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  • Be better - a natural desire
  • Top quality helps to live better
  • Do you want to make the world better? Start with yourself!
  • What to look for in the first place?
  • Should I become a better friend?

Every person in life there are times when he has a desire to be the best, or at least better than his former self. The world is not perfect, and we humans are not perfect. Well, every human life there is room for improvement. We can improve on their personal qualities and making this change not only themselves, but also will render influence on the lives of others. But how to become better? What should I do?

Be better - a natural desire

Any of us would like to grow as a person, for personal growth - the main difference between man as being reasonable. And each of us has his own definition of personal growth, as well as a list of skills, acquisition or improvement of which would be of paramount importance. Reaching new heights in personal and professional development is especially important when we have the desire to move to a new, more successful living standards.

Let's take a brief excursion into science. After all, in order to develop a successful strategy for action on self-improvement, it would be good to first understand why even in people inherently desire to get better. Agree, because even as a child, each of us have to compare themselves to other girls, trying to understand why Anna wants to be friends with all classmates, and Tanya like all the boys. And if a kid we just tried to imitate their idols, then grew up, began to think about how to be a better girlfriend. Just be similar to someone we already did not like. So why is there a desire to steel better and how this desire to explain the science?

 become better

Top quality helps to live better

Theory of automatic update states that only when human beings strive for a higher level, they are able to meet their basic needs. And what are the basic human needs? This physiological needs, the need for security, the need for affiliation group, community and the adoption of the community, the need for self-renewal and self-esteem. Why are these factors play such an important role in the development of the individual and how they help us to become better?

The physiological needs of man - is the need for food and water, that is, the need to ensure survival. If you are hungry and do not have enough food and water, where you take the strength to get better? Only when the physiological needs are met, we can think about the spiritual hunger and thirst. Your basic necessities of life ranks first among all the problems, and only after they meet there is a need for self-knowledge.

Once a person realizes himself as a person, he has a sense of belonging to a community of people. So it comes to other important needs. We all need understanding and love from our family and friends, from the society in which we live. The way others perceive us, and makes us care to think about how to become better. We are beginning to rise above the other - in the sense that we are not only getting better themselves, but also begin to pay more attention to the needs and desires of others.

Do you want to make the world better? Start with yourself!

Get me started today! Many people have any dream or wish to achieve some goal; but most of them have postponed their dreams and goals "until better times." They are wrong - there is no better time to achieve a goal than it is now. Just taking a step today, we will be able to bring their "better tomorrow."

Deciding to change for the better, to put a specific purpose. Try to keep targets were realistic, otherwise you doom yourself to failure. Agree - if you suffer from shyness, you should not set itself the goal of becoming speaker of this month. In your case, you must first increase the self-confidence, and only then begin to learn public speaking skills. Unreasonably high goals will lead you to failure, and failure, in turn, turn away from your attempts to engage in self-improvement. Having set a really attainable goal, you can every day, step by step approach to the implementation of the planned.

When you reach one goal - to congratulate yourself, be sure to reward yourself with something pleasant. And put in front of him the next target, this time raising the bar higher and set out to achieve more. After the implementation of the first problem, and has strengthened your faith in yourself! When you learn to challenge yourself, you can do much more than ever thought possible, and you will be good to see how to become better.

What to look for in the first place?

First of all, listen to yourself, to identify all the best in you. Analyze your core beliefs and principles. Your principles are the foundation of your value as a person; they have a huge impact on the course of your life. If the beliefs and principles are wrong, they can lead you astray. This will lead to the appearance of habits that will not allow you to grow as a person. Do not confuse the only shortcomings of which can and should get rid of, the complexes caused by, for example, dissatisfaction with their appearance. Short stature can not affect your personal value, as well as too big ears. But indecision or, conversely, stubbornness and arrogance is to get rid of.

If you are thinking about the need for personal growth, then the first step would be wise to do - make a list of skills that you want to acquire or improve. If you are thinking how to get better, you have to understand that you have to fully realize their inner potential. That is, you need to improve your inner self. It is the development of its internal "I" helps the person to get better. And when our thoughts, habits and skills become better, we can try to help others to live their lives better. And even though it sounds simple, but require a lot of effort on your part. But - Down and Out the trouble started! Let's see what skills and qualities should work out at home.

  • Perseverance

Have you ever wondered what the total is at all successful people? They developed the perseverance to achieve their goals in life. People who develop perseverance and persistence, do not give up even in the most difficult situations. They believe that only their determination and hard work, including on himself, help them become successful. That perseverance motivates them to go on to achieve their goals.

Therefore, one of the main secrets of your success in the work will be the development of a persistence. You have to stock up on a lot of patience. Whoever becomes persistent, it receives not only a strong character and determination and will to help achieve the goals and turn your dreams into reality.

  • Individuality

Do not try to be like everyone else. Try to be an interesting person and learn in any situation to remain confident. Never hesitate to express themselves. Do not be afraid to express and defend their opinions. If you can maintain your individuality, you are never "lost" among the people and it will be interesting to others, as a person.

  • Erudition and passion

In order to be interesting to people, and myself too, need to improve their erudition. Agree, no one likes to chat with the person with whom to talk something about. The more you know, the wider the range of your communication. But do not forget - boast their knowledge and clever to the point and not to the place of really smart people will not. Always stay themselves, do not try to say or do something to show.

Find yourself some interesting thing, you can spend your leisure time. The wider the range of your interests, the more people will be interested in yourself.

  • Initiative

Sometimes it is very scary to say or do something that is up to you in your environment no one has yet done, and did not offer to do. And suddenly, what seems interesting and important to you, the rest will seem empty nonsense? You do not know how can accept your offer, so your fear is quite understandable. It is very important to overcome yourself and move on to something new. This will help you not only to learn to take the initiative, but also to strengthen your self-confidence. So do not be afraid to take the initiative, including in the love and friendship.

  • Goodwill

Be kind and tolerant towards people. Any person - and you are no exception! - Is not only good, but something bad. Try to see in the person of its best qualities, ignoring the flaws. People will feel your location, and it will be easy to communicate with you. You will be welcome in any home and will be able to get along with others in any situation. Do not forget that kindness will say about your first smile and friendly eyes. Gloomy man glances askance, he will not be able to win one. But a friendly smile can melt the most severe heart!

  • Sense of humor

Everything that happens in our lives, must be treated with a bit of humor. Even if there was something wrong, you can always find this and something good. The optimism inherent in people with a good sense of humor helps to overcome hardships and difficulties, and laughter helps to survive in the most difficult moment.

But do not confuse humor and a cruel irony! You can laugh at themselves, but unacceptable to heap ridicule or barbs someone else. Even if a very strong desire to make fun of somebody, first think - and you would be pleased if you would be so ridiculed? Never using silly jokes or jokes do not infringe upon people's feelings. From this you will not become better.

  • Attention to the people

Learn to be attentive conversationalist - speak let your opponent, do not interrupt him. Be attentive to the people, try to notice if someone something is bothering or depressing. You do not climb into the soul - just offer your help if the person in need, it will take it from you. Your attention will be shown to your friends if you find time to communicate with them and to help in solving their problems.

 how to be better than others

Should I become a better friend?

You are free to continue to list the qualities that would like to develop or improve themselves. Your desire to be better than others worthy of respect - you do not want to stand still, you have a goal, and you know what you want to achieve from life and from herself. So, you have a great chance to achieve the desired. Only here do not try to be better than someone else. Moreover, a better friend. If she feels that you are jealous of her and try to match it, simply can no longer trust you. As a result, you lose a trusted friend. Each person is unique and unrepeatable, so be yourself and just get better.

 How to be the best and to change their lives?

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