manicure by a newspaper


  • Application technique manicure
  • Rules of application
  • A few more tips

The woman used to adorn themselves, but sometimes you want to do it as something original, with a twist. That there is such a method - a manicure by a newspaper. Do you think it is difficult that such a miracle can only make real masters-professionals? Very wrong! It's all so simple that perform a manicure at home will be able to any girl. The main thing to aim to be fashionable and original.

Application technique manicure

To make yourself a manicure with a newspaper, it is necessary to prepare a varnish-base (only certainly matte) paper and clearcoat-fixer. Now a few nuances about the newspaper - you can take black-and-white, but you can print a color, not a glossy magazine. You can select Russian fonts, but you can improvise and make manicure with using newspaper and cause bukovki from a foreign alphabet.

First you have to make your own manicure - cuticle cut off, make out the shape of a nail and nail file to file it in gently. The nails should be smooth, flawless in appearance. Now drop the nail (finger) in alcohol - so we degrease. Another option - a cotton swab to wipe the nail with acetone. Now we cover the nail varnish base and give it to dry completely. Here it is necessary to do the following: Apply one coat of varnish in a minute - second. Since matte lacquer (enamel), it is necessary to put it gently, to make it look a continuous surface without gaps and lanes.

Now we pick up a newspaper, but first it is necessary to prepare and make a strip, or to simulate the exact shape of nails. Poppy piece of paper in alcohol and applied on the nail - we make sure that it is not shifted, and then get a blurry picture. For a snug fit on the nail to adhere to a newspaper with a damp cloth (it should also be wetted in alcohol). For a complete fix will be enough for 2-3 minutes. Now carefully remove a newspaper and give this beauty to dry - a quarter of an hour will be enough.

So, we drank coffee, dried marigold, and now remains only to make the final touch - to cover the nails fixing varnish. This means selling colorless and so it is possible to impose a single layer, not particularly trying. All creative, trendy and contemporary manicure by a newspaper ready - now you can show it to all others.

 manicure with newspaper

Rules of application

Before you start doing a manicure with the newspaper to remember a few rules:

  • Use old yellowed sheets of paper can not be - divorce remain on the varnish-based;
  • If you are using Russian letters, you have to make bukovki placed "face" to the audience;
  • Manicure with a newspaper from the font color requires the application of black or white lacquer base;
  • For black and white bukovok foundation can serve as lacquer of any color;
  • You can not do manicures, taking as a basis for pearlescent or glitter nail polish.

In general, it should be noted that the newspaper made a manicure and nails short and long. In addition, this type of manicure sufficiently stable and can be worn up to 7 days, after that it should be altered. If you observed increased brittleness, it is desirable not to use alcohol - it is very dry out the skin, and nails. It is better to treat them a little bit, and then start experimenting.

 how to do a manicure in the newspaper

A few more tips

And a few words about the manicure with colored newspapers of glossy magazines do this kind of manicure is not necessary - just dilute the alcohol bukovki and no effect will. When letters in color do not use a colored varnish-base - only black or white, make sure matte. Just remember - on the basis of a manicure is difficult.

Here's the thing: enamel paints, especially white and black, very clearly show all the defects in the general form of nails. For example, inflamed cuticles, hangnails, blots when spraying - it will be "in front of" and then the effect is not obtained. Therefore, if you have any problems with nails, or you have not yet learned how to make a perfect manicure, better to start with a manicure in black and white newspapers.

Manicure by a newspaper - a new fashion trend, which allows women and girls to stand out from the crowd to show their "I", to show the originality and style. Even if the first attempt does not work, try another, and another - all will come with experience. You should not regret the time spent - but your pen will always be the center of attention, and you'll pass for fashionistas and even shocking special! Learn, strive for perfect execution manicure and enjoy the compliments and surprise from friends, family and colleagues - perhaps that it will serve as one more step in communication, in love or in a career ...

 Manicure by a newspaper. Add creative!

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 exercise to lose weight calves


  • Loads
  • Eat right
  • Additional devices
  • Contraindications

To the feet of women is always a special relationship - after all they can to attract attention to his person. When the eggs very thin - it's ugly, but too full, too, will not look aesthetically pleasing. Ideally, calves should be slightly muscled and moderately full. You think this is impossible to achieve? And in vain - it is not only a special diet and exercise to lose weight calves. But all in order.


Unfortunately, no exercise to win the completeness calves and bring their legs in perfect view will fail. So we'll have to work, and to do so it is necessary to abandon and desperate. Remember the basic rules:

  • You can not only do strength exercises - the program must contain only the lungs and many times repeated loading;
  • Be sure to do aerobics - this kind of physical training is able to provide many repetitive movements;
  • Ideal - yoga, this is where you will find a lot of versions, both dry and reduce calf.

To achieve the desired result, you should have a special platform or, alternatively, a great book, a piece of plaque (quite high - 7-10 centimeters). Doing exercise is necessary so that the load was precisely on eggs - you will feel like they are tense and sore. Let's get started:

  • Go to the platform: put your left foot, and rising on tiptoes, put a number of rights. Then also turn to go down to the foot of the platform. Simple, but very effective exercise;
  • Put your right foot on the platform and lift the left, bending the knee, it is the free leg should be at chest level;
  • We put the right knee on the platform, but left a little raised. Do not put your left foot next to right and immediately lower it to the floor.

Keep in mind that weight loss exercises for the calf muscles should be repeated at 20-25 times each. Leg which is on the platform, it is necessary to change - thus, the load will be distributed evenly. Be careful how your body feels - the load should be felt only on the legs. You should not "rush into the pool with his head," and the first workout begins to actively train for a few hours - so you can only hurt yourself. And one more thing: never count on a quick result. Calves lose weight very slowly, and only persistent exercise and proper nutrition can help deal with this problem.

 exercise for weight loss calf muscle

Eat right

Many ladies want to do without exercise, and make for yourselves a calf through diet. In principle, it is possible - sit on any diet and eggs will lose weight, but that will happen only if the fullness is due only adipose tissue, but not overly developed muscles. And then, because when fat subsides, and calves become thinner - where is the guarantee that they will be tightened?

So do not be lazy and do not try to cheat nature - only a comprehensive approach to this issue will help to remedy the situation. With regular exercise can be a good pump up muscles, and balancing your diet, lose weight, not only in the calves, but in all parts of the body.

Additional devices

To slimming calves are not dragged on for too long, it is necessary to use all possible methods. Do not forget that the sauna, steam bath and massage - are additional helpers in the difficult task. Also good for calves, you will get real pleasure from such procedures, a wonderful rest and clean the body of toxins. Massage is best left to professionals, but it is possible to study the techniques. Especially since there is nothing complicated here.

First, stroking, then warming, then the spiral and circular movements (deep, with pressure) and again in the end of stroke. You can apply massage oil - or buy basic experiment and add a few drops of foundation of essential oil. So you get more and aromatherapy. If you have cellulite on your calves, do massage with anti-cellulite cream. Get it at the pharmacy, where the pharmacist will tell you and how best to use.

 exercise to lose weight calves


It should be noted that there is a category of people who exercise and treatments in the saunas and baths, is strictly prohibited:

  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • Phlebeurysm;
  • Hormonal levels;
  • Diabetes;
  • Malignant tumors;
  • Infectious diseases;
  • Bleeding.

Such problems need to solve the problem with an expert - still in serious disease it is necessary to take care of their health, and not just about beauty. And if you decide to have cosmetic surgery, in principle, it is the easiest option, remember - even this measure does not guarantee perfect legs in the future. So it is better to deal with them, but not to run for surgeons and rush to extremes. Still, surgery is the most extreme measure.

In general, with a strong desire, you can achieve anything you want in this life, that really there to talk about any problems with the calves feet! And if we do it with a smile and be happy, to combine all of the known methods, and enjoy the treatments, the result is guaranteed. Take care of yourself and your feet, watch out for them and help them to be always in shape. They just say thank you and will not bore the pain, fatigue and irregular shapes.

 Exercises Slimming Calf - an easy walk to the attainment of the goals!

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