help citrus, milk, grain, flax, watermelon and melon;
  • Avoid mayonnaise, sausages, shops sauces, margarine, chips and crackers. In no case do not eat instant food products - in their chemistry more than nitrite and nitrate in vegetables.

In addition, it is necessary to limit the consumption of coffee and tea - the best substitute juice or mineral water. Only it is a mineral, without colors and sweeteners. Eat Less salt and sugar, do not completely abandon these products, but it is better to eat chocolate and drink it unsweetened tea, you drink a cup of sweet tea with a sandwich and a bun. Proper nutrition will not only help improve the complexion, but also to put in order their shape.

 how to improve the condition of skin

Active lifestyle

It would seem - and here the movement and facial skin? It's very simple - when a woman does any exercise, even just walking on foot, the body is enhanced metabolism, improves blood circulation and thus more nutrients it will get in your face. By the way, walk in the fresh air all amazingly fast changing complexion with gray or yellow to pink pleasant - "blood and milk". Even in the cold or in the rain, try to get out in the fresh air - "There is no bad weather," so that the walk to your health! Notice how improves the complexion after a walk in the air - out red cheeks, eyes shining, and all the skin as if lit from within.

"Calmness, only calmness! "

Nervousness, stress, anger, emotions - all this has a negative impact not only on mental and physical health. Note on the face of those women who always "on edge", in which a lot of work and constant fatigue - it clearly shows signs of ill health. To solve such problems, you should consult a neurologist or psychotherapist. Firstly, prompt a woman which drug should be taken in order to reduce the nervous state of the body; Second, the physician can help the moral advice. A result of the restoration of mental health and become beautiful, well-groomed face skin, impeccable appearance and high spirits.

Facial Treatments

All of the above reasons for the deterioration of the skin of the face and ways to improve it will be ineffective if the woman does not care for themselves. And regularly, every day, and not on a case by case basis. So, there are a few basic rules for the care of skin:

  • Always clean the face in the morning and in the evening - you can simply wash with warm soapy water, wipe the face tonic or a damp cloth (if you're on the road). Even if you do not apply cosmetics to the face, then clean it up after work is necessary - dust, dirt, lint invisible still settle on the skin and clog pores;
  • For a more thorough cleansing of the skin twice a week should be used scrub - without these exfoliants thorough cleaning of the skin is not possible and the desired effect will not be;
  • "Eats" the face every night - nutritious, or apply a moisturizer that suits your skin type and age.

There is one immutable rule facials - all should be in moderation. Do not use scrubs more often than twice a week; can not be applied to the face a lot of cream; You can not always wash with soap and water.

 how to improve their own skin

Traditional methods

You can resort to the experience of our grandmothers - look at their pictures: all nice blush on the cheeks, and his face and "radiates" health. If you want to improve the complexion, instead of the usual coffee and tea drink the next drink: tea leaves of green tea + + dried rowan berries dried nettle leaves. All put 1 teaspoon, and you get an awesome drink - it will shape not only the complexion, but also improves its tone.

Use products to improve their appearance: cottage cheese, sour cream and cucumber. Simply put them on the face for about 30 minutes and have to be like them, then wash with warm water and apply skin cream. It is better to use such procedures rustic foods, natural, without chemicals.

In addition to all these tips, it is necessary to take into account the duration of sleep - that during sleep the skin is updated. Fully enough sleep, and you can rest for 7-8 hours, it is necessary to sleep in a cool room with an open window to let you breathe fresh air. And one more. ... Do not forget that a good mood and a smile can work wonders. Learn to find a pleasant, even in the most difficult situations, minimize worry and upset. Good mood is reflected not only light in the eyes, but also a nice view of the skin. Whenever a person is happy and cheerful, he is satisfied with their appearance, confident and causes surrounding only compliments and friendly smiles.

 How to improve the skin and always look young and attractive

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