how to clean the skin


  • Means for daily cleansing facial
  • Deep cleansing of the skin with the help of peels
  • Manual cleaning of the face - the cardinal method of dealing with inflammation

Face Cleansing - a key stage in the nursing home. You can not properly care for your skin if you do not clean it regularly from dead cells, makeup residue, dust and other contaminants. If you are lazy to do it, acne, the "black spots", and eels will be your constant companions. How to clean the skin to protect it from the appearance of imperfections?

Means for daily cleansing facial

You must wash your face at least two to three times a day. Teach yourself to repeat this procedure in the morning and evening, to clean the skin before applying makeup or remove cosmetics. However, to limit the purification by washing alone can not be the same - be sure to use tonic.

If you doubt the need for its use, a simple test. Wash favorite tool, and then treat the skin with a cotton pad soaked in toning lotion. The disc will be after wiping dirty-gray - a particle of dust, makeup and sebum, which did not have time to "pull" from the pores detergent composition.

  • Shower gel

The most common form of cleansers for the face. Gel for washing is usually different types of skin for which it is intended. For oily epidermis seboreguliruyuschie release funds for normal and dry - moisturizing. The gel composition should not be parabens, formaldehyde and mineral oils because these ingredients cause the appearance of pimples and "black spots".

The gel is spread over the skin and foamed with fingertips or a special sponge for washing. Rinse with warm water means exclusively - hot activates the sebaceous glands, which worsens the condition of greasy epidermis.

Buying a gel in the store, pay attention to the content of the following components. Glycolic Acid exfoliates dead cells, restoring the skin healthy color and natural glow. Salicylic acid dries inflammation and has antibacterial action. Vitamin C - a unique natural lifting, helps reduce fine lines around the eyes and lips.

If you are allergic to purchase cosmetics, you can make your own cleanser at home by ordinary soap. Grate 2 pieces of "child" or "glycerol" soap, dissolve them in 300 gr. of boiling water. Add ½ cup of chamomile broth and stir. This gel can be considered universal and apply to all types of skin.

  • Antibacterial soap

How to clean the skin "to squeak"? Wash with soap, but not economic as advised some inmates online forums. It causes flaking, redness, and rash pustular. For example, use soap Clinique, suitable for your type of epidermis. It cures acne, lightens red spots from acne and pushes dirt out of the pores.

  • Daily Scrub

The perfect solution for problematic skin prone to excessive fat and the appearance of comedones. The scrub suitable for frequent use, the polymer particles can be found fines that do not scratch and do not injure the epidermis. Well, if a part of exfoliant is the essential oil of tea tree or rosemary - they provide proof matting effect.

 how to clean the skin properly

Deep cleansing of the skin with the help of peels

Once or twice a month, clean the deeper layers of skin - clogged pores look ugly and often inflamed. Good job with this task on the basis of chemical peels and exfoliants fruit acids with large particles from apricot pits or walnut shells. Not recommended for acid peels to dry or sensitive skin - can occur burns, get rid of them will be very difficult.

Exfoliation of the epidermis means with fruit acids is usually performed in the salon beautician. However, today the Internet and stores you can find professional makeup sets, suitable for home use. In part they are usually part of a deep cleansing gel cleanser, mask and a fat nourishing cream. Clean your face, you apply it to mask the acid that dissolves the dirt and removes them from far. After 10 minutes it is necessary to wash and soothe the skin rich cream.

Replace chemical exfoliation can be natural masks from citrus or pineapple. Thin slices of lemon, grapefruit or lime, apply to clean skin for 5 minutes. If a person starts to intolerable pinching can wash fruit acid and earlier. Within 3-5 days after the procedure, be sure to use sunscreen before going out, or on the face will appear dark spots.

Mechanical facial cleansing possible by means of stones or scrub skorplupy. This exfoliant can only be used on thick oily or combination epidermis, thin skin it is very traumatic. To combat acne and acne prepare scrub of sea salt. 2 tbsp coarse sea salt, mix with 2 tablespoons olive or sunflower oil, add a few drops of essential oil of cedar and apply the mixture on your face massaged. Rinse with cool water after 2-3 minutes.

Sensitive skin is easily peeled from the oatmeal scrub. 100 gr. grind oatmeal in a blender, add 50 grams. sour cream and mix thoroughly. Rub the resulting mass into the skin with fingertips, leave for a few minutes. Rinse, pat face with a towel.

Manual cleaning of the face - the cardinal method of dealing with inflammation

Once a month, a girl with a troubled epidermis should undertake mechanical cleaning. The procedure for its implementation is quite simple and easy for you to repeat it at home, saving at the beauty salon. Pour into a bowl 3 liters. boiling water, add 10 drops of water of any essential oil or an alcohol tincture of eucalyptus. Cover and soak face over the steam for 10-15 minutes, eyes closed, not to burn the cornea. Wind fingertips in gauze soaked in rubbing alcohol. Ripe squeeze pimples, blackheads and "black spots" in turn, dramatically clicking on them. After a complete cleaning, wipe the face porosuzhivayuschim lotion containing salicylic alcohol.

If problems with the epidermis of such magnitude that some washing and scrub can not do, it makes sense to seek help from a beautician to help you choose the means of pharmaceutical cosmetics. Sometimes they alone can soothe troubled skin.

 How to clean your face right?

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 how to lose fat from the abdomen


  • Proper nutrition
  • Cosmetic skin care abdomen
  • How to throw off the fat from the abdomen through massage
  • Physical exercise

"How to lose fat from the abdomen, left after giving birth? "- This question is given by the majority of young mothers. Fat mass, recruit women during pregnancy, usually split it on the stomach and hips. Overweight with buttocks usually goes away after a few weeks, but the belly will continue to hang over the trouser belt until you resort to drastic measures to get rid of him.

Proper nutrition

To throw off the extra weight from the abdomen, follow a special diet. For breakfast, eat an orange, grapefruit or pineapple. Fruit acids contained in them, quickly saturate the body and help burn fat tissue. However, these breakfasts are contraindicated for people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In this case, you can replace a glass of unsweetened fruit tea and rye loaves or low-calorie yogurt.

If you are accustomed to snacking on chips or crackers between meals, forget about getting rid of unnecessary weight. Replace glass of cola and fast food dried fruit, nuts or fresh berries. Instead favorite lemonade drink green tea or herbal infusions - for example, camomile, mother and stepmother, yarrow and calendula. And strengthen health, and will throw off the hated kilograms.

Lunch - a key food intake in this diet. To hunger is not made itself felt well into the evening, eat a bowl of delicious vegetable soup. For example, tomato, pumpkin or cabbage. For its preparation 250 g finely chop. vegetables, pour 500 grams. of water, add salt and spices. Bring to a boil, simmer for 5 minutes.

Dine no later than two hours before bedtime. Everything that you eat later postponed at your sides and waist. The perfect dinner - a plate of porridge made of buckwheat, millet, rice or corn cereal, cooked in water. If you have time to get hungry and did not get to sleep, drink a glass of kefir or eat a green apple.

 how to lose fat from the abdomen alone

Cosmetic skin care abdomen

After delivery, the abdominal skin often looks flabby and her are violet-blue streamers. Tighten stomach and get rid of stretch marks, you can use special cosmetics. In pharmacies and shops are full of creams, lotions and gels on the basis of modeling the properties of caffeine and menthol. These substances activate the process of lipolysis, as well as return of former tone sagging skin. Dramatically lose weight with them will not work, but remove 2-3 cm. From the waist quite real.

Similar in composition, but all-natural cream can be prepared at home. Take 100 gr.smetany, add 2 tbsp fine salt, 20 drops of essential oil of peppermint and 10 drops of lavender oil. Mix well and apply on the skin of the abdomen after a shower. Allow to soak in, then pat the skin with a towel. Repeat daily.

Good results were also obtained by using this composition: 200 gr. glycerin, bought at the pharmacy, take 10 grams. essential oils of sweet and bitter orange. It helps eliminate toxins, perfectly moisturizes the skin and makes stretch marks less noticeable.

Useful properties of the fruit acids may be used not only for proper nutrition. Chemical peels based on these modeled contours of the body and stimulate blood flow to the tissues of the upper epidermis. Regularly using peeling, you reduce the waist and lighten stretch marks. This cosmetic product can be bought in any store of professional cosmetics, and, if desired - to cook at home.

4 large lemon mince, squeeze the juice, add 4 tablespoons vegetable oil and apply the mixture on the skin of the abdomen for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with warm running water and shower gel, soften the skin nourishing cream. Repeat 2-3 times per month.

In the absence of allergy to turpentine 2 times a month take turpentine baths. The pharmacy you can buy the yellow and white turpentine emulsion. Yellow strengthens the tissue and accelerates blood circulation and lymph flow, and white - detoxifies and lightens striae. In order to lose weight quickly, alternate both types. To prepare the bath, add 200 gr. turpentine in hot water (which can only endure). Each time increase the residence time in the bath for 2-3 minutes. For the first time you sit in it for 10 minutes in the second - 12 and so on until 30.

Every night before going to bed, take a contrast shower during which useful tummy rub anti-cellulite massager gloves and special scrub based on sea salt. Mix 100 grams. coarse salt, 20 drops of eucalyptus essential oil and 3 tablespoons heavy cream. Apply the weight on the washcloth and massage her body until complete dissolution skrabyaschih particles.

Reduce the amount of body wraps also help. During this procedure artificially creates a semblance of the greenhouse effect, and along with eye-catching then leave toxins and extra weight. Apply on the body liquid honey or any anti-cellulite cream. Wrap the stomach several layers of plastic film and leave it for two or three hours. Then, the composition can be washed off. You can prepare the mixture for wrapping of vinegar: 50 gr. vinegar should be diluted with 2 cups of warm water and smear this liquid stomach.

How to throw off the fat from the abdomen through massage

The tantalizing prospect of getting rid of the tummy without dieting and exercise developers promise a special massage. It is not necessary to apply to the beautician - the technique is easy to perform it again at home. It's simple: during the procedure you fingers kneaded fat deposits accumulated on the stomach by activating the process of burning fat cells. If during the procedure you use essential oils and anti-cellulite cream, reduce the waist is much faster.

Lie down on the bed, placing a small pillow under your lower back. Apply on the skin of the abdomen massage oil diluted essential oil of cedar, sage, ylang-ylang and patchouli. Do not skimp: oil should be enough for easy sliding fingers over the skin. Start with a light stroking his fingertips. Then put both hands on his stomach and start rubbing it vigorously, moving back and forth. After 5 minutes, to change tactics: massage folds, rolls them under your fingers, pinch and knead, if the dough. Complete the 5-minute vacuum massage - during his skin treated with special "jars", which can be bought at any drugstore.

If you are not afraid of bruising and redness, twice a week to do a honey massage. Apply to the stomach 100 grams. honey, warmed on a steam bath to 45-50 ° C. Put your hand on the problem area, heavily greased with honey. Stroking the skin for 5-7 sec., Then quickly lift your hand from the surface of the abdomen. The procedure is quite painful but very effective. By the end of the session on your body you should stay gray "pellets" of honey and dead skin cells, if you did everything right.

 how to lose fat from the abdomen properly

Physical exercise

The ideal exercise after childbirth - hoop. Turn it on for 30-40 minutes a day, at any time convenient for you. Ideally, of course, in the morning - if you're hungry, so your body is forced to spend not just the calories eaten and your own body fat. Once finished twist hoop, jump rope 5-10 minutes to accelerate the promised weight loss. If you do the exercises with a hoop immediately after a meal, do not be surprised that there will be nausea or heartburn.

To lose tummy, you need to swing the press. This should be done with the mind - doing the wrong exercise, you increase your muscle mass, not at the same time throwing off a single gram. Depending on where the "dislocation" fat, select the load for the upper or lower press.

To remove the fat from the upper abdomen suitable twisting. Using a press, lift your body 40 degrees and turn left. Fix the body in this position for a few seconds while holding his hands behind his head. Drop down, repeat the exercise, the next turn - right. So 20 times. Bend your knees while lying on the floor. Straining abdominal muscles, lift your body from the body. Raise it 30 degrees, stay in this position for 5 seconds, try to breathe deeply. Drop down, repeat 30 times.

The lower pump is easy to press, regularly performing the following exercise. Lie on the floor, bending your knees. Lift and reach for the fingertips to the socks. Lower the body on the floor, go up again and try to reach your toes. Every day - 40 approaches.

Lose fat from the abdomen can also be surgically. However, liposuction has many contraindications and side effects. It is much easier to lose weight at home, it is only necessary to stock persistence and patience.

 How to lose belly fat? Simple truths

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