how to get rid of ingrown hairs after epilation


  • Why is this happening?
  • How can I prevent problems
  • Getting rid of the problem
  • Traditional methods
  • How to shave your hair

Usually, women prefer to carry out the procedure of hair removal at home - an electric razor, wax or a simple machine. Exactly this approach, and there is a problem - hair grow into the skin and cause discomfort.

Why is this happening?

When waxing woman gets rid of visible hairs, but carried out poorly, it gives way to properly developing hairs. Is such a scenario, some hairs are deeply seated bulbs, and growing hair can not break through the skin - it begins to grow and twist within the follicle. There is pain, burning and itching, and the skin becomes red and inflamed.

How can I prevent problems

  • Prior to epilation, take a hot shower or bath - steam and skin will be easier to remove hair;
  • During water treatment, use a scrub - so they withdraw the dead cells of the epidermis;
  • If you use an ordinary shaving machine, the motion should be only for hair growth;
  • After waxing, apply to the skin a special tool - lotion, cream or gel, they are all marked with the manufacturers word "anti-stress";
  • Making procedure is better at night, then put on the tights or socks made of natural materials;
  • In the morning it is necessary to wash once again proepillirovannye place, well rub their wool and grease moisturizing cream.

As depilation (removing only the visible part of the hair) and hair removal (deep disposal) may contribute to the appearance of ingrown hairs. Very often it used waxing - that when this procedure is most often there is a problem. The fact is that with this stress, the skin starts to become inflamed by itself - that's you and the cause of the pain and itching.

 how to get rid of ingrown hairs after epilation correctly

Getting rid of the problem

Question: "How to get rid of ingrown hairs after epilation" raised by many ladies, and here it is necessary to approach this with maximum attention. In no case can not attempt to remove ingrown hairs: pick forceps or tweezers to hook tried to re-waxed. The fact that the improper actions can be brought to a state of purulent skin inflammation, and this is much more difficult to eliminate.

In general, get rid of the pressing problems should be promptly, and in this very well help cosmetics. In pharmacies sold the mass of creams, lotions and wet wipes, which will cope with ingrown hairs, provided their daily use. Such means and release ingrown hairs and prevent the emergence of new problems - prevention and treatment in "one package".

Sometimes you can get rid of ingrown hairs just changing the method of hair removal, or use other means for treatment of the skin after the procedure. But this way of helping is not all and not always, so no need to terrorize the skin for a long time - the best time to start treatment.

Consult can be in a beauty salon - take the course or laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is based on the therapeutic effects of rays on the deeper layers of skin. Where there are hair follicles. The course lasts 10 to 20 days - depending on the degree of neglect. The laser helps with purulent inflammation, in the most severe cases - in general, it is believed that it is photo-epilation can help in this difficult matter. By the way, when such a problem can appear increased pigmentation of the skin - on her, too, can get rid of photoepilation.

Traditional methods

If the problem of ingrown hairs just appeared, yet strong inflammation, you can try and folk methods. Prepare sugar scrub and use it every day, and for the prevention of the same. There are several recipes for this wonderful means of:

  • Sugar Lemon: a cup of sugar, lemon juice (2-3 teaspoons) and two glasses of vegetable oil - can be olive or corn. We mix, add a few drops of peppermint oil and all - use your health!
  • Walnut-fruit: a glass of almond oil, a few drops of grapefruit oil and a glass of sugar. The process is the same - and mixed use.

Use sugar scrub is quite simple: in the shower just apply it to the appropriate areas of the skin and carefully rubbed after washing apply a moisturizing cream. By the way, these scrubs can be used not only to solve the problem of ingrown hairs. Rough skin on elbows and heels - from this we also get rid with the help of sugar scrub. Agree, cheap and cheerful, and to doubt the quality of the product is not necessary.

 how to get rid of ingrown hairs after hair removal forever

How to shave your hair

If your arsenal is a razor, and you are using it regularly for depilation, then listen to some advice:

  • Always make sure the condition of the blades: they have to be sharp. Otherwise, there are burrs on the surface - they can cause microtrauma to the skin, while not exactly avoid infection;
  • Shaving hair should take place only after water treatment when the skin enough to steam and prepared for the procedure;
  • Most ingrown hairs cause of getting the use of electric shavers. The fact that the process takes place on dry skin without softening or soap products - change on a regular shaver machine;
  • Do not press hard on the skin and move in the direction of hair growth, do not pull the skin;
  • Waxing machine in a particularly delicate and sensitive areas (underarms, bikini line) is not recommended - too high a chance to "bump" on ingrown hairs.

Of course, to get rid of ingrown hairs is necessary, but this should be done with the mind, and the most viable option - it is an appeal to professionals in beauty salons. It is even easier to carry out regular preventive maintenance: "prevention is better than cure", and from growing hair can go and other problems until the infection staph infections.

 How to get rid of ingrown hairs after epilation?

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 removing black eye


  • Seven Tips Beauty
  • Why bruises?

Every woman at least once in his life faced with a rather unpleasant morning surprise - dark circles under the eyes, which can arise because of not rash, fatigue, stormy night out, the nerve of the day, and many other similar reasons. By themselves, bruises, if not a sign of any serious disease, can pass by the evening, but it is unlikely you have the time and the desire to wait for at least twelve hours. Do not immediately rush to the beautician to apply foundation, powder, eye shadow to hide a defect, quite a few people's use of techniques that will help you lead a person in order. Ingredients for most recipes you can easily find in your refrigerator.

Seven Tips Beauty

  • Rescue potato mask

One medium-sized potato raw need to grate or grind in a meat grinder, in the resulting slurry to add a teaspoon of olive oil. Before the procedure should be carefully lubricate the area around the eye with oil, then wet cloth. Cooked means is applied to problem areas for fifteen minutes-twenty, and then washed off with copious amounts of chamomile broth. Herbs in this case can be replaced brew from tea (tea bag at one pint of water). These packs will help to quickly remove bruises, bags under the eyes, relieve fatigue, vospalennnost skin without causing an allergic reaction.

  • Invigorating cucumber mask

To prepare the mask, you will need fresh cucumber, parsley and cilantro. Grind all the ingredients in the blender until smooth, then add to them a spoonful of fat sour cream (homemade is best). Apply the mask to the area under the eyes for ten minutes or fifteen. This time is sufficient for skin moisturizing and quickly absorbed all the useful substances contained in plants. If you have half an hour free, cut a large cucumber rings, lie comfortably on the sofa, close your eyes and put the pieces of this vegetable for ever. It is advisable to repeat this procedure in the evening to the next morning to look cheerful, attractive and pohorshevshey.

  • Bread Refreshing Mask

Quickly get rid of bruises will help conventional crumb of white bread, soaked in cold milk. Gruel should roll up in gauze to the crumbs do not fall into his eyes, and put on the problem area for twenty minutes. But be careful, from time to time remove the wrap so as not to chill facial nerve or the eyeball. After the procedure, wipe the face with a soft towel or cloth blot to remove the remnants of milk. Do not forget to put on the treated area, and nourishing moisturizer.

  • Healing lotions from chamomile

If you are not the first encounter with a black eye, please be at your local pharmacy several packs of daisies. This herb not only quickly relieve you of dark spots and bags under the eyes, but also to relieve swelling, help to cure conjunctivitis, barley and other diseases. For infusion, you will need to spend about fifteen minutes, but you can use a decoction of the next few days. So, pour a tablespoon of chamomile flowers cup of hot boiled water, leave to cool, water has cooled down to an acceptable contact with the skin temperature. Soak cotton balls in the tincture, then put on the eyelids. It is enough to make such manipulation once or twice, to forget about the problems with the face.

  • Curd mask to fight with bruises

The easiest and fastest way to get rid of dark circles around the eyes - ten-packs of cheese, which should be pre-roll up in gauze or a bandage. The more complex a recipe eliminates the effects on the face after a stormy night in just a few minutes, but for him you need a couple of drops of essential oil of neroli. It is extracted from orange blossoms and has a bactericidal, tonic, soothing properties. Worth neroli expensive, but if you want to quickly get rid of the problems, then the tool will be most welcome. The very mask is applied to the skin in the same way as the previous one.

  • Jacket potato

If you are prepared on the eve of this dish or salad are going to do, put a potato mask that quickly relieve you from this problem. It is enough to cut the vegetable into two parts, put on lids for half an hour, then rinse face with copious amounts of cool water. If, after the procedure, you will feel dry, apply the cream, make nourishing mask. This recipe is suitable owners of delicate and thin skin, which should not be affected too hot gadgets.

  • Nutritious Nut mask

The fact that the fruits of this tree have medicinal and magical properties, and sometimes, even a small child knows. Removal of bruises under his eyes - it is quite a serious and responsible, as many people and drugs can only aggravate the situation, cause allergies, rashes, irritation. Nuts, in turn, is completely harmless. To prepare the mask, you will need to grind them in a coffee grinder, or grind in a meat grinder, to any large pieces remain. The resulting flour, add a spoonful of butter, melted in a microwave oven, and a few drops of the juice of fresh lemon, and then quickly apply the mixture on the problem area of ​​the skin soft and gentle movements. Keep the mask on the face should be about twenty minutes (until it dries).

 how to remove black eye

Why bruises?

If dark circles appear systematically, it is necessary to look for and treat the cause rather than to eliminate the consequences. Think, perhaps, lately you too nervous, smoking, spend more than five hours at a computer. Another reason because of which may have bruising - a lack of vitamin C. Eat as many citrus: lemons, grapefruit, limes, oranges and mandarins. In winter, be sure to guzzle a course of vitamins, after consulting with your doctor.

Also, dark spots may appear, if the day before you have eaten the food to which you are allergic or have communicated to woolly and fluffy animals, walk in nature. Pay attention to the additional symptoms: itching, coughing, watery eyes, runny nose, etc. To understand, which is why this should happen, try to pass tests. In this case, without any special preparations you can not do, but do not engage in self, hoping that everything will be settled, because the bruise could be evidence of a more serious disease. However, do not panic right away, you may just need less contact with the allergen source (flowers, dogs, cats).

Do not forget about the age. If twenty years, your skin is clean, soft, smooth, flawless, and her even after violent student nights no traces, after forty, even once an hour spent with a glass of wine with her friends in the kitchen, can lead to swelling, bruising , bags under the eyes. So after twenty-five to thirty is recommended to start using special moisturizing and nourishing night cream. This is especially true ladies, whom the problem is hereditary. Unfortunately, through the thin, delicate and light skin blood vessels more visible than the rest of the fair sex.

Metabolic disorders, hobby spicy, salty, fatty foods also adversely affects the skin, kidneys, liver, thyroid, and the whole body. Try a night not to drink plenty of fluids, exclude from the diet of harmful products, and you will notice how your face is transformed. Also, do not get involved in a variety of tonic, sweet and fizzy drinks, strong coffee, and tea. Take care of your health, take care of yourself, get enough sleep, do not be nervous about nothing, do morning and evening, a special facial massage in the future does not look older than you really are.

 Removal of bruises under his eyes, or how quickly put himself in order

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