how to get rid of dandruff forever


  • Where are the "snow" flakes?
  • Terms hair care suffering from any type of seborrhea
  • Effective ways to get rid of dandruff

Nine out of ten of the fair sex at least once in his life suffered from such a delicate problem like dandruff. Three of them are resigned to the periodic appearance of "snow" on the shoulders, two others are constantly tormented by this fungal disease. However, there is no need to - you can get rid of dandruff forever without spending advertised cosmetics.

Where are the "snow" flakes?

From birth, the skin of your head lives a microscopic fungus called «Pityrosporum Oval». You do not even notice it because it is incredibly small - 1 mm. epidermis both "live" more than 1,500 of these microorganisms. It is very useful - in the "quiet" state fungus stimulates the natural process of exfoliation of dead cells, because the top layer of human skin is completely renewed every six months.

Using shampoo and comb to care for healthy hair, you can easily get rid of lumps, it is invisible to your eyes. But as soon as the natural habitat of Pityrosporum Oval for one reason or another is broken, it "includes" program of survival and begins to actively proliferate. The particles of the fungus "grouped" and covered the scalp with a thin crust, interferes with normal oxygen supply, thereby changing the fat content of the epidermis and there is severe irritation. Within an hour after washing the hair roots like "priporoshit" snow, and the next day your head again adorn hated scales ...

Capricious fungus may have a "do not like" hard water, change of shampoo or rinse, pregnancy, stress, problems with the digestive tract, obesity, colds, gynecological diseases. Dandruff can be infected and, for example, through someone else's comb, pillow or towel. This kind of seborrhea called infectious. It is much more difficult to treat normal, because it is the cause of streptococci, not Pityrosporum Oval. Unfortunately, it can win only by using antibiotics.

Depending on the level of activity of the sebaceous glands of the scalp, distinguish fat and dry seborrhea. If your hair quickly become greasy and need daily cleaning to get rid of the white crusts, then you are the owner of fatty type of dandruff. This fungus "stick together" in thick crusts and poorly combed, and regular washing only temporarily improve the situation.

You constantly have to look like tiny specks of dandruff with collars and scarves? Dry dandruff does not get off to the cake, it just pours every time combing and touch the hair. Non-greasy seborrhea requires frequent washing of hair, but it poisons your life unbearable itching and a feeling of tightness.

Terms hair care suffering from any type of seborrhea

Wash your hair with warm water only. Hot jet tap enhances the production of sebum - an ideal environment for the life and reproduction of the fungus. Also, it washes away the moisture from the hair and keratin, further weakening them.

Use the correct shampoo. To combat the dandruff will be useful means to zinc pyrithione, salicylic acid, selenium and climbazole. These components have a strong antibacterial effect, helps reduce the "performance" of harmful microorganisms.

At the time of treatment refuse styling products and care sprays. As if you did not try to distribute the mousse or lacquer only on the length of hair, avoiding the roots, remember that at the first contact with the comb cosmetics particles fall on the scalp, causing only increase the fat content and increased itching.

 how to get rid of dandruff forever camostoyatelno

Effective ways to get rid of dandruff

The most famous folk remedy to combat seborrhea is burdock. It is made from the roots of burdock and sold in any drugstore. Miracle Oil is a natural antiseptic, it is easy to cope with dandruff fungal and balance oily skin. Standard recipe for its use involves applying small amounts of burdock oil on dirty hair roots by means of rubbing fingertips. Once you spread the agent of the hair, wear a bathing cap on her head and wrap it with a towel to create thermoeffect. After half an hour rinse thoroughly strands using shampoo. Repeat procedure should be at least 2 times a week for 3 months.

How to get rid of dandruff forever if you have a sensitive scalp and dry hair? For many applications in this situation can only provoke irritation. Therefore, to be applied burdock oil directly on the skin before washing the head. Do not worry, your hair will not be fat - enough for high-quality cleansing shampoo to wash them a couple of times.

Help eliminate dandruff garlic, onions and hot red pepper. Crush three cloves of garlic, add ½ cup of olive oil and mix (garlic easily replaced finely chopped half a bulb). The resulting mixture was put on hair roots for 15-20 minutes. If the mask begins to burn unbearably, it can be washed off before. For dry seborrhea replace garlic tincture of red pepper - in the same amount of butter, add 3 tbsp alcoholic solution.

If, because of oily dandruff you started losing his hair, castor oil is useful. Masks based on it help to win is not worse seborrhea burdock. 100 gr. oil, heat over low heat, mix with 2 egg yolks, 1 tbsp. l. cognac and 1 st.l.mayoneza. Spread evenly through the hair with a comb with a few teeth and leave for the night under a rubber cap. For hair, greasy at the roots, but dry at the tips, replace 2 tablespoons brandy kefir or whey.

Well help in the fight against dandruff rinse treatment based on herbs. To prepare the solution needed to use distilled water. You can dial from the tap, however, have to freeze it and let melt again. 2L. Take a glass of water decoction of nettle, chamomile or centaury ordinary. To mitigate the itching and strengthening the roots is also suitable decoction laurel leaves and berries of Viburnum, tansy flowers. Fatty strands will be less dirty if you rinse their decoction of lemon or orange peel.

Essential oils of tea tree and eucalyptus kill most harmful bacteria that cause skin diseases. With their help, you can enhance the action of shampoo or mask dandruff, dropping 15-20 drops in a bottle with the means. They can also be added to natural hair applications.

Major dandruff "afraid" of alcohol tinctures of calendula. Every day, begin your morning with rubbing the scalp of this wonderful means - and you get rid of seborrhea forever!

Spray for shine to replace the infusion of the roots of calamus and yarrow. 1 tbsp. l. dry mixture boil 250 grams. of boiling water. Let sit, cool and pour into a spray bottle.

Many girls instead of fight dandruff, simply collect hair in a ponytail and wearing only light clothes in the evenings diligently vychesyvaya "flakes" of hair. However, do not meekly tolerate the torment, because dandruff disappears by itself over time, it will only improve.

 How to get rid of dandruff forever? With ease!

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 how to make a perfect skin


  • Determining the type of skin
  • Age skin care
  • Cleansing
  • Hydration & Nutrition

According to a recent study by psychologists, it is a good and beautiful skin face and body is about 50% of your impressions of the appearance of another person. Moreover, beautiful skin, does not require any cosmetic camouflage significantly increases self-esteem and adds confidence. Beautiful skin - the dream of many women, and, of course, each of us tends to make it so at home. Smooth, smooth skin without the disadvantages of pleasant color indicates human health, because any internal problem displayed in the first place it on the skin.

How to make a perfect skin? To do this, it needs proper care. In the morning and in the evening, at home, we used to perform the same ritual for skin care, but they should be different. In the morning skin needs cleansing, toning and moisturizing, but in the evening instead of the moisture it needs power, it's completely different things. In addition, many people think that washing with tap water is good for your skin and well it cleans. However, the water that flows from our taps is far from ideal and only once again to dry out the skin.

Good tool for skin care are masks, creams and compresses, cooked at home. After all, they are no worse than advertised brand means, and, because of the naturalness of its components, even better. The beauty salon offers a full range of facial care products, but all these procedures you with no less success can be repeated in the home. So, what is necessary to our skin and how to carry out the necessary procedures?

Determining the type of skin

How to make a perfect skin, tell your skin type, and he also will help you choose the right tools for the care. To determine what kind of have your skin type, do a simple test. After 2 hours after washing attach to the skin pocket mirror. If it were pronounced greasy marks, your skin - oily. If the selection is very scarce, the skin is most likely normal. If no spots at all, then you have dry skin. If the skin on the cheeks does not leave any traces, but on the chin and forehead has a greasy discharge, such a type of skin called combined.

  • Normal facial skin

This type is different smoothness, firmness and elasticity, absence of peeling and dryness, as well as sebum. The skin has a natural uniform color, good blood supply. It has no distinct enlarged pores and gaps. This type of skin today is rare, this is due to the environmental situation, the way of life of modern man.

  • Oily skin

It is characterized by an increased production of sebum, excessive sheen, numerous shortcomings due to blockage of enlarged pores. It often shows inflammation, black spots and acne. The skin is thick and coarse. However, it has one significant advantage: this type of skin is exposed to aging and wrinkled later than everyone else, thanks to a strong nutrition and hydration.

  • Dry skin

This skin - thin, dull, prone to dryness and flaking, quickly covered with wrinkles. She was very responsive to any changes in weather or temperature sensitive, may have redness, etc. At a young age such skin is very beautiful, but she had all the other types begins to age. Dry skin requires intensive hydration and nutrition, which does not get naturally.

  • Combination skin

Today it is the most common type of skin. It has all the signs of dry skin on the cheeks, around the eyes, but differ in fat and problematic T-zone - on the forehead, nose and chin. Care for this type of skin must combine tools for dry and oily skin simultaneously.

 perfect facial skin

Age skin care

Keep in mind that the funds are sufficient for the skin in his youth, will not help you when it is wilting. Therefore, many drugs, creams and masks, skin care line has age distinction. At a young age the skin receives all necessary materials, the blood circulates under the skin well, its food, even dry-type, there is at the proper level. Skin aging on biological standards begins in 15-16 years. However, the effects of aging can not affect the appearance of the skin up to 30 years, depending on the type of skin and susceptibility of an organism.

With age, any type of skin changes in the direction of dry skin. And if you had oily, problem or combination skin, in adulthood, it will change in the direction normal to dry. However, dry skin in this case will take more trouble to her before just beginning to show age-related changes, wrinkles, peeling. This comes from a lack of the natural nutrition and hydration of the skin, thickening of the horny layer, slowing down the process of regeneration.

If the young skin was enough to thoroughly clean and easy to moisten, then mature skin requires much more care. There are whole line of cosmetics designed specifically for mature skin. At the age of skin needs moisture, and not just external cosmetic products, but also internal. Ideally, it is worth taking a vitamin complex and a drink a day plenty of water. In addition, the skin needs nourishment, which can provide a variety of treatments - masks, compresses.


How to achieve perfect skin? The first step towards this - cleansing. Proper cleansing in the morning and in the evening - a pledge of clean and smooth the skin, which will not appear various disadvantages. Cleansing is necessary even for those who do not use decorative cosmetics, because it removes the skin with sweat, dirt, dust, greasy selection. Some tools for cleaning the skin can be replaced easily prepared at home. Here are the most popular means for clarification:

  • Washing with water

Tap water, especially in combination with soap, can strongly dry up the skin. However, it is washing is the best suited to owners of oily skin, because no other means to cleanse greasy skin and release with no open pores. If you prefer other procedures washing, should be used for this purpose boiled or mineral water, herbal teas, and a children's neutral soap.

  • Gels and foams

These soft cleanser helps clear pores well without drying your skin at the same time too. You can pick up a vehicle, depending on skin type. Gels are more suitable for oily skin or combination, but for dry and normal skin are preferred gentle cleansing foam.

  • Milk and cream

These funds will help to remove make-up from the skin of the face and eyelids, good moisturizing at the same time. They are applied evenly to the skin, as if grasping all the dirt and cosmetics, which are then easily removed with a cotton pad or swab. They are perfect for dry and mature skin.

  • Lotions and tonics

These means are the content of alcohol and without it. Alcohol means are good for oily skin, as well cleaned and disinfected it, and for normal to dry skin lotions and tonics suit without alcohol. At home, lotions can be replaced by lemon juice or a decoction of herbs and potions.

  • Scrubs and peelings

These funds are intended for deep cleansing, they should be used no more than twice a week. The facility also is matched to the type of skin if it is dry, it will suit a gentle, non-aggressive exfoliation, but for a fat suit scrubs, which cleans the skin of dead cells. Do not use these creams for skin with dilated capillaries and spider veins.

 how to make perfect skin at home

Hydration & Nutrition

The skin must be a good moisturizer, regardless of its type. For hydration and nutrition are creams and masks, compresses and oils, as well as a variety of other means. They help prevent premature wrinkles, make the skin tone and elasticity, improve the complexion. It is best to apply moisturizer immediately after cleansing procedure to slightly damp skin, so they will be much more effective than applied to dry skin. In addition to daily application of moisturizing, softening and nourishing cream is worth several times a week to pamper your face masks that can perform different functions - from deep cleaning to the intensive feeding and hydration of the skin.

Masks for face

How to make skin beautiful and to eliminate shortcomings? This will help to facials. Finished masks can be purchased at any beauty shop or pharmacy. Undoubtedly, they will be effective. However, how to make perfect skin at home? There are many popular recipes of masks that will give not less than productive effect and consist of 100% natural ingredients and does not contain any chemical additives or preservatives.

  • Mask with egg for normal skin

You will need: one egg yolk, one tablespoon of sour cream and carrot juice. Mix ingredients until smooth, apply on your face, avoiding the areas around the lips and eyes. The mask should act for 20-30 minutes, then you need a good wash it under running water. This tool give the skin a uniform color, smooth out fine wrinkles, nourish and moisturize well.

  • Mask with cheese for dry skin

You will need: one tablespoon of fat cottage cheese, honey and warm milk. Mix ingredients until smooth, apply on your face, avoiding the areas around the lips and eyes. The mask should act for 15-20 minutes, then you need a good wash it under running water, apply a moisturizing cream. Cottage cheese and milk well nourish the skin whitening effect and will give tone smoothing, and honey has healing properties.

  • Yeast mask for oily skin

You will need: a tablespoon of dry yeast, three tablespoons of yogurt, one teaspoon of lemon juice, a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. Thoroughly mix the components to form a mass of foam, apply to the face, avoiding the areas around the lips and eyes. The mask should act for 10-15 minutes, then you need a good wash it under running water. This mask will pull together the pores, whiten skin, remove the fat.

  • Mask for Combination Skin

You will need: a tablespoon of dry wheat bran, one teaspoon of honey and lemon juice. Bran grind to a powder. Thoroughly mix the components, apply to the face, avoiding the areas around the lips and eyes. The mask should act for 15-20 minutes, then you need a good wash it under running water. The mask will purify the T-zone, but will give the necessary nourishment of dry skin on the cheeks.

 How to make a perfect skin - step by step recommendations

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