• What threatens to stress and why it must be fought?
  • The «shift of attention" and relaxation
  • Relaxing with the help of water treatments
  • Relaxation plus recovery

In every person's life ups and downs, moments of joy and happiness, which sometimes replaced by resentment, disappointment and bitterness. Not always everything goes wrong at work, in family and romantic relationships. As a result, troubles and tribulations, stress, the accumulated problems and negative reactions affect human health, physical and emotional. The load, which impose ourselves and those around us external stimuli, hurts the human body. As a consequence can appear frequent headaches, insomnia, loss of appetite or, on the contrary, a constant craving for food. If time does not take himself in hand, do not learn to relax and to stop stress, can be quite seriously ill.

So do not shy away from the accumulated problems, "drown" them with alcohol or to try to forget the other not very healthy way. Of course, there are the external stimuli and do not get away from them - bosses on duty and will periodically have to scold, loving relationships do not always cloudless; but you can learn to respond to all the not so painful. You should use simple techniques that can help to quickly remove the accumulated fatigue. Having mastered these techniques, you will save yourself from the appearance of neurosis, psychosomatic diseases and other health problems caused by nervous exhaustion. We'll tell you what are the ways to relax and how to apply them in practice.

What threatens to stress and why it must be fought?

If you do not know how to relax, we'll show you. In fact, there are many ways: meditation, taking a bath with aromatic oils, special exercises, massage and many others. Better, of course, try to imagine several methods to choose the most suitable for you. After all, everyone - it is a bright personality: someone quickly helps relax quiet muffled music and a cup of hot tea, and somebody needs stronger tools. But today we will not talk about drugs and antidepressants. They should be used only by prescription and only in cases of emergency, such as a serious nervous disorder. In order not to bring your body to psychosomatic disorders and neuroses, should learn in advance to stop the stress starts to grow.

Scientists have long shown that the negative emotions that a person accumulates in your body, then have a devastating effect on the personality. Particularly vulnerable to this low-key people, to hide their feelings behind a mask of coldness and indifference. If a man does not cry, does not swear, does not show his emotions, then, as psychologists say, it refers to the risk that is the first candidate for appointment to the psychotherapist. Men who by nature are not as emotional as women are experiencing more losses, as unable to throw out the emotions. Therefore, when the accumulated experience is no longer possible to restrain, they often start to drink or make any rash or unusual for them things.

Conducted by scientists study the impact of negative emotions on human health have shown that they tend to destroy the liver, in some cases, are the causes of cancer. It is therefore very important to learn to manage their emotions.

As each person chooses to relax yourself: type hot bath, turn off the lights, light candles, listen to relaxing music. You can also go into the woods or other deserted place and vykrichat all negative. Very good help exercise: work out, join a gym or running in the morning. During strength training in the human body produces the hormone of joy. You may have noticed that after swimming, yoga or other sporting mood, which previously was "below the waterline" significantly improved.

If you are tortured by their reproaches chief, offended a friend or a quarrel with her beloved, do not save up indignation, and Throw it down on paper. To do this quickly draw a picture or write all about what you think at the moment.

Another great way to quickly remove stress speak Japanese. In this country, almost every office has a special room reserved for cleaning and discharge of negative energy, which is stuffed. So coming into this room and beating a rag doll in her place representing the head or other offender, the person is freed from anger, anger, and other destructive emotions. Take note of this! It is not necessary to buy a stuffed - in its place can be an ordinary pillow.


The «shift of attention" and relaxation

If you feel that negative emotions overwhelm you, in any case, do not give in to them. Try to turn your attention to something else: think about pleasant moments that happens to you, about their favorite people or go do something useful. To do this, fit a soothing monotone work, such as knitting, sewing, gardening, painting, sculpture and the like. Immersion in such activity distracts people from evil thoughts, thus bringing relief and allows more relaxed look at the problem.

Pretty quickly and effectively relieves stress, calms and soothes the shuffling of beads. They are made of ivory, wood, glass, stone, a special distribution of this item was in Greece and in the East. Why you do not buy such a thing?

In order to escape from unpleasant thoughts, you can make for yourself an individual "switch." Fit any beautiful picture, a picture of their child or beloved - well, anything. Every time when you feel tension and stress approach, look at this picture and think of something good. Regularly performing this simple exercise, which eventually becomes a habit, you will learn very quickly switch from negative to positive.

In today's world, a person gets a tremendous strain on your body and psyche .  This is facilitated by constant stress, time pressure and blockages at work, financial problems, arguments with loved ones and health problems that are now experiencing almost every .  The media - newspapers, television, radio - often sad incidents reported .  In general, a person is surrounded by troubles from all sides, but hung up on them, it is not necessary .  To relax and to drive away the negative off, we recommend to master the technique of relaxation .  There are plenty of them, but the general idea is as follows - to clear your thoughts .  Choose a time when you will not be disturbed, left alone, turn on soft music, light the candles and take a comfortable position, you can use chopsticks or flavored oils .  Mentally imagine how all the trouble you leave, think only about the good .  Higher degree of relaxation is considered complete cleansing, that is your mind must be completely free .  However, to achieve such a state is difficult - it will take time .

Some quick help to relax a good book or movie, music. Sit in a quiet environment, think about pleasant, maybe so you can re-think certain things, will find a way out of the situation. Psychologists are also advised to go to bed, because in this state the human brain and body relax, so give them such an opportunity. No wonder they say that tomorrow is another day.

By learning to control your emotions, you will not only become more restrained and save the peace of mind, but also save yourself from possible psychosomatic diseases.

Relaxing with the help of water treatments

Very good water treatments promote relaxation, which is ideal for the warm thermal water. Explore the special breathing technique, put a circle and lie down on the water, then relax. Carrying out exercises, you get rid of stress; lost sense of limitation, the replacement of which comes deep sedation. To achieve better results, including appropriate music - it can be a quiet melody, or, for example, sounds of the forest, waterfall, nature, birds singing.

Water is the most suitable for training exercises, many specially engaged in the swimming pool, which reduces stress on the joints. These classes are considered gentle power, as opposed to those that are carried out on land.

But relax, it is not necessary to leave the house. Relaxation session can be carried out in his bathroom. We start our relaxation session to receive a relaxing warm shower gel. Its duration should not be large - is enough to three minutes. Then proceed to cleanse the skin with a scrub containing seaweeds. In this procedure, we will spend no more than 5 minutes. And only after the cleansing of the skin can take a bath.

Here the choice is to use sea salt or aromatic oils. The bath temperature should be about 37 degrees. In order to relax you can add bath oil of lavender, rose and magnolia. Importantly, the aromatic oil should be added when the bath has recruited and turned off the tap. For a good effect is sufficient to 5 drops of oil. You can also use oils of Moroccan cedar, juniper berry and cardamom, which possess anti-cellulite action. Deep cleansing of the skin give the oil of chamomile and tea tree. And with heavy legs and swelling can help bath with wintergreen. Taking a bath, do not just lie still - it is possible and even easy to do a full body massage stroking movements terry mitten. The whole procedure of taking a bath should not last more than 25 minutes.

After bathing, apply to any body moisturizer. This can be a lotion, emulsion or lotion. And, of course, do not forget about the energy drink, pre-cooked you fresh fruit.

Such procedures are performed at least once a week will help you remove excessive fatigue, relax and feel in good shape.

 how to relax

Relaxation plus recovery

Make it a rule to visit a sauna - one or two times a week should be sufficient. This will relieve muscle tension, recover after exercise and get a charge of vivacity. Especially good are these procedures in the winter: you'll not only improve health, but also save yourself from diseases of the respiratory tract.

Sauna helps relax, stimulates metabolism and removes toxins from the body. Steamed, you can do a few stretching exercises: the results will be much higher than if you do them in normal conditions, as the muscles after the procedure gain flexibility. It is recommended to use aromatic oils: eucalyptus, cedar, chamomile, juniper and others. In no case do not add them in pure form - a small amount, dilute with water and sprinkle with a mixture of wooden shelves and walls of the sauna.

For a relaxing and warming procedures were held for the benefit of the body should follow some rules:

  • Before visiting the sauna (at least two hours before it) do not eat.
  • If you have a cold, it is better give up these procedures. In addition, there are a number of diseases (such as cancer) in which the sauna is strictly prohibited. Therefore, if you are registered with a doctor, consult on this issue.
  • Do not enter the sauna wet, do not let too high humidity.
  • Do not stay in the room for too long, as this may lead to an increase vyazkozti blood, which can cause serious consequences.
  • After the sauna a little cool, and after the dive in the pool or take a cold shower. A sharp temperature drop is dangerous for life!
  • During the session, do not eat, but eat as much as possible drinking water. The fact that rapid weight loss without replenishment of water stocks can adversely affect your health.

After the sauna it is recommended to make a relaxing massage, girls can go with a special anti-cellulite cream or oil. Steam treatments have a positive effect on the whole body: improve its protective properties, relieve stress, prevent colds and flu.

Today, unfortunately, many of the sauna became a kind of way to have fun hanging out with booze. Naturally, in this case about any beneficial effects, however. Go to the bath with a broom, essential oils, non-carbonated water, rest properly and efficiently, and then you will be healthy and vigorous, to get rid of tiredness!

Now that you know how to relax with the help of various methods and techniques. Choose them based on their preferences, opportunities, and what action they have on you. In the event of an ever-growing and decaying nervous tension can undergo a special massage or, for example, acupuncture; If this does not help, it is best to consult a doctor. After appropriate examination and determine the cause of the excited state of a specialist will prescribe the necessary treatment.

Naturally, fully protect itself from the outside world, and it is impossible to avoid stress, but they need to learn to manage. Try not to overwork, go to bed on time, spend the weekend with benefit: walk in the nature, breathe fresh air, read a book, listen to relaxing music. To distract from the negative, it is necessary to concentrate on something else. For this loan knitting, embroidery, beading or Master the technique of "switch".

Make it a rule to keep all professional troubles and problems at work, do not carry them home! Returning after a long busy day in the apartment, change clothes, bath type, turn off the lights and light the candles, immerse yourself in the water and relax, about anything without thinking at least for a while. Do your best to your body as much rest, and then you will always have the strength to fight stress.

 Several ways to relax after a busy day

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