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  • Brazil: say "no" to oily skin and cellulite!
  • Dominican Republic: Praise immunity!
  • Greece olive beauty secrets
  • India henna and rose
  • France naturalness around
  • Thailand spa rituals at home
  • Japan beauty - in the water

Each girl has in its arsenal of tricks that allow her to look "one hundred percent" (regardless of the season, mood and intimacy beauticians). If you organize these "beauty secrets" that will become apparent coincidence most of them have damsels, living in very close proximity - in the same country. Japanese women are proud of snow-white skin, Brazilian - elastic buttocks, and Greek women make all jealous of their luxurious thick hair. Why do not you adopt a "national" techniques and tricks Overseas ladies in the name of maintaining their own attractiveness?

Brazil: say "no" to oily skin and cellulite!

The skin of most Brazilian women refers to the combination and oily type. To win the inflammation, clean clogged pores and remove the greasy shine, they take a ripe and juicy tomato. It is necessary to hold a few seconds in hot water (to the skin better waste), and then clear all of the skins. The pulp is kneaded with a fork and is applied to a clean face for 5-10 minutes. Tomato absorbs excess fat, nourishes and tones oily skin and lightens the "black spots".

Beauty Secrets Brazilians to help you beat cellulite. The fight for smooth skin of the buttocks resident of this country begin to age 15 with 2-3 minutes before taking a bath, they are diluted in water babassu oil. This natural solid fat stimulates circulation and speeds up the removal of toxins from the upper layers of the skin. Also it can be used as a massage oil for enhancing lymphatic drainage effect.

On the beaches of Brazil, you can often find girls rubbed her buttocks ... the usual sand! This is a great alternative to the anti-cellulite scrub. Massage the problem areas with sand fines daily for 5-7 minutes, and after a month you can go to the beach in any, even the most candid, swimsuit.

To maintain youth and beauty of Brazilian ladies daily fasting drink a glass of tomato, beet and pumpkin juice. These vegetables have antioxidant properties and protect the skin from premature aging.

 Beauty Secrets for girls from the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic: Praise immunity!

Beauty Secrets of Dominican women are aimed primarily at strengthening the immunity. Local seductress believe that the condition of the skin, hair and nails are directly dependent on the ability of the organism to resist various infections and diseases. So they eat every day at least 7-8 cloves of garlic. Because of this they are not led by problems such as separation of nails and pimples.

If you do not like garlic or do not want to embarrass colleagues in the office as a pungent odor, and improve the appearance of the nail plates still want - add a garlic juice in the base coating used during a manicure. "Zapashisty" vegetable will help you win and dull hair loss.

Mask beauty and density in the Dominican head of hair: rub on a small grater one large potato and add to the resulting slurry of finely chopped garlic. The oily hair, the more teeth need. Bitterness irritate the scalp, "awakening" follicles and stimulating increased growth of curls. The mask is applied only on the roots of the hair and washed off with warm water half an hour. To enhance the effect can wrap the head with a towel.

Greece olive beauty secrets

For Greek women is no better cosmetics than olive oil. It is used instead of cream for the body, used for softening calluses and cuticles chronic sun-burned skin. To moisten dry epidermis and smooth out wrinkles, a Greek oil is heated, add a few drops of essential oil of eucalyptus or tea tree, is then used as a mask for the face. Wash the composition after 20 minutes after application.

Damaged coloring and perm hair can be restored with the help of the same olives and lemon. Mix a cup of oil with the juice of citrus fruit. Apply to the strand moving from the roots to the tips. Wrapped head cellophane film, leave the mask on the night. In the morning, wash your hair a deep cleansing shampoo.

India henna and rose

The beauty of Indian women is fascinating - from childhood they are like a tight bud of scarlet roses. Revealing every year, they are becoming more attractive and brighter. Comparison with the "queen of flowers" is not accidental: to preserve its beauty Indian woman uses her petals and essential oil obtained from them.

Crush 20 petals red or white roses, mix the resulting mass with 2 tbsp of honey and apply on your face, gently rubbing into the skin. This mask has a strong lifting effect and evens. If you are very tired after a day and want to relax, take a warm bath, after dropping a few drops of rose oil. The skin moistened and weaken the grip of a headache and reaching the pillow, you will fall asleep sleeping baby.

Secrets of hair care all as one, based on the medicinal properties of henna. For Indian women, she - the best dye and a basic component of masks, shampoos and conditioners. The colorless henna diluted with warm water until the consistency of sour cream and applied to the scalp for 15-20 minutes - it helps to strengthen hair roots and defeat dandruff. The color used in pure form or mixed with basma in different proportions to get the fiery red or chocolate brown color. This painting is absolutely harmless to the hair, so you can paint them at least weekly.

 beauty secrets for women from India

France naturalness around

"Cosmetics" and "the publication of" - synonymous for French women. Best day make-up - a well-groomed skin, breathable fresh and radiant glow. That is why care for its own identity built by French women in the cult. To remove residues of makeup, dust and other contaminants, they use a cotton swab soaked in almond oil.

It softens the upper layers of the epidermis and protects the skin from exposure to UV rays. To narrow pores and dry the inflammation they put on the face mask of blue clay. The purchase Cream resident in France necessarily add Helichrysum essential oil, bitter orange and grapefruit because they prevent the appearance of early wrinkles.

Looking into her handbag any French, you will see a spray with thermal water. Healthy skin - hydrated skin. Therefore, local resident hourly sprayed his face and drink 8-12 glasses per day of liquid.

French women - the true fans of cryotherapy. Once a month, they visit a procedure cryomassage face. In between visits to the beautician they wash, rubbing the skin with ice cubes and take a contrast shower each morning.

Thailand spa rituals at home

Taiki worship facial massage. They cleanse the skin, adhering to the massage lines, applied the cream, "hammering" the skin of his fingertips ... On weekends, they face massage using hot stones and warm boiled eggs. Stones put on the acupressure points, and the egg rolls over the skin, coconut oil lubricated.

Dead cells from the face and body twice a week using the peel of sea salt. To cleanse sensitive skin use a sugar scrub: 2 tsp brown sugar mixed with 1 tsp coffee grounds.

Instead of moisturizer Thai beauties used the gel with a high content of peppermint oil and aloe vera. It has excellent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, cools, heals micro cracks and protects skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation.

 Beauty Secrets for girls from Japan

Japan beauty - in the water

Japanese women are crazy about foams and bath oils, effervescent bombochek and shower gels. If you are on the free time resident of Japan, taking a shower 4-5 times a day. She massages the body is a sponge and sponge made of natural loofah or uncooked rice wrapped in gauze. Soaked skin with a towel, be sure to moisten the Japanese lotion with shea butter.

Nightmare local girls - shine and "black spots" on the nose. Japanese cosmetics for the face, regardless of what type of skin it is intended, in its composition contains egg white and mucus cochlea. These components are perfectly Matira grease tube is pulled out of the pores and narrows them. Replace the Japanese miracle means can such a mask: one egg should be mixed with 1 tsp baking soda, a little beat up and put on a cleansed face. When the feeling of tightness - wash with cotton pad and cold water.

Whatever cosmetic rituals you do not trust, remember the main rule-care - regularity. Whatever miracle was not cream or lotion, you will not see the effect, if you use it once a week. Otherwise, it will not help you any beauty secrets.

 With the world on a string: beauty secrets for girls

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