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  • Means for washing
  • Means for treatment of the skin
  • Medicinal drinking herbal teas
  • Acne: what not to do
  • Proper nutrition - the key to beautiful skin

Beautiful, healthy, clean skin of the face without a single flaw - it is not a gift of nature, but the result of daily and proper care. Only in this way you will be able to contemplate in a mirror velvety radiant healthy skin. But otherwise gray sallow skin tone, enlarged pores and black spots are inevitable. Especially if you have oily skin type.

Means for washing

The first skin health, of course, depend on the purity. After all, it is the key to health, remember? So be sure to clean the skin at least twice a day - morning and before bedtime. We offer you several means for washing, which can replace cosmetic means. Moreover - they have a mass of useful properties, which not only cleanse the skin but also maintain her health.

  • Gang bang

A decoction of the herb is best tones, nourishes and purifies problem skin. Even our grandmothers in youth is a plant collected in the field and zasushivat it for the winter, then to use it to eliminate serious skin diseases, restoring shine, treat colds. Nowadays find healing chamomile collection without additives, flavorings and colorings, you can at any pharmacy. In addition, you can brew from it tasty and healthy tea, which cleanse the body of harmful substances.

For the preparation of tinctures, you will need a tablespoon inflorescences and seventy milliliters of vodka. All the ingredients are mixed, placed in a dark bubble, insisted during the week in a dark, dry place. After cooking, the liquid is filtered through a thick gauze or sieve, so that there are no branches and thorns that can scratch the face. Wipe should be no more than twice a week. This option is only suitable for oily skin, in extreme cases - combined.

  • Lime

For rinsing the face, you can prepare a special liquid healing of lemon. Its main advantage is that after using a umyvalki skin will not be so much to dry, after the ordinary soap. So, you will need one and a half tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice diluted in a liter of purified or filtered water. In that case, if your skin is too oily, use two spoons. To wash this solution should be in the morning and evening.

Lemon can also be cleaned problem areas (frontal areas, nose and chin). Thanks to its disinfection effect, the number of blackheads and acne after only a couple of weeks to fall several times. In addition, there is a nice bonus - the skin will eat useful vitamins, which are so lacking in this age. Before you start using lemon, check whether you have an allergy to it - citrus fruits are often "sin" it. And remember - if you have a combination skin type, just wipe her greasy areas.

Also, for washing, you can use an infusion of celandine, calendula, aloe and other no less useful plants with regenerative, anti-inflammatory properties. In order to achieve the positive effect of faster, you can freeze the broth in special molds to the morning and evening you could wipe the face with ice cubes. Treated this way the skin will come in tone, it becomes soft and smooth. After the procedure, the remaining water can be wet towel or soft wipes.

 Beautiful clear skin face

Means for treatment of the skin

Today, acne and blackheads, you can get rid of one of three ways: by means of expensive cosmetic products, with the help of employees of the beauty salon, or using a special scrub, home-cooked. In the latter case, you will see the result after the third or fourth treatment.

In a bowl, mix a small few spoonfuls of baking soda, a shallow salt (preferably without iodine and other supplements) with soapy water. A cotton pad soaked in the resulting liquid, wipe the problem areas for three to four minutes. After the procedure should wash decoction of herbs to disinfect the treated skin. Recourse to this method should be three times a week.

In order to post acne and acne on the face left scars, use a mask of conventional dry or wet yeast, bran, aloe juice, white clay and concoctions. All of these components are soothing to the skin, so after a few steps, you'll see how the face will undergo inflammation. Apply this mixture on the problem areas for half an hour, then wash off with copious amounts of cool water. If you do it before going to bed, then you can wipe the face after a small piece of fresh and peeled skin of a lemon.

Medicinal drinking herbal teas

Very often in the female body is a metabolic disorder that also causes of acne, of inflammatory processes, constant illness, etc. Put everything in order to help infusions and decoctions, which you can buy in the store, drugstore, or else prepare their own home.

  • Nettle tincture

For example, the infusion of nettle strengthens and tones, increases the amount of hemoglobin, promotes rapid regeneration. Eat it should be fasting (half an hour before a meal) for two to three months to one teaspoon three times a day.

  • A decoction of burdock root

A decoction of burdock root has diuretic properties, stimulates the metabolism, cleanses the body of toxins. It is also recommended to take gastritis, which today meets almost every second adult diathesis, colds, inflammation and many other diseases. 40 grams of dried root pour boiling water (400 ml) and insist for two hours, then filter. Take it should be after eating half a cup (100 grams) three times a day.

If you have problems with the skin it is also recommended to make an infusion of dandelion root, which stimulates the liver, digestive organs, removes toxins from the blood. In the plant contains a fairly large amount of nutrients, vitamins, calcium, protein, cobalt. Pour one tablespoon of dried roots of a glass of boiling water and leave for three hours. The broth should drink 3-4 times a day for fifty grams of a quarter of an hour before a meal.

  • Chatterbox acne

This recipe is perfect for those who have not only a rash on the face, but also on the back. Purchase at the pharmacy bottle of salicylic acid, add the crushed pill to chloramphenicol (4 pcs.), A third bag of boric acid. The mixture can be used to start immediately after all of the components completely dissolved. Wipe the skin should be four to five times a day, at least. Perhaps a slight tingling and tingling - this is normal. However, if there is redness, itching or inflammation, stop the procedure.

 clean skin of the face for a long time

Acne: what not to do

  • Do not self-medicate

If skin rashes have appeared relatively recently, be sure to consult a dermatologist. In some cases, unfortunately, acne and acne can be a direct consequence of a disease of the internal organs. And the earlier it is diagnosed, the easier it will flow treatment. In no case do not resort to treatment, relying on intuition or the advice of friends. Antibiotics, drugs, hormones, let alone prescription vracha

  • Not pick pimples and blackheads

Remember that in any case, do not pick, squeeze or combing pimples, as this will not only increase them and fester, but also to the rumen. Do not cauterize the wound with alcohol, peroxide, iodine and similar aggressive substances. Also dermatologist.

  • Do not get cosmetics of unknown origin

Buying these or other means for skin, always check the composition. If the tonic, creams, masks are too many unknown names or chemicals that are not worth the risk. Do not buy too cheap products, because you never know what it can turn. Do not trust advertising! Remember that each person's body is different, so a universal remedy for acne for all skin types do not exist. That helped 99 percent, could irreparably harm one.

  • Do not deviate from the recommendations of the

By doing this or that procedure, do not forget that some of them are very dangerous if you do them wrong. Therefore, always strictly adhere to the time and compounding. For example, everyone knows garlic mask is not for everyone, but if you overdo it at least for a moment - it leads to inflammation or burns. Before using another remedy, be sure to consult with a specialist.

  • Do not give up vacation

Remember that skin health also depends on the general state of the body - try not to overwork, sleep at least 8 hours a day. And last but not least - in the summer, try to visit at least a week at sea. Warm salt water, which contains a fairly large amount of minerals and nutrients, and the sun's rays do their job. By the end of the holiday, you will notice that the spots on the skin will dry up and be virtually invisible. In addition, for every person it is - the best way to rehabilitation and prevention of various diseases.

Proper nutrition - the key to beautiful skin

If you would like to have been clean and healthy skin, in any case, do not eat junk food. Chips, crackers, snacks, soft drinks with an incredible amount of sugar, flavorings, stabilizers, and dyes - is only a small list of what adversely affects the body and leads to metabolic disorders, diathesis, obesity.

Also, limit yourself to the flour, sweet, fatty, salty and spicy, eliminate from your diet coffee. Green tea with honey and lemon invigorates, quenches thirst and fills no worse.

 Clean skin of the face - an achievable goal

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