skin care at home


  • What type of skin do you have?
  • Recipes for Dry Skin
  • Recipes for Oily Skin
  • Recipes for combination skin

If you compare the concepts such as "beauty" and "health", you can find a lot in common. Of course, under the "beauty" one means something personal, and everyone is looking at this concept from their own perspective. However, what healthy skin - it's beautiful skin, deny pointless because the fact, as they say, on the face. The very nature has made us - women, the constant striving for improvement. In this quest, we sometimes go to extremes: Watch out for cosmetic innovations, try to imagine the different methods of rejuvenation turn to plastic surgeons. In general, transform your skin into a testing ground for experiments and do not think about where it might lead.

Tired of chasing the ideal tool for individuals dissatisfied with the procedures used in beauty salons, many women stop believing advertising and resolve to achieve the desired effect alone. Those who had studied traditional recipes of beauty and knows how to use them come to the conclusion - facial at home no worse than the procedures carried out by beauticians.

What type of skin do you have?

The skin is divided into four types. Carefully read your face before you give preference to one or another cosmetic recipe. So:

  • You clean, flexible, has a pink tint skin? So you are lucky enough! Normal facial skin does not need special care, it contains enough moisture, it does not have enlarged pores, and wrinkles on it less noticeable. This skin is very rare;
  • His face shines, it often appear rash and black dots? It - oily skin;
  • Excessive dryness, peeling, irritation ... skin dry. At a young age, she does not give any problems, but after 30 years it highly visible fine lines. It is influenced by everything: the temperature difference, the change of soaps, the use of an inappropriate cream;
  • The skin shines on the nose, chin and forehead, but on the cheeks and around the eyes shelled? So you're the owner of combination skin - the most common of all. A skin care complex. Here it is necessary to use different tools for different parts of the face.

 proper skin care at home

Recipes for Dry Skin

Yes, a young man so skin looks almost perfect, but if you do not start timely care for her, you can forget about peace. Let's look at some recipes to help maintain the skin in good shape.

Before going to bed

Wipe face with warm vegetable oil or soak cotton balls in it and apply to the face for 20-30 minutes. Remains of oil rinse with lukewarm water. Alternatively, oils can be used instead of the fat cream.

Before wash

  • Mix egg yolk with oil and water in equal parts, apply on the skin 15 minutes for this procedure is best done in the morning;
  • The yolk can also be mixed with honey or glycerin. This recipe is good because it is cooked with stock, the main store it in a cool place. Use each morning.

Instead of washing

Well softens the following means: rye bread pour warm milk, wait until it is fed with, and wipe the face with the mixture. The mixture was well kept in the refrigerator 4-5 days, so it is possible to prepare in advance.

Nutritious masks

  • Take in the amount of honey 2 tablespoons, heat it in a water bath and mix with a spoon fat cottage cheese. Keep this mask should be half an hour, rinse as usual - with warm water;
  • Fresh mint leaves crush and pour boiling water (1 share mint to take a share of the liquid 3). Boil a lot, keep on low heat for 1-2 minutes. The cooled mixture was put on gauze or thin fabric, put on your face. After 15 minutes rinse. You can use up to three times a week;
  • Oatmeal mix thoroughly with egg yolk, to get gruel medium thickness. Keep on the face for 10-15 minutes.

Use the above mask regularly, it is advisable to alternate them Mezhuyev themselves.

Recipes for Oily Skin

Here, the main component - this is the correct cleaning. Otherwise, you are waiting for premature wrinkles, rashes and pigmentation spots. There will best help it extracts from medicinal herbs that can be used for lotions and ice cubes.

Cooking lotions at home

  • A tablespoon of dried chamomile pharmacy pour two cups of boiling water, leave for 20 minutes filter and wipe the skin. Or, putting a cloth soaked in the infusion of the most troubled places;
  • Broth-based buds and bark of the birch is very useful for acne. There also need to add the flowers of chamomile and calendula, juniper berries. All the ingredients are taken in equal proportions. Take 200 grams of boiling water and pour them a tablespoon of this mixture simmer 5 minutes over low heat. When the lotion has cooled, it is necessary to moisten it and make a linen napkin on his face. Hold for 20 minutes, periodically refreshing towel in the infusion;
  • For oily skin useful rubbing aloe juice. Take the 3 leaf plants are carefully washed out and put in the fridge for a week. Then grind, squeeze the juice - lotion ready. You can enjoy the morning and evening.

Homemade masks

To improve the effect of the above herbal lotions alternate with home-made masks. Cook them very simply, we need only high quality products and some free time.

  • Squeeze the juice of a lemon to get 2 tablespoons, mixed with cottage cheese in an amount of 3 tablespoons. The weight applied to the face, covered with a piece of cloth with slits for the eyes and mouth. Lying with the mask should be at least an hour, completely relaxed, you can listen to your favorite music.
  • Cottage cheese mix with tomato gruel. The proportions in a tablespoon of 4: 3. Application technique was the same as in the first case.
  • Excellent nourishing mask obtained from melon. It is necessary to grind to a fine grater, drain the juice and pulp to add a little flour. Hold for 15-20 minutes.

 good skin care at home

Recipes for combination skin

With such a person needs care mixed. The places where the skin is dry must be processed by means of suitable exactly for this type. Fatty zone - appropriate means. However, there are recipes that are equally valid for any type of skin, they will be discussed below.

Yeast mask

It helps clear skin of acne in problem areas and feeds it in dry places. You will need: 2 teaspoons of yeast and 3 tea spoon three-percent hydrogen peroxide. Mix the ingredients until smooth and apply the mixture on the face. After 10 minutes, remove the remnants of a cotton swab and rinse face with lukewarm water.

Home scrub

You will need: 1 cup oatmeal, 1 teaspoon baking soda dining room, the same coarse salt and yogurt. First we need to grind cereal grinder, then add to the salt and baking soda and stir. You will supply the basis for a scrub that can be stored in a glass container.

Immediately prior to use, take a tablespoon of the mixture and add to yogurt or sour milk. Lightly moisten the skin and use a lot of ready-made for washing, carefully rubbing it into the skin for a couple of minutes. Rinse the scrub, you must first with hot water, then cool. You can use 1-2 times a week.

Lotion on the basis of rose petals

This tool is perfectly cleanses and refreshes oily skin dry. To make it, you need to take:

  • Rose Petals (can be dry) - 2 tablespoons;
  • Lemon and cucumber juice - 3 tablespoons;
  • A spoonful of vodka and the same glycerol.

Petals grind and fill with boiling water (150 grams). Cover the bowl with the infusion, wrapped a towel and leave on 30 minutes of receipt of funds Next Let cool to room temperature and filtered. Now add to the other ingredients. It is best to use a lotion in the evening, before going to bed.

Prepare cosmetics at home is no more difficult than the soup to cook - so consider this sophisticated lady. And they are absolutely right. Learn to make lotions, creams and masks on their own, you will realize that in your hands the best products that can give the skin a new life. You will use only proven means, ideally suited to you. You forget what an allergy, and most importantly, save money. It is better to buy with the money seductive lace underwear, it ... you will definitely come in handy.

 Proper skin care at home

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 how to get rid of fat on the abdomen and flanks


  • Diet and proper nutrition
  • Proper diet, or how much can you eat?
  • Healthy lifestyle - how is it?

Nowadays, quite often you can meet even the eighteen young girls who go in tight T-shirts, shorts, skirts or pants with low waist, exposing her sexy belly and hips. The fact that beauty has recovered slightly and her tummy scored an extra two or three kilos, it is usually know when your favorite jeans no longer fastened, even when lying on the couch.

Unfortunately, insidious calories always first attack buttocks and waist of the fair sex, but if go on a diet, the first to leave the chest. How, then, to get rid of fat on the abdomen and flanks, without damaging other delicious forms that the girls are so proud of? Firstly, it is necessary to begin to eat properly, and secondly, you will need to remember about the sport, charging and foot walks, thirdly, to forget about bad habits.

Diet and proper nutrition

Sit or not to sit on a diet - it's definitely you, but keep in mind that a partial or complete refusal of food, not only will harm your health, but also bring additional folds in plain view - the sides. The thing is that at the end of your self-torture exhaustion starts off on belly fat, and much more than you had before.

Remember that a correct and healthy diet should be permanent, not temporary. Therefore, if you decide to get rid of fat around the waist and abdomen, refuse spicy, salty, sweet foods. Of course, once a month, you can pamper yourself fried potatoes and salad, but no more. In this case, very saves steamer that cooks steamed without oil. Such dishes look much more beautiful than usual, besides an incredibly tasty and healthy, as they are stored vitamins.

But sometimes you may have an irresistible urge to eat something harmful. How better to do? If this chips, mayonnaise and other food hamburger which contains a lot of salt, emulsifiers, stabilizers, etc. additives, better give it up. You should not have one or two pieces of similar food in the hope that nothing bad will. Understand that a small portion of saturation and will not bring satisfaction, and calorie foods immediately reflected on the sides and belly.

As for sweets, without them you can not do, because the human body needs glucose, especially if his work is connected with mental activity. Of course, the chocolate bar is not necessary to have at one time, but a slice or two a day can be consumed. But all the candy should be replaced with dried fruit, sugar - honey, as it is much more useful.

 how to get rid of fat on the abdomen and flanks yourself

Proper diet, or how much can you eat?

If you want to get rid of fat on the sides and waist, you need to eat more than one or two times a day, and a minimum of 5. Remember, the more you eat, the faster the metabolism in your body. Naturally portions should be small, so you do not overeat. Just share what you normally eat per day for five. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea and dinner - is that you should never miss. Healthy eating - the success of every woman, for this you must always remember.

  • Breakfast

How to start a weekday almost every girl? Rise, water treatment, strong coffee or tea with a sandwich, make-up and come to work. The fact that you need a hearty breakfast to recharge and do not want to eat before dinner, for some reason all forget. As a result, already ten o'clock or eleven wakes appetite, which quickly eliminated pizza, rolls with tea, sweets and biscuits.

In fact it is - the biggest mistake that the fair sex. Buckwheat, oatmeal, cereal, cereal - that these products you should prefer the morning. In the preparation of most dishes have to spend on the strength of fifteen minutes before lunch but then you do not have to make a break for so-called "bakery" snacks. If, however, you will want to eat, eat apples, bananas, oranges and other fruits, which saturate the body with vitamins and minerals, it does not affect your weight.

  • Lunch

At lunch, popularly referred to as the lunch, which usually begins about twelve days, it is best to eat low-calorie vegetable salad dressed with a little olive oil. The salt in this case is added. Tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage - the most common ingredients that can help you satisfy your hunger easy, and you do not overeat and do not hurt yourself.

  • Lunch

It so happened that in our country for lunch or eat everything and more, or just hungry and drink a tea. And in fact, in both cases you will get better at the waist. Why is that? If you eat in the dining room plate of borscht, kasha with a chop, all zapet compote and in the office did not give up a couple of slices of pizza ordered by friendly staff, your body simply can not cope with so many calories. Unless, of course, your job is not related to physical exertion.

Work at lunchtime, do not eat - not a solution either. If you are lucky, and you have a dining room, it is better to eat a liquid, such as soup, borscht, or hash. Nowadays it's also available in the nearest cafe or restaurant, and after a couple of minutes you will bring the necessary food. You can also take home a little of the vacuum container with a salad or porridge to eat, yet the authorities.

  • Afternoon snack

At four or five o'clock in the evening, when I want to eat again, and by the end of the day one or two hours should do a five-minute break for lunch. This is best suitable low-calorie yogurt, yogurt, fermented baked milk and other dairy products. They not only satisfy hunger, but also to envelop your stomach, so stomach acid does not corrode the intestinal wall.

  • Dinner

An ancient and very wise proverb says that the food you are going to eat in the evening, you should give your enemy. Share truth in this, since most return home immediately run to the fridge, gorge your fill, then make a second trek nine or ten o'clock in the evening. In fact, in order to be satisfied, a person needs a little bit, but understands his stomach, he ate only half an hour later, after a hearty meal. Therefore, before the meal is recommended to drink a glass of warm water, and ten minutes after that you can start your meal.

Another interesting method, which few people know - it's the wrong seat at the table. Since childhood, my mother taught that need to sit straight, without bending or leaning over the plate. But if you want to get rid of fat on the abdomen and flanks, dinner time bend leg in the knee and place the foot on the chair. Because of this you will eat much less than usual.

 how to get rid of fat on the abdomen and right sides

Healthy lifestyle - how is it?

Think back to when you last did in the morning or evening gymnastics? A little bit of laziness and rolls - and your belly began to grow by leaps and bounds. To get rid of fat on the abdomen and flanks, you must download the press on a daily basis. If you do not want the next twenty-four hours to suffer from delayed onset muscle soreness, beginning with a minimum load. Do not think that the more you do now, the better, because in the final result, you can overstrain.

  • Downloading the top news

Starting position: Lie back on the floor, put your hands behind your head, but do not pin them to the castle, his feet leave the flat. At the expense of a lift body up at the expense of lower the bottom two. Repeat twenty times on two approaches. You can also perform a similar exercise with bent legs. Place them so that the heel rested on the buttocks, raise the body twenty times, then place your right foot on the left knee and rise so as to get the elbow to the calf, and then adjust the position.

  • Downloading the lower press

Starting position: Lie on your back, pull your hands at your sides, palms place under the buttocks. At the expense of a full lift straight leg up until a ninety degree angle, and then you can lower them to the bottom. After you make the first twenty-ups, do not put your feet on the floor. Hold them for forty seconds, twenty centimeters from the surface, then start to carry out the second approach.

  • Downloading sides

Starting position: Lie on your right side, straighten your legs, stretch your right arm in front of you, so you can easily rest on his hand during the exercise, the left put his head. At the expense of just bend your knees and lift them up and pull up to your chest and try to reach the forehead on account of the two - straighten up, it does not put your feet on the floor. It is recommended to make a thirty-three-fold approach, but newcomers are unlikely to finish at least one. Then turn on your left side, take a similar position and repeat all over again.

 How to get rid of fat on the abdomen and flanks, and put himself in perfect shape?

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