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  • Why do people think bad about yourself
  • Symptoms of low self-esteem
  • Why do I need to work on yourself
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  • Be aware of their rights and do not take extra responsibilities

Many of us are faced with such a problem as a lack of confidence in himself. Doubts, excessive self-criticism, fault-finding - all this gives life to the fullest. Intolerance to own shortcomings forces hide in a corner where you can watch more successful, relaxed and happy. Often, the fair sex are not satisfied with your appearance or form. They doubt the ability to communicate with his superiors, clients, partners and friends. If they praise girls have mixed feelings. Sometimes it seems that the opponent simply mocking or joking.

But even people who seem to be quite confident, at times experiencing similar feelings. In fact, self-esteem - like a roller coaster. We all have days when we feel successful and are at the peak of his fame. But sometimes you have hours of deep depression. And then we feel that our existence is useless, so anything sensible or at work or at home do not succeed. After such an auto-suggestion mistakes and failures are starting to haunt us.

To live with such feelings is not very nice. Especially tight we have to the people who experience them constantly. Therefore, it is they need to urgently address the question of how to increase self-esteem and self-confidence. So, you first need as quickly as possible to get rid of unpleasant thoughts and memories. Say goodbye to the doubts, because the only way you can live in full, without thinking about the problems.

Many will think, read these lines: "To say something is easy, but to do - much more difficult! "And they, of course, will be right! Of course, you have to work hard on yourself. And the fact, to raise their self-esteem to the desired level, will need to spend more than one week. But the results will please you for sure.

Why do people think bad about yourself?

A sense of inferiority appears when we judge ourselves and our abilities are not on its "standards" dictated by our possibilities, and by the standards of others. Then, the girl did, she did not get. As a result - it is worse than others. Over time loser, having lost confidence in themselves and their abilities, only to be accustomed to second.

And every time she did not get to be the first, she feels that it is something wrong. The fair sex begins to delve into his memories, trying to discover the reasons for it by comparing yourself with others. She is not looking to open the door for her and opportunities, and all the time turns back.

And just because we allowed ourselves to get under hypnosis false statement "I have to be like someone else" or "I have to be like everyone else." Unfortunately, that we are taught in school. If you think about it, that this view is simply absurd. But our society - is multifaceted. In any group of people differ in character, demeanor, his ability. What is most interesting, each in its own way unique. Therefore, there can be some common standards and frameworks.

Unfortunately, the problem is often a person with an inferiority complex is compounded by the fact that he is trying to be better than yourself. His feelings stem from the mistaken assumption that it is inferior to the other in their qualities. And the more a person tries to be smarter, stronger, more beautiful, the worse he felt. Often, he tortures himself, bringing your body to a neurosis.

Try to remember once and for all: you do not need anyone to prove. Let your best friend dresses employee quickly finds and sister cook. You are such as it is. No better and no worse than others. Stop comparing yourself with others, to gain confidence in themselves.

 how to improve self-esteem and your self-confidence

Symptoms of low self-esteem

Some of the girls sometimes do not even realize that their failures are connected with their own low self-esteem. Experiencing difficulty in communicating, such individuals are not even aware that the key to solving these problems must be sought in ourselves. By the way, sometimes people do not even realize that their behavior indicates trouble with his own Ya

Excessive aggression and the desire to dominate

Your boss yelling at subordinates, without explaining the reasons? The shop dealer just Naham? It is not necessary for them to be offended! The fact that they are trying to improve your score for their self-esteem. Who would have thought that a man who is constantly striving to experience a sense of superiority over others, has the same problem. Had a fight with you, they are unlikely to gain confidence. The scandal will only aggravate the situation. In the future chief, The passport or policeman will try to bring you to tears.

Tragically, a sense of worthlessness and self-excellence - are two sides of the same coin. Man, arrogant relation to others, easy and fun to humiliate others, in fact, a not at all sure. Showing character in this way, such a person tries at least for a while feel a little better. That is, he vtaptyvaya in the mud of another, trying to elevate himself.

Excessive shyness and constant embarrassment

Shyness - is another indicator of low self-esteem. A shy person can not deny something else, even if its own interests are infringed. He does not dare to express, much less defend their opinion in controversial issues. Even if such a person knows more than the rest, it can not take a good position and become a leader in the team.

Do not return to the store substandard products, do not ask for a higher salary, not to go to auditions in search of better work - this is the position of a man who had once burned. These girls are very much to lose in my life, because they do not have the strength to use the new features. This self-confidence and their own abilities have wronged persons to life each time more and more falls. Learning how not to be afraid to assert their rights and raise self-esteem - not an easy task.

The desire to be the best around

Perfectionism can also be a manifestation of low self-esteem. For example, before leaving the house she could spend a few hours in front of a mirror until it is satisfied that looks perfect. Or she tries to keep the house in perfect order. Or on the job itself is trying to achieve the best results, it requires the same of all the colleagues and subordinates.

Usually perfectionist barely tolerate other people's success, especially if they themselves have not achieved anything on the same field. To raise self-esteem, they have all the time to compete with others. Unfortunately, it is fraught with nervous breakdowns, depression and constant anger at the world.

Jealousy and possessiveness

Another manifestation of self-doubt - unfounded jealousy. Revnivitse it seems that it is not good enough for his partner. Beauty is not confident in the strength of relationships, feelings of doubt looking for a husband. She wrongly believed that other women better than it, so afraid that the second half will lose interest in it.

If in time to see a specialist, raise self-esteem can be a girl for a few sessions. The psychologist will help determine the cause of self-flagellation, and suggest how best to deal with it. There is a chance that in the past this woman were unsuccessful relationships, it betrayed or deceived. Now she brings someone else's image to new partners.

Why do I need to work on yourself?

Do you think that low self-esteem - it is only your own business? If you really think so, then you are very much mistaken. What are your views itself has a huge impact on how other people perceive you. After all, with a little girl frightened and scared to communicate, as well as with the evil, rude man.

In addition, people with low self-esteem, as a rule, do not reach their goals. Because they surrender at the slightest sign of failure. Conversely, a person who believes in himself and his success is not afraid of their mistakes. They use them to learn something new and to increase their chances of success.

Remember once and for all, self-esteem acts as a magic spell. Two people can be at the meeting to offer the same thing. But hear only one who speaks confidently, clearly and without hesitation. Togo, who will present his plan shy and quiet, not even notice.

 how to improve self-esteem and self-confidence quickly

Raise self-esteem right

Unfortunately, in life there is no easy way out. Raise your self-esteem, not made to this effort will fail. Confidence is not sold in stores, not issued for work in lieu of wages and not hidden in the refrigerator at home. However, there is great news - you can get it for free! All that you need - this desire to evolve and improve in order to improve their view of themselves. And - start! Proceed according to plan:

  • Follow posture

The man who keeps his back straight and his head - held high, looks very solid. We pick up the stomach, straighten shoulders, lift your head! And - forward, boldly go to work, a party or a meeting with friends. Do not worry about what you look like at the moment, do not analyze yourself, otherwise you can lose all confidence.

If you walk into a room where there are people - greet loudly. If you just mumble something under his breath, or do not choose to say hello, it only will give your desire not to attract attention once again. You this evening, and will not notice!

  • Smile

Your mood can be transmitted to others. If you are "giving away" all smiles, you immediately begin to perceive as a very pleasant companion. Perky laughter - one of the most important instruments of non-verbal mode of communication. Angry and sullen man is only one desire - to quickly move away from him.

Do not forget that our self-esteem affects the way we look at the moment. But appearances - is not the most important thing. Many women are able to hide defects and deficiencies with the help of makeup so that it did not even guess. In addition, a cheerful disposition is much better than a perfect doll face with cold in every woman.

  • Believe in yourself

It is worth noting that the credibility, though not playing a central role in our physical attraction, but its value is still high. In the woman all should be balanced. A person who is satisfied with their appearance, usually do not pay attention to the disapproving glances and whispers.

So try to keep your body in good shape, take care to your wardrobe updated from time to time. Do not spare money for periodic visits to beauty salons. Manicures, hair, beautiful makeup - all this has a positive effect on increasing self-esteem. And most importantly, do not forget to smile every morning to his reflection in the mirror!

Be aware of their rights and do not take extra responsibilities

You have the right not to provide any justification or excuse in defense of his behavior. You do not want to sit with a child friend, go to a seminar or do the work of a colleague? Tell me about it! Do not look for an excuse, but simply inform that you will not do that. Learn to finally say no firm and irrevocable.

You also have the right to change your mind. Just do not forget at least an hour to warn others about it. You do not want your man stood with roses at the theater. In this case, too, do not make excuses. Talk openly and honestly, you do not have the desire, opportunities, etc.

Do not forget that you have a right to make mistakes. It is the analysis of its shortcomings have a negative effect on self-esteem. Faced with the problem, in any case, do not tell yourself that you do not know, do not understand, do not understand that. One has only to wish and a little effort to do what others have failed.

 How to increase self-esteem and self-confidence, forgetting about the shortcomings

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