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Owners of dry skin know how difficult it is to care for a person not to hurt yourself, and look at this one hundred percent. After all, if we neglect masks, creams and other cosmetic products, then by the twenty-five or thirty years will appear the first facial wrinkles and age.

The causes of this problem can be several, ranging from heredity, ending the frequent visits to tanning, tan without UV protecting lotions, malnutrition, etc. Today there are many different ways in order to bring the epidermis (cosmetic procedures in beauty salons, peels, professional cosmetics), but the most simple, reliable, safe and affordable - this care for dry skin at home with the help of folk remedies.

Signs of dry skin

Determine the type of relatively simple, just carefully inspect your face. The first sign - a peeling, the appearance of small cracks, roughness, redness. If there are changes in temperature, as long you do not moisturize the skin, then there is an unpleasant feeling of stiffness, you want to quickly wash.

Then you can spend a little experiment that conclusively prove or disprove your assumption of belonging to this type. So, take a small piece of tissue paper or cloth, rub the face, paying special attention to the cheeks, forehead and chin, and then check if there are any stains on the sheet. The complete absence of any trace means that you have dry skin that needs special care.

Causes of dry

Before you start to treat dry skin at home, it should be possible to find and remove it, because of what is happening. Besides heredity and natural influences, such problems could result in frequent washing with alkaline soap, the use of a large amount of cosmetics (tonal foundation, powder), dry air in the room where you spend most of your time, age-related changes, diseases. The important role played by poor diet, especially if you constantly sit on exhausting diets. Vitamin deficiency and lack of nutrients always immediately affect the skin.

 How to care for dry skin

Dry Skin Care: how to put himself in order

Healthy lifestyle

Get enough sleep, walk as much as possible in the fresh air, eat healthy food, abstain from alcohol and cigarettes. Every morning before the mirror do yourself a five-minute relaxation massage, first gently rub the skin with his hands, then tap on her fingertips. Do not forget to drink plenty of fluids, thus completely excluded from the diet of black tea, coffee. Remember that green or herbal teas are much more useful, moreover, they invigorate no worse.

Wash only with lukewarm water

Remember that hot and cold water can cause premature wrinkles, so you should not experiment with contrasting washing. It is best if Vodicka is room temperature. Before the procedure can lubricate the skin oil, kefir, cream, sour cream, so after washing not a feeling of dryness. Remains of the best little blot dry with a towel, but do not wipe synthetic.

Respect for yourself

Remember that dry skin is very responsive to any external stimuli, so try as little as possible to injure her. Remove makeup light and smooth movements, gently rub the cream, do not squeeze pimples and blackheads. Never go to bed without first having washed infusion or decoction of herbs, as well as not to make a mask. Do not visit a solarium, sunbathe on the beach under an umbrella, or just under a canopy, pre-coated with the special protective cream.

Using folk remedies homemade

  • Morning Care

How to care for dry skin? In the morning, as soon as you wake up, use a decoction of chamomile for washing. Boil two tablespoons of flowers of this plant liter of boiling water, then let it sit for twenty minutes. This time it will be enough that the grass is present, and cooled to room temperature. You can also use lime, which will save you from excessive dryness and will quickly put himself in order. After you finish all the procedures, apply moisturizer on your face, preferably with protection (from UV light - in the summer, cold, wind - in winter).

  • Evening care

In the evening, after you return home, you take off all the makeup, wash your face with milk. Pre-dilute it with hot water, keeping the proportion of half a liter of milk per liter of water. Remains liquid blot with a dry cloth or cotton swab, then make a nourishing mask. If you do not have time to wait long, mix two egg yolks home with two or three tablespoons of oatmeal, the resulting mixture Apply fifteen minutes, then rinse with copious amounts of warm water.

  • Honey mask

A more effective mask - honey and curd. It is made of two tablespoons of honey, warmed in the microwave or steamed in a water bath, and a tablespoon of fresh cheese. Apply it on the problem areas of the face for at least half an hour. Note that within an hour you can not use cosmetics, creams and tonics that after the procedure, your skin is breathed. This mixture can harm only in one case - if you are allergic to honey, so be sure to pre-test a small area of ​​the mask on the skin.

  • Vitamin Mask

Once a week is recommended to do useful vitamins mask manufacturing that takes you on the strength of ten minutes. You will need a spoonful of honey, egg yolk, vitamin A (available at pharmacies), a spoon of milk, a small piece of black bread. First heat the milk home to room temperature, then pour them bread. Three minutes later, add the honey, egg, ampoule of vitamin A, mix all until smooth. The mixture is applied to problem areas for about twenty minutes, not more. However, be careful that the mask does not get into your eyes, otherwise it may cause redness, irritation. If this should happen, wash with copious amounts of cold water, and then, if the symptoms for twenty four hours will not pass, consult an eye specialist.

  • Potato mask

Not bad helps with dry skin normal potatoes. Boil it (without skin), grate or chop in a meat grinder, add the milk (about two tablespoons), a teaspoon of glycerin and stir it all until smooth. Keep the mask on your face will have about twenty minutes, after which it is washed off with water and the skin rubbed freshly tea bag. After the procedure, be sure to apply a small amount of nourishing cream, as it is the first ten minutes after treatment better nutrients for the skin.

  • Coffee Scrub

From time to time the girls to do the peeling to remove dead skin skin cells that interfere with cell renewal. Prepare a scrub at home is quite simple: boil in a little water two tablespoons of freshly ground coffee and cool to room temperature, the liquid, then add the two tablespoons of cottage cheese (choose the most recent and bold). Lightly massage rub this mixture for three or four minutes, then wash off all the water.

  • Ice cubes

Bring in your skin tone can help the ice cubes from a decoction of plantain. Pour two to three tablespoons herb four hundred milliliters of purified or filtered boiled water, then leave to infuse the broth for an hour and a half. Before you pour the liquid into molds, it should be carefully strain through a sieve or cheesecloth, since during the procedure frozen twigs can scratch your face. Morning and evening, wipe the skin of these ice cubes, then put on her vegetable or olive oil. After ten or fifteen minutes to remove residual dry cloth.

  • Homemade cream

Even the most expensive and high-quality cosmetics often causes allergies in the fair sex. The thing is that this product is added stabilizers, emulsifiers, and other chemicals that affect the shelf life, odor, color, etc. Without them, it was simply impossible to use a jar of cream three to four months, and had to buy a new one every week. But if you are a supporter of the people's money, then you definitely have to taste the recipe data.

Of the products you will need a spoon of chamomile flowers, egg yolk, a teaspoon of honey, glycerin, butter, camphor and olive oil (or sunflower) oil, about one hundred milliliters of water. After you prepare and strain the broth chamomile, mix it with glycerin and liquid honey. Next you need to melt the butter (this is done in a water bath) to cool to room temperature, add the rest of the ingredients. Store the resulting remedy recommended in a glass jar in a cool, dry place. This cream is used in the morning and in the evening the same way as usual.

  • Lotion cabbage

The leaves of this wonderful vegetable should be crushed in the blender or rub on a fine grater, and then - to fill two hundred milliliters of boiled milk. Once the mixture has cooled to room temperature (this will take about half an hour), you must drain the fluid. The resulting lotion perfectly nourishes and tones the skin, also does not cause allergies, irritation and itching. Please note that you need to use only fresh products, it is desirable to - home. If cabbage treated with chemicals, it can affect your health.

 How to care for dry skin properly

Why girls should be avoided with dry skin

Firstly, if you constantly go to the sauna, do a few hours in the gym, you have to give up on all this. Profuse sweating exhausting the body, which is already in need of moisture. If you do not want to stop training, take it with a liter of water without gas, to the breaks between sets to drink a sip. But in any case, do not drink sugary sodas or just as they did not quench their thirst, but only harm the body.

Second, do not wash with water from the tap, if the house is not equipped with special cleaners. Chlorine not only dries the skin badly, but also destroys the protective sheath. Unfortunately, in our time is not everyone can afford to put this equipment is not cheap. Therefore, if there is no alternative, immediately after morning and evening treatments applied to the face and body moisturizer.

Also, never use cosmetics that are not suitable to your skin type. For example, if you see a light peeling, do not run to the store and buy special ointments and creams to remove the scales. Should not be applied to the face mask, which dries during the procedure or contain in their composition the alcohol. Remember that in most cases all manufacturers indicate on the package, so always read the instructions.

If you are unable to cope with the problem on their own, use the services of beauticians and consult a dermatologist. The specialist will examine not only your skin, and hold several treatment procedures, but will tell you what beauty products should be used, but from what should be abandoned. Also do not forget that it is best to combine traditional methods with traditional treatments. From store creams, tonics, masks and balms is not immediately refuse.

 Care for dry skin at home: recipes for beauty and health

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