how to quickly remove the black eye


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  • Folk remedies
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Unfortunately, bruises no one is immune, and it does not matter what was the cause of their appearance. In people with delicate and sensitive skin, thin-walled blood vessels internal bruise may arise not only from the strong impact, but also the slightest touch or failure pressure. Particularly unpleasant is a black eye, the so-called "blank check" or "black eye." It is located on a prominent place so that it is very difficult to hide.

Bruise, which doctors call a subcutaneous hematoma - a bleeding without damaging the skin. Because of the strong shock or mechanical damage to the blood vessels under the skin burst and hemorrhage occurs in the tissue. At the beginning of the bruise appears strong red-purple swelling, which gradually subsides and becomes blue bruise (sizuyu, violet) color. As the resorption of blood bruise color changes from blue to green, yellow or pink. Remove bruise in various ways, but the most important is timely first aid.

First aid

Once put a bruise and swelling is observed in the eye, you should quickly take action. It was the first steps to eliminate and reduce hemorrhage can help to reduce the possible size of a bruise, as well as its further elimination.

We put the cold

Primarily, it is necessary to quickly attach to the site of injury that any cold. It may be ice, snow, something out of the freezer (for example, frozen meat, etc.), a piece of metal - a coin or spoon, and others. Time exposure to cold compress should not be less than 15-20 minutes. It was during this time of internal bleeding stopped, blood clots and clog blood vessels, relieves cold swelling. In order not to further injure the sensitive skin of eyelids, it is cover first gauze bandage, not too thick, or a piece of cloth on which lay a cold object.


Imposition of a cold compress is also well reduces pain. But if the pain is sharp or throbbing and does not cease, it is necessary to take pain pills - analgin, baralgin, tempalgin, paracetamol, spazmalgon et al. Aspirin not worth taking, because it is diluted blood, and she rolled a long time, which can lead to the expansion of the area of ​​the bruise, increased edema.

 quickly remove the black eye

Medicines to eliminate black eye

Bruise untreated can flaunt on the skin for about a week, while blossoming in many different colors and shades. However, timely treatment, constant and regular, it is possible to quickly reduce the bruise - just a few days. To do so, go to the pharmacy and purchase any drug - ointment, cream or gel for topical application having absorbing action.

  • "Troxevasin"

Apply gel to clean, dry skin every hour in the first and second day. In this mode of use can be eliminated by bruising 2-3 days. Gel as well strengthens the walls of blood vessels under the skin.

  • "Bruise-Off"

Ointment contains extract of leeches, accelerates absorption of bruises, removes swelling and inflammation. This cream can be added to the masking effect, like a foundation. Apply 5 times a day to the affected area.

  • Heparin ointment

Ointment well to remove swelling and increases blood clotting. Ointment reduces pain due to contained anesthetics. Use 2-3 times a day, causing the affected area of ​​the skin.

  • "Lioton"

The gel has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, resolves bruising under the skin. Apply up to three times a day to the affected area.

It is also a good tool to quickly remove the swelling and remove the black eye will ointments and gels containing medicinal leeches extract, arnica extract, heparin, horse chestnut extract. They are very well strengthen and thicken the walls of blood vessels, anti-inflammatory action. You can take the tablets inside and vitamin P and Ascorutinum, they are also well strengthen capillaries and blood vessels, improve blood circulation.

 how to quickly remove the black eye from a blow

Folk remedies

We remove a bruise folk remedies - it is not less effective. The elimination of a black eye to help a variety of masks, compresses, ointments and lotions from medicinal herbs and many other components. The following recipes proven themselves over the years.


This is the most popular and at the same time, the most effective tool for information bruise. Bodyagi a spongy seaweed, dried and ground into powder. The powder is black or dark gray color is sold in any drugstore. Bodyagi has good absorbing effect, increases blood circulation, can manifest a slight burning of the skin. We must be very careful to avoid getting concoctions on the mucous membrane of the eye.

For information you need 1 tsp bruise powder mixed with 2 tsp of warm water and mix well. The resulting mixture must be imposed on the skin and leave to dry, then rinse under running water. For the desired effect like a mask should be applied to a bruise 2-3 times a day for 2-3 days to complete disappearance.

Decoctions and infusions of dried herbs

Quickly and effectively remove black eye may also decoctions and infusions of herbs and combinations thereof, such as:

  • cornflower;
  • daisy;
  • coltsfoot;
  • lime-blossom;
  • Ledum marsh;
  • grass celandine.

To prepare the broth should take 1 tsp herbs and pour 100 ml of water, boil for 5-7 minutes. Cover and let stand for 30-40 minutes. Then drain and cook lotion: Moisten a cotton pad or roller gauze and apply on skin for 10-15 minutes century. Lotions should be repeated every 2-3 hours for 2-3 days.

Vegetable masks

  • Beet and aloe

Beets, in combination with aloe juice and dry grass celandine, fastest eliminate black eye. Grate a little beet, mix 1 tsp remaining components. Leave the mixture to infuse 2-2, 5:00, and then squeeze the juice through cheesecloth. From the juice and make a lotion with a cotton swab or bandage. Leave the lotion on for 20 minutes, repeat it every 2-3 hours, and on the second day the bruise disappears.

  • Cabbage

Take a cabbage leaf, better thick and fleshy, pass it through a meat grinder. Mush apply on the skin under the eyes and leave for 20 minutes, then rinse with running water. Repeat about 2-3 times a day for 3-4 days.

  • Potatoes

This mask can be made from fresh raw potatoes. It is also possible to mince or grate, to impose on the bruise 20-30 minutes, rinse with running water. The procedure is repeated with the same regularity.

Honey wrap

This wrap is suitable for very extensive bruises from being hit under the eye. Mix 1 egg yolk, 0, 5 tablespoons flour, a tablespoon of honey and vegetable oil. The mixture was put on a skin, cover with plastic wrap, top - a warm cloth, leave for 2-3 hours, then rinse with running water. Repeat morning and evening for two days.

Means for masking

If you are unable to stay at home throughout the treatment a black eye, do not be amiss to disguise it. The best way to disguise theatrical make-up, it will mask the bruise is most effective. Over white makeup should still apply foundation that you usually use, as long as it goes well with the color of your skin. Finally the skin powder powder for a matte effect.

You can also use a proofreader or concealer for dark circles under the eyes and disadvantages. Typically, such a corrector is yellow or orange pigment that is well interrupts blue and purple bruises. Let concealer fully absorb and apply on top of foundation or powder. Not superfluous will also be wearing large sunglasses, unless your situation allows.

 How to quickly remove the black eye - phased tips

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 shugaring at home


  • What shugaring?
  • Benefits shugaring
  • Recipe
  • How to shugaring
  • Shugaring feet and hands
  • Shugaring armpits
  • Shugaring bikini
  • Shugaring persons

A popular form of hair removal now - shugaring - has long been known oriental beauties. For centuries, women of the East shugaring performed at home, and paste recipe for hair removal handed down from generation to generation.

Today, the most famous beauty salons have adopted a recipe for smooth skin oriental beauties and offer their clients the make this miracle hair removal. We propose to do shugaring home.

First, let's understand what is shugaring what his advantages over other, more conventional methods of removing unwanted hair. In addition, you will learn the recipe of how to make pasta and shugaring at home.

What shugaring?

Shugaring - is sugar waxing. Body hair is removed using a special paste. Pasta is a thick sugar syrup.

Sugar waxing is of two kinds:

  • Sugar Waxing

This epilation performed using the finished paste. The principle of operation resembles waxing. Hot paste is applied to the skin special spatula or brush. Then, on top of superimposed fabric strip is smoothed with the power off against the direction of hair growth. This is a rather painful procedure that requires patience.

  • Sugaring

This type of sugar is to remove the epilation of hair soft caramel sugar, which is rolled into balls. This ball is first distributed over the skin against the hair growth, smoothed, and then off in the direction of their growth. This sequence makes shugaring almost painless compared to waxing. And the hairs removes the wax is not worse. It is this kind of sugar hair removal is very easy to replicate at home.

 shugaring home recipe

Benefits shugaring

More and more women all over the world spend shugaring at home. This is not surprising, because this type of hair removal so many benefits!

  • Economical

Recipe for pasta shugaring usually looks like this: sugar and water. They are available absolutely for any woman. In addition, some caramel balls enough to spend quality shugaring at home, which includes epilation hands, legs, bikini area and underarms. Hair removal wax also cost significantly more. Think for yourself - in addition to the wax will need more and spatulas, strips, as well as a special apparatus for heating the wax.

  • Hypoallergenicity

The composition of the paste to come shugaring completely non-allergenic components. The composition of the wax, in addition to all sorts of chemical compounds include preservatives, which are very often cause allergies. Add that wax hair removal should be hot, but this increases the risk of irritation of the skin. While shugaring taken warm caramel.

  • Indolence

Compared with wax, sugar toffee less adheres to the skin and therefore does epilation. Home shugaring simply created for the delicate skin of the face and sensitive areas bikini and underarms. And that's why shugaring suitable for women with varicose veins and other problems with blood vessels.

  • Lack of ingrown hairs

Sugar candy gently envelops each hair, including the follicle and destroys it completely. For other methods of hair removal of the hair root can survive - hair begins to grow inside. In addition, the hairs are removed in the direction of their own growth, so the process is not shugaring hairs are bent and broken at the base.

  • Ease

Use sugar balls much better than waxing. Firstly, using wax strips and rather difficult to make itself deep epilation bikini. Second, the wax stain can be everything: sex, clothes, skin. While the caramel is very practical to use.


The effect of shugaring saved up to 20 days, and the waxing must be repeated every two weeks.


This recipe for pasta shugaring house is designed for a single procedure.

So, you will need:

  • 6 teaspoons of sugar
  • 2 teaspoons water
  • 2 teaspoons lemon juice

All we mixed in a metal bowl and put on a slow fire. The mixture must be constantly stirring, so that it is not burnt. After a few minutes, the mixture should darken and become golden. It must come from the sweet smell of caramel. Then add the lemon juice. Remove from the heat and give cool, but not completely. Otherwise, the mass hardens, and then it will be very difficult to knead.

If using the same recipe, take 1 kg of sugar, 8 tablespoons of water and 7 tablespoons of lemon juice, you get a semi-paste stock shugaring. Truth and preparing it a little differently.

All ingredients should be mixed in a metal bowl and place over high heat. The mass must be constantly stirring so the sugar is burnt. After a few minutes the fire is necessary to subtract the dishes cover and simmer for about 10 minutes weight.

Sugar should be fully melted, mix with water and juice and become liquid. It is again necessary to mix, and leave for another 10 minutes.

When the mass starts to gurgle, pinpoint another 10 minutes. During this time, weight should darken, becoming homogeneous and buy sweet smell of caramel. When sugar begins to foam, measured for 5 minutes and remove from heat. The hot mass was poured into a plastic container with thick walls and give it to cool. It cools such a mass of about 3 hours.

Paste shugaring stored in a dark, dry place. Before the next epilation simply warm up a little weight in a water bath.

Lemon juice can cause irritation on sensitive skin, so the cooking recipe as a replacement for citric acid may be included in the same proportions.

Recipe shugaring may also include a walnut liqueur and honey. Honey is known to have anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties, and walnut tincture effectively destroys the hair follicles.

Be sure to check the readiness of the mixture. To do this, take a small piece of candy mass and try to roll it into a ball.

If the mass is pliable and does not spread in the hands - you did everything right.

If the mixture gets too hard, add the 1 tablespoon of water. Put in a water bath. When the mixture is melted, stir it well. Then remove the heat and allow to cool down again.

Too liquid mass, unfortunately, says that has not been met recipe. This weight is not suitable for hair removal.

 shugaring recipe

How to shugaring

Immediately before applying sugar mass to the skin, it should be how to knead it to become plastic.

Take a small piece of candy, the size of a quail egg and begins to knead. If the mass is difficult to warm up, just add one drop of hot water.

When the caramel mixture becomes lighter, and the thread at extension pearlescent gain - weight ready for use.

Sugar spheres perfectly remove hairs as short about 2-4mm. Longer hair weight simply can not fully "take over".

Shugaring feet and hands

Roll out a piece of candy mashed small ball, shall cleave to his skin. Roll it against the hair growth. Wait a couple of minutes. During this time, the mass of envelops each hair. You will find it on the feeling of tightness and pulling hair. Then, abruptly, remove the skin from the caramel in the direction of hair growth. Along with the weight off and have hairs. Then again, mash a piece, and then apply it to the skin. So you need to do over the entire surface of the legs or arms. When the piece will be completely in the hair, otschipnite new batch of caramel.

It is important that the movement was sharp and strictly parallel to the surface of the skin - so the thrill of hair removal will be less painful. For the convenience of removing hair from the legs, you can free hand to stretch the skin slightly.

After the procedure shugaring enough to wash away sugar mixture of hot water and apply to the skin moisturizer. Since sugar hair removal irritations of the skin does not leave, right after it, you can feel free to flaunt in mini-skirts and tops with short sleeves.

Full hair removal caramel paste takes about 1, 5 hours. But the result will delight you - gentle and smooth skin without irritation.

When you possess sufficient skill and feeling will be virtually painless - spend shugaring and other more sensitive areas (bikini, underarms).

Shugaring armpits

To remove unwanted hair from the armpits to take home small pieces of caramel. Processing must also be small areas of the skin, as the underarm area - very sensitive.

Since hair grows in the armpits up the ball on the need to roll down the skin and tearing - up, respectively.

First time shugaring armpits can take about half an hour and be quite painful. This is due to the fact that the hair bulbs are very strong and "not willing" to leave the follicle. But over time, the hair is weakened, and the procedure will take no more than 5 minutes.

Mastered shugaring armpits? Feel free to skip to the caramel hair removal bikini!

Shugaring bikini

Shugaring bikini at home hair should be no longer than 5 mm, otherwise the procedure will be very painful.

For the convenience of performing hair removal in the bikini area, place one foot on the edge of the bath or on a chair.

Take a small ball of caramel. Mash it and apply to the skin. Epilate the bikini zone should be small areas of the skin, about 2 cm by 2 cm to make the hairs were removed from the first time. Smooth weight against the growth of hair and gently pulling on the skin, dramatically tear caramel direction of hair growth.

Keep the weight on the skin to better grapple with the hairs should be not more than half a minute. Even better, if you can handle every area of ​​skin for about 10-15 seconds. The longer you keep the weight on the skin of the delicate area, the harder it will be then remove hairs.

For the first time individual hairs may remain. But no need to treat the skin until all hairs are removed - can be prepared as redness. It is better to go to the next area of ​​skin and area of ​​partially treated wastes can be proepilirovat fully later.

After epilation caramel rinse with warm water and apply a soothing cream "after hair removal."

The second procedure shugaring bikini can be done in just 10 days. And if you go to a completely shugaring and give up the razor, the hair will grow more slowly, and the procedure will be done less frequently.

Shugaring persons

Unwanted hair on the face and perfectly removes sugar mass. The face is usually the shortest hairs, and they removed the sugar paste completely painless.

You need to remove the same principle as in other parts of the body. Smeared against the hair growth, tear - in the direction of their growth. After the procedure a few days shugaring give up going to the solarium, or you risk burns and pigmentation.

 Shugaring at home. Secrets of smooth skin