shugaring bikini


  • How is shugaring
  • The advantage shugaring
  • Contraindications to shugaring

Even in the times of ancient Egypt, women have begun to use all possible methods to attract the attention of men - represented by its beauty from different angles, to care for themselves, using only natural ingredients. And then we began to apply the method of sugar depilation - shugaring. After all, a clean body looks much nicer, you will agree. In the bikini area, legs and arms just should not be hair.

The method allows to get rid of hair for a long period (almost 3 weeks), hair removal takes place with the bulb - so deeply penetrate components. Shugaring bikini - is a great way to make your skin smooth and beautiful in the most intimate parts of the body.

How is shugaring

Master heats a special paste, which is made up of fruit and cane sugar, lemon juice and water. As the paste contains only environmentally friendly materials, are excluded the presence of carcinogens, fragrances and other chemicals. After heating the paste kneaded his hands and apply a thin layer to the desired area of ​​the skin.

Drawing on the feet and hands it is done by hand, but in a more intimate places special paste is applied with a spatula. Above all covered with cloth - for this procedure applies only flax. It remains to wait for 5-7 minutes just to paste a little "grabbed" and ... oops! Everything is ready - smooth and clear skin guaranteed! But shugaring not only removes hair - this method allows you to remove from the skin and dead skin cells. Because of this, the skin will be able to update their cells, and to breathe it will be much easier.

 shugaring deep bikini

The advantage shugaring

The advantages of this method is so wide that it is difficult to decide on something one. Here are the main ones:

  • Shugaring conducts heat paste (your body temperature), and therefore discomfort excluded;
  • This waxing removes hair in their growth, and it greatly reduces the number of broken and ragged hair;
  • In this procedure, together with the hairs are removed and all dead skin cells - epidermal cleaning takes place;
  • Exclusively natural ingredients, so the symptoms of allergic reactions are impossible (there are exceptions, but they are insignificant);
  • The absence of allergies and discomfort during and after the procedure allows for hair removal in the bikini area is absolutely safe.

Additionally, deep penetration of the paste allows a procedure without pain. By the way, this is the main problem that many women simply scares and makes use of the usual razor machine - no effect, or the benefits of which are not observed.

After the shugaring can verify its efficiency - the skin becomes soft and velvety, and the new hairs will not be soon. Growing up again, they will not be the same rigid and thick, a so-called fluff - it is much easier to be removed by repeated procedures, and time for the procedure will go quite a bit. The presence of nutrients in the sugar and the lemon juice there is no denying the paste and deep penetration into the layers of the skin allowing some transfer of these components - that's you and a hydrating mask.

Contraindications to shugaring

As with any cosmetic procedure, there have shugaring its contraindications - they should be available in advance so as not to harm herself:

  • Diabetes: the deep penetration of sugar paste can lead to tragic consequences;
  • Epilepsy: with this disease is generally not recommended to carry out any procedures in beauty salons;
  • Varicose veins: even if shugaring is not on his feet, and captures only the underarms or bikini area;
  • Hypersensitivity to the mixture: this refers to Shugaring in any area of ​​the body;
  • Dermatitis and other inflammatory skin diseases.

Experts do not advise to carry out this procedure at home, there are several reasons. First, the wizard can visually assess the condition of a particular area - whether there is a rash, as it is "running." Secondly, there are a variety of pasta and selected according to the thickness and density of hair - for example, in the bikini area, usually used more gentle recipe, but on their feet - more complex in composition. And, thirdly, putting paste on the skin, the master is required to conduct training - area of ​​application will be slightly warmed up a light massage, degreased and treated with a special lotion.

Shugaring - an ancient method used by the most beautiful women of antiquity. And they, as you remember, always looked stunning. Do not forget that the invaluable experience of our ancestors. In the end, it is the most natural and pure material for hair removal.

 Shugaring bikini. A safe and painless method of hair removal

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 remedy for bruises under the eyes


  • Why are there black eyes?
  • Exercise and massage
  • Cosmetical tools
  • ethnoscience
  • Means of emergency

The bruises and dark circles under the eyes - not the most pleasant thing. Especially when it is a constant. Of course, you can disguise the bruise corrector, foundation or an impressive layer of powder. However, this is not an option. Any manifestation of darkening and bruising under the eyes indicate problems inside the body. Therefore, the need to heal the bruises inside. The first step will be to identify the causes of bruises and dark circles under the eyes.

Why are there black eyes?

The reasons for the emergence of bruises and dark circles under the eyes can be set. Especially dangerous is the manifestation of any internal disease of the body, which is the reflection of the bruises.

  • Unhealthy lifestyle

    This is the first and most common reason. Also not the best environmental situation of the environment, to the unfavorable factors also apply and lack of sleep, lack of fresh air, smoking, alcohol and coffee, poor quality food. From all this worsens the blood supply to the skin, it looks flabby, dull, dark, especially under the eyes.

  • Location of blood vessels

    If black eyes observed you throughout your life and you see like with relatives, then there is nothing to worry about. Blood vessels that are close to the surface of a thin translucent skin under the eyes and cause a bluish color. This is a natural location of the blood vessel relative to the surface of the skin.

  • Internal diseases of the body

    There is already a more serious matter. Suddenly, bruising and dark circles under the eyes, especially if they were not used to talking about any disease of the body. If accompanied by swelling and bruising swelling, then it probably is a problem with the kidneys. However, as dark circles may indicate a disease of the heart, liver, digestive system and many others. In this case, you must be examined by a doctor and treat the disease directly.

  • Fast weight loss

    The rapid weight loss usually leads to sagging skin, sagging and its darkening. This is especially true on the face in the form of dark bags under the eyes and bruises. In general, in the case of women aged 40 years.

  • Violation of pigmentation

    Strong expression darkening around the eyes, bruises, dark blue and purple indicate violation of skin pigmentation in this area. To cope with this long-term help bleaching procedures.

  • Age hernia century

    Observed in the elderly, it is manifested in the idea of ​​bags under the eyes, which can be filled with fat mass. Getting rid of it can only be surgically.

Before getting rid of bruises and dark circles under the eyes, it should be possible to eliminate all diseases of the body's interior. If the bruise is not caused by any disease or is not a form, which can be removed only by surgery, then most likely, you can easily get rid of them at home.

 funds from bruises under his eyes

Exercise and massage

A good remedy for swelling and bruising around the eyes - massage. This method will improve the blood supply to the skin, smooth out fine wrinkles, removes excess fluid retention. Every morning should massage the skin around the eyes with your fingers. This should be done carefully and gently, gentle pumping movements to prevent stretching and injury to delicate and thin skin. The upper eyelid is better not to massage, but the bottom line should be to perform movements from the temple to the nose. Three or four minutes every morning is enough. It is advisable to complement the massage and cosmetic, eye cream should gently drive into the skin with fingertips.

It is also good to regularly gymnastics for the eyes. This will not only help get rid of the bruising and swelling, but also strengthen the eye muscles. Close your eyes, put the fingertips on the outer corners of the eyes so that smooth out wrinkles. Then firmly zazhmurte eyes fix this situation about 6-7 seconds and then completely relax. This exercise should be repeated at least 10 times every morning and evening, and it is possible and more often.

Cosmetical tools

Arsenal all kinds of cosmetic products to eliminate the problem of bruises under his eyes are almost at every major cosmetics company. The perfume shop consultants will advise you with the most effective means, and it will help to choose the appropriate to your age and skin type option. These tools can be purchased at pharmacies.

It is worth paying attention to the composition of cosmetic products. Usually there include ingredients that improve the lymphatic drainage, ie the excess liquid is removed from the eye area. They should also improve the blood circulation in the blood vessels of the skin, strengthen the capillary walls. These ingredients include extracts and extracts of horse chestnut, coca, nettle, parsley and many others.

 the best remedy for bruises under the eyes


The most efficient and effective anti-bruising and dark circles under the eyes - it's recipes of traditional medicine that have proven themselves time. They even enjoyed our mothers and grandmothers, the secrets of home recipes handed down from generation to generation. Consider the most popular ones.

  • Cucumber

    This is the best remedy for dark circles under the eyes and bruises. These vegetables fresh possess excellent whitening effect. Cucumber should peel and grate. Mush impose on closed eyes for 20-30 minutes, then rinse with warm water. After this is to apply a moisturizing cream for eyelids. Follow this procedure for each day of the month, you will see a stunning effect.

  • Boiled potatoes

    The mask of mashed boiled potatoes into a puree well help when black eyes are accompanied by swelling. The cooled puree should be applied to the eye area for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water and apply moisturizer. The effect is noticeable after the first few treatments.

  • Tea Packs

    Brew a strong decoction of black tea (about 2 tablespoons of dry tea leaves 100 g of boiling water), infuse it for 40 minutes. After cooling, soak a cotton ball in the tea leaves and place on the eyes for 30-40 minutes. As the drying is necessary to moisten a cotton pad infusion. Do you need this procedure every night for a month, but the results you will see in a week.

  • Broth parsley

    2-3 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley leaves should pour 200 ml of water, bring to a boil, cover and cook for 30-40 minutes, then leave to cool. Broth strain and store in refrigerator. Every night you need to make compresses on the type of tea. The course of treatment should last about two weeks.

  • Masks from curds and milk

    Quark has the property of strongly increasing blood flow in the vessels of the skin, as well milk it whitens. A small amount of cottage cheese should be wrapped in gauze, dipped in fresh milk and apply for 20 minutes on the skin around the eyes. After that, the remnants of the mask should be washed off with warm water and apply moisturizer. The procedure should be repeated daily for 2-3 weeks. Such a method would be effective even when hematomas and bruises on his body.

Means of emergency

All these methods are good when you have a lot of time left. And what to do, for example, if you are going on a holiday evening, and you have terrible bruises? Here you can help SOS-funds, but keep in mind that frequent use can not only improve the skin around the eyes, but also have the opposite effect.

So, the first thing you should do - is to chug a sufficient amount (about a liter) of clean water at room temperature. This will cause your kidneys to earn in full force and remove dark circles under the eyes for an hour. The second step is to apply ice. Three hours before the event, it is necessary to wipe the skin around the eye with ice cubes from clean water or a decoction of herbs. The procedure must be repeated every 30 minutes, only about 6-7 times, then apply a good moisturizer.

Nor should we neglect the masking means to reduce the appearance of bruises and dark circles under the eyes. Dry powder and concealer for oily skin is not suitable in this case. They will only aggravate the unpresentable appearance and strong dry skin. It is necessary to purchase a special concealer or corrector for the skin around the eyes. Correctly chosen vehicle will have a light texture, moisturize the skin, and its yellowish tint will remove excessive blue.

 An effective remedy for bruises under the eyes

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