Combined facial skin


  • Additional care products for combination skin
  • Folk remedies for skin care
  • Steam baths

Combination skin facial combines two types - dry and oily. It has dry patches on the cheeks and temples, and fatty and porous on the forehead, nose and chin (T-zone). Often this combination gives the skin an uneven tone. In addition, it is very difficult to maintain. But nothing is impossible!

Regular care and correctly selected for combination skin can work wonders. Caring for a person with combination skin, however, as for any other, it involves three stages. Let us examine each in more detail.

  • Cleansing

Clean the skin must be morning and evening. Even regardless of whether you are out on the street today and applied to any make-up. Use a gentle cleanser that not only gently cleanse dry skin, and gently remove fat from the T-zone. Better if it will be a foam or mousse especially for combination skin. If desired, fatty areas can be cleaned with a special sponge for washing. Rinse off with warm water means better, but in any case not hot. Hot water further activates the sebaceous glands, and too dry dry areas.

  • Toning

Tonic for combination skin - an absolute must have to care! Use it after washing. Tonic will narrow pores and restore the acidity of the skin, which equally well for both oily and dry areas of it. In addition, the tonic prepares the skin for the application of the cream. Last better absorbed into the skin and give all their nutrients and active ingredients. And the feeling of toning face speak for themselves. You immediately feel the freshness and the skin touch will be much softer and softer. Once you have used the tonic, you should immediately apply the cream for the face.

  • Humidification

Be sure to morning and evening, apply a moisturizing cream. Use a facial cream can be just two. Lightweight moisturizer for oily areas of the skin, nourishing and softening - dry. Modern skin care products also offer creams for combination skin. As part of such creams are perfectly matched components, which not only soften dry skin, but also normalize production of sebaceous glands in the fatty portions. Please note that the cream contains also SPF-filters.

 Masks for combination skin

Additional care products for combination skin

By these means you can enjoy throughout the day. Oily T-zone can be treated periodically with soft matting napkins that do not spoil the makeup. On the entire face can be sprayed thermal water that will calm inflammation and moisturize dry skin of the cheeks.

For make-up and you should choose certain foods. Powder is better not to use, and give preference foundation with light and melting texture, such as mousses or BB cream, which is created on the basis of the gel. Blush is better to choose creamy as compact powdery blush quickly osyplyutsya with dry skin.

  • Scrubs and masks

Once a week, just to do exfoliating treatments and facials. By choosing to combination skin peeling note that as part of an abrasive scrub was artificially. Such abrasive gently exfoliate dead skin cells without damaging the skin. Natural abrasives composed scrubs and exfoliation is usually made from powdered seeds of plants (apricots, peaches, etc.), which tend to scratch the delicate skin.

While using the peeling more carefully studied the T-zone, massaging this area must be not less than 2-3 minutes. Dry cheeks and temples treat less than a minute and softer movements.

Masks should be done after peeling. Both of these procedures are best done in the evening before going to sleep, because after they did not recommended to go on the air. After peeling the skin appear microtrauma in which air from the street can get infected. Furthermore, it is the evening facial skin better absorbs and assimilates useful components masks. There is a ready-made masks and peels for combination skin, but we suggest you prepare home-based natural and beneficial ingredients.

 mask for combination skin

Folk remedies for skin care

There are many effective ways that you can prepare at home.

  • Coffee Scrub

For the preparation you will need ½ table. l. Natural ground coffee and 1/2 table. l. sour cream. Mix the ingredients. Apply massaging the skin, a little soak and rinse with cool water. This scrub is not recommended to do before going out, because coffee can tint the skin.

  • Oatmeal Scrub

Oatmeal scrub to prepare 1 cup of oatmeal, 50 grams of bread crumbs, 1 table. l. soda and 1 teaspoon salt. Oatmeal and bread should be through a meat grinder or chop in a blender. Add the weight of the salt and baking soda. Such workpiece transfer to a glass container. It can be stored in the refrigerator for several months. Before use, take a table. spoon of such assets and add to it the same amount of yogurt. Get scrub massage the skin for 2-3 minutes, then rinse with warm water and all.

  • Strawberry Scrub

This scrub is very effective and in the summer you should not miss the opportunity to do it. You will need 1 tbsp strawberry or strawberry pulp, 0, 5 table. l. linden honey, 0, 5 table. l. almond oil. All the ingredients you need to mix and apply on face. Massaging 2-3 minutes, then left on the skin for about 5 minutes, then wash with water.

  • Scrub currants

You will need 1 table. l. black currant, 1 table. l. flour, 1 tsp ground walnuts, 1 tsp heavy cream. Black currant mash, add to the flour berries. Stir until smooth. Add the walnuts and cream. All the mix. Massage this peeling face for 3 minutes, then leave on the skin as a mask for 10-15 minutes and rinse with water.

  • Sour cream mask

To prepare this mask you will need 2 tsp yeast 2 tsp sour cream, 1/2 tsp linseed oil, ¼ teaspoon honey. Sour cream should be mixed with yeast, add the butter and honey. Lower the container with the workpiece in hot water to the mass of slightly fermented, the mask is ready. Then apply to the face and apply a nourishing cream yeast mask. Hold 25 minutes.

  • Honey mask

The mask quickly removes shine and narrows pores. For the mask, you will need 1 tsp buckwheat honey, 1 chicken egg yolk, 2 desk. l. broth hips. Mix all the ingredients. The mask is applied to the face massaged and washed off with water after 20 minutes.

  • Peach Mask

Peach mask also become superfluous. This mask softens and humidif dry skin of the cheeks and temples .. Be prepared to provide the necessary ingredients - ½ peach 1stol. l. sour cream or olive oil, 1stol. l. grape juice. Peach mash with a fork, mix with sour cream. Apply the mixture to dry skin. On fatty - Spread grape juice. Keep this mask 10 minutes, then rinse. Tandem different ingredients moisturize and removes peeling dry areas of the face, and pull together the pores and refresh oily skin T-zone.

  • Mask with green peas

Oily sheen can be eliminated by using this mask. Prepare 2 tsp cream or sour cream, some cooked peas. Boiled peas mash with a fork, add to it sour cream or cream. Apply a thick layer on the skin. After 20 minutes, rinse with unheated water.

Steam baths

Twice a month pamper skin steam baths. This procedure will open the pores, cleanse the skin of impurities and saturate it with useful substances. For combination skin is best suited steam bath concoctions based on chamomile, thyme and plantain. You can also use lemon juice or fruit (perfect cranberries, currants, strawberries).

From herbal teas made useful for steam baths and berries and fruits are crushed and filled with boiling water. Before the steam tray lubricate fat cream on cheeks, temples and around the eyes. You do not need a bath half an hour, tightly covering his head with a towel. This procedure is best done in the evening. In addition, trays contribute to a deeper further care. It was after a steam bath is better to do the peeling and mask. With your care baths will be complete and the skin will thank you a beautiful look!

 Combination skin of the face - the secrets of care

 care of graft nails


  • Types of building
  • Care graft nails

To date, long, strong and beautiful nails of any shape and color - no problem! To do this, it is not necessary to grow them, constantly strengthen, monitor the form and condition. Moreover, it is very difficult to do, if the nature of your nails are thin and fragile, have a tendency to flaking and breakage. To acquire beautiful long nails, you can go through the procedure of building in any beauty salon.

The procedure for building a fairly simple, but long-term, because you need to handle all 10 fingers. For nail commonly used materials such as gel or acrylic. After the procedure, you build long fingernails get the desired shape. Lac on the nails of extension lasts for more than two or even three weeks. The shape of the nails do not need to constantly adjust, it does not change until the correction procedure.

Correction of nails held every few weeks. It depends on how quickly grow your own nails. It grows, nail open unfilled material for building space. Accordingly, it is not covered with lacquer and different from the primary graft of the nail. Therefore, the correction should be carried out when the need arises.

 Naroscheny nails care

Types of building

Today, there are many types of nails. Every woman can opt for any suitable type of building.

  • Fake nails

This is the easiest and cheapest form of capacity, previously it was available only to women. Artificial nails are made of plastic and are attached directly to the nail glue platinum all over its surface. This method of building can be performed independently at home, it is not complicated, but also short-lived. Furthermore, the glue that secures the false nails, greatly hurting their own nails, penetrates the nail and the skin.

  • Tipsovoe capacity

This kind of increase is a bit like false nails, but the tips are attached to their own nails are not harmful glue and other materials. Usually I use gel or acrylic. Tipsy is attached to the nail by pouring a certain substance. Tips are also made of plastic, as gel or acrylic nails is less harmful than glue.

  • Acrylic capacity

This building method is performed using disposable paper forms. The form is enclosed under the edge of your nail, the nail is filled with acrylic top. Acrylic is a mixture of acrylic powder and liquid activator. A brush dipped in liquid and then into powder, and the mixture is immediately applied to the nail. A homogeneous, rapidly solidifying agent. Acrylic covers not only your own nail, it is given a certain length of the paper form. Then rasp nails to the desired shape, polished by irregularities special machine with a set of milling and grinding attachments. The nail varnished.

  • Gel capacity

To use this method, increasing the gel - a uniform mass, a bit like the consistency of nail polish, only thicker. Capacity is also performed using paper forms. But for solidification of the gel, placed in the hands of a special UV lamp for drying gel. After drying, a necessary form of nails attached to the device for filing and sanding.

Acrylic and gel nails - the most popular type of building for today. It is believed that acrylic much more durable than a gel. However, it harms our nails and more. But there are many varieties of gel. Biogel includes natural components and organic resin. There is also a gel with a mixture of silk fibers and gel nail polish. The gel was less harmful to our fingernails, but less strong and durable compared with acrylic. Besides visiting manicure, you need self-care graft nails.

 proper care of graft nails

Care graft nails

Nail requires regular corrections, where the master will make all the necessary steps to care for them, you will change the shape and color of nails to your liking. But do not be limited to a visit to the salon. Caring for artificial nails at home will provide you with beautiful and neat and well-groomed nails of your hands. Here are some basic rules and tips on how to properly care for the nails of extension that will always keep your pens in perfect condition.

  1. Get used to the nails

    If you wish that your new nails were long, you will need some time to adapt. Get used to the new length you can in a few days. Graft nails are very strong, but it is not necessary to subject them to the test, as they can split or crack. Graft nails literally pour into your natural nail, so if there is some kind of injury, the nail is damaged along with your fingernail. Be careful!

  2. Making the correction time

    Correction of extension of nails held on average once every three weeks. However, it may occur more frequently and less frequently, depending on the growth rate of natural nails. Grow, nail open area of ​​extension of the natural nail is not covered with material to build. If you do not make the correction in time of extension under the nail can get air, he may even break away. Correction should be done on time, even better more often than necessary.

  3. Funds without acetone

    Acetone can ruin your nails Naroscheny, it dissolves the gel and acrylic. If you want to change the color of nail polish you bored yourself, use a special tool to remove the nail polish of extension or at least the means without acetone. Household chemicals and should not contain acetone, or work around the house wearing gloves.

  4. Special nail polishes

    It would be better if you buy a special professional nail polish of extension. In this case, you can change the color of the nails as often as you feel like it, without waiting for correction. However, if you do not have such a possibility, check that the nail had a normal consistency and shelf life.

  5. Special nail file

    Forget about using scissors and a nail clipper, they are only applicable for natural nails. Such tools may simply split Naroscheny nails, leaving them cracked. To change the shape or length of the nail, use a special nail files of extension nails. They will mark the numbered 100/100 and 80/80 - this is the abrasive nail file, which will cope with gel or acrylic. Do not use for sawing and polishing, metal nail files.

  6. Care cuticle

    During the build-up and correction procedures manicure cuticle handles special apparatus. Cuticle cut away as if scraped and special grinding cup. However, care involves graft nails and self-care for the cuticle between corrections. Do not forget to trim the resulting burrs and nourish the cuticle around the nail and skin oils.

  7. Avoid extremes of temperature

    Graft nails sensitive to sudden temperature changes, this may become more brittle, crack or even break. Avoid prolonged heating in the bath or sauna and steam rooms after leaving did not immediately jump into the icy pool, let your nails to cool naturally.

  8. Removal of extension of nails

    If you decide to remove Naroscheny nails, consult a specialist. Naroshchennyh dissolve nails with a special structure, and cut down the remnants of the grinding or polishing sawing. It is unlikely that you will be able to do it yourself at home.

 Proper care of graft nails - it's easy!

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