Spa Pedicure


  • Spa Pedicure: solid pros
  • Step One: purification and softening of the skin stop
  • Step two: Remove chronic calluses
  • Step Three: cooling and massage

If you go and adore many shoes with high heels, your legs have a hard time. They need special care to help cope with stress in the ankles, corns, cracks on the feet. Spa Pedicure - the best way to care for these "problem" legs. To deliver such a pleasure itself, does not necessarily run to the salon - the procedure is easy to replicate at home!

Spa Pedicure: solid pros

What is a normal pedicure useful? Spa nail care and foot skin does not involve the use of tools, the usual procedure for the European version. That is, the corn is not eliminated by cosmetic tweezers are not polished and not cut off. They soften and dissolve, so as not to injure the healthy parts of the foot.

Cuticle in the classic pedicure - a very painful process. One wrong move - and you can damage the base of the nail, thereby violating its normal growth. At the "royal" pedicure it just smeared cosmetics containing fruit acids.

Spa Pedicure provides quality relaxation not only your feet. During the session should sound quiet, relaxing music, light scented candles with relaxing scents. Foot massage - a great tool for stress relief after a hard day's work. Essential oils are used in conjunction with strokes, relieve the feeling of heaviness in the legs.

 Spa Pedicure technology

Step One: purification and softening of the skin stop

  • Steam bath

Procedure salon spa pedicure and manicure involves the use of a hot bath. However, during the domestic session will fit an ordinary bowl of hot water or broth of herbs. Pour into a bowl 3 liters. of water, add 1 tablespoon soda and ½ cup freshly squeezed lemon juice. This composition has a pronounced deodorizing effect - with regular use of it, you say goodbye to excessive sweating forever.

To make the rough skin of the feet soft and gentle, oil experts use foot baths. Painful cracks and superficial blisters disappear after 2-3 sessions, so do not skimp. Buy 1, 5 liters. any vegetable oil - olive, sunflower, pumpkin or burdock. Save on burdock can cook it yourself. In the summer of Narva 300 gr. burdock leaves, fill them with 2 liters. any vegetable oil and put in a dark cool place for 2-3 months. For the bath a la "spa pedicure" the right amount of oil heat to 35-40 ° C, pour into a metal basin and lower in his feet. After the oil has cooled down, pat legs with a towel.

  • Rehabilitation roughened patches of skin

An alternative method of softening corns during the spa pedicure will be a variety of peels. For example, sea salt. 3 tbsp coarse salt, mix with 2 tablespoons sour cream and 3 drops of essential oil of lemon or lime. Apply a foot massage, focusing on the problem areas, then rinse with warm water. Try this recipe: Mix 100 grams. walnut shell, ground in a blender with 2 tablespoons whipping cream and process the mixture feet.

Step two: Remove chronic calluses

  • Healing packs

Spa pedicure involves "bloodless" deep removal of corns, without the use of boron and drill (standard tools for hardware pedicure). Necrotic tissue can be dissolved by special serums and emulsions. The best tool in the arsenal of traditional medicine, which can be used for the same purpose - garlic. Clean one head of garlic cloves and pass through a special press. The resulting mass is spread steamed and to stop and leave for 5 minutes. Garlic compress helps soften and peel off the corn.

The same effect has a compress of alcohol tincture of red peppers. It can be used only if the skin is no scratches, cracks and other damage - otherwise you will feel a strong burning sensation. Soak infusion of two pieces of cotton fabric and attach them to the feet for 5 minutes. Then wash the feet with warm water.

  • Express Masks

Masks are not less useful for leg skin than massage and steaming. They have a moisturizing and softening effect, help to get rid of tension and joint pain. For the preparation of such masks, heat 1 cup of milk, add ½ cup of grated apple mass and 2 tablespoons olive oil. Mix and apply on your feet for 10 minutes.

Often the skin becomes dry due to regular shaving or depilating using chemical means. To cope with the dryness and itching help oatmeal mask. Mix 150 grams. oat flakes and 100 grams. cold cream. Duration mask - 15 minutes.

  • Fruit acids

In conditions when the master cabin spa pedicure fruit acids dissolve the corn. You can purchase a vehicle based on them at any store of professional cosmetics. However, the composition of cosmetic tube easy to replace the fresh fruit sold in any shop. After the bath just wipe roughened skin fresh lemon, apple or pineapple juice.

To enhance the effect, in severe cases, it is desirable to make the 15-minute wrap, securing on the foot with the help of an ordinary bandage slice of pineapple or lemon. You can also use a cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar. After contact with the acid converted corn flakes off and a thin strip of dead skin, which is easy to remove fingers. Then apply a little juice on the cuticle. A few minutes gently move the skin to the base of the nail using the orange stick.

 nice spa pedicure

Step Three: cooling and massage

  • Toning

Spa pedicure as the next stage of foot care provides toning legs. Cooling masks help to cope with varicose veins and foot fungus. Apply liberally on foot peppermint oil or cosmetic glycerine. Wear socks and "forget" about the mask 39 minutes. Then remove excess oil wet wipes.

  • Relax massage

The final massage is performed by a cosmetic oil. The result will be spectacular, if you add a few drops of essential oil of rose, patchouli, tea tree, cedar, anise and juniper. Give each leg at least 10 minutes. Begin with light strokes - just spend fingertips gliding over the skin of the ankles and heels up. Change the friction in the movement, focusing on the ankle and toes. Complete the tingling and a pat on the ankles and feet.

Procedure spa pedicure is not designed for those who are caring for an "on the run". A softening and relaxing massages have to devote an entire evening, but the result is certainly worth it.

 Spa Pedicure: Elite Care at home

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 how to grow eyebrows


  • General recommendations for enhancing the growth of hair
  • Cosmetics, promote the growth of eyebrows
  • Traditional recipes quick otraschivaniya eyebrows

His eyebrows, "strings" losing out, giving way to the natural. Modern fashion trends strongly advised to give up the weekly plucking hairs for broad, thick eyebrows correct form. However, the need may arise otraschivaniya eyebrows not only for this reason. Perhaps a master in the cabin did you correct unsuccessful or you have got excited, standing in front of a mirror with a pair of tweezers ... The main thing is that now you are interested in answer to the question - how to grow eyebrows?

General recommendations for enhancing the growth of hair

  • Follow a special diet and drink vitamin-mineral complexes

Eat foods that contain vitamins A, E and B12. They stimulate hair growth and help to strengthen the follicle. They contain in fish, wheat germ, milk, fresh beef, mangoes, apples, carrots, sunflower and olive oil. If you can not wait to get hold of his thick eyebrows as quickly as possible, buy at the pharmacy oil extract vitamins E and A, and drink one capsule three times daily on an empty stomach. In the evening, after will wash, crush one capsule and apply the oil on the growth area of ​​eyebrows massage movements. Rub 2-3 minutes, then pat the skin and hair with a paper towel.

  • Be sure to wash off makeup before going to bed

Remains of makeup on her face clog pores and cause acne, pustules, blackheads and "black spots". But if you and this is not enough to wash before going to sleep, remember: makeup, stay overnight in the face, destroys the hair follicle, making hair brittle and has a negative impact on their growth. To grow eyebrows to remove remnants of cosmetics, use a two-phase products containing oils for sensitive skin. The only way you can remove waterproof mascara, pencil, wax-based eyeliner and no side effects in the form of tingling and irritation.

  • Daily brush your eyebrows and make facial massage

"The more you comb your hair, the faster they grow and become thicker" - have you heard sometime this statement? Then you should know that it is true of not only head of hair on the head, but eyebrows, too. Get a special comb and 2-3 times a day to comb the hair, and then do a special stimulating massage. Pinch the skin gently pull the hair and twist them. Continue for 3-4 minutes, until a slight reddening.

  • Trust otraschivaniya extravagant way or not - it's up to you

Almost every Internet forum devoted to this subject, you can find advice on controversial accelerate the growth of eyebrows. Say, you need to completely shave off all the hair that they had grown faster. There you will find a lot of positive feedback about the method by which many women became bushy eyebrows and wide. But before you grab for the razor, think about the consequences.

Firstly, whether you have enough spirit to appear in this way on the street? Eyebrows will grow about two to three weeks. Of course, if you have bangs, no eyebrows on the face can be simply "hide". And if not? Second, the regrown hair will be thick and rigid. In the first months after such "otraschivaniya" without the help of the wizard you can not do - they have to cut and adjusted. Every evening eyebrows need to be lubricated emollient cream to make them more obedient and silky.

  • While eyebrows to grow, forget the wax and tweezers

No matter how tempted to get rid of small hairs sticking out, distracting from the overall series, do not be. Often much thinning eyebrows after the hair follicles are damaged because of the hair removal wax strips and thread. Tweezers can also be randomly pull out a whole bunch. Therefore, "forget" about it for a month or two. If necessary, the shape of eyebrows can be slightly adjusted with a special pencil and combs. Take a few light pencil strokes along the hairline, then blend with your fingers or a cotton pad.

  • Tattoo - a temporary solution

If you are properly plucked eyebrows, permanent make-up - the best way to hide a failed correction. Tattoo, "muffle" fuzzy line or no hairs grow back until they are. During the procedure, using a tattoo machine applied to the skin dye desired shade. Swelling and blue will disappear after about two or three days. The paint does not wash off for a few months, so you can safely grow eyebrows.

 how quickly to grow eyebrows

Cosmetics, promote the growth of eyebrows

  • Hormone cosmetics

Drugstore means for the growth of eyebrows are usually made based on hormones. The synthetic estrogen, prednisolone and cortisol stimulate the rapid growth of eyebrows and eyelashes. Funds are usually available in the form of a vial with a comb inside. Apply hormonal preparation on clean skin no more than 1-2 times a day. Make sure that the liquid does not hit on the cornea.

  • Carcasses to stimulate the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows

The big plus of the carcass is their versatility. Tinting eyebrow brush, you not only give them the necessary shade, but also supplies the hair follicles with nutrients. Typically, the composition of such assets include plant hormones, and wetting agents.

  • Sera for the revitalization of the follicles

Serum - Intensive cosmetic preparation. Typically it contains proteins, vitamins and the extract of soybeans. In the evening before going to bed, apply a bit of money on the eyebrows, rub with fingertips and leave for the night. In the morning rinse with lukewarm water and the composition of the gel for washing.

 how fast to grow eyebrows

Traditional recipes quick otraschivaniya eyebrows

  • Vegetable oils

To eyebrows grew back quickly, you can use oil - olive, burdock, pumpkin, castor. Squeeze one capsule of vitamin A, add 2 drops of pumpkin oil, 3 drops of castor and 1 drop of essential oil of orange. Heat the mixture on a water bath or aromalampe. Apply to the eyelashes before bedtime every day. You can also use warm linseed oil with the addition of fresh lemon juice.

  • "Fire" tinctures

To stimulate the growth of hair on the head are successfully used garlic, onion and red pepper. They are warm and irritate hair follicles, enhancing the growth of new hair and strengthening existing ones. Head of garlic grate, wrap in cheesecloth and squeeze into a small jar or bottle from the carcass. Onion juice can be prepared in the same way as alcohol tincture of red pepper can all be bought at any drugstore. Apply to the hairline, avoiding contact with the mucous membranes of the eyes.

  • Warm compresses

Two or three times a week is useful to make packs of almond oil or a decoction of calendula. Heat almond butter over low heat, soak them small pieces of cloth and place on the brow 5-8 minutes. You can replace the oil decoction of calendula, made from 1 tablespoon Marigold petals and leaves and 200 grams. of boiling water. The infusion can be stored in the refrigerator and used repeatedly.

Quickly achieve this goal is possible only if you use the above facilities in the complex. Having restored the density of hairs, do not forget to carefully look after them. They need the proper selection and decorative's Skin Care and salon treatments, no less than the mouth, nose and forehead.

 How to grow eyebrows drugstore cosmetics and folk remedies

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