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It does not matter whether you hit the corner of the shelves, door jamb or slipped and fell on something hard, but the fact remains - you have a great eye and colorful bruise that will hardly be possible to paint the foundation. It is unlikely that you will want to go with the Marked and catch yourself puzzled and sympathetic glances of passers-by, friends, employees and relatives, and then for the umpteenth time to tell that to blame your clumsiness, not pious. In addition, it is not only unpleasant, but also unhealthy. What to do and how to get a black eye for the shortest possible time?

The first ambulance

Today, there are a few basic ways to combat this nuisance, and remember, the earlier you act, the more likely that the next day the bruise disappears. If you do not take any measures, with a mark under the eye you have to walk at least a half weeks.

In the first minutes after the impact necessary to make a cold compress, but it should be careful not to catch a cold facial muscles. Wrap ice cubes or cold object (for example, in the freezers ostuzhennoy usual tablespoon) with gauze or a soft cloth and apply to the area under the eyes for half an hour, no less.

The next step - the use of drugs, you can easily be purchased at your local pharmacy. Ointments and creams, which include the heparin acid, remove the swelling, pain, and will be removed if you carry out regular processing, they will help to quickly bring bruise.

To date, some of the best and most affordable ointments are considered "Traksivazin" and "concoctions" that are commercially available. Before you apply to the skin means, rinse and dry the affected area, and only then lubricate it easy and smooth movements. A good assistant will also be "Ascorutin" as vitamin P and vitamin C strengthens blood vessels and prevent their further fragility.

Also recently it enjoyed a fairly popular "Bruise-OFF», which quite a few contraindications and can be used even on thin and delicate skin areas. It reduces swelling, reduces inflammation and swelling, so if you use the ointment five times a day, the next morning you will look much fresher.

In the early days in any case does not warm up the bruise, as this can lead to swelling and even fester! At best, you can make a warm compress on the third or fourth day, taking care to ensure that it was not too hot, otherwise you will, in addition to everything else and get a burn.

So, quite a few minutes in a pan fry a small amount of salt, then pour it into a cloth bag or a clean towel and apply to the bruise for five to ten minutes. On the second day, when the area under the eyes will not be hurt so much, you can do iodine grid. Many stores iodine sold in special containers shaped like an ordinary pen, which is much easier to do this procedure.

 how quickly to withdraw a black eye

Secrets of our grandmothers

Before you begin to feel not all the delights of traditional medicine, make sure you are not allergic to certain herbs from which to make masks and tinctures. It's enough to put on the skin of the elbow a small amount of the resulting mixture and wait for fifteen or twenty minutes. If after this time no redness or emptying is not detected, start using the medication. However, it should be understood that these tools are complementary, but not basic, therefore they should be combined with the main (ointments, tablets, etc.).

A decoction of medicinal herbs - the easiest and safest way to deal with bruises. You must take in equal proportions (one teaspoon) of grass mother and stepmother, and rosemary, cover them with water, preferably filtered, and boil for five minutes. Once the broth infusion (enough for half an hour) and has cooled down, you can make lotions, but not more often than once every two hours.

Quickly displays a black eye blend of aloe (tablespoon), celandine and bark viburnum (2 teaspoons), which is enough to pour boiling water and infuse for twenty minutes. This recipe is good in cases where the lesion is small. Another great national method - vodka, which should be frozen in molds for ice. To do this, dilute it with plain water and place in the freezer for a couple of hours, and then wrap the cubes thin cloth and wipe bruise every hour.

After the procedure, be sure to pat the skin clean and soft towel. In this case, the result will be visible after three to four days, not before, but this option is ideal for those who are not planning to in the next week to go out.

Quickly bring a black eye will also help cabbage leaves, from which you first need to cut the veins. Tap on them a little hammer for beating the meat, to let the leaves juice, apply after the mass is an hour to the injured spot. The more often you do this procedure, the better, because the cabbage has a fairly strong healing properties and will not give in place of serious injury formed a hematoma and prevent suppuration.

Do not forget about the healing properties of fresh-water sponge, which is fast (almost a day) clears a bruise. If you can not buy the ointment drug mixture can be done by yourself: in a small container, mix one tablespoon of water and two to three tablespoons of powder.

The resulting mush apply on the affected area and wait until it dries out a bit, and then rinse the skin with plenty of barely warm water. However, you must take extra care when using this tool, since it can cause allergies or if gets into the eye, resulting in irritation, inflammation or shock of his shell. Doing this procedure can be no more than twice a day.

Quickly get rid of a bruise, you see, is not a problem, but it is not necessary to do so it will not increase in size? Firstly, it should not take too many analgesics (analgin, etc.), as a result of their action thins the blood, which naturally leads to bruising. So before you decide to self-medication, still better to consult a doctor, who will select the best option of anesthesia. Second, do not assume that the more and more you Bude use all available means to combat the bruise, the better, as the result of such a treatment may be a rash on the face, and similar manifestations of allergic reactions. It is best to focus on one or two methods than to try all that you have turned on hand.

Also, in no case do not blow your nose, as it will lead to hemorrhage. Makes the first time, douching, use drops, but do not strain the muscles of the face. Otherwise, the swelling can spread even to the nose, and in the morning you will be like a man who is not interested in the first year of alcohol. If after a few days of any changes and improvements you will not notice immediately go to a doctor, who will pick up your medication.

 How to display a black eye for a couple of days?

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 cream from a black eye


  • How to choose a cream from a black eye
  • Rules applying eye cream
  • Most creams from bruises under his eyes

The problem of bruises under his eyes are very concerned about many of today's women. And whatever it was neither expressive looks, bruises will give the person look tired, especially against the background of a very light skin.

Of course, if the cause of the bruises under the eyes is a serious disease of the internal organs (kidney, or heart), you must immediately take their medication. In addition, black eyes may be caused by constant stress, smoking, lack of sleep, which are so characteristic of the inhabitants of cities. But if you're completely healthy, and blue under the eyes - your constant companion, it's time to think about choosing the right cream from a black eye.

How to choose a cream from a black eye

Before you go shopping, you need to carefully look at yourself in the mirror. Note the color of your black eyes. Based on this information, and you will choose the appropriate composition of the cream of the circles under the eyes.

If bruises are brown, the problem of hyperpigmentation. Skin age from birth or acquired over time, resistant brown. In this case, help creams from bruises under his eyes, which are composed of lightening ingredients - vitamin C, caffeine, kojic acid and hydroquinone.

Vitamin C - a powerful antioxidant that stimulates collagen production in the cells and prevent their oxidation and, consequently, the appearance of the pigment. Hydroquinone and kojic acid has a bleaching property, and the latter components also moisturizes and prevents the dark pigment in the skin. A caffeine tones up the skin and also helps eliminate bruising under the eyes.

Pay attention to the fact that a part of the eye cream were UV filters. It is necessary! After all, under the influence of sunlight and forms melanin - the pigment that colors the area under the eyes brown. When applying the cream on the bruises to the above components, you may feel a slight tingling sensation for a few seconds. Do not worry, because the active components begin to act on the eyelid skin.

Black eye purple or blue hues talk about the weakened capillaries. In addition, it can talk about the close proximity to the skin capillary mesh. The task - to strengthen the vessels and seal skin under the eyes. With this excellent job creams that are composed of retinol, vitamin K, ceramides and antioxidants.

Vitamin K strengthens blood vessels and improves blood circulation. Please note that the cream, which included the presence of vitamin K, must be enclosed in the package of dark glass or other material impervious to the sun's rays. Otherwise, the vitamin can collapse under the influence of ultraviolet light. In addition to vitamin K is not oxidized, the cream is added vitamin C, which, incidentally, plumping the skin. Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant.

Another antioxidant, vitamin A derivative - Retinol - increases blood flow in the vessels, and heals small capillaries. Typically, eye cream for dark circles with retinol are nocturnal means as retinol significantly increases the skin's sensitivity to UV light. Ceramides restore skin cells, leaving it moisturized and supple, but also resists the harmful effects from the outside on the delicate skin of the eyelids.

Avoid eye cream universal. Choose cream clearly appropriate for your age category and issue. Pay attention to the inscription ophthalmic certified. This means that the eye cream has undergone strict ophthalmologic control and can be used even by women with sensitive eyes.

Day creams from bruises under his eyes are usually a gel structure, whereas, night creams - a zhirnuyu.Krome of day creams from bruises are still adjusting, that is, with the help of delicate tonal resources, part of the cream mask the darkness under the eyes.

 right cream from a black eye

Rules applying eye cream

  1. Any eye cream and cream circles under the eyes in particular the need to properly and carefully applied. If the cream is applied properly, it is fraught with swelling, irritation and allergies.
  2. It is not necessary to rub or smudge eye cream, while stretching the delicate skin, because this may appear wrinkles. The cream is necessary to drive a light patting movements. So you warm up the cream, and he will act effectively, and strengthen blood circulation in small vessels and capillaries, and this cream will penetrate the skin faster and better.
  3. Do not apply the cream close to the lash line. So you can trigger allergies and swelling.
  4. If you are using the night by means of bruises under his eyes, apply it for about an hour before bedtime. Damage cream just before bedtime is guaranteed to lead to edema.
  5. Before you apply the cream, wash your hands thoroughly. After use screw the lid tight, so in a jar with a cream has not penetrated the air. Keep creams for dark circles in a cool dark place, preferably in the refrigerator - it will prolong its life, and the cooled cream also will give an additional toning effect.

 good cream from a black eye

Most creams from bruises under his eyes

  1. Roller Gel "Caffeine Movie" from Garner

    This gel is specifically designed to deal with brown bruises under his eyes and signs of fatigue. Massage rollers in combination with caffeine in the composition of the gel has a tonic and stimulating properties, which effectively struggle with signs of fatigue (puffiness, dark circles). Furthermore, the gel includes lemon extract, known for their bleaching properties, and antioxidants grapes. These components are an excellent job with brown bruises under his eyes. The big plus is that when applied to the roller itself delivers the right amount of gel, which means that the funds will be used sparingly.

    Result: with regular use for at least four weeks circles under the eyes are much menshe.Esche one tool in the lineup for the age of Garner - is "Caffeine roller 2 1 Care + Corrector." It has a dual action - effectively fights with a black eye and instantly conceals them by providing resistant coating.
    Result: brown circles are hidden, and the skin around the eyes looks smooth and radiant.

  2. Lumene Time Freeze Lifting Eye Cream

    It has a part of heather extracts and proteins of plant origin, which smoothes, strengthens eyelid skin and help reduce under-eye circles. Does not contain fragrances that may cause allergies. A significant advantage - 95% natural ingredients.

  3. Intense Avon Anew Alternative Phyto creme anti-aging Eye "Formula time"

    It contains extracts of rare Oriental herbs that improve blood circulation in the capillaries and effectively struggle with dark circles. Within seven days, it may be noted that the circles have become much lighter and 4 weeks black eyes are reduced, the skin looks smooth, relaxed, wrinkles are reduced. For women from 35 years.

  4. Visible Rezults L'Oreal - constantly improving the eyelid skin

    This day cream is perfectly disguises the blue under the eyes. It contains micro-pigments, which scatter light rays, thereby masking circles. Significantly reduces the signs of fatigue. After the first day of the application of black eyes are reduced. It has a light non-sticky texture, instantly absorbed into the skin, allowing you to immediately apply makeup. Result: The skin of the eyelids without dark circles and wrinkles.

  5. Mavala Eye Contour Gel

    This gel - a godsend for sensitive eyes. This light and non-sticky gel has refreshing texture and takes effect immediately, removing signs of fatigue and waking up the skin. Despite the ease, it is effective against the dark circles. In addition, the gel reduces fine lines, tones and firms the skin. Suitable for women 25-30 years old.

  6. VICHY THERMAL FIX eye contour

    A refreshing gel, does not irritate the sensitive skin of the eye. Passed ophthalmological and dermatological tests, which showed that the gel completely hypoallergenic. The active ingredient - Dextran sulfate - is designed to reduce and prevent dark circles under the eyes. The thermal water, which is part of the gel softens and moisturizes the skin, saturating it with the minerals and trace elements. Result: the bruises are smaller and the skin of the eyelids looks rested and radiant.

  7. Clinique - regenerating cream for the eye contour

    This intensive cream is designed to fight the signs of aging, including under the eyes and bruises. Velvety cream is quickly absorbed and penetrates deeply into the skin, stimulating circulation. Even after the first application may be noted positive result - black eyes disappear and the skin becomes elastic and smooth. Regularly using this cream, you can forget about the problem of bruises under his eyes - completely restores the healthy appearance of the skin.

  8. Korres Night Cream from dark circles SPF6

    It contains active ingredients that reduce wrinkles and reduce dark circles under the eyes: vitamin K1 - removes circles, evening primrose - stimulates blood circulation, activates the skin's natural protection against UV-radiation, and also contains SPF6, which protects the skin from the harmful effects of age of the sun.

  9. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Night Eye Cream

    Gel Serum possessing weightless and melting texture, effectively fights with a black eye. The cream neutralizes 90% of free radicals - the main enemies of youth and beauty. The skin looks radiant and moistened. After a week of dark circles under the eyes are almost invisible, skin tone even.

  10. Night Eye Cream, Wish, Christina

    Night cream for sensitive skin age. It has a rich texture, allowing better penetration into the skin and intensely nourishes and restores it during sleep. Contained in a cream citrus acid, retinol and lighten dark circles under the eyes. In the morning the skin around the eyes looks rejuvenated and fresh.

All funds are able to permanently relieve you from the problem of bruises under his eyes. But remember, the dark circles become more pronounced when you spend much time indoors. An hour in the open air can work wonders. And most of the parsley and orange fresh juice in the diet will make circles almost invisible.

 Cream of bruises under his eyes

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