how to make a black eye


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Black eye…. Yes, unpleasant sight. And, regardless of how this happened a nuisance. Faced with the door, accidentally stepped on a rake or a broom, and maybe even something unexpected happened. In general, the fact that on the face of even more accurate to say - on the face. The question is how to quickly bring this matter. The task is not simple, but to deal with this nuisance can be. Yes, not instantaneously, not for one day, just to speed up the healing process.

First aid

From childhood, everyone knows - hit, apply cold. This method is still the most effective way to prevent bruising. It helps in all cases, but sometimes it saves. Moreover, do not look for any metallic object or ice. Although the package of frozen vegetables to the freezer and pull apply. In this particular case, the main thing - cold.

 how to make a black eye quickly


The cold did not help, or simply could not immediately make (or not realized - it is not important), and that spreads out under the eye of blue-purple spots - the bruise is still there. Now it is necessary to resort to drugs in order to reduce the time of a natural stepping off a bruise.

Well-known vehicles - an ointment, for example, "Heparin", "Troksivazin", "Rescue", "Ambulance". Yes, they can be used only note that such funds should be used in the early hours (maximum during the first day) after injury. Later it will be useless. No, on the second day and the third can be smeared by such means a bruise, it will go, but the acceleration of the process is unlikely to give.

Use a cream with the addition of snake venom concoctions and fungus - that's what you need in this situation. You can also ask at the pharmacy ointment containing saliva of leeches - is also an excellent tool. The only caveat: the use of such funds under the eye may lead to an unexpected effect. Allergy appears as peeling or redness, itching and rashes. It is even hard to call an allergy, you probably just "burned" his delicate skin. Therefore, we have to act so - smeared with ointment, 20 minutes hiking and washed, then smeared baby cream with chamomile or thyme. Even better is to use a cream with a mother-and-stepmother - she, too, can capture the effects of stroke.

There is another remedy. It is fairly new, but effective - "Bruise Off». By the way, this cream provides and toning effect. So, perhaps it is this drug will help you in an emergency situation. In general, you can reduce the unsightly stain drugs. Just use them immediately after the impact, the only way you will get the desired effect.

 how to make a black eye folk remedies

Folk remedies

Our ancestors pharmacies was not at hand, but fields, meadows and forests have always been close. So they were trying to help yourself is natural infusions and ointments. One of the most effective ways has always been the infusion of concoctions. It can be done at home, and the raw materials purchased at the pharmacy.

But that bruise can be reduced cream and burdock root few know. Everything is simple: 1 tablespoon of sour cream (just buy a real, rustic, thick), it is necessary to put a teaspoon of ground burdock root and mix. Impose a homemade ointment is necessary to bruise every 60 minutes, and, it is necessary to keep it for 10 minutes and then wash off with warm water.

Another version of the previous years - the use of plantain and lemon. This recipe is known since the times of the ancient East. The crushed plantain leaves (can be dry, but it is better to take fresh) must be mixed with lemon juice. The proportions should be such that the result is a paste. Brushing the bruise with this mixture, it is necessary to wait 5 minutes and rinse everything after lubricate the moisturizer or baby cream. The longer hold the weight of the eye can not: citric acid can corrode the delicate skin and cause further damage to the appearance.

Yes, it is possible to find a remedy that will bring a bruise and will really really help, but if the time is missed, then nothing will. In this case, one way out - take the sick and stay at home. Or use the help of make-up and go to work with a straight face, proudly raising his head! Pay no attention to the views of others. Or at least pretend that you do not care, and this fact does not spoil your mood!

 How to make a black eye: medical and traditional methods

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 acupressure facial


  • Technique of the procedure
  • Active point person
  • How do acupressure

Ancient Chinese massage technique has long been a familiar and for us - spot effects on the body are well known, and the effect of this massage no one denies. Acupuncture massage is done on the whole body, but the most popular, which is offered in beauty salons, a point facial massage.

During the acupressure facial affect all organs and systems. And not only improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, and tissue nutrition takes nutrients faster toxins and wastes, calms the nervous system, and all the thoughts and feelings acquire balance.

Not only has anti-aging effect of this massage, but also a very therapeutic - relieves spasms, are headaches, normalizes metabolism and hormones. In order to properly perform massage, need to know certain rules and technique itself - then we can do this massage and independently.

Technique of the procedure

  • First of all, it is necessary to warm up the skin of the face - the usual movements rub and heat it;
  • A gradual transition to the point, the wizard uses only three fingers - thumb, index and middle;
  • At the point of impact is just oppressive - any rubbing, rubbing and pinching contraindicated;
  • You can use special massage oils (base) or hot pebbles. But for this you need to take special courses.

 acupressure facial

Active point person

Carefully read and look at all the hot spots on the face:

  • "Third Eye" - the point on the nose, it is in the place where the fusion of the eyebrows. Massage this point perfectly relieves irritability and fatigue, helps get rid of stomach pain and normalize the bowels;
  • "The Sun" - this point is located at the temples. Just not in the middle, and a little higher. Impact on the point relieves headaches, fatigue in his eyes, it feels better during the cold and flu, activates the immune system;
  • "Pits" - located right in the middle of temples. They must be massaged simultaneously and thus can be made swirl motion (helically - first in one direction and then the other). This acupressure relieves headaches, even under the most severe migraines, it helps to get rid of fatigue, and even relieves pain attacks in the sinus;
  • "Clear Light" - point is located at the inner corner of the eye, just a little back from him - is a small bump. While pushing on the mound, you can get rid of tiredness in the eyes, remove with a cold stuffy nose, watery eyes to get rid of allergies. Even clear gaze back!

The main point at which impact master acupressure indicated above, and they can only exert pressure independently. The fact that the inept massaging active points and possible negative effect - would be even worse.

 the right point facial massage

How do acupressure

Remember some things that can be very important during acupuncture facial massage:

  • At one point you can not work for more than three minutes. And this is the maximum allowed under several approaches;
  • Just press on the point it is impossible - it is necessary to make a soft rotating movement, but do not rub and do not rub the area of ​​the points, but simply to strain your fingers, then relax;
  • The first few seconds in general should be very weak - just run the activation point;
  • Made nine rotational motions: motion clockwise and counterclockwise motion. Moreover, it is nine - Chinese medicine is accurate and does not tolerate violations of numerical;
  • During the massage, you can feel the pain, but it is necessary to adjust the pressure force so that the pain is felt on the verge of fun - it can only make you;

Acupressure has some contraindications:

  • Problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • Violation of the vestibular system;
  • Races in blood pressure;
  • Predisposition to fainting;
  • During pregnancy and lactation it is necessary to consult with your doctor - can carry out a procedure for you;
  • In the presence of inflammation, tumors or pustular skin lesions.

Note that a massage should be carried out in a calm atmosphere - treatment does not tolerate fuss, so that specially selected for the procedure, the time in which no one and nothing will disturb you. After massaging all points it is necessary to go through the auricles - remember little earlobes, nibble them. Effects on the ears will give you courage and even cheer up. Can be used with acupressure facial oils - so it will be held and an aromatherapy session. After the massage, wash your face with warm water and apply a moisturizer - will strengthen the influence of massage on the skin.

The best option - to go to a massage parlor and see how the treatment experienced and educated master, learn how to conduct a self-massage at home and remember all the techniques. Only then can you be confident to take on his face, and health. In general, acupressure - a universal remedy for wrinkles on the cheeks of pale colors, from the common cold and headaches, from metabolic disorders and even a toothache! Your face - it's your everything: looks, good humor and smile. So try to take time to care for them for a massage - the result will please you for sure!

 Acupressure Face - your health is in your hands!

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