how to get rid of stress


  • What is stress?
  • What are the effects of stress?
  • How men and women cope with stress
  • Women's issues and stress
  • What can you do to relieve stress?

Your body is constantly tense, you can not concentrate on their work, and the mind is occupied by thoughts about the problems? To-do list seems endless to you, and wait for help nowhere? You need to recognize that stress has covered you with a head. And the more you dive into the waves of the stress, the more damage will cause itself. What can you do to help yourself get rid of stress?

What is stress?

Define stress is not very easy. What for one person is a normal exercise tolerance, for another it becomes a burden. Someone stress manifested physical ailments, but someone it causes psychological discomfort. And the methods of relieving stress at everyone; and someone is able to get rid of stress easily and quickly, while others do not do it yourself. But common to all is that stress is a physical or mental reaction to external or internal stimuli, usually quite long.

Our bodies are constantly adapting to external conditions, whether the air temperature, excessive work or a real or imaginary threat. And that is the preservation or the loss of the ability to adapt may influence the likelihood of stress, which in turn has a negative impact on our overall well-being. But, oddly enough, some types of stress can even be considered beneficial for us.

When the consciousness states need to fight or flight from danger, at the subconscious level, our body responds instantly: the blood is ejected portion of adrenaline, the bodies are placed priorities, and our body becomes at some time stronger and more resilient. This is considered a healthy reaction to possible danger, and that stress helps us to achieve this effect. In ordinary life, the consequences of such stress can bring us benefits. For example, the strain on the athlete before the competition (excitement, a strong desire to win, the expectation of fighting with rivals), leads to the release of adrenaline; blood runs faster, bringing greater muscle power, his body becomes more powerful, and the athlete feels a surge of strength.

After years of research, scientists have come to believe that stress is directly related to how well our body can fight off the infection. There is some evidence that in the extreme conditions of stress makes it easier to transfer the injury or illness, and in some cases even prevent diseases. You may have encountered descriptions of cases where a person, for example, with serious fractures of legs to walk long distances to save a life - his or someone else. Or after a serious injury does not lose consciousness for as long as was able to report the incident and make sure that help will be forthcoming. A simpler example - you know, that just can not get sick right now, because there is a session or an urgent need to complete the quarterly report, the flu bypasses your side, and if you do, and you take cold, even the high temperature drops just a couple of days.

But experts are convinced in the fact that long-term effects of stress weakens our ability to fight infection. And not only - the state of health generally deteriorates markedly. Stress is a constant feeling of fatigue, can provoke the appearance of muscle cramps or severe headache. It is also directly related to the emergence of depression and anxiety disorder.

 how to get rid of stress

What are the effects of stress?

Let's face it: Every one of us at some time feel that somehow under stress. Some have found ways of getting rid of excessive stress; but if you're like most, you have also sometimes lose heart from impotence. Stress literally haunt us, because modern life every day brings us to the sources of excessive stress. And the consequences are not forced to wait.

Research specialist psychologists have shown that more than forty-seven percent of modern humans exposed to stress. Also interviewed respondents who live in a constantly high level of stress, have shown that they suffer from hypertension, depression, increased anxiety, and obesity. It is not surprising that many are attracted to what we think, can soothe and relax. We overeat, smoke a lot, all the free time sitting in front of TV. Of course, these "amenities" can help us to escape from the stress, but get rid of it, we only briefly; in the end, all the same thoughts about the problems again and again start spinning in our minds. Yes, even to existing problems and the added impact of our unhealthy behaviors: poor health, obesity and constant lethargy.

Just how quickly we age, too, is directly related to how quickly we can get rid of stress. Have you ever had to face a truly happy man solid years? Then you should know that such people are able not only to act, but look as if they are much younger than their own age. But if a person is exposed to stress, the youthful look it will not last long. While short-term stress can improve our immune system and memory, long term stress "includes" processes that suppress cell division rate; the process of updating them is slowed and the body is doomed to premature aging. Common diseases associated with prolonged stress include osteoporosis and Alzheimer's disease. Fortunately, some of these effects can be reduced to zero with the help of medication or lifestyle changes.

Other medical side "effect" from the stable stress appears to increase the level of lipids and cholesterol in the blood. It was discovered during studies with a group of people. Each participant was asked to perform a series of stressful tasks, thus were recorded their individual reactions to stress. Three years later, the same group of people was assembled to check the level of cholesterol in the blood. Those participants, who for the past three years had higher levels of stress were among having the highest performance and dangerous content cholesterol.

How men and women cope with stress

Men and women suffer stress very differently. There are several factors that affect it. Traditionally, women are much more likely than men to take on the role of care and care for each family member. This means that on our shoulders lie all households care about health, about to be fed, clothed, obstirany, trimmed, and so on. We must keep order in the house for occupancy of the refrigerator for a uniform expenditure of funds, the implementation of the lessons, the proper development of children - and all this along with the stress that we have to experience the work. We ourselves will endure cold and hunger, but if our child or spouse is ill, we will do everything possible to take care of them. Even stress can stop us! So women, if necessary, to quickly get rid of the blues.

If you ask men and women that they feel when they are stressed, you will find that the answers vary dramatically. Men usually characterized his reaction to a stressful situation: the feeling of anger and insomnia. The women usually say that the most important of their reaction to stress - a burning desire to cry. Most women also recognize that at such times they begin to lean on something sweet and delicious. And then such overeating reduces energy, fatigue, and ultimately to greater stress.

I must say that most of the studies on stress, conducted with the participation of men. It was during these studies and had voiced the notion that stress - is the reaction of "fight or flight", related to the possible danger. For decades, scientists believed that such a reaction is common to all people. Only recently, tests have been conducted with the participation of women; and then we found that our response to stress is not the same that in men. In most cases, women do not exhibit a desire to "fight or flight". Most often, women's instinct compels them to seek the protection of a strong or weak to protect itself.

We now know that women, like men under stress experience a surge of hormones; but different types of these hormones in men and women. Men tend to have increased levels of testosterone, which encourages them to aggressive behavior. Women have also increased the content of oxytocin, which can dispel fear and increase the instinctive desire to give care.

 get rid of stress

Women's issues and stress

One of the most complex issues of women's health is related to stress and infertility. For years, doctors convince their patients that they forget about their infertility as soon as they can get rid of stress. Ten-year study showed that stress levels in women suffering from infertility is equal to or even exceed the level of stress in patients with cancer or who have HIV infection. That's just so far no one can accurately determine what is primary and what - again, stress or infertility.

Women in severe stress are also at high risk of experiencing muscle pain, back pain, get high blood pressure or heart palpitations. All this, if you do not take steps to get rid of stress, can lead to serious diseases such as heart. In addition, women who suffer unpleasant symptoms of premenstrual syndrome or menopause may feel more of a reaction to stress. Patients who have indicated that they are suffering from stress, also complained of increased pain during menstruation.

What can you do to relieve stress?

As you have probably seen, excessive tension can bring benefits to your body. If you can not avoid it, then it's time to talk about how to get rid of stress. One of the easiest ways to alleviate their condition - a heart to heart talk with a close friend. It is desirable that it was a woman, after all, she can understand you very well - we already know that men have with stress very different emotions and feelings. When discussing their condition, you can relax, share their problems and even get advice on how to fix things. You will be able to solve some of the issues that concern you.

There are many other simple and easy way to rid your life of stress. We'll share a few of them - we hope there will be enough for you to regain your peace of mind:

  • Change your attitude. If a situation that causes you concern, is out of your control, try to proceed as follows:
  • Try to imagine the worst case scenario this situation. You're not all so critical? That breath of relief!
  • Decide to accept the possible outcome that would have been unpleasant for you. If we are to you it is independent, it is necessary just to survive.
  • Do your best to change for the better happens precisely at the moment when it happens. If everything has already happened, it is not necessary to constantly remember and experience that you could not do something, or something else. Now, nothing changed, so you should not injure myself constantly torments.
  • Try to avoid chaos. Many satisfied with the mess at home or in the workplace, explaining the creative necessity. But if the environment around you, very organized, it significantly relieves your brain, removing his excess stress. Even a simple daily cleaning of the workplace at the end of a working day can work wonders. Remember that our environment is a reflection of what's going on in our minds.
  • Think only about the good. It sounds almost trite, but if you take time to think about something good that happens to you - even if it's even a cheerful mood on sunny days - then your mind less and less will be coming unpleasant thoughts . Our brain is able at once to focus only on one thing, so let it be something good!
  • Sound like a massage. Too many of us forget to take care of himself, so we am busy saving the world to others. And after a good massage helps to relax tense muscles. Experts say that touch can heal wounds. So if you can not afford a massage, you often ask a loved one, that he hugged you.
  • Spend time with pets. Take a dog for a long walk, or curl up on the couch next to her cat, taking a good book. Psychologists say that the presence of animals around us is able to remove the psychological tension.
  • Laugh as often as possible. You probably already know that laughter is the best medicine. Chat with my girlfriend about this and that, or watch a good comedy.
  • Listen to your favorite music. It is, as you know, can work wonders in dealing with stress! If you like soothing music, arrange in a cozy little corner and swim in the waves of melody. And if you prefer music loud and cheerful, then turn it to the maximum possible volume and start to sing and dance. This will help you get rid of tension and give a feeling of complete freedom.
  • Go for a walk. Spend some time in your garden, or grab a friend and take a walk in a nearby park. Being outdoors and nature is very soothing. And if next to you is a good friend, you are wonderful distract from all the problems.
  • Soak in the tub. A nice, leisurely bath procedures will help you relax. Warm water will soothe aching muscles, and aromatic oils will set you on a relaxing mood. And if you're a light a candle, especially flavored, the complete pleasure you provided!
  • Work out. Buy a subscription to a gym or sign up for yoga. A good exercise will also help you overcome some of the side effects of the abuse of all sorts of goodies.
  • As for your diet, then it should be seriously reconsidered. Avoid unhealthy foods! Unfortunately, sugar and caffeine can make you feel physically worse. Try to eat fruit or salad, it helps you to nourish the body with vitamins and give good energy.
  • Do not forget that the contemplation of bright colors uplifting. Take the paint or crayons and paint. You do not have to be a great artist, to find relief from stress through self-expression in art! Even just painting the pictures in children's coloring book can be a very fun and soothing occupation.
  • Turn off the TV. If all the free time to watch it, you not only relax, but even more tired. It is better to spend the evening listening to good for soothing music or even listen to you unaccustomed silence. If you have children, use the time it will no longer have to select a TV, board games or other fun together with your kids. They will be very happy, because they do not have enough attention is always busy adults!

Stress can affect your quality of life. It may be due to the circumstances surrounding you, or come from within. From whatever you experience stress, you should definitely make every effort to get rid of stress. Manage your stress so it does not control you started!

 When the whole world is against you, get rid of stress