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  • What is necessary for a beautiful tan?
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In the century before the concept of "healthy tan" does not exist at all. Tanned, dark skin was associated with the peasant class, it means that women have to work hard for a long time outdoors. Even peasant girl, going on field work, carefully hiding the face, not to mention the aristocrat who do not show the skin to the sun. The snow-white skin was a sign of belonging to the upper class, it was considered a dream sought by many women.

Today, all has changed dramatically. Pale skin we associate with tenderness, but the dark, golden skin, covered with a light tan, is a sign of health and beauty. Tanned body looks slimmer in times such as the parameters, but not tanned. On dark skin is much less visible flaws. Anyway, chocolate tan makes a person more attractive.

What is necessary for a beautiful tan?

Naturally, the abuse of tan can not only add appeal to us, but even backfire. Heavily tanned skin is overdried, covered with a mesh of wrinkles, premature aging. Therefore, the main criterion of beauty - is moderation and safe tan. It is not necessary to repeat that must be used during the tanning and protective moisturizers, it has long been known. Let's talk about how to make a safe tan from the inside, and, in addition, make a beautiful noble shade, which will last a long time on the skin.

No wonder that all women living in the southern countries have a dark skin tone: they eat fruit all year round, rich in vitamins, so the sun will not harm their skin. To maintain all the necessary processes in the skin, the correct production of melanin, nourish the skin should take vitamins Sun - a set containing the necessary skin and trace elements.

Such formulations may also permanently fix tan, do not give it a quick rinse. So you will not have to spend all day in the summer sun, hoping to consolidate its rays on the skin for a long time, or to visit a solarium in the winter. Vitamins Sun presented mainly BUDS - biologically active additives to food. They contain the required set of vitamins, trace elements, minerals and antioxidants, which are so necessary to ensure a beautiful, even and durable tan.

 right vitamins Sun

Vitamins and minerals Sun

Along with development of skin melanin and free radicals occur, which may lead to premature aging of the skin. Therefore, you should pay attention not only to substances that exhibit noticeable tan skin, enhance color, fix it for a long time, but also in anti-oxidants, which effectively fight free radicals. So:

  • tyrosine and tryptophan - aromatic amino acids contribute as beta-carotene, active development of pigment in the skin;
  • Vitamins A, C and E - powerful antioxidants to protect the skin from free radicals and thus against premature aging;
  • iron, zinc, selenium - will tan uniform and persistent as to consolidate its effect on the skin.

Useful materials for the beautiful sun of the seal contains fat, soy lecithin, carrot oil and vegetable oils. Buying vitamins and minerals in pharmacies, is pre-read their composition. If the list of ingredients of these substances, the drug will no doubt perform all the necessary functions for the protection of the skin, activating the tanning process and securing it to the skin.

Beta-carotene - known means to enhance the Sun

Each of us has heard of beta-carotene. It is a source of vitamin A, which is so useful for our skin. It promotes the proper formation of skin cells and their growth accelerates regeneration and wound healing, beneficial effect on the mucous membranes, strengthens the immune system of the whole organism. Beta-carotene promotes the production by skin melanin contained therein, a yellow-orange pigment, so it greatly enhances expression of sunburn and prolongs its long.

In addition, beta-carotene comprises a plurality of antioxidants that are well protect skin from ultraviolet burns absorb free radicals play a role of a shield for the skin. When uncontrolled tan skin gets burned, that is, injury. This damages the cells of the skin, reduces the amount of antioxidants in it leads to over-dried and aging. This beta-carotene is able to actively fight these manifestations, even with sunburn and quickly restore the skin.

Pharmacies sell a variety of biologically active supplements and vitamin complexes that contain beta-carotene. The most effective will oil solution of vitamin A or beta-carotene, because it is best absorbed with fat and amino acids. The drug is recommended to take not only during the Sun, but also throughout the year, while the tan on your skin is delayed for a long time.

 useful vitamins Sun

Vitamins from natural products

If you do not trust the chemical additives, is to make the diet such as to provide a beautiful and lasting tan. Therefore, food should include foods rich in nutrients, beta-carotene, and vitamins and antioxidants. These requirements are met fresh fruits and vegetables. The highest concentration of all the necessary materials for the development of skin melanin found in carrots, pumpkin, apricots and peaches, watermelon and melon, blueberries and blackberries, mangoes and coconuts, and many other fruits and vegetables.

  • Carrot

Carrots and fresh carrot in this case is simply unbeatable. That freshly carrot juice is much more effective than most carrots, as it contains a much higher concentration of beta-carotene. Tan will appear faster and linger on your skin for a long time, if you do the simple tips. Every day, before visiting the beach, 20 minutes, drink 1 glass of carrot fresh, which add a tablespoon of vegetable oil (sunflower, olive, corn, linseed, etc.) And a few drops of essential oil of citrus (mandarin, orange, lemon).

  • Curcuma

This eastern spice has an intense yellow color, which are made even dyes. No less effective when used regularly, it will be for the manifestation of sunburn on our skin. Turmeric contains vitamins C, E, K, group B, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, copper and selenium. It is able to give the skin a golden hue, which is preserved for the whole year.

  • Fruit

Summer diet rich in watermelons and melons, which are ideally suited for developing and maintaining a beautiful tan. These fruits contain antioxidants, beta-carotene, vitamin B and C, iron and potassium. They perfectly restore moisture balance in the skin, it provides UV protection. Those active and useful substances include apricots and peaches, and additional bioflavonoids exhibit them tan faster. Citrus fruits, strawberries and currants, rose hips contain plenty of vitamin C and B vitamins, which make the tan uniform.

  • Veggies

As for vegetables, then there will help us tomatoes containing lycopene for the manifestation of sunburn, as well as B vitamins to improve the appearance of the skin. Tomato juice protects skin from over-active effect of sunlight and burns. Sweet peppers, green and red, is rich in vitamins C and E, which prevent the appearance of age spots. And Broccoli contains large amounts of antioxidants, reduces the appearance of the burn has already happened.

  • Animal products

Equally effective in matters relating to tan, it is a marine fish, rich in omega fatty acids, nourishes and moisturizes the skin, contributing to a rapid and lasting tan. Animal meat, beef and pork, also contain many substances tyrosine, which precedes the production of melanin in the skin.

In any case, it is necessary not to forget about safety during tanning and to get involved in it too. Do not sunbathe during 11 to 15 hours, the most effective sun hours - morning and evening. It slanting rays of the sun at this time of day will ensure a uniform and long-lasting tan, because they penetrate deeper into the skin, there are not as aggressive as direct UV rays that burn the top layer of skin. Despite the slow manifestation of the Sun in this case, it will stay much longer.

 The most useful and effective vitamins Sun

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 mask of bruises under his eyes

  • Reasons bruising
  • Remedy black eye

These are familiar and hateful black eyes. ... You get up in the morning - a great mood, a lot of plans, to the mirror, and ... No, do not smile a new day, and feel sad and irritable - these eternal bruises! But this "decoration" of the face may signal health problems. In order to get rid of them you first need to understand the causes of the appearance.

Reasons bruising

There were bruises? Do not remove any methods? Perhaps, the problem starts with the kidneys. Metabolic processes in the body is broken, excess fluid is not displayed, and accumulates in very interesting places - for example, under the eyes. In this case, usually accompanied by bruising "bags" under the eyes and general swelling of the face. Bruises can occur from lack of oxygen in the blood - then the problem is in the cardiovascular system.

Obvious black eye there, and skin color at that location is poor? Go to a medical examination! Perhaps you have violated circulation. If the colors yellow-brown bruises, check the liver and gallbladder. And in the case of a glamorous pink tide - bladder. Consult your doctor, you can exclude (or confirm) their suspicions. Only after a thorough examination can begin the fight against the disadvantages.

But more often, bruising under the eyes, swelling of the eyelids - the result of a fun night, and sleep deprivation. And if you went to bed last night at 23-00, and had a deep sleep, it does not change anything. Maybe two days ago, was enchanting party, you went to sleep in the morning and to work 2 hours later had to flee. ... And the body remembers everything, and immediately respond to such situations. "Natural make-up" may appear as a result of nervous breakdowns, experiences, shocks and a depression. Therefore, check - whether the body is resting, time to sleep or just obeys your schedule. Sometimes the fight against bruises is rest.

 Mask of black eye

Remedy black eye

Visit beautician - expensive but effective tool. Occupational therapists hold a series of procedures and help get rid of the problems on the face. But if the plans of the campaign in a beauty salon does not fit, you can buy cosmetics in the store - a special mask. Please note the following:

  • The structure should include caffeine (improves skin tone), green tea extract (pulls the excess fluid), collagen (makes the skin supple) and manganese;
  • Shelf life of such funds must be no more than three months.

Mask of sage

There are folk remedies against such "beauty", they are time-tested and our grandmothers. The worst is not exactly, but to improve the condition of the body and turn its face "to candy" work. For example, the appearance of bruises under his eyes make a mask from the infusion of sage - herb sold in pharmacies, sealed in a water bath according to instructions and cotton balls in the form of heat is applied to the eyes - so as to fully capture the space around them. A portion of the infusion cool and warm after a ten-minute mask to apply the same time, the cold - to change the way seven times. Three days later these procedures bruises disappear altogether, and with them, and swelling.

Sour cream mask

Perfectly improve blood circulation and restore skin color, eliminate the black eye mask as follows: 2 teaspoons ground coriander, as much grated cucumber, mix all in 1 tablespoon of sour cream. Such masks have to apply to the surface of the eye at night, after fifteen minutes, rinse with warm water and lubricate the skin moisturizer. Amazing effect!

Potato mask

From the swelling will help grated raw potato applied to the eyes just twenty minutes - just lie down in the dark, under the pleasant music and relax. The result will be a slight whitening of the skin. And you can make a mask parsley - finely chop the parsley leaves (you can pick up and curly and ordinary) and lie down with the staff at the right time little eyes, rinse and smile - in the morning swelling and bruising will not be guaranteed!

In any case, the problems that spoil your appearance is necessary to get rid of! To be beautiful and in a good mood - it is work, and "Beauty requires sacrifice." Donate your time and patience, and you will be irresistible!

 Masks from bruises under his eyes: proven folk remedies

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