how to do a manicure


  • Tools for home manicure
  • Manicure - in five stages
  • Fashion Nails

Many women notice that it turns a manicure at home is not the same as in the cabin. "It may be the case in a professional tool and means? "- You think. Not at all!

So how to do a manicure at home? The point in the sequence of actions. And all the necessary tools for this ritual of beauty will always be in your purse.

With proper skill and experience at home manicure salon will not worse, and maybe even better.

Be sure to do a manicure in a well-lit room for a convenient table.

Tools for home manicure

To do manicure at home, you need the following tools:

  • A special container for the bath (you can take any convenient bowl);
  • soft terry cloth;
  • stick from an orange tree for moving away the cuticle;
  • tweezers to remove the cuticle, or special agent (Remover);
  • Sawing (better to take the one that is less traumatic for the nail plate and prevents separation of the nail);
  • nutritious oil for cuticles;
  • nourishing hand cream;
  • means for removing nail polish;
  • nail polish;

You probably know that there is a cut and edging manicure. In the first case, the cuticle is cut off from the base of the nail special tweezers, while the second - it is removed by means of - Remover. What type of manicure to do to you, because, like that, and the other type of nail has its supporters and opponents.

Before you begin, remove the old nail polish nail polish with a soft means.

 how to do a manicure

Manicure - in five stages

Correct manicure at home includes:

Steamed bath

To do it, you will need warm water and liquid soap. In the tub, you can add lemon juice, herbal teas, as well as sea salt. These components will soften cuticles and strengthen your nails. Foot should be done about 5-10 minutes.


To steamed again callous cuticle, remove from the water one by one fingers. Process one, remove the other and so on. Before removing the cuticle fingers need to wipe washcloth.

Remove cuticle (if not edging manicure - just move aside). Please note that you need to remove the cuticles gently and carefully. If you cut too deep, then you run the risk of deforming the nail and bring an infection.

Hand Massage

Correct manicure necessarily includes a hand massage. So indulge in this pleasure. Apply a moisturizer on your hands or nourishing cream, and nail nutritious oil. In order to better absorb the cream, put in the hands of terry gloves. Hold them in the hands of about 5-7 minutes. Now you can have a massage.

Start by stroking hands, then knead your pens. Pay attention to each finger - the phalanx, and mash slightly pull each finger.

Massage in a circular motion rub in cuticle nourishing oil.

Filing and polishing nails

With sawing gives nails shape. It should be natural, and all the nails - have the same length.

That they are not stratified, and did not break, there are a few important rules:

  • file nails must be in the same direction;
  • do not get too intense to file the nail edge;
  • rasp only dry nails.

Do not use metal nail files. Best - glass, ceramic or on paper with sand grit.

For nail polish, there are soft nail files made of rubber or suede.


Before applying the varnish is essential to degrease the surface of the nail using nail polish remover.

Then, to protect the surface of the nail from drying and to extend the durability of lacquer is applied in two layers of foundation.

Apply the first coat of varnish. To manicure not blurry, and nails were painted uniformly, the first layer should be dried for at least 15 minutes.

Apply second coat of varnish. The second layer will make the color on the nails bright and saturated.

Varnish should be applied by three strokes. A smear is done in the middle of the nail - from cuticle to tip. The other two in an inverted "" - along the edges.

Remember that paints bright colors and glitter dry faster than dark and saturated colors and matte varnishes.

Once the varnish is completely dry, apply to the nails fixer. It will cover your nails with a protective layer and will extend the life manicure.

Every three days, apply a new layer of sealant, and your nail polish will last two to three weeks.

After painting nail polish is not recommended for half an hour to wet hands. From this on the nails may appear bubbles.

Fashion Nails

  1. Color jacket

    To make such a manicure, nail tip should be painted in any shade of metallic and the base - in your favorite bright color.

  2. Lacy manicure

    Cover the nails clear varnish, and until it is dry, glue the pieces they cut to the shape of the nail lace.

  3. Manicure "Ombre"

    This manicure with color transition from dark to light shades. Its very easy to replicate at home.

 How to do a manicure. Secrets Excellence Home

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 how to make the correct shape eyebrows


  • A little history
  • Eyebrow correction
  • Painting and makeup eyebrows

Eyebrows - real weapon woman. They can not just give a person the emotional expression, but also much to change it. The right eyebrow shape emphasizes the expressiveness of the eyes, as if revealing them. Well-groomed, thick and shiny eyebrows in harmony with other features, will give the whole face a healthy and attractive appearance. Regular shape eyebrows depends on the natural curve of your eyebrows, from the eye shape. The density and color of the eyebrows is also determined by the peculiarities of the organism.

To date, the preferred natural bending line given to us by nature, with a thick, fairly broad, but well-groomed eyebrow. Eyebrow color should be in harmony with the color of eyes and hair. Blondes are not suitable black eyebrows, but the burning brunette, on the contrary, - thin and light. The eyebrow should not be too thin, thread-like, but also it is not necessary to grow shaggy thick eyebrows. Thin eyebrows can be made thicker, thanks to proper care of them, and too wide, you can adjust the plucking. In any case, do the right eyebrow shape is not so simple. But your efforts are worth it!

A little history

Shape eyebrows always been a tribute to fashion. Our ancestors wore just such a form that was relevant at the time.

  • In ancient China, corrected eyebrows are not women, but men. They shaved the hair at the temples and forehead, but his eyebrows and comb mascara summed up, to give the face a ferocious frightening expression.
  • In Central Asia in ancient times considered the standard of female beauty eyebrows grown together on the bridge, they are even tinted solid line using natural dyes. The same requirement to the aristocracy was the ancient Assyrians.
  • In Ancient Egypt flourished waxing, with which the hair is removed from the entire body, including the head and face. Then he was put on a wig and eyebrows drawn that form, which was needed - long and wide, coal-black, reaching the temples.
  • In the ancient world, a Greek and Roman laid eyebrows by using egg white, which gave them a glossy shine.
  • And here in the Land of the Rising Sun - Japan - women shaved eyebrow clean and painted a new much thinner and more natural line.
  • In India, women are much summed eyebrow genuine black paint - antimony.
  • In ancient Rus' were considered beautiful thick and wide, "sable" eyebrows penciled in a semicircle.

Since the Middle Ages, the requirements for the form of the eyebrows, and the ideal of beauty in general changed every age.

  • During the Middle Ages, when the world is actually the rules of the church, physical beauty was considered a terrible sin. Women are strongly distorted its natural features. It concerned and eyebrows, plucking that completely and shaved hair on the forehead, to give the illusion of a high forehead.
  • In the 17th century began to come into fashion elegance of the East. Eyebrows are now drawn on heavily nabelennom face.
  • And in the 18th century in the face of false eyebrows glued pieces of mouse skins.

By the early 20th century, the fashion came in the natural brow line.

  • In the 20s completely plucking his eyebrows and summed again thin thread in the shape of a semicircle.
  • By the 50 th year began to enter into fashion tan, his eyebrows thick and boasted a house.
  • In the 70s, the catwalk models have demonstrated the broad, straight, thick eyebrows.
  • In 90 years, the situation changed again in the direction of thin, light and invisible eyebrows.
  • To date, the first requirement for eyebrows - naturalness and harmony with the other facial features.

 how to make the correct shape of eyebrows yourself

Eyebrow correction

Helping to give the desired shape brows should correctly perform, or plucking eyebrows. Whatever you choose eyebrows, make the correct adjustment is not easy.

Determination of the desired shape eyebrows

To get started is to decide what is the shape of the eyebrows is right for your face, and how to really pull out excess hair without affecting the others. To determine the desired shape, we need a pencil and a mirror. Place a mirror in front of you, and attach a pencil to the nostril - this will be the starting point of reference.

  • Line 1 - the beginning of the eyebrow

One end of the pencil is at the eyebrows, and the other you have to go through the inner corner of the eye, almost touching it. The other end of the pencil, and point you to a place where your brow should begin. Pick any color cosmetic pencil and mark that spot.

  • Line 2 - bending eyebrows

Next, turn the pencil from the nostril so that the other end is passed through the pupil, provided that you look strictly straight. So pencil rests on the curve of the eyebrow. Check this place, it has to be the highest part of the eyebrows. If you have a clear angle is observed from nature, or brow line, should leave the natural smooth shape.

  • Line 3 - the end of the eyebrow

Pencil lay on the nostrils through the outer corner of the eye. His end, and point to the point where the ideal eyebrow should end. Do not extend the "tail" eyebrows and make it lower than pencil points, it can give a person a dull and sad expression. This place is also worth noting cosmetic pencil.

Procedure plucking

All three of us are certain points should be connected, at the same time outlining the border eyebrows. All the hairs outside these boundaries should pull out. However, it is also necessary to do correctly. Conduct plucking best after a hot bath or shower, when the skin is steamed, and the pores are open. The first step is washing hands, disinfecting tools - tweezers with alcohol or disinfectant cleansing eyebrow alcoholic lotion or tonic.

First is to pluck hairs from the inner edge of the eyebrows, and then - from the outside, and only then proceed to the plucking of hairs under the eyebrow. The very best eyebrow comb in an upward direction, then it will be clearly visible excess hair that you want to pull out. The plucking is only hairs that are below the level of the eyebrows, that is, the upper fixed century. Those who are higher on the forehead, you can pull out only if too thick eyebrows and dark hair. The skin is a little pull with your fingers, so a hair out of bulbs painlessly. Yanking the hair should be strictly in the direction of its growth. After completing the wash off the remnants stick to the skin tonic or lotion, disinfect the skin with alcohol.

 how to make the correct shape of the eyebrows and painting

Painting and makeup eyebrows

So, we decided to form. But what to do with the color of the eyebrows? If you are by nature a blonde, then you will surely light and thin eyebrows, but you prefer to paint the hair in a burning black. Suit Does your hair color are her eyebrows? Conversely, it would be appropriate dark, bushy eyebrows and wide platinum blonde? Color eyebrows should always be in harmony with the color of hair and eyes. Too dark eyebrow hairs can lighten up a little, and light - dim. This can be done with the help of tattooing eyebrows, special paint for eyebrows and eyelashes, or with makeup and cosmetics.

Eyebrow Tattoo

Cardinal measure to change the shape of eyebrows and giving the right to tattoo eyebrows. It can be applied to thin strokes, imitating an eyebrow hairs, or shading, making for an eyebrow pattern on the skin. With the tattoo, you can forget about the daily routines tinting eyebrows, they will always look decent, even in the pool or in the sea. However, it is worth remembering that tattoo - something permanent, and if you suddenly do not like the result, get rid of it easily you can hardly.

Painting of eyebrows

Eyebrows can be done not only in the cabin by a specialist, but also at home. Purchase a special paint for the eyebrows, do not use hair dye, as it is much more aggressive to the delicate skin of the face. Select the desired tone paint that will match the color of the hair, or in harmony with it. For the procedure on their own coloring, you will need:

  • small container (not metal) for mixing paint;
  • a thin wooden stick or brush to apply the paint;
  • gloves to protect hands from staining;
  • cotton pads and cotton buds for correction during the dyeing and rinsing it.

To begin, mix the paint with an oxidant according to the accompanying instructions. Brush or wand recruit paint and apply it to the brow, repeating their shape. The paint should be left to eyebrows for 10-20 minutes, depending on the desired intensity. Then remove the dye cotton pad and wash off under running water, then apply the cream or oil to prevent dryness and flaking of the skin.

Makeup for eyebrows

Make the right shape brow and increase the intensity of light eyebrow is also using make-up. Producing special pencils and shadows for brows. Pencil is usually supplemented with a brush or raschesochkoy at the opposite end has a wide range of colors. It should be applied thin pencil strokes that mimic the hairs. Professional eye shadow eyebrows often consist of light and dark colors in the same package. The dark color is applied directly under the eyebrow growth, making background for hair and light - under the brow, which makes contrast brighter, and the eyes - expressive.

 How to correct the shape of eyebrows - effective ways

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