How to remove ingrown hairs


  • Ingrown Hair Remedy path
  • Common errors when removing ingrown hairs
  • How to prevent ingrown hairs

Despite the large number of safe and painless method of getting rid of the hair on the body, which are offered in specialized institutions of beauty, many women prefer to remove the vegetation in the home with the help of a razor, epilator wax.

As a result of improper actions, a new problem that is much more difficult to fight - it's an ingrown hair. And if time does not pay attention to it, in the future it could begin fairly strong inflammation. The fact is that after the procedure under the skin is a little bit of broken off hairs, which is difficult to climb through hardened layers of the epidermis. The rod begins to bend sideways or downwards, not germinate, which leads to hair follicle irritation, redness defective area itching.

 How to remove ingrown hairs

Ingrown Hair Remedy path

Today, you can apply for the removal of ingrown hair in beauty salons or make all the necessary manipulations yourself at home. In the first case by a special process the equipment master inflamed area, which not only save you from problems, but also prevent further ingrowth. Of course, after the first procedure, the miracle did not happen, you have to visit the salon at least three or four times while in any case not be able to continue to use a razor blade, the machine and the like devices that damage the skin. In the future, if your budget allows, it is better to remove the vegetation with the help of hair removal or laser hair removal.

To make the removal of an ingrown hair in the skin, you can also do by using the modern cosmetic means, which are sold in retail stores. For example, if you had a similar problem before, apply immediately after shaving or hair removal on the treated area special sprays, gels, creams, ointments. There are many drugs that are suitable for sensitive areas with high sensitivity. Now you do not have to suffer with sore armpits that delivers much discomfort in summer, when the heat of sweating occurs. The same goes for bikini.

So, how to delete an ingrown hair? To start, you need a good steam the skin, make it easier to clear it of horned parts. Take ten or fifteen minutes warm (but not hot) shower or bath, then apply to the problem area ordinary scrub. You can use as a store tool and cooked his own, adding, for example, ground coffee beans in a shower gel. After peeling gently wipe the skin soft towel, then apply a moisturizer to the hairs easier to bark, or they can be bent again.

If a few days after the procedure ends of the bar appeared on the surface, do not they immediately pull out with tweezers. This vegetation is best to remove the next time the usual way to ahead of time not to injure the skin and so troubled. However, this method is suitable only if this area is not yet inflamed not fester, and the hairs are not too deeply rooted. Otherwise, you can make the situation worse (carry infection, cause irritation). This mechanical action on the damaged area should be avoided so that later no skin scars.

In some cases, experts recommend to put on the sore area of ​​special remedies for acne, especially if it starts a serious process of suppuration. Treat skin four or five times a day to achieve a positive result. Already on the second day after these procedures, you will notice how to reduce swelling, pain will go away. Then you can safely begin to do the peeling.

To reduce inflammation and allow the hairs grow on their own, do morning and evening herbal compresses. Chamomile, nettle, burdock, celandine, yarrow - it is only a small list of plants that will greatly facilitate you your anguish. Pour two tablespoons of any herbs liter of boiling water and leave to brew for fifteen minutes, then start making gadgets. If the second or third day of the ends of the rod does not come close to the surface, then you have to resort to more radical methods and serious.

Deep ingrown hairs have to delete the old usual Russian way - using a pair of tweezers and a needle. Preliminary reserves bottle of alcohol, peroxide, iodine, several strips of plaster. Note that in any case for tools and disinfection of the skin can not use perfumes, colognes, deodorants, since they contain a relatively large amount of harmful substances (dyes, fragrances, flavors, oils, etc.). Wipe with cotton wool soaked in alcohol needle, tweezers and a site where you will make a puncture, and then proceed to the procedure itself.

Your main task - to direct hairs up, not dig it. Pick up the rod in the middle, and then carefully pull yourself. Once the head seem to curl immediately stop. If after a few days, no changes have to repeat the whole process again. Before the procedure is recommended to do a little warm compress of herbal extracts to soften the skin. After removing all the hairs do not forget to put on a wound antiseptic, then seal their bactericidal plaster.

 removal of ingrown hairs

Common errors when removing ingrown hairs

Very often, the fair sex are beginning to squeeze the rod ingrown hairs, thus complicating the situation. Remember, the greater the impact on the inflamed area, the wider region of festering. Also in this case, the process will be much quicker. If you do not want then to go with scars on his legs and pustules on the armpits, be patient. Otherwise, the consequences will be like after folliculosis. Once you have found a similar problem immediately try to remove it. If it came to a festering, do not use hard sponges, razors, scrubs.

How to prevent ingrown hairs

First, remove the vegetation with the help of razor only after taking a shower or bath, when your skin is still soft and steamed. Do not dry these procedures. Use special foam, shaving gels, which can borrow from the young man. Secondly, do not forget the time to change the blade. The old razor start to pull out hairs, also on the surface may be a number of different bacteria, which you never dreamed. Most devices have a special indicator, signaling that it is time to change the tape. Therefore, as soon as the tape is changed color immediately run for a new machine.

Third, take your time while shaving, not strongly push on the skin, remove the vegetation in the direction of its growth. And in any case, do not spend a blade on the same site more than twice in a single procedure. After removal of hair in the bikini area the first two days did not wear synthetic, not too tight-fitting underwear. If you do the opposite, you have to constantly deal with ingrown hairs.

 How to remove ingrown hair without pain?

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 how to properly care for the skin


  • Determining the type of skin
  • Cleaning up - the first stage of skin care
  • Toning
  • Special care
  • Last step: Cream

Regular facials - the key to preserving the beauty and youthful skin. Acne, "black spots", freckles and wrinkles will not disappear by themselves, if you do not make any effort for it. Neat skin will look great anytime, anywhere, despite the complete lack of makeup and weather conditions.

Determining the type of skin

Competent facial begins with the individual selection of cosmetics, medicines and treatments. Cream, fully meets the needs of dry skin, will cause holders of fatty epidermis "flash" of pimples and blackheads. Lotion combined type will cause allergic rashes on the sensor face. If you want to solve the problem of cosmetic imperfections once and for all - carefully read the labels on the tubes and jars in the store. How to properly care for the skin and still be sure that the tool is picked up right?

Check your skin type you can own, without the help of professional cosmetologist. Thoroughly clean the face with a neutral gel for washing or children's soap. After 2, 5-3 hours Take ordinary paper towel and push it to the T-zone for a few seconds. On paper, were greasy marks? Your skin suffers from excess of the sebaceous glands. If you are concerned not only shine on the forehead and tip of the nose, but also a sense of tightness in her cheeks - have a combined type of the epidermis. Normal skin is left on a napkin barely noticeable traces of skin secretions and the contact paper with a dry type generally remain completely invisible.

Each skin type is inherent in a kind of "set" of typical cosmetic problems. Bold epidermis usually "accompany" enlarged pores, blackheads and major inflammation. Normal skin can easily become dry or a combination - you just make a mistake with the choice of a tonic or a couple of times not to wash off make-up at night. The dry type is also called sensitive - it is characterized by allergic rashes, redness, age spots and premature wrinkles.

 how to care for the skin

Cleaning up - the first stage of skin care

To your face always remained fresh and beautiful, you need every day to clean the skin from dust, excess sebum and residues of makeup. Start your morning with cool water washing using a foam, gel or emulsion. Owners of oily and combination skin often try to clean the face of the "squeaky" with hot water. However, boiling water is only the activation of the sebaceous glands, so the shine is not only not disappear, but will be twice as fast as usual. If you want to deep clean the pores and get rid of pimples and "black spots", better Pick tool as part of which has antibacterial and podsushivayuschee components.

Peeling the skin in the morning, you prepare it for the application of certain cosmetic products (such as matting cream or tonal framework). In the evening to wash makeup, use a gentle lotion or hydrophilic oil. The remains of mascara and shadow is removed using a special liquid for removing a make-up eyes. It does not cause tearing and nibbling delicate eyelid skin. With this liquid you can also remove lipstick or lip gloss ultrastoykuyu if necessary.

Owners of normal and oily skin can use daily scrub for deep cleansing and exfoliation of dead epidermis particles. It must contain small polymer particles as an exfoliant large fraction dermatologists advise to use no more than 2-3 times a month. Scrub is applied to massage in a circular motion on clean skin and a few minutes later washed off with cool water.

Terms of care for problem skin requires regular mechanical cleaning of the face. Ignoring this procedure, you can not get rid of acne, and "black spots". First face thoroughly steamed over a basin with hot water. In boiling water, you can add a few drops of essential oil of rosemary, eucalyptus or tea tree - they have an antibacterial effect. Pointing fingers wrapped with a clean bandage or a thin cloth to prevent bacteria in the open pores. Comedones alternately squeezed a dramatic touch. After cleaning, wipe the face lotion porosuzhivayuschim.

Dry skin can be cleaned with warm milk, olive oil or yogurt - just moisten a cotton swab with liquid and wipe their face. At home, easy to prepare a universal liquid soap to care for any skin type. Take 2 tablespoons Chip "Children" or "glycerol" soap, 1 tsp lemon juice, 1 tsp aloe juice and 200 ml. of boiling water. Connect the components and mix them in water until complete dissolution of the components. Ingredients should be stored in the refrigerator and used instead of gel for washing.

To cleanse sensitive skin is well used herbs. Pour 3 tablespoons chamomile, yarrow and clover 2 cups of boiling water. Let sit, cool and wipe your face as needed. You suffer from dark spots and acne marks? Wash broth flaxseed or St. John's wort - such care will allow you to quickly get rid of post-acne.


During cleansing opens pores, removes makeup residues and grease tube. After washing, they must be narrow in order to improve the complexion and protect against the penetration of dirt and acne and acne. With this task perfectly cope tonic. Besides, it moisturizes the skin, removes redness and irritation, epidermis preparing means to a more intensive as a mask or a cream. The basis for tonics intended for greasy or combination type of the epidermis, usually a salicyl alcohol. It dries inflammation, removes greasy shine and brightens the "black spots". Alcohol is strictly not use tonic for dry and sensitive skin. Choosing a tonic for the type, give preference to those that contain silicones or shea butter.

If you have oily skin, tonic easily replace red wine or light beer. To minimize pores and improve the complexion is good to use moisturizing tonic, which is easy to prepare on their own. 2 tbsp cucumber pulp and 1 tbsp pulp of aloe leaves, place in cheesecloth and tie. The resulting "sack" drop into a glass of boiling water and leave for a few hours. Tonic for normal dry skin easily replace the ice cube. For this purpose, you can freeze the herbal broth, cucumber or apple juice. Well tightens the properties of ice from the orange or lemon juice.

 proper skin care

Special care

How to care for skin suffering from inflammation, acne, age spots, freckles, age-related changes? After all, the girls are very rarely completely satisfied with his reflection in the mirror. To solve dermatological problems and eliminate defects, must be 2 times a week to apply means of intensive therapeutic effects - masks. The composition of the cosmetic product is usually "crowded" with vitamins, extracts of securities and other active components. If your skin is far from ideal, high-quality care for her, using nothing but the cream lotions yes, it is impossible.

Universal component for hand-made masks - cosmetic clay. Buy it at any pharmacy. White and blue will help to cope with overactive sebaceous glands, green and yellow have a lifting effect and removes red flaking and inflammation. The principle of the preparation of the mask is one, regardless of the color used: powdered clay is diluted with warm boiled water until the consistency of thick cream, and apply a thick layer on a well-cleansed face. You can add the resulting composition of calendula tincture, milk or herbal infusion. Once the mask will begin to tighten the skin, it should be cleaned with plenty of warm water. Because of the pronounced cleaning and disinfecting properties of the clay, at the end of beauty treatments, always use a moisturizer.

Dry skin needs a nourishing mask, like no other. On the "cheers" with peeling, redness and lack of moisture handles regular oatmeal. 3 tbsp cereal necessary to grind in a coffee grinder or blender, mix with cold milk on the face and leave for 15-20 minutes. Dull skin is very refreshing mask from the pulp of strawberries, grated carrots and boiled potatoes. The same properties have oil hot compresses.

Preventive treatment for oily skin involves the use of antimicrobial masks and dried. Beat 1 egg yolk with 10 drops of tea tree essential oil and 2 tsp soda, apply the resulting composition to the skin for 10 minutes. Tea tree - an excellent natural antibiotic that destroys almost all kinds of bacteria, which are the main cause of skin problems. Eliminate shine and help baker's yeast. 4 tbsp dry yeast dissolve 2 tablespoons buttermilk or whey, leave the mixture on the skin for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

To care for red spots left after subcutaneous pimples, apply badyagu. The powder of the sea sponge promotes faster regeneration of the skin. Finer needles dig into the epidermis, stimulating it, so it is necessary to use badyagu very carefully.

Last step: Cream

The best basis for make-up than a properly selected day cream, you can imagine. It moisturizes and smooths the skin, promotes uniform distribution and minimal absorption of tonal resources. For dry skin, modern manufacturers offer a cream with a dense texture with the addition of microcapsules and thermal water for normal skin means are provided to low-silicones and oily - light fluids, gels and emulsions.

Night facial involves the use of rich cream. While you are sleeping, there is an intensive cellular metabolism, so at this time of day, you can safely use the funds with strong components. This night cream helps to win early wrinkles, eliminate freckles and "dissolve" the black dots. Apply it as a day, a thin layer to clean skin. Thick "mask" of cream clogs the pores and provokes the appearance of inflammation.

Cooked with their hands cream is no worse than the store. The problems of oily skin decides agent based on honey and herbs. 2 tsp liquid honey mixed with 20 drops of tincture of ginseng, 2 tablespoons nettle broth and 1 tablespoon glycerol. Store this cream in the refrigerator is necessary. Dry and aging skin will be useful for nourishing lanolin cream and cottage cheese. 1 tsp fresh curd carefully rub with 2 tsp royal jelly, add 100g. lanolin, stir and pour into a glass jar. Normal skin will have to "taste" almond oil. To prepare the cream, mix the night 20 c. hot oil 3 tbsp orange juice and 1 tablespoon cocoa butter.

You will achieve amazing results if you combine the use of cosmetics for skin care with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, exercise and spend more time outdoors - your skin will thank you.

 How to treat skin: useful tips

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