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Each of us has a past that after many years still influence our present. What we have lived, we can make inert people who are afraid to trust others. All that happened then, still hinders the process of self-realization, impeding success in the future. Negative past, resentment and frustration - all this is often just sucks the energy out of the man, forcing him to lose faith in themselves and their own strength. Over time, this begins to annoy people more successful.

Do I need to get rid of the past?

Failures distract the mind from setting goals in life, do not allow you to move forward, to limit our actions. How to be? How sad to say goodbye to a past that prevents live? And if you can not forget, how to direct their feelings and emotions in the right direction? How is it to live?

First of all, you must understand that not all memories of the past need to be released. After all, that was brought to us not only the pain and resentment. Life does not consist only of black stripes! The case with you moments of joy and happiness? So, before you try to change your present state, you need to calmly analyze the past. Should spend some psychological inventory.

Remember once and for all - it is impossible to get rid of bad memories, constantly thinking about what happened to you. Start taking everything that happened to you as a life experience. And only after that you can go on without looking back. Unfortunately, women often continue to refer to the failure and frustration with annoyance, reproaching himself blunders and mistakes. For a long time the fair sex can not forget someone caused resentment, cultivating them in the shower and more obscuring its way into the future.

If a person is constantly in this state, it is doomed to failure. It is impossible to look optimistically ahead, if you look back at all times. So long not only break your neck or trip, but fell into a deep pit from which escape is difficult. Usually, we do not know, how can you forget the past relationship, can not imagine how to say goodbye to the offense. It would be easy - Recognize, analyze your mistakes and dwell on. However, many women do not even try to change something. They do not realize that themselves cover the way to success.

In short, to fully perceive the present, plans to build a loyal and bravely stepping into the future, you must remember one rule - forget the past as uninteresting and boring book. After all, we throw trash out of the house and do not store it? It would be strange to regret overdue cheese or sour milk. We sighed and put it in a bag and go for new products. Of course, I do not want to buy overdue sausage or sour cream. But we have learned to separate the wheat from the chaff.

 forget the past

Learning to forget insults

Forget his negative past is not so easy. It does not sleep at night, suddenly comes to mind at the most inopportune moment. It is tormented by guilt and regrets that it could be otherwise. It might or not? What if you would have done differently, and it would lead to more serious consequences?

All you have prepared the fate, had to go. This helped to become wiser, more patient, more experienced. But even if you are to blame for what happened once, that too is now lamenting? What happened, it happened - this is not correct. To failure should be treated calmly, as to forget the past, constantly regretting it, impossible.

Let's try to let go of the past and try to switch the events in the present. There are many ways how to do it. And only through trial and error you will find it a suitable option for themselves. One must be a change of scenery, to leave the country, and someone easily burn things her ex. The only thing you need to understand - without new impressions and no crazy antics forget the troubles will not succeed.

So, we proceed. Take a pen and piece of paper, remember some situations and moments of our lives, and then try to look at them as if from outside. We are trying to be cool at the same time, do not respond to over-emotional memories.

Remember, our goal now - to close the doors to his negative past and channel the energy of the future. We concentrate and watch their memories, like a frame of the movie on a TV screen. Not present in them! Just take a look and write down on a piece of paper the names present in them. Our task - to get rid of the memories to begin to live again, not bring themselves to tears.

We do it as long as our memories will not run out. This does not bother trying to remember something that does not comes to mind first. If it does not appear, therefore, it is not essential to build our future. First of all our consciousness provides the information that is particularly important at the moment. It is not necessary to add to it something extra. We take only what we are able to recycle without stress.

Once you let go of past memories and write names on a piece of paper, calm and detached look at the resulting list. Many names come about? It's okay, because no it does not matter. Just try not to feel emotions towards people wearing these names. Alexander hurt us? Well, then, she had already lived through ... hurt us once Elena? It's been a long time, and it does not matter. Devotees day Tatiana? Tatiana for many years is not in our life, so is it worth to remember this betrayal?

About the same regard each man behind one or another name. Do not sort people into good and bad. We do not condemn them, do not criticize or praise, do not appreciate. Unfortunately, erase the past, leaving him in his emotional world, it is impossible. Positive and negative aspects of our lives occurred in situations too, we do not try to evaluate. After all that has happened to us before, we have formed in the present. This is where we are now and have our being, and in the past just put things in order.

We regard the names in the list as long as our minds are not accustomed to perceive their suspension. This - the first step on the way to how you can forget the past. Now we must create in our minds a separate niche in which we put our past.

Human memory is like a big warehouse, which stores everything that once happened to us. Destroy it's impossible. But to hide everything in the farthest room of memory-storage and then tightly close the door - it is easy. In short, we need to isolate memories in a separate corner of the mind, and try to never go. For the isolation of mentally appeal directly to all those who have noted in the list, without singling out the individual and the relationship between them.

How to forget the past and move on? Just imagine that in front of you a group of people, a team where everyone is working to the best of its capabilities. And each of them has a role in which they were made in your life. Thank you all for taking part in his life, because we got a lot of experience. After all, everyone - travelers, following a certain route. For a while their paths cross, one person interacts with another, then they disperse and go further.

We are grateful to everyone who met us. And no matter what kind of experience we have gained in this, good or bad. And the positive and negative of the past - all of it is worth. It - is the basis of our future. Let our life time travel will also be a foundation. Let's write an appeal grateful to them and wish good luck along the way.

Treated so as long as we feel an inner ease. This means that we were able to solve the problems of the past. And it's a heap of challenges turned into a normal life experience. And now we try to direct their energies in the right direction. We appeal to his thoughts and set our goals. We plan to only their own future, without affecting the other, as if they are close to you were not.

It is better to think about other people, about how successful, happy and healthy individuals are not entering them in the planned situation for themselves. Because the hope of participating in other personal fate is nothing else than the violence against their will. A free will of every person is inviolable.

In short, even mentally to behave properly towards others. Forget past relationships only with the understanding that the creation of any situation is always a free will of each participant. The attempt on her inadmissible. You can not plan for the future, focusing on the participation of other people. Perhaps they will help us to build it, but then it is likely that this will not happen.

And what, hoping for a presence and seeing this man once there, confused, not knowing where to go? Is that the future we want to afford? Of course not. Therefore, we plan and organize their own destiny only. Other people will let it or, conversely, leave, but only on their own.

After we put the past in the farthest corner of the warehouse storage and identified their plans for the future, boldly go forward. Do not look back - Past securely stashed away and do not see. All you need, we have already taken out of it. And the excess baggage in a way we do not need. Stepping lightly promptly. And fun, because ahead of us - a goal.

Self-hypnosis - one of the most effective ways on how you can forget the past. Of course, not every one of us strives to strike him from life. But if memories are painful, it is necessary to get rid of them. Otherwise, they will interfere with their fortune.

If you are too hard to forget the past, refer to specialists. They will help you understand the big picture. No need to carry the baggage of memories into a new life. All that we have experienced before, we have already experienced many times in her memoirs. Each situation of the past - a brick in the foundation of our future. And it depends only on us.

 How to forget the past and learn to live in the present

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