how soon to give birth

Almost all the women recall their pregnancy as the happiest time of life. But it then, months, and even years. And during pregnancy many mothers experience is not very bright - morning sickness, back pain, swelling, and a great nuisance tummy. It is quite natural that the greater the period of pregnancy, the more urgent for the mother becomes a question of how soon to give birth.

It was only later, during sleepless nights, my mother with a light nostalgia can remember about the pregnancy when a pipsqueak sleeping peacefully in his tummy. In the meantime, in the course are all "old wives' ways - walking down the stairs, moving furniture, General cleaning all day long. Of course, the cleanliness - it's good, but there was no birth and no. And the expectant mother panic, feeling a sort of "elephant", whose pregnancy lasts about a year.

And the closer cherished due date, the stronger the desire to give birth as soon as possible. Desire is natural, but before taking certain measures need to calm down and think clearly. First of all to understand what motivates you. You are afraid to carry crumbs and get a set of medical problems? Unfortunately, this does happen.

The prolonged pregnancy dangerous?

This phenomenon is sometimes found. And doctors do support the fact that in this case you may experience a number of complications:

  • The deformation of the baby's head

When prolonged pregnancy head crumbs lose their natural ability to reduce its size during the passage through the birth canal. In normal pregnancy, they come one after the other, reducing the amount of skull.

  • The development of fetal hypoxia

The longer the period of pregnancy, the higher oxygen demand crumbs. But the placenta is not in a position to meet this very need of the child. As a consequence - the development of hypoxia.

  • Pathological changes in the umbilical cord of the placenta

The placenta has the ability to age. And with prolonged pregnancy placenta supplies the baby fully, not only oxygen, but also a variety of nutrients, which is also a very negative effect on the baby.

As you can see, the outlook is not very encouraging. But also do not forget that all of these warning signs will notice your gynecologist and take all necessary steps. Independently here precisely to make the expectant mother does not work, and is very dangerous. That is why it is so important in a timely manner and without gaps to visit your doctor.

Therefore, the threat of prolonged pregnancy as a cause of self-induction of labor be considered in any case impossible. It can bring irreparable damage for the baby's health and women's health. Quite often in such cases doctors have to resort to caesarean section.

 how quickly to give birth

To be or not to be?

So in some cases, however, you can try to do something to provoke the onset of labor? Not before the child reaches its full physiological maturity. And there is usually no earlier 38 weeks gestation. Also important is the readiness of the mother's body to the top of birth. This is your doctor will also tell you when the time comes.

But that's kid, and you're ready for the meeting. You with anxiety and excitement to listen to their feelings, but the fight is still only training, but these genera in sight. And start all sorts of tricks. Let's you and I look at all the commonly used methods for future moms induce childbirth, as well as the pros and cons.

Sexual intimacy

One of the very popular among women of means to provoke birth - is sexual intimacy with her husband. There is even a kind of comic name - "papaterapiya." Moreover, this method sometimes advised to resort even doctors - gynecologists. Of course, sexual contact may not lead to the onset of labor immediately, but it largely will smooth and soften the cervix. And this will inevitably lead to a decrease in the duration of contractions during labor.

Agree, already it is worth a try. And if during sex expectant mother to get an orgasm, it will inevitably lead to a sharp reduction in the muscle of the uterus. On the big stage of pregnancy it can provoke fights with a very high probability. Incidentally, this is why in some cases, doctors recommend avoiding intercourse after the seventh month of pregnancy.

Many couples are afraid to have sex for a longer period, for fear that it will harm the baby. In fact it is not so - just follow a few simple rules:

  • Posture during sex

Pay attention to posture - it is important that at the chest and abdomen expectant mother was no pressure. But it's not a problem - there are a large number of poses that meet these requirements. Experiment, and you are sure to pick up a suitable position for you.

  • Isolation lubrication

As you know, nature is very wise. And so during the pregnancy sex nature does not exist, especially in the last stages. Therefore, with the release lubricant may be a problem. To sexual intercourse does not cause any uncomfortable feelings, you can use the special lubricant is flooded basis, are sold in pharmacies. Giving preference is grease not containing colorants and flavoring agents.

Massage nipples

Another old-fashioned way is nipple stimulation. Expectant mother can handle herself, and can bring to this process, the future pope. Of course, they should not be pinching or strongly twist. Pick up any children's cream or massage oil, grease your fingers and gently knead in turn both nipples. Duration of treatment - about 20 minutes. The day can be carried out 3 - 4 such procedures.

In the worst case, you will prepare the nipples for breastfeeding, to prevent possible development of cracks. And at best - a few of these treatments you will feel such a long-awaited bout. By the way, this procedure helps more than half of all expectant mothers, try it for yourself.

It explains a similar effect of this procedure is quite simple. When nipple stimulation occurs abundant production of the hormone oxytocin. But, as everyone knows, that oxytocin is responsible for the onset of labor. Often artificially synthesized oxytocin used in gynecology to cause onset of labor or, if necessary, to strengthen the fight.

Exercise stress

To exercise in such situations expectant mothers also impose considerable hope. Of course, the gentle exercises expectant mother will only benefit - it helps maintain muscle tone, skin elasticity, improve the cardiovascular, respiratory and circulatory systems. Appropriate exercise can help you choose a midwife or nurse's office of medical physical training.

However, in this situation it is important to remember to reasonable restrictions. In no case should not rush to move the cabinets or unconscious to run the stairs. Excessive physical activity, at best, lead to depletion of the body of the pregnant woman. And in the worst case - may develop premature detachment of the placenta. You understand that such should not be allowed in any case.

If you still have a strong desire to combine business with pleasure - and the apartment clean, and try to trigger the development of labor, be aware of safety precautions. You can make a wet cleaning: Wash floors and mirrors, wash the windows. Very often women are told how they went to the hospital soon after doing something with their hands up.

But always remember that it is unacceptable venturing cleaning if next to you there is no one. Pregnancy affects the condition of the body, even the healthiest woman. And be sure to want to exclude the possibility that something unexpected might happen - for example, dizzy. Let someone from loved ones will be there with you, so that if necessary they can support you and provide the necessary assistance.

  • Olive oil

Olive oil is also often positioned as a means to accelerate the onset of labor. It is difficult to say whether it helps really. But you try no one bothers, because some use will in any case. Olive oil greatly increases the elasticity of the tissues of the perineum, thereby reducing the risk in times of possible ruptures during childbirth. On the day you need to drink a teaspoon of olive oil before each meal, but at least three times a day.

  • Raspberry leaf tea

One of the old "granny" means - a raspberry leaf tea. The substances contained in the leaves of raspberry, have a tonic effect on all organs of the pelvis. Including, naturally, on the uterus. To prepare this tea should be placed in a thermos three tablespoons of chopped dried raspberry leaf, fill them with one liter of boiling water and let stand for about two hours.

For flavor can be added as natural honey and sugar. This volume of tea a pregnant woman should drink during the day. Expected effect, according to those who tested the tea itself, comes on the fourth - fifth day. Note - raspberries has the property significantly lowering blood pressure. Therefore, we must be careful. And for those women who are typically low blood pressure, this recipe does not fit.

 how to give birth soon

"Harmful" advice

The above are widespread and relatively safe ways on how fast to give birth. But there is another side to the coin - not less widespread methods provoke birth. But, unfortunately, it is not nearly as safe as in the first case. They apply gynecologists categorically not recommended, because otherwise possible damage to both the mother and child.

  • A small amount of alcohol

You can often hear the advice the night drinking a small amount of soft drinks. For example, the glass - another red wine. These "advisers" to explain as follows: low-alcohol drink very well relaxes the nervous system, and the result will not take long.

However, doctors refute this theory - there is no confirmation of this. But the fact that alcohol negatively affects all organs and systems are not only the future mother but also the baby, to prove. It is unlikely that any woman of sound mind and sound memory will want to risk the health of your baby.

  • Certain foods

There is a theory that spicy food stimulates effectively the beginning of labor. But doctors refute that theory. But the fact that this kitchen will at best rise to heartburn, and at worst - to the development of acute gastritis, guaranteed. So experiment still not worth it.

As you can see, tips on how to have a fast enough. But think hard over whether to try to cheat nature. Your baby knows best when it is ready to meet you!

 Tired of being pregnant! As soon give birth?

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