how to banish fat from the abdomen


  • Procedure
  • Changing diet
  • Physical exercise
  • Physical therapy

Passing by a mirror, we can not help trying to straighten his shoulders and draw the belly. Yes, it looks quite decent, and the figure catches the eye. But if you look at your reflection in a normal position, immediately become visible all the flaws. And clearly emerges abdominal fat! I would like to have a flat tummy? Well, get ready to work hard, because in order to learn how to banish fat from the abdomen, and thus achieve a positive effect, it is necessary to exert maximum effort.


Now, remember, only one-sided approach to remedy the situation will not work! Usually people think that is a little pumped up abs and fat safely leave their home place. Confusing! First, the press can not be pumped for a week or even two, and secondly, without a comprehensive approach will not work anything.

In general, if you want to drive away the fat from the abdomen, it is necessary to adhere to the complex:

  • Proper nutrition;
  • Physical exercise;
  • Physiotherapy.

So get yourself together and start to deal with them. The fat accumulated over the years, and completely get rid of it, even in the past month is unlikely.

 how to banish fat from the abdomen properly

Changing diet

There is nothing new has been invented - just efficient and extremely good nutrition will help in the struggle for a flat tummy. Eliminate cakes, candy and all kinds of sweets, and begin actively feeding fiber. The fact that fiber improves bowel. Actively removes toxins and wastes, digestible nutrients. So vegetables and fruits - your friends, and they can be eaten without restriction and in any quantity. But that's bananas and grapes should be a bit limited - it's still a very high-calorie fruit.

Do not forget about protein. Better to eat lean meat. For instance, veal or rabbit, well cope with the full content of the body essential acids and proteins. Fish - an indispensable product at all, especially when it comes to beauty. Not only will a graceful figure, but also improve the complexion and hair will become stronger, and you can grow a beautiful marigold.

Now carbohydrates. Completely impossible to give them up, but to consume the bread (black or bran), dried fruits, honey is not just possible, but necessary! You gave up sweets and pastries? So now replenish the body's need for carbohydrates other products. And for sweets so will not be bored - dried perfectly replace sweets.

Do not forget to drink plenty of fluids - it removes toxins and toxins are faster metabolism. And, of coffee with cream or milk discard. If you love this refreshing drink, then drink it without sugar and milk. But it is preferable to drink tea, green is better.

Physical exercise

Best option - to join the gym and perform exercises under the watchful eye of coach. An experienced worker himself will develop a program to solve your problem and learn to work at the gym. Emphasis needs to be done not only on the abdomen. By the way, and this will not work, because physically burdening your body, you will have a beneficial impact on all areas of the body. So do not be lazy, and you will not only be a flat tummy, but decline in the size of waist and hips become slimmer.

If you decide to study at home, remember these exercises:

  • Swing presses - everything just remember school lessons and begin to deal with;
  • Lying on your back, lift straight legs up and then gently lowered them;
  • With legs up (as in step 2) to make "scissors", "bicycle".

It does not mean that we should only do these exercises. Required whole complex charging: squats, he swings his arms and legs, tilt and rotate. Just turn here, and three of the above paragraph, if the main burden will fall exactly on the abdominal muscles. And do jog, walk on foot, riding on a rope, work out cycling. In general, live an active life. So muscles tightened, and the fat will go back home, and get rid of cellulite.

 how to banish fat from the abdomen alone

Physical therapy

Too worth torturing yourself. Still, any actions should be fun. Here and deliver them yourself - make use of the sauna and massage. Very nice and very helpful! By the way, massage can be done and the most:

  • The abdomen is massaged only in the supine position with legs bent;
  • First, stroking and rubbing - just a counterclockwise direction;
  • Pinching, tapping - active, to redness;
  • Deep "uminaniya" skin and fat.

You can use essential oils for massage - at the same time spend an aromatherapy session. Just do not use vanilla oil - it is able to awaken the appetite and you do on a diet! Prefer orange and mint version. And promotes weight loss and calms the nerves, and just relax helps.

Try the massage with honey. Just type in the palm a little honey and make applying to the stomach, in turn, with each hand. You can grab the hips and also to massage her. After this massage shower and needed a moisturizer for the skin.

In general, you should understand that the impossible is nothing in this situation do not. The main thing is to be confident in themselves and their abilities to act categorically. Take your will in a fist and not to hope for a quick result. By all accounts, the most optimum time to achieve the goal - 12 weeks. But then it is not necessary to throw everything and immediately jumped on forbidden foods, so all will return "to normal."

Continue to do exercises. Agree - it is not difficult. Eat right, or at least reduce consumption of "pollutant." Pay attention, arranging massages, aromatherapy evening, visiting a sauna. All these methods are known to help return the form and save the results for long. Buy yourself liked the dress, and let it be a size smaller. So you will have a goal and desire appears. Motivation - a great thing, precisely because it accomplishes many things.

 How to banish fat from the belly massage, exercise, proper nutrition and a little patience

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 skin care after 30 years

Female indecent to ask about age. It is common knowledge, and to argue with her - own peril. The only thing that's more eloquent talks about passports - is a mirror. After all, the girl appears in front of him, not only in full dress, but early in the morning, sleepy, with no make-up and hairstyles. Only a mirror knows how many wrinkles you were able to count before you make up.

But both want to look good, even if the gifts after the 30th anniversary of the already dismantled, and biological clock starts fourth decade. True? That is why after 30 years of skin care becomes almost more favorite series, and windows are not an informant for new clothes, and critic - everything was in order with makeup and hairdo. How to care for themselves, to look younger? Let's face it.

 skin care in 30 years

Skin Care after 30 years

Remember how you behaved in his youth? Partying till the morning, sea of ​​carbonated drinks and dance till you drop, after which not only wash away makeup, but had not the strength to undress. The next morning (after sleeping only 3-4 hours), having washed in a hurry, you look like your mother after a two-week spa vacation. Familiar? Only now, this will not. After 30 years, your face will be very sensitive to the every hour that you do not dospat, each a cup of tea before going to bed drunk, and every stressful situation that you had to go through. Therefore, you have to exert a lot of effort to look as fresh and young as they used to. You must comply with all the rules of care:

  • Daily skin care should be a full and regular. Remember the basic components of beautiful skin?
  1. Cleansing
  2. Humidification
  3. Food
  4. Protection

It is in these "four pillars" keeps female attractiveness. And God forbid you fall asleep, do not wash the face with makeup! Now you need to remove it carefully. With regard to the protection of the skin, it will be better if you start using a nourishing cream with collagen. With it your skin care is full.

  • The correct mode of the day

    Now, many readers will think that we are offering them to become diet. Well, you are partly right; but we will not have to limit the amount of food intake, but focus on the quality of the eaten and drunk during the day. After all, even the most competent facial wrinkles will not save if you drink 4 cups of coffee a day and dine fast food. And even here the point is, how old you are. The danger lies in the incredible calorie meals served at fast food restaurants. Plus cholesterol. Do you know how often changes sunflower oil in tanks for frying fries? It may well be that your portion - 1000 tion that has been fried in this oil. Now imagine the condition of your blood vessels after such a meal. After 30 of these lunches? Not easier to buy cereal and milk? Sure, your skin will tell for a lunch "thank you."

    As you know, skin care includes a lot of restrictions. One of them - do not drink anything 2 hours before bedtime, or the morning will enjoy the spectacular bags under his eyes. And do not say that the earlier you can easily drink a glass of beer before going to bed and in the morning your face was like new. After 30 years, the body does not have time for such a short period of time to withdraw fluid from the body, and your tea will cause edema.

    Speaking of tea. On it, too, it is to talk separately. Doctors and beauticians recommend drinking herbal and green teas. These teas help women stay healthy, and it is - the first pledge of beauty.

  • Refuse bad habits

    And again on the ban. Proper skin care for women after 30 years to be complex. This means that about cigarettes, alcohol and ultraviolet ... have to forget. Surprised? Of course, about the harm of nicotine and alcohol all have heard, but that's about the negative effects on the skin to sunlight few know. And yet it is so. Frequent exposure to the sun ages the skin, therefore, going to the sea, do not forget to buy a hat with a wide brim. Well, what to do with a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of your favorite wine, I think you know that.

  • Regular massage

    But for the sake of this condition the woman will have to visit a beautician (by the way, according to the rules you have to meet with him once a month should be, at least). To the facial skin after 30 years of pleasing elasticity, it is necessary to periodically pamper massage. At least 2 times a year. But that's not all. Turn on self-massage to your daily skin care, and premature old age does not threaten you.

    Apply the cream on your face before going to bed? Pat the skin with light touches of the fingertips. I take a shower? Aim the stream of warm for a few seconds on your face and allow the water to massage the skin. Just do not overdo it. Often women after 30 years is so addicted to massage the face, that the skin is stretched. What appears on the face of this? Correctly. Wrinkles.

  • Eyes - is not only a mirror of the soul, but also the fastest indicator of a person's age

    After all, the first to appear around the eyes wrinkles. And it was there from them the hardest to get rid of. But do not rush to buy a special cream. Please consult a specialist, because the skin at all different, and where one cream works wonders, the other will not bring nothing but problems. We can say that skin care is much easier than a daily cleansing of the eye area. Apply too fat cream? Stretch the skin. Cause a lot of cream? Moistened skin. Regret of cosmetic products? No effect will be.

  • Face Care, of course, important

    Only in the pursuit of youth do not forget the neck and hands. They give the true age of the woman before manages to see her passport (about eyes we said). Therefore, do not take a little cream to other parts of the body. By the way, help to maintain the smoothness of the neck and hands to help all the same beautician. Therefore, recording on the face massage, do not forget the manicure and a mask for the neck.

  • Avoid stress

    After 30 years it is important to keep the nerves. And it's not even in the preservation of fading beauty. Stress destroys health. And sick people, as you know, the beauty does not shine. Therefore, do not be nervous. Sign up for a yoga class, go to the pool or in the sauna, drink a glass of wine (we know about the prohibition of alcohol, but you are limited to one serving, right?). All this will help to regain strength after a busy day and make skin care easier and more enjoyable.

 proper skin care after 30 years

Take age for granted. This is perhaps the most important rule. Since the majority of women after 30 years with his aging humbled and completely throws facial in favor of a career. Or for the sake of the children. They think that beauty will not come back, and they "went into circulation." It is understandable. Men do not turn around after not appoint a date, do not give flowers.

And how can you turn when you went past the hunched woman with dull eyes in a shapeless dress (this is another constant attribute of aging ladies)? Would you like to themselves in such a form? That's right. Therefore, stop burying yourself ahead of time. After 30 life has just begun, and your life will still be many flowers that have to buy them a new vase. We promise you.

 Competent skin care after 30 years