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  • Banners and their causes
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What are stretch marks, knows probably everyone. They appear on the body not only for women after childbirth, as is commonly believed. Women's skin is prone to the emergence of more than men, but men can also appear stretch marks. There are extensions to the body due to injury to the skin which is strongly stretched for example on the abdomen during pregnancy or at excessive body weight.

Banners and their causes

Stretch marks are stripes and lines, which may be of different colors, it is peculiar scars on the skin. In medicine, stretch marks, especially red, called "stretch marks". It tears the skin due to its strong tension. These micro-tears are filled with connective tissue. Fresh, recent stretch marks are red, which gives them the blood vessels located in the upper layer of the epidermis. Within a few months they start to change color, lighten, may even change the width of the grooves, increasing in size. The main causes of stretch marks on the skin can be as follows.

  • Gestation

The main reason for the appearance of stretch marks in women is pregnancy. After birth, stretch marks on the abdomen strongly noticeable in the hips, due to strong thinning of the skin in these places. There may also appear stretch marks on the skin of the breast due to breast enlargement.

  • Excessive weight

Rapid weight gain and promotes the appearance of stretch marks on the skin. With obesity stretch marks appear not only on the thighs and abdomen, but also on the feet and hands. Also, they contribute to the emergence of sudden changes in body weight.

  • Sexual maturation

In adolescence, stretch marks can appear on the body in the thigh, abdomen, legs. From such stretch the body can get rid of their own, due to the renovation of the skin of a teenager.

  • Hormonal imbalance, endocrine diseases

As a result of a malfunction of hormones is disturbed enough collagen and elastin - the main building material of the skin. In this case, stretch marks can appear even slim people.

Connective tissue, which are filled with tears on the skin has no pigment and can not produce it. Therefore, stretching does not illuminate, but remain light. In addition, there is no stretching of the hair follicles. Recently appeared stretch marks have a reddish tint, get rid of the easiest. Stretch marks that are visible on the skin of more than six months are considered "old". In order to get rid of them, you need to make a lot of effort.

 how to remove red streamers

Remove stretch marks

So, red stretch marks - the most recent, in the skin recently. It is logical to assume that they are removed from the skin will be easier. However, there will need to try. After stretching - it scars, and a simple moisturizer not clean them. To get rid of red stretch marks, it is necessary to combine a variety of ways.

Medical treatments

The procedures are carried out by experts, dermatologists and beauticians will help get rid of not only fresh, red stretch marks, but even from stuffy. These procedures include: chemical peels, laser resurfacing, and even surgery.

  • Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling is carried out in beauty salons and clinics. The treatment includes applying to the skin of the body of special acid, which, as it burns the upper layers of the epidermis. This peeling in its action can not be compared with the surface pilinagmi and exfoliating scrub. Experts used several kinds of acids - for surface peeling for medium and deep. The procedure will help to reduce or completely remove stretch marks on the skin.

  • Laser resurfacing

Laser resurfacing requires pretreatment of the skin for the procedure. Within a month or two is constantly applied to the skin creams and ointments containing a high concentration of vitamin C. The procedure involves the use of lasers that burn and stretch marks, it is performed under general anesthesia and takes about an hour. After the procedure, you should use healing and restorative creams, because the skin is still some burn victims.

  • Ultrasound therapy

A good way to remove stretch marks and improve the overall condition of the skin, is an ultrasonic massage. In this procedure, no ultrasound penetrates only the skin layers, and even the muscles and adipose subcutaneous tissue. Improves blood circulation, broken down body fat, tone muscles resumes. Recent extensions in such a way can be removed completely.

  • Surgery

Surgery to remove parts of the skin, which has striae, called abdomenoplastikoy. This is the most serious form of the removal of stretch marks. It is used only in extreme cases, when severe forms of injury and stretching of the skin. The operation is performed under general anesthesia, involves the imposition of post-surgical stitches and has a long period of rehabilitation. In addition, abdomenoplastika is very expensive and should only be performed by qualified personnel.

Wraps and masks

Remove stretch marks, characterized by its recent emergence, help various wraps and application of special creams and ointments. Such procedures removed stretching in a short time, and in many carried out in beauty salons, but they can also be done independently.

Very good help with extensions wrap with seaweed, in particular, with spirulina. This plant is perfectly moisturizes the skin, stimulates metabolism, improves blood circulation. In problem areas applied slurry from crushed seaweed wrap film, followed by 30-50 minutes under a warm blanket. Then wash off the mask with water and apply moisturizer application that goes well with a massage.

  • Lotions, ointments, oils

Arsenal cosmetics is rich in a variety of preparations from the stretch. They can be purchased as the cosmetic product, and in pharmacies. Remove manifestations are called stretch marks creams and ointments that contain collagen and elastin, herbal extracts, essential oils and vitamins. A good agent will also be applying cream on the scars. This will help remove stretch marks on the body, which appeared recently.

Good help in the fight against stretch marks is also the use of oils that are perfectly moisturize the skin and reduce the symptoms of tears. Take advantage of this base oils: coconut olive, almond, wheat germ oil, macadamia nut and others. In enough of these oils is to add a few drops of essential oils of orange or tangerine, lavender, neroli, rosemary.

Massage and exercise

Can undergo special massages in the beauty salon or massage, work specialist is guaranteed to help you remove stretch marks. However, you can and do massage at home. To do so, clean the skin scrub, rub hard hot towel. Take the cocoa butter can also add essential oils of rosemary and neroli, and rub the mixture vigorously in a circular motion in the problem area. The procedure should be carried out every day for two weeks. Only at the end of this period, you can see the desired results. You can also make plucking massage with massage oil or any good moisturizing special means of stretch marks.

It bears also will sport. Physical exercise will tone the muscles that will pull the skin from the inside and will help to remove stretch marks. You will be provided with a good blood supply to the problem areas of the skin, improve lymphatic drainage, active metabolism. If you have excess weight prevents you actively engage in sports, try such forms of exercise such as yoga, Pilates or stretching, they, too, will give the desired result.


Proper nutrition will also help remove stretch marks. On the table, every day should be fresh vegetables and fruits, useful cereals, protein foods. It is necessary to consume lean meats and fish, because animal protein is the best source for the synthesis of collagen and elastin - the building materials for the skin. The diet should include vitamins, especially A, C and E, as well as all the essential minerals, trace elements, such as: calcium, potassium, silicon, which are also essential to our skin.

Using any of the above methods, as well as combining a few of them, you are guaranteed to get rid of the visible manifestations of red stretch marks on the skin. By constantly monitoring your weight by exercising, watching diet, you will not only be able to remove these unpleasant manifestations in the skin, but will always look healthy and beautiful!

 Red banners - remove immediately!

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 how to remove stretch marks on the body

  • How to remove stretch marks on the body
  • What to choose

Stretch marks are a normal part of puberty for most girls. When a person is growing and gaining weight very quickly (eg, adolescence), it can make life in the piggy bank, in addition to the long-awaited in this age years, and even fine lines on the body called stretch marks in common, which is almost impossible to remove. Hung up his nose? And for good reason. Forecasts doctors still do not mean you have to give up forever and walling themselves in a solid swimsuit.

But before you remove the hated stretch marks, you need them to look more closely. How to obtain extensions? A similar phenomenon occurs when the skin is highly stretched (usually during rapid growth). And it is not that it is not sufficiently elastic. Just under vigorous cell growth normal production of collagen (the main protein of connective tissue which is the skin) breaks. So it is sin to collagen. More precisely, its lack.

So, if you notice stretch marks on the body, do not be upset, and consider themselves worse than others. You are not alone. Most girls and women suffer from the appearance of stretch marks on the breasts, thighs, sides and back of the body. Moreover, if a teenager girl nature spared, it does not mean that will not stretch during her later.

There is another category of people who fall into the risk zone, and can easily get stretch marks. We're talking about those who are obese. It does not matter why gain weight - the habit of overeating, or because of illness. The outcome of one. Stretch marks also often plagued by bodybuilders. Especially those who sin steroid use. Let's not talk about the fact that these drugs are harmful to health. This way everyone knows bodybuilder. Today our topic is stretch marks on the body and the many ways to get rid of this scourge, and therefore we will not be distracted.

 how to remove stretch marks on the body

How to remove stretch marks on the body

Initially, stretch marks on the body appear as reddish or purple lines. Do not worry. Although doctors say that it is impossible to completely remove stretch marks, but the nature of a different opinion. She very soon "repaint" bright stripes on your body in white. Notice we did not say that stretch marks disappear completely. They just discolored. This may be cold comfort to women who are planning to spend most of their summer in a bathing suit. And if you enter a number, you have to hurry. After all, clean fresh stretch marks is much easier than chronic.

It will help in this regard, oddly enough, moisturizing. Beauticians recommend to my patients who came to the salon to remove the stretch marks on the body, moisturizing massage problem areas three or four times a day with products that contain cocoa butter or shea butter as a main ingredient. Here is a brief listing of products that use Estheticians in its procedures:

  • Wheat germ oil. There is not much scientific evidence that this home remedy helps with stretch marks. But the fact remains. Wheat germ oil can remove superficial striae at an early stage.
  • Glycolic acid. This material is an alpha-hydroxy acid. Typically, the solution of glycolic acid is administered to collagen production in the body. But rapid effect can be expected. It will take three to four injections before you can appreciate the smoothness of the former body.
  • Vitamin C. It helps to increase the production of collagen and helps to remove stretch marks on the body in the early stages. For maximum effect, the vitamin C is used in combination with glycolic acid.
  • The peptide-containing products. Do not be put off by the terrible name. Such substances are often included in cosmetic creams to combat stretch marks. However, their effectiveness is greatly exaggerated. Many doctors believe these funds (as a rule, widely advertised), a waste of time and money.
  • Retinoids. But on the substance of critical comments will not wait. Retinoids help to quickly and painlessly remove stretch marks on the body in the early stages. However, this treatment is contraindicated for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

 how to remove stretch marks on the body alone

  What to choose

  1. Body scrub. Ironically it is this cosmetic help to get rid of stretch marks fresh and smooth transition between the affected and healthy skin. But this is exactly purple striae, which recently "made happy" you with their appearance.
  2. Massage. Each salon will be able to offer you a special massage of stretch marks on the body. Typically, the procedure supplemented with essential oils or moisturizers. One way or another, but the skilful hands of the masseur will be able to easily get rid of stretch marks on your body. But this will happen only if the sessions will be scheduled.
  3. Wraps. An exceptionally pleasant procedure. Imagine that you are not only struggling with stretch marks, but also relax in the sweet captivity overseas algae. However, treatments for the best results you will need a lot. But you're not the usual injections in a district clinic go, right?
  4. Laser treatment. This is probably the most popular option of getting rid of stretch marks. It is usually recommended for those whose striae are too deep or long-standing. Everyone knows that the stretch marks, which appeared some time ago and has already turned white, fight easy. But the laser often cope with similar problems, so go for it.

You must have noticed as often in this article mentions the word "doctor". And it's not for nothing. Because most correct treatment for stretch marks can pick up a qualified and not a friend or advisers from the World Wide Web. So do not waste your time and make an appointment. And then you can not just remove stretch marks, but also get rid of other related diseases. Which ones? This will also tell you doctor.

 How to remove stretch marks on the body: the modern means against stretch marks

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