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  • Going to the store: how to choose the right device
  • Hair Removal: How is it done?

Which only means and methods of women have not experienced for yourself to get rid of the vegetation on the tender and delicate skin area - in the bikini area. Someone is constantly visited beauty salons, leaving behind an impressive amount masters, someone easier to use a razor, after which remains dryness and irritation. Some women prefer to use the "chemistry" and using depilatory creams, does not always guarantee a perfect result. But there is a separate category of the fair sex, choose a convenient and practical epilators, which quickly and easily remove hairs.

Of course, absolutely painless procedure you no one will guarantee, as the appliance pulls rods vegetation by the roots. Imagine thousands of tweezers while working in the bikini area, but their speed and pace is much faster and more intense than with manual processing.

The advantage is that the hair then begin to grow much more slowly, so you have to resort to hair removal less often, and each time it will be less painful. Through such manipulations you a whole month to go with smooth skin, not thinking about that at the wrong time (for example, on the beach) will grow black dots.

 epilator for bikini

Going to the store: how to choose the right device

In fact, quality and time of the procedure depends on the selected device, so before you are ready to buy the appliance, be sure to check its main technical characteristics and parameters. Remember that the color of the case and how much is a favorite option does not always play a primary role.

Types of devices

Today you can buy a disc or pincer epilator for bikini zone, each of them has its obvious advantages. So, the first version will cope with the tasks, and the second - a qualitatively removes vegetation, while the procedure is less painful and unpleasant.

In order to finalize the unit, listen to yourself. Perhaps you have too low a threshold of pain, or you can easily carry such torture, but you need a machine that will save you from hair in just ten minutes. Therefore, what the appliance which in this case is the best - you decide, based on the needs and financial capabilities and their own physiology.

Options: what to prefer

For ease of use affects the availability of certain nozzles that are designed to reduce the pain, treatment of the skin after hair removal, etc. The more of these devices will be the better, but do not forget that this also affects the total cost.

  • Spot treatment

Unfortunately, the appliance does not always cleanly removes all vegetation, so after the procedure you should use a special nozzle, which will save you from the remaining individual hairs. Thus, you do not have to pull out pins with tweezers or erase all the shaving machine tool.

  • Peeling

Often, women are faced with a problem when a few days after epilation hairs start to grow not upwards, and are bent inward, resulting in a highly inflamed skin and pustules appear at the bottom. Special nozzle for peeling, which should be used after hair removal to exfoliate dead cells, will save you from this trouble once and for all.

  • Cooling

To reduce the pain threshold, should be frozen processed area in the bikini area. For this purpose, a small removable container is filled with filtered and purified water from any impurities, then the nozzle is placed in the fridge for a few minutes. Also, for these purposes it can be used by small and practical cooling glove, inside of which - gel.

In addition to tips, cover, charging the battery or batteries, epilators can be equipped with special typewriters - trimmers, with which you can make an intimate haircut. A little patience and skill, and the result is no worse than in a specialized salon. This will save you more than a dozen rubles for this pleasure, moreover, you will not have to blush in front of the master, that is, for many ladies shy important.

And one more thing, which should pay attention - this is all necessary and indicated on the package components in the kit. Otherwise, you will have additional expenses, for example, on the cover, to keep the appliance correctly, the battery charger to charge the battery, or brush to clean the appliance. The same goes for the rest of the devices.

Be sure to inspect all parts in place, so you do not have to buy a new set. Ask when you unpack the box, plug in the appliance, check the casing and nozzles for cracks, defects, damage and scratches. In general, to be vigilant, because this device is very fragile.

 epilator for bikini


In addition to the type of work epilators also differ in the way of vegetation removal in the bikini area. But remember, the more possibilities and so-called "bells and whistles", the more you have to pay for it. So if you have limited finances, initially, decide what is more important: the availability of additional nozzles, beautiful design, or a plurality of speeds.

  • For sensitive skin

If you are afraid of the idea that you have to use the epilator in the field, while your skin is inflamed even after the usual shaving, stop your choice on this embodiment. The main difference of this model is the availability of options and settings that make the process of removing the hair in the bikini area is virtually painless and completely safe. Nozzle itself is designed to handle intimate area - narrow, therein is much less tweezers than usual.

  • The Standard Model

This epilator more suitable for the removal of vegetation on the hands, feet, but not in the bikini area, since no additional devices that reduce pain, not here. But some women manage to use such devices and such delicate areas of the skin, without even feeling much discomfort.

Number of speeds: what is the best option?

Today is difficult to find a modern epilator with only one speed, since such devices had long been in demand. More often than similar products manufacturers equip two, at least - three-speed. Of course, the more - the better. It all depends on how often and where you will use the device (underarms, bikini deep or normal).

Appearance: style, beauty and sophistication

Although, as mentioned earlier, the body color does not play a major role, but many women are pleasant to hold the appliance with a beautiful bright pattern than a standard and nothing noticeable. An important instrument is the form: graceful curves certainly look interesting, but remember that the machine should ideally be in the palm of your hand and does not slip during operation. Also note the location of the buttons, so you can move them to press without looking, where is the speed selector.

Brand Manufacturer: whom to give preference

In the market of household appliances today we can find a number of different epilators for a bikini that some of the fair sex there is a screeching halt when selecting a suitable option. In fact, thirty percent of such products should be immediately thrown in the trash, because these devices operate on the strength of two weeks, after which they did not mend even highly skilled professionals.

Not to be mistaken with a choice and not a one-time buy epilator approach this matter seriously and responsibly. First, do not try to save, as the technique itself can not be cheap, because quality parts, manufacturing technology and the cost of factory staff is also included in the price. And do not forget about the extra charge store that wants to get a good profit.

Secondly, take the appliance only to the manufacturer, about which you have heard, since such companies are concerned about their name and will not risk reputation. In case of breakage commercial institution undertakes to send the device in for service, replace it or refund your money. On the Chinese counterfeit have to suffer alone.

Power supply: battery or network

The appliance powered by a battery, can be used anywhere, anytime, while you do not have to look for an outlet to mess with cords, etc. It is enough to recharge it at home, to take with you on vacation. You can also buy the unit 2-in-1, which works on the network, and the battery life.

Additional features: What else can be equipped with the device

Do you want for your money to get additional functions not to regret the spent finances and get as much pleasure from the fact that you are using the appliance in the bikini area, and not any other devices for hair removal. Then many new opportunities from advanced producers you definitely will like.

  • Backlighting

Sometimes it is very difficult to bend so to see in normal lighting conditions the remaining hairs on the skin. Epilator with lighting - the perfect solution to this problem. Now you can more cleanly and efficiently remove the vegetation on the body, without feeling too much discomfort.

  • Silence

Often, women do not dare to use the appliance, because they are afraid of the sounds he makes. The quieter the device works, the less afraid to use it in the bikini area. Many companies have taken into account this fact, equipping their products with a special system that prevents the machine so much noise.

  • Water resistant

When the skin is a little steam out, not so painful to remove hair, so some of the fair sex is easier to carry out this procedure in the shower. In this case, it is best to buy the unit, whose body is completely waterproof to a drop of water vapor and not withdrawn from the appliance fails.

 epilator bikini

Hair Removal: How is it done?

The first step is to prepare the skin for hair removal that after the procedure did not raise irritation, itching, dryness, and not to have started to grow hair. So, for two or three days before that, apply on the skin scrub to remove dead skin particles that prevent the germination of the rod. If you have a special attachment, use it. Before the epilation take a shower, then wipe dry. Cut the vegetation, if the length is greater than one centimeter, because otherwise the hairs will get confused and you will be hurt.

Now assemble the appliance, with the pre-read the instructions, especially if you do it the first time. Attach the device to the skin of the head, select the appropriate speed and press Start. The move should be from the bottom up (against the hair growth), it does not put pressure on the skin, do not pull by hand. If you are sick, apply a cooling compress, just be careful not to catch a cold.

Once you would bring it to the end, apply skin cream, lotion, etc. cosmetics, but make sure to it that their composition was not the alcohol. Note that a few days after the procedure, you can not go to places with high humidity, the pool, and sunbathe on the sun or in the solarium, or you will be annoyed.

Once you have finished working with the device, immediately brush the him not to contaminate the head and it would not start the bacteria. Since the unit is designed to handle the most delicate and sensitive areas - bikini, dust, dirt, moisture, direct sunlight on the unit does not get it. Hygiene - one of the basic rules in this case. Remember that not all the nozzles can be cleaned under running water, they should buy a special brush. Terms of care is usually written in the manufacturers instructions.

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