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  • What complexes and where they come from
  • Should I get rid of the complexes?
  • Take a look at yourself from a different angle
  • Love yourself first. The others did not remain in debt
  • Art therapy as a method of getting rid of complexes

I do not care what you have complexes. I would like to know what you're doing with them. (Carl Gustav Jung)

Each of us is important to know how to get rid of complexes, because all of us are there, and it makes it difficult to live really fully. How to deal with them? Someone can easily handle systems and goes through life on, and someone gets depressed and tormented by the question why he is unhappy. Even recognizing the causes of their ills, such people are in no hurry to deal with them. And do it in such a situation, it is useless. Instead of asking "how to deal with the complex? "Specify a different" how to get rid of complexes? "And if you do, you'll be halfway to normal life.

What complexes and where they come from

Psychological complex - it is a distorted view of man about his mental and physical deficiencies. Exaggeration fictional flaws accompanied by profound experiences that are often hidden from outsiders. Most human systems from childhood. A careless word, unpleasant action adults may be deposited in the memory of the child's fears and accumulate many years.

Imagine a little girl, swirling near the mirror. If the closest person - my mother - come up and say that it is ugly, and the mirror it does not help, it can become a trauma for life. Growing up, she will suffer from feelings of inferiority, she instilled since childhood. But possibly mom just wanted to pull her daughter from the mirrors and seat for lessons. Sometimes adults, without even realizing develop children complexes, spoiling his life.

By the way, the man - the only creature on the planet capable of testing systems. Neither animals nor even primates such "exploits" are not capable. Even primitive people did not exist complexes - believe me, this has been proved by historians and psychologists. This is because in animals, and our ancestors lacked the education of children in the form in which it is understood people. Think about it and be more attentive to their children: Do not release into adulthood yet another unfortunate man.

Another reason for the appearance of the complex - our fears. Fear that laugh at us, do not get to do something right. People are always afraid to be a laughing stock before their friends, live with an eye to their approval. If you suffer from this problem, think: are there people you know that their opinion was decisive for you? Perhaps that neighbor whose judgment you are so afraid, just simple-minded woman, to which it is not necessary to listen? Or the boss nagging you to the comments you see in the similarity with a woman who he had once thrown.

Then what are your anguish and fears, because other people's opinions are not always objective? Moreover, perhaps the very people whose words are so important to you, do have considerable complexes and poured their anger on you. Try to understand yourself and understand where your troubles originate. Once you succeed, you will realize that your fears are often far-fetched. Get rid of the problem far-fetched, and in time you will find that not even notice the moment when you tormented complexes have gone missing.

 get rid of complexes

Should I get rid of the complexes?

If the problem does not have one, why would puzzle over how to get rid of complexes? After all, the same people live on them and not noticeable that they have difficulty. What if your systems do not interfere with life, then you do not need to worry. Even the famous Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler, opened an inferiority complex, believed that the problem leads people to self-improvement. What if they were all right, they should not be tormented by the thought that they do not under force, and people are not trying to conquer new heights.

However, do not forget that getting rid of the complexes - not an end in itself. First of all, you should strive to inner freedom. And if any complexes prevent you live, urgently need to get rid of them! Do what you see fit, do not adjust their outlook for the opinions of others - these goals are worthy to fight for them. Perhaps it is not the easiest way, but the only way to achieve something in life. There is an ancient Eastern wisdom: "If you're afraid to go that way - so this is the only right way." So be bold and begin your road to getting rid of uncertainty.

Take a look at yourself from a different angle

Most people suffer from various complexes because they believe that their immediate environment does not favor or underestimate. Someone thinks that they do not like to work, others believe that they are fat or skinny. What is the key word here? "I think!" Can you objectively judge his appearance and internal shortcomings? What is the basis your low self-esteem and an unwillingness to love yourself?

Look around, remember your friends. Surely they too have complexes, try them out. At a loss? Or maybe your loved ones also suffer from self-doubt and think their weaknesses to others - at a glance. It is the same with you. What outsiders see your flaws - just a guess, the invention is not confirmed by facts.

If you are good, you have a sports figure and a pretty face, it is unlikely someone will consider you ugly, even if you are sure. How many accidents of beautiful women suffer from loneliness if they interfere with their own complexes. Have you noticed around him this durnushek that behave like the Queen? And how much self-esteem ?! The most interesting thing is that fawned upon them a bunch of guys, after positioning itself with beauty, they make everyone think of them that way. So the first step to getting rid of the complexes - to believe in themselves and love.

Love yourself first. The others did not remain in debt

Understand how to love yourself and get rid of complexes, not so difficult. The main thing - to understand themselves and believe in themselves.

  1. To begin, try to remember all the unpleasant moments in life, for which you will be ashamed. It does not matter whether you are guilty indeed and it just seems to you - try to forgive myself and let go of all sins. It is not necessary to live with the memories of the heavy burden of its own failures and mistakes, because life goes on. Just depends on you how you will build your future: with drooping shoulders and a cargo of unresolved problems or with a firm gaze and head held high.
  2. Listen to approving the warm words that you give as gifts around. Take them for the truth and believe in it at last, and that you really this: kind, sympathetic, intelligent. Often happens in the company of men, their compliments to raise not only the mood, but also self-esteem. Pour balm for the soul and get a sincere pleasure.
  3. As often as possible congratulate yourself. Minor blunders and mistakes can be omitted, but any luck you need to fix. Time after time, scroll in the head moments smallest triumphs, remember the praise and admiration of others.
  4. Cease to blame themselves for the shortcomings. They are missing and others. Try to understand that you - a unique personality, and what do you see a flaw, for others may seem dignity. If you have a curvy figure, you should know that most hudyshek wants to have the same appetizing forms, and many men prefer women "in the body." If you often get lazy, you are jealous of many women who have taken on their shoulders all the responsibilities at home. Because of the lack of any possible benefit.
  5. Make gifts his beloved. Nothing improves mood as small a present for no reason. For example, there was a girl who vowed to buy a new lipstick, if you pass the exam - the promotion. Immediately I stipulate that if you do not surrender, then buy it in comfort. A perfect example of the fact that she loves herself and considers himself a decent amenities.

After all the above-described way, you will certainly feel the importance and love yourself for who you are. Finally, there is no women without complexes. Even the most charming and attractive lady, confident in their abilities, may experience psychological difficulties of another type. Perhaps you've seen in cheap newspaper ads about the girls without complexes? It just so happened that men give these words a completely different meaning. Maybe it's for the best that you have a minor problem? So enjoy yourself and your little flaws, then this set will make it easier to expel.

 how to get rid of complexes correctly

Art therapy as a method of getting rid of complexes

The most famous in the world of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud also thought about how to get rid of complexes, and as a result offered his solution. He developed his own recipe for victory over their fears and called it art therapy. Its essence lies in the fact that all negative emotions can throw through creativity. Draws you caricatures of those whose judgments are concerned, whether writing about them scabrous poems or sculpt a figure out of clay - all of which help to calm down and not to take seriously the problem of far-fetched.

Let's say you are afraid to death of his boss and his opinion about you. Think what he looks like - a dog on a giraffe, and maybe on the hippo? So feel free to draw a hippo with glasses and tie and cease to fear him. The next time a meeting, you can calmly look him straight in the eye and adequately respond to questions.

You can fight with other negative emotions - anger, envy, fear and so on. Just come up with for each of them its a face and draw on a sheet of paper. You can write a small comic texts for each situation, put funny faces in a bad light. You may laugh, but this method really works. Your subconscious mind is freed from fear and dependence, it helps to look at the situation from a different angle. In addition to all try every day to write about myself mini-stories in the third person. It's a great way to take a quick look from the outside and see if your problems are serious.

If you are very difficult to win their complexes, do not despair. The main thing is that you see the problem and are looking for a way to resolve it. Even if you do not notice the results of your work on yourself not in vain - your internal resources will enable you to overcome the previously inaccessible heights. And if you want the final victory over them, contact a professional psychologist. You will get knowledge of how to get rid of psychological complexes, how to behave in certain situations.

Unfortunately, in our country are not made to share the psychic wounds with doctors. And it's a big mistake. There is nothing wrong to get professional help in solving the problem, poisoning your life. And fear turn to a psychologist - is another complex. After all, you do not want to old problems to add one?

 How to get rid of complexes and live a normal life

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