veet cream for hair removal in the bikini area


  • The benefits of a cream for hair removal in the intimate zone
  • Myths and their causes
  • Options: without which you can not do
  • Brief instruction for newcomers
  • Safety measures

Bikini area - the most delicate and sensitive skin area, which is located quite a large number of nerve endings. To remove the hair in this area should be used only high-quality, reliable and trusted cream, which is by far the veet. Due to the unique production technology and composition, he copes with the tasks, it does not cause allergies, itching or irritation. Ease of use, full accessibility and security - this is what attracts the fair sex in the product.

Just imagine that a few centuries ago, for the sake of a beauty girl had to endure incredible meal. And if in the beginning it was done for hygiene, later to add a touch of a nudity sexuality. For example, in ancient Egypt, the absence of vegetation, even on such intimate areas indicative of good taste, so the fair sex were struggling with hair as they could. We used everything from wax, honey, finishing with a sharp object, tweezers.

 Hair Removal Cream

The benefits of a cream for hair removal in the intimate zone

Down with pain!

The first and most important plus hair removal cream - complete painless. Get rid of the vegetation may be the girl with both increased and reduced the threshold of sensitivity, with no discomfort during the procedure, they will not experience. Veet enough to put on the body, he began to act immediately on the hairs. Thus, no serious effects on the skin occurs.

No irritation!

Sharp razor removes the top balls of the epidermis, the appliance and the wax pulls the roots of the vegetation, which leads to redness, itching, ingrown hairs and other troubles, which bring serious discomfort. With veet much easier, since it affects the base of the stem, dissolving it. Of course, before using the cream for hair removal in the bikini area, it should be tested on a less sensitive area of ​​skin. But the probability that the brand will not fit - is negligible.

The ideal result!

Normally used razor the fair sex has to twice a week, not less, otherwise the skin appear tighter prickly black dots. Cream for hair removal intimate zones operates so that after the procedure, although the hair grows just in time, but the tips are so thin and soft that even a few days you do not feel and do not see them. Therefore, if you are going on vacation to the sea, be sure to grab a this tool.

Myths and their causes

The myth about what depilatory cream makes the hair more coarse - fiction girls who first used this tool. Just imagine that you go two weeks with a perfectly smooth skin, and then on it again, the vegetation began to appear. Despite the fact that the hairs are the same as were prior to the procedure, there is a feeling that they are darker, hard and dense. If you constantly use the cream for the intimate and delicate areas, you will realize that there is no difference.

The second thing is constantly argue girl - is acceleration and growth stimulation. It argued that the manufacturers do this to customers more often and in larger quantities to buy this product. In fact, the cream for depilation of intimate areas on the contrary slows down growth and destroys the structure of even the toughest hair. Thus, such a tool you have to use much less than, for example, an ordinary shaving machine tool. If you notice that the vegetation appears faster than before, or has changed color, immediately contact the experts, as it suggests hormonal disorders in your body. Waxing here at all and.

Options: without which you can not do

Buying veet for depilation intimate areas, pay attention to what comes. In addition to the tube and the blade can further be proposed postdepilyatsionny cream that soothe the treated area. It can also be applied after waxing, shaving or dipilyatorom conventional machine, which greatly injures the skin. Are you afraid of irritation, dryness, and other such effects? Then you are not sure the tool can not do!

 veet cream for intimate depilation

Brief instruction for newcomers

We have never used the cream for depilation of intimate areas veet? Then you are in for a pleasant surprise! But before embarking on the treatment of the bikini area, should study the instructions, wherein said regulations and measures of caution. So, firstly, what would be a tough vegetation have not been, in any case, do not keep the cream for depilation of intimate areas more than ten minutes, otherwise you will have skin irritation or even burns. On average, five to seven minutes will be enough to have time to thioglycolic acid to dissolve the hair.

Second, apply the cream for depilation of intimate areas evenly, without rushing, so he did not get on the mucous. After the specified time passes, use a special trowel or spatula, then rinse skin with plenty of warm (but not in any way not hot) water. Do not worry that the vegetation is not removed, as modern means excellent job with any, even the most troubled areas. Depending on the characteristics of your skin, vit save you from problems with hair and a half to two weeks.

Safety measures

Keep in mind that not all products are designed for intimate areas, is also suitable for the face, hands, armpits, groin, back and chest. In no case do not use the tool if on this site have depression, scars, microtrauma, cracks that usually occur after shaving or hair removal, moles, rashes, burns. If you experience problems with the skin should first consult a dermatologist. How often would you use the cream every time tests it.

If during the next application you feel discomfort, burning, pain, itching, immediately rinse the tool. If after a few hours of irritation passed, so do not worry. This could be due to the fact that you have used and not washed antiperspirant, perfume, deodorant, and if recently shaved hair or do not follow the instructions. After 72 hours you can safely repeat the procedure with the cream.

 Veet hair removal cream in bikini: smooth skin without irritation

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 bags under the eyes and bruises


  • Bags under the eyes and bruises: factors of
  • How to get rid of bruises and bags under the eyes

Any one of us at least once in his life faced with adversity in the morning - edema and circles under the eyes. The reason for that may be a stormy party, which took place the day before, and the quarterly report, which is to finish well past midnight.

Moreover, swelling and circles under the eyes necessarily satellites middle-aged women, so prone to trouble, and very young 20-year-old girl.

Let's try together to figure out the causes of swelling and bruising under the eyes and to find effective ways to address them.

Bags under the eyes and bruises: factors of

  1. Heredity plays a very important role in the appearance of bruises and bags under the eyes. The fact is that between the subcutaneous tissue and the skin has a small layer of the century - the membrane. In some people, the membrane seals, and others - it is very thin. The thickness of the membrane and transmitted to us by inheritance from their parents. Thin, almost transparent membrane keeps bad subcutaneous tissue, which is beginning to put pressure on the skin, the eyelid as it hangs, there are circles under the eyes. Over time, the membrane may crack and thus may hernia century, which can only be removed by surgery.
  2. Bags and circles under the eyes can be a manifestation of diseases of internal organs, namely the heart, kidneys, liver, as well as allergies or chronic sinusitis. Therefore, if increasingly began to wake up in the morning with a swollen face, be sure to consult your physician. If the doctor says that you are healthy, you should reconsider your lifestyle.
  3. Often the cause of bruises and bags under the eyes becomes unhealthy lifestyle. Lack of sleep, fresh air, the constant activities near the TV or computer, as well as stress and bad habits adversely affect the skin.
  4. Do not forget about the wrong food. All kinds of pickles, snacks, even just a little salty foods, soft drinks, as well as abuse of the night black tea or coffee - the causes of edema in the morning.
  5. However, if you lead a healthy lifestyle, but still swelling and blueness your constant companions, then it's time to change the usual ritual of the skin around the eyes, something you do not.

 bruises and bags under the eyes

How to get rid of bruises and bags under the eyes

First of all, you need to establish a daily routine. Be sure to sleep at least 8 hours, go to bed no later than 12 hours. Healthy restful sleep is important not only for beauty but also for the general condition of the body. Sleep must be on a high pillow, so you prevent excessive fluid retention in the cells. Before going to bed the bedroom is required to ventilate.

Eating habits have also changed. Avoid silnosolenoy food soda. For breakfast, treat yourself to a glass of fresh orange juice. Vitamin C in large quantities contained in oranges, prevents the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. And be sure to include in your diet more green, especially parsley.

Choosing the cream of the swelling under the eyes, pay attention to the following components, which must be present in the composition of the cream for the eyelids. Choose tools with vitamins E, A, C, caffeine, ginkgo biloba extract, seaweed and green tea - they take the excess liquid from the cells and tone the skin. Against bags under the eyes and bruises are also effective means of which consists of retinol, vitamin K, ceramides, which strengthen the walls of blood vessels, seal the eyelid skin and lightens it.

By the way, how do you apply eye cream, depends the appearance of bags under the eyes.

Any means for the area around the eyes is necessary to put a finger ring (it has the weakest pressure) and only on the orbital bone. After the cream is absorbed, be sure to pat the eyelid skin tissue - remnants of the cream on the eyelids can cause swelling.

The immediate effect of the bags and circles under the eyes give a special patches for the skin around the eyes. They immediately removed the signs of fatigue and stress with the eyes.

All kinds of wraps and masks for ever as effective in the fight against dark circles and swelling.

The easiest recipe for homemade reduce swelling and blueness under the eyes - a compress of green tea. It is enough to make cotton balls or discs, soaked in green tea, to the eyelids for 1-2 minutes. The procedure is repeated 4-5 times during the day. Green tea is not only tones the skin and reduces the bags under the eyes, but also, thanks to contain anti-oxidants, making dark circles less visible.

Effectively both the bags and circles under the eyes of the acts alternating hot and cold compresses. For this procedure, you can use herbal decoction. One part of the broth should be cool, but leave other warm. During the procedure, an exemplary alternate every 10 minutes cotton pads soaked in cold and warm broth. Such a compress is desirable to do before going to bed.

Very good help from the bags and circles under the eyes daily ice cubes rubbing the eye area. Cosmetic ice you can make from herbal infusions (sage, chamomile, parsley, cornflower) - Ice perfectly tones and tightens the skin and helps the grass blue and swelling under the eyes. Such wipes are particularly effective in the morning.

Very useful and a variety of homemade mask.

Mugs raw potato or cucumber, put on the eyelids for a few minutes - the efficient and effective remedy for bags under the eyes and bruises.

In addition, a very good effect masks gruel boiled or raw potatoes, which should be applied to the fabric is thin cloth and apply directly to the area under the eyes. After 10 minutes a mask swelling noticeably reduced.

The mask of 1 teaspoon of chopped parsley mixed with 2 teaspoons of yogurt or sour cream under the eyes will reduce swelling and improve blood circulation.

From the dark circles under the eyes perfectly helps cheese, which should be rubbed with a spoon and put under the eyes for about 20 minutes. By curd can also add parsley.

To puffiness under the eyes to reduce or disappear altogether, be sure to massage the eyelids, which has the effect of lymphatic drainage.

You can combine a massage with the application of the cream. Beauticians are advised at the time of each application means to spend roughly the age of massage: the thumb and index finger, squeeze the skin around the eyebrows, and then lightly press down on the inner corners of the eyes. All massage movements should be carried out starting from the domestic gradually moving to the outer corner of the eye.

Cabin treatments against the bags and circles under the eyes give a tangible result from the first half. Beauticians use professional cosmetics based on extracts of soy, ginkgo biloba, rutin and vitamin C. These tools, combined with drainage massage techniques effectively remove excess fluid from the skin cells, strengthen the walls of blood vessels and significantly reduce the dark circles under the eyes. Just a few steps, you will be able to permanently get rid of the problem of bags under the eyes and bruises.

A radical way to get rid of bags under the eyes of today is considered a surgical procedure, rather blepharoplasty. The operation is to get through a small incision in the skin to remove overgrown or excess fatty tissue and thereby relieve the patient of the bags under the eyes.

After surgery remains a small scar, but it is quite noticeable, as is hidden in the natural folds of the century. However, recent advances in surgery allow blepharoplasty without scarring. This so-called transconjunctival blepharoplasty, in which fat is removed through the inner side made an incision century.

Blepharoplasty, like any surgery, has a number of complications.

The most common is "dry eye syndrome", ie a decrease in allocation tear fluid.

Another complication - increased tearing, which is the norm in the first days after surgery. Norma is also the impossibility for the first time after surgery to completely close the lid (surgery is called lagophthalmos), but if this complication does not pass for a long time, it means that the surgeon has removed too much skin.

The most dangerous complication - the omission of the century and hematoma - may be real, if you go to a surgeon-layman.

The omission of the century is the result of damage to the levator muscles of the upper eyelid.

Hematoma - one of the most adverse effects of blepharoplasty. The most dangerous is retrotrobulbarnaya hematoma (blood accumulates behind the eye), it threatens the complete loss of vision.

Therefore, before you decide on radical measures remove bags under the eyes, it is necessary to carefully weigh all the "pros" and "cons", and also appeal to highly qualified specialists who will make the operation efficiently and without adverse effects.

In general, it is worth noting that a problem such as dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, requires a comprehensive approach. That is, you must take care not only for skin, but also, first and foremost, to closely monitor their health.

 Bags under the eyes and bruises - away!

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