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Women's loneliness ... It sounds sad, is not it? A woman alone. Oh, how sad! But if you think about, it is not so and it's kind of sad as it seems at first glance. Always in this world there are those who deliberately did not want to raise a family. A lot of the ladies went to the monastery, became nurses, worked all his life in orphanages or completely dedicated themselves to some cause - this is what brings lonely girl.

And representatives of the stronger sex to a ripe old age, not married. So why today unmarried women cause in the surrounding countries, sometimes mixed with contemptuous pity interest? For some reason, women's loneliness is given more attention than the male. Well, think of it, a single man! This is normal. With modern appliances and semi-finished goods stores filled up it is possible to do without his wife. But when an attractive woman has no husband - it is suspicious. It turns out that something was wrong with her. How justified is this attitude to loneliness woman?

Lonely Woman and Society

I must say that the male and female loneliness in the past century was perceived not as it is today. Not having a wife a man over the age of thirty years, perplexed much more than a lady of the same age without a husband. Particular fairer sex could sincerely empathize - poor, they say, no one has married! Or treat it with understanding and approval. But bachelors forty considered nonsense. Like, somehow it's not like human beings. It's not normal for a man still has got no family. Well, when he was a widower, everything is clear - the man lost his beloved, mourn, and so on. And when he did never married ...

As we have said, these days related to this kind of situation has become different. Unmarried men are no longer considered to be not quite normal. As for single women, that they do not approve of either, or pity, considering a failure and neschastlivitsami. But if you look, many of those who have a husband, much more unhappy than free ladies!

They are afraid of condemnation from the outside, forced to endure the humiliation, abuse, betrayal of his pious because that got it into his head women's loneliness - it's bad. And more often, and they are proud to have in the house a permanent man. Here are de let somehow things are going in the family, but "but I have a husband. And it is not a neighbor! So I - a full, and it is - not very. "

However, despite this, the number of free divorced ladies and the number of girls who do not want to marry at all, grows. And it is not because men less than women. Candidate for the seat is always possible to find a husband. It would be the desire. A majority of free persons of the weaker sex have no such desire. That's the story.

What happens, my dear woman? We become free from public opinion? Perhaps, yes. After all, if that judge, a woman, is not burdened with a family has more opportunities to do what she likes. And it can devote more time to caring for their own appearance and self-development. As a result, the availability of the fair sex often look better than married women, and their superior intellect tribeswoman. So why spoil your life, to acquire a spouse requires more attention? Do we need it? And then what's wrong with the women alone?

 lonely women

Disadvantages female loneliness

Yes, like in our time, many women do not need to look for a life partner. They are successful, to ensure self-sufficient. But ... But ... But ... What it is really a lady who lives without deeply loving her man? Even if she has children and lovers, it remains nedolyublennosti. Periodic sex with someone who only wants sex, and this? Well, as it's good. But "how to". After all, the true love of a man - this is what makes us - really beautiful. But it is not ... There is only sex, useful for the body.

Perhaps someone considers it sheer nonsense, but in general, a single woman, even if she is rich, to be realized until the end will not. She needs a caring, understanding, living her problems, man. Let it need such men in his life rejects, but it is. It may be that someone is able to satisfy the need for it with the help of a hobby or occupation in some business. But it is among us exists a lot of these? Peace and a sense of security allows only one who becomes the foundation soil for the growth of interest in life. And this interest arises when you feel wanted, needed, to understand only.

Well, imagine for a moment that someone is worried for us, not because we have something for him to do. And because we are - we are. After all, everyone is vulnerable. Today it is a successful, self-confident beauty, which has a lot of fans. She was showered with flowers, ride on luxury yachts, give luxury gifts. And tomorrow she suddenly fell seriously ill, lost her looks, aged, impoverished. As a result, the admiring glances of men go out, become indifferent, alienated or even contemptuous. And no one near there. Is it possible to feel in this case protected? Flowers have long faded, yachts disappeared on the horizon, jewelry is dead lie in a casket, money gathering dust in a jar. A health and with it the life force, melting, melting, melting ...

And the reverse situation. There has over the years become a mother, unusually intimate, loving man. Next to him quietly. Even if something happens, and even if tomorrow you will become the feeble wreck (and it can happen at any age), he does not leave. It will be every effort to facilitate the life of his beloved, even when it would be very difficult. After all, the same situation is much stronger than the eternal, even occurring in the luxury, loneliness! So why are we distracted by anything - career, business, hobbies, what you like, but not in search of just such a man?

Frankly, however, we are not told that great feel, being alone, in reality it is not. In fact, women, soul wanting complete freedom, a little bit. The main reasons for such freedom are quite different.

 causes of female loneliness

Causes of female loneliness

So what causes loneliness still lie and what to do with them? Usually this:

  1. Waiting for the prince on a white horse

    To dream of such a rider women can wait for him all his life. No, they do not want solitude. They want happiness together, but are convinced that it is only possible with the "Prince." Well, he's either got lost somewhere and still not revealed. Or already found a couple, and do not realize that somewhere there is his "princess." Yes, "princess", there are other contenders for the hand and heart. But she needed only the owner of a white horse. The horse still does not appear on the horizon, youth passes, aging "princess" begins to worry, miss. Self-assessment of its falls, hopes of happiness are melting. A chance to wait for unmarried "prince" is becoming less.

    The consequences of such female loneliness - depression, pessimism, loss of faith in himself and in his own good fortune. To avoid this situation, you can, of course, with the help of a successful career, new acquaintances, regular communication with your friends. That's just all this will be ineffective if you do not convince yourself that women are happy not only with the "princes." These royal offspring are not necessarily the key to family happiness. Quite the contrary. After all, they are always somewhere gallop their horses and, in reality, rarely truly noble. "Prince" is generally selfish, narcissistic and different are not capable of sincere attachment to one woman. At the same time among the common man it is quite possible to find a decent and reliable in every respect a life partner;

  2. Excessive requirements for men

    They are usually present in attractive successful women seeking self-development. In general, smart beautiful ladies shortage of fans, of course, do not. However, among the gentlemen uymy bit there will held in all respects men. Our Lady also only need one next to which it will not feel its superiority. But these representatives of the stronger sex, or already married, or are drawn to the gentle, defenseless, weak women.

    The search for the perfect man in this case can be very lengthy. As a result, loneliness settles firmly Lady in the shower, displacing it from the hope of complete happiness. After all, in fact, to meet representatives of the stronger sex, once it meets all the requirements, it is simply impossible. All people have some weaknesses and shortcomings, which often become apparent only in the long relationship. So ladies with excessive demands would have to be more forgiving to our men. And a closer look at those who do not live up to the ideal. Among them there are those which go through life will be fun and easy;

  3. Fear of family relationships

    This fear usually experiences a woman who grew up in an atmosphere of constant parental quarrels. There may be he when previous relationships with men brought a lot of suffering. And now the woman is afraid of them too close to him at bay. Reasons to eradicate this kind is not so simple. Fear lives in the subconscious and not allow anyone to trust any of the men, even if pulling him very much. In such cases, without the help of a professional psychologist, perhaps, can not do.

Of course, this is not all the causes of female loneliness. Someone did not create the family in his youth because despotic parent, someone devoted himself to education and career, believing that the family - is later. And who's the general thought is not worthy men and happiness. But there are many examples of well-marriages later! And there are many cases when a woman looks very unattractive successfully marries lover. We only need to open ourselves to the love and the happiness will come. Because every woman is a vessel and its source. Happiness is living within us. You can not kill him. It is a crime against nature.

 What it is caused by women's loneliness?

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