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In the modern world scientific and technological revolution has reached unimaginable proportions. Huge flows of information, increased noise levels, environmental degradation - all these constantly affects the person and leads to incessant stress. That is why modern humans formed a special need - the desire to relieve stress. And not always a person goes to the doctor. How to relieve stress at home?

This term usually refers to a state of tension, causing various unpleasant symptoms. However, in psychology stress it has a value adaptive response to excessive fluid pressure characteristic of any person, and includes a variety of physiological and psychological changes occurring in the body. Thus, it is obvious that not all stress must be removed here and now.

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Types and symptoms of stress

Psychologists describe two types of stress: positive and negative stress. Positive stress is usually caused positive emotions and mobilizes the resources of the body. Testing it is not only harmful but also beneficial to the body. Negative stress - is stress, with which a person can not cope, it is damaging to human health. It was in such a state before the person there is a problem, how to relieve stress.

Physiological signs of stress include increase in blood pressure, increased heart rate, increase in the rate of gas exchange, dry mouth, etc., ie, Symptoms activation of the sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system. By the psychological signs include impaired concentration, forgetfulness, difficulty in decision-making; anxiety, irritability, depression, frequent mood swings; decreased performance, withdrawal, dependent behavior, etc. ...

You can also talk about the biological and psychological stress. The main difference between them is that the threat is real biological stress and focus on life and human health, while psychologically it can be virtual and aimed at social status or self-esteem.

An example of psychological stress can be fired from work, family quarrel or any phobia. In this connection experience stress in this case it can be very long. How to quickly relieve stress in this case? A major role in the level of expression of stress response plays personality rights. For example, awareness of their possibilities to influence the situation reduces tension. Also, the presence of the past experience of successful resolution of similar problems helps relieve a lot of stress.

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Self-help with stress

Not every person is willing to seek professional help, and in most cases this is not necessary. There are different ways to relieve stress, we list only the most effective ones.

The first group concerns lifestyle in general. This changes are permanent, and therefore their creation requires some effort from the man, but this is accompanied by a significant improvement in quality of life. This includes the following recommendations:

  • Find or create a hobby. Often in the case of stress recommend tranquil occupations, but it really depends on the temperament of the person. For some, this will be a hobby, or ikebana scrapbooking, and someone worships in mountaineering or rafting.
  • Go to the gym. Recommendation is as old as the world, but its effectiveness is not in doubt. While exercising in the body release endorphins - the hormones of happiness - that instantly reduce stress levels in the body. By the way, the same hormone is released during sex, so that regular sex - is a great way to relieve stress.
  • Organize proper nutrition. A large number of junk food - only an additional burden on the body, and not a source of energy. Reduce the amount of fat and fried, add the "anti-stress" foods (fruits, vegetables, fresh fruit juices, seafood - sources of vitamins B, C, magnesium and other mineral elements), - and your "anti-stress" menu is ready!
  • Smile more. Psychophysiology showed that facial expressions on his face and emotions felt by man are inextricably linked: as well as the experience of joy is able to bring a smile and smile can bring the experience of joy.

The second group regards the general changes in the social sphere. This includes all that relates to the interaction with other people, as well as the emotion caused by this interaction. This group is isolated due to the fact that psychological stress arises because of the problems in this area. Here's how to organize changes in this area:

  • Organize a chat with family and nice people. This is one of the most important tips because exactly the kind of communication performs the function of psychotherapy - the most important person shares, receives support and participation, and its resources are magically restored.
  • Try to limit contact with unpleasant people. At the very least, deal with their social circle - may have girlfriends, next to which you feel insecure and have forgotten why bother to communicate with them. As far as people communicate with whom you can not avoid - interacting with them, you can represent them in ridicule.
  • Try more frequently and more to express the emotions that you really feel at the moment. This will allow you to feel significant relief, because the lion's share of human resources is spent on suppression of emotion.

The third group includes a variety of specific actions, the implementation of which allows you to quickly remove the accumulated stress. However, their effectiveness is short lived, so that for best results they should be combined with the recommendations of the first two groups.

  • Change of activity. Neurophysiology proved that the implementation of a long monotonous activity causes human condition monotony that depressing effect on the human nervous system. All that is needed in this case - to switch to another activity. For example, after sitting at the computer, take a break and do the cleaning.
  • Eliminating sources of stress such as noise, flow of negative information from the Internet, stuffiness. This may also include reducing the load on the work, the number of family cases (if they are a source of stress).
  • Take a relaxing bath, add the sea salt, aromatic oils and use your favorite shower gels and creams. The effectiveness of this recommendation is due to the combined effect on the sense of smell and tactile sensations.
  • Listen to your favorite music or watch your favorite movie. This will give you positive emotions, which always acts reassuringly. This technique is particularly effective when necessary, remove psychological stress.

The fourth group - specific techniques taken from psychology of self-regulation. These techniques have been tested in many psychological studies, their effectiveness is proven and based on the neurophysiological features of the regulation of the human body. They allow you to achieve a certain effect, if a number of simple steps.

  • Autogenous training. It is based on the use of the respiratory muscles and relaxation as well as for self-suggestion. Exercises are performed in a pose of a cab (straight back, hands on his knees, his head hanging freely) or lying down. Training begins with a calm (the formula "I am quite calm"). Next come the exercises evoking the feeling of heaviness and heat in the hands of (the formula "right left hand is heavy and warm"), the regulation of cardiac rhythm, respiration (the formula "I breathe deeply, my heart beats exactly"), evoking coolness in the forehead. Each exercise is repeated somewhere for six times and completed sedation. Training should be systematic in order to achieve the best effect.
  • Massage and self-massage. Massage is known to have a relaxing effect. About massage can ask as a specialist or just a loved one, most importantly - relax and have fun. However, if you do not have one, you can do self-massage - gently massage, and then walk stroking movements in the face and head (forehead, temples, cheeks), massage your hands and feet. Self-massage is sufficient to carry out a few times a week.
  • Technique of building a positive future. Think about the future, try to use positive and specific language, such as "I'll sign the contract with our partners." Will also be useful to connect visualization - try in every detail to present the positive results of their actions.

Of course, there is no need to follow all of the above recommendations. However, the choice of those that you like, and making them into your life can help you to remove the accumulated stress and significantly improve their quality of life.

 How to de-stress yourself?

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