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The woman constantly wants to be irresistible and desirable. To achieve this well is not easy. Emerging hormonal changes in adolescence and during pregnancy can lead to the appearance of stretch marks or scientifically they are called striae. This phenomenon can upset any of the fair half of mankind, even the "young mother". And then the question arises: How to remove stretch marks on my stomach? After all, you want to be always beautiful.

Do not worry and give up, every problem has a solution. It is necessary to apply a little bit of effort and firm, smooth skin again you provided. But as the old truth: "It is better to avoid the appearance of a problem than to get rid of it." This article will tell you not only how to remove stretch marks on the abdomen, but also how to prevent their occurrence during pregnancy.

How to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy?

As mentioned above, most stretch marks appear during pregnancy. To prevent them, use some tips:

  1. In order not to appear stretch marks during pregnancy should wear a bandage. It is advisable to choose his doctor helped. That is the subject would prevent the emergence of this unpleasant phenomenon after birth as striae.
  2. During pregnancy, the skin often becomes dry. Lubricating every night before bed places where stretch marks may appear, fat cream or vegetable oil, you can prevent their occurrence.
  3. Among the preventive measures that can relieve you from the appearance of stretch marks after giving birth to her stomach, plays a vital role massage. During pregnancy, it is best to do a special massager or a brush with stiff bristles.
  4. The main factor that affects the appearance of stretch marks, not only during pregnancy, but also in the future - is food. It must be balanced. Get plenty of protein and less sweet and starchy foods.
  5. Try to lead an active life, even sometimes perform simple exercises.
  6. Do not give up the band and after the birth, it helps the muscles of the abdomen and quickly reduce the appearance of stretch marks a resist.

Of course, with absolute certainty that after the above instructions stretch you will not appear to be impossible. Their causes are many: genetic predisposition, the size of the fruit, rapid weight gain, but the attempt still stands.

How to start the fight against stretch marks?

During pregnancy, you tried, fought, but these reasons prevention against the appearance of stretch marks you will not help much, and now began to edge the question of stretching on the abdomen. Get ready, the secret of success is constancy and regularity.

Immediately we can say that stretch marks on the abdomen - is damage to the skin, and that it will take time to recover. If even this phenomenon has a reddish, purple or lilac color, then deal with it a lot easier than after the color changed to a whitish - silver. However, one can calm, they become less noticeable.

 stretch marks on the abdomen

Proper nutrition - the first step to victory

If you understand that eat properly, but do not want to change anything, you can not even try to get rid of such problems as stretch marks, nothing will help. After all, chances are you've heard more than once a truth that the condition of the skin depends on nutrition. The elasticity of her rapid recovery will only be ideally, if you're sure your diet include: seafood, fruits, vegetables, vegetable oils and herbs. And of course, do not forget about the liquid. The more you drink the water, the more the skin is moisturized from the inside, and will recover faster.

Getting rid of stretch marks in the home

If after giving birth you still no luck, and extensions were not only on the abdomen, but also on the chest, hips, do not start at once to rush in search of Finance to visit beauty salons. This problem can be dealt with in the home.

  • Massage and body wrap

Due to the fact that the active massage increases blood circulation and improves metabolism, you can get an amazing effect, especially in the presence of stretch marks in the abdomen after childbirth. We should not forget this form of massage as atitsellyulitny. It greatly helps to get rid of stretch marks thighs, abdomen.

After the procedure is completed do not sit idly by, begins the second phase, which is called the wrap. In place of stretch marks appeared after childbirth, apply cosmetics, which include collagen, and make the wrap using film. Wrapped in a blanket and lie down for at least fifteen minutes. Performing these procedures regularly, you will soon get rid of such problems as stretch marks after giving birth and not only.

  • Do not ignore oil

Back in those days women also tried to hide their deficiencies, get rid of them. And the very first vehicle to help stretch marks from childbirth are vegetable oils. This excellent method in the fight against stretch marks action in present day. Only the names have changed little oil.

In order to get rid of stretch marks appeared as a result of childbirth, professionals advise using almond and olive oil. A good tool which includes a large amount of vitamin E is an oil made from wheat germ. All this helps to speed up the renewal of the skin, and, therefore, get rid of stretch marks.

If you wish to double the fun, get a lemon or orange oil, add a drop of vitamin E, you provided is not only getting rid of stretch marks, but also a wonderful mood. Well, if you manage to get the oil of neroli and rosemary, the results of their actions will not make a long wait. Special instructions for the use of oils not. Just grab and rub it into the ground the appearance of stretch marks.

Folk remedies

Always and at all times by helping to get rid of many diseases folk remedies. To fight stretch marks, which appeared as a result of childbirth, is also possible to "weapons." The main thing is that the high cost of purchasing raw materials is not required to go away too, do not, all you can do at home, and almost free.

  1. We start with a scrub. It can be easily prepared at home. A good hostess always find salt, sugar, coffee, or coffee grounds. Mixed these ingredients, add to them any vegetable oil or sour cream. During the adoption of water treatments (shower) the resulting mass is rubbed into problem areas. The procedure lasts at least ten minutes. Then wash off using a contrast shower and smeared places stretch a nourishing cream. It is advisable to repeat this process at least twice a week.
  2. You can still apply, and the mixture based on mummies. Take one tablespoon of boiled water. It dissolves one gram mummy added eighty grams of baby cream, all mixed. Rubbed once daily. The remaining mixture should be stored in the refrigerator.
  3. Helps to get rid of stretch marks appeared as a result of giving birth - aloe. Half a glass of juice of the plant, is added to it the same amount of olive oil plus vitamin E them ten drops and five drops of vitamin A. This blend is lubricated place stretch twice a day, after a wake up and before going to bed.
  4. Many times cited examples of the ice helps to solve many problems. So it is with stretch marks formed as a result of childbirth. You must freeze very salty water. Then, twice a day, morning and evening to wipe the salty ice cubes space extensions. You may ask: "What is this help? "A mixture of ice and salt speeds up the metabolism, increase blood flow to the treated area and the skin begins to be updated faster.

 postpartum stretch marks on the abdomen

We leave for the interior

It is not always possible to get rid of stretch marks that appear as a result of giving birth at home. Just do not be discouraged and do not be discouraged, try to go the other way and make an appointment to the beautician. It will help you determine the choice of treatment and under his supervision, you will pass the necessary procedures. Of course, this getting rid of stretch marks formed after birth, you will be a bit more expensive than getting rid of them at home, but what about "beauty requires at least some - or victims."

  • And again about wrapping

Yes, you read correctly, the wrap again, but in a beauty salon, and supervised by a specialist. Seaweed wraps - is not only an excellent and effective means of eliminating stretch marks after giving birth, but a procedure in which you rest and relax, and it is more than ever, by the way, women with small children.

What is the secret of this method? It's very simple - seaweed filled the skin with minerals, moisturize it, and even in the bargain is removed from your body all the toxins. And this, as you know, promotes rapid weight loss. So from this procedure, you can get double effect, is not that you want?

  • You can try microdermabrasion

Of course, first we must explain what it is. And this conventional pling, but only the removal of dead skin is held by vacuum. The top layer of skin (dermis) is removed, the new cells accelerate its growth. This procedure is not necessary to perform very often. And remember that, after the microdermabrasion can not sunbathe, neither in the solarium or in the sun.

  • At present it is impossible to do without the laser

And that's exactly. Wherever you rushed in whatever branch of medicine not looked everywhere uses a laser. Not an exception, and getting rid of stretch marks after giving birth. Laser therapy - that can help you get rid of the problem. Immediately it should be said that this method will not all members of the fairer half of humanity.

Some may just get a great effect, and the other does not help, does not decrease the width of the stretch at all. So before you give money for this procedure, ask the experts do you delete a test on a small area of ​​the skin. If you get a positive result, you can continue to use the laser therapy for removing stretch marks formed after birth.

  • Ultrasound therapy

This is also a means of getting rid of stretch marks. The question immediately arises: what is it and how does it work? Ultrasound therapy - a procedure basis, which includes therapeutic actions of a mechanical nature. Propagating waves cause movement of the cell membrane, thereby improving metabolism, toxins. This factor helps to restore elasticity and firmness of the skin, hence the elimination of stretch marks which you got as a result of childbirth.

  • Ozone-oxygen treatment of stretch marks

It can be described in one phrase - the normalization of fat tissue under the skin. Ozone has a positive effect on the microcirculation, accelerates the recovery processes, promotes energy feeding cells. Thus helping to achieve the desired results in the fight against stretch marks, obtained after birth.

  • Do not forget about sports

And of course, starting to work in the removal of stretch marks after giving birth, you can not forget about exercise. Even the simplest exercise will return your skin elasticity and firmness. If you set out to remove abdominal stretch, find exercises that will help strengthen the muscles of the same name.

Do not put, but rather will act positively lessons in the pool. It's no secret that swimming helps to return the skin to its original state, to the state that you admired and admired and who now seek, for some women this condition before birth.


In order to achieve the desired results it is best to use all of these tools in combination, do not get hung up on what - ever the same. And another thing, you will succeed only if you believe in a positive outcome. Well, if you suddenly did not work and stretching, resulting from birth, were not discouraged, because you have a man who will love you anyway, no matter how you look.

 How to remove stretch marks on the abdomen: various techniques

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