29 week pregnancy symptoms

Pregnancy Week 29 - this is the time when the baby begins to prepare for an independent life outside the uterus. He had already learned to regulate their body temperature, and production of red blood cells completely took over the child's bone marrow. The child actively urinate - on the day it allocates at least half a liter of urine. His movements have become quite different if before he tumbled and perform various stunts, it is now increasingly working elbows and knees - a place in the womb is already enough, but the strength and persistence markedly increased.

 29 week pregnancy symptoms

Prenatal development of the baby at 29 weeks' gestation

Fat layer increases and soon reach 4% of total body weight. The spleen had started to form blood cells responsible for immunity. But it is your antibodies are able to protect him after the birth, so it is important as long as possible to breastfeed. On the teeth, which are hidden in the gums have formed enamel. And if the whole pregnancy was uneventful, the teeth of your baby will be healthy and strong. Pregnancy 29 week ultrasound examination shows that the weight of a child of about five grams of 1350, with growth of 26 cm. Premature birth at this stage in 90% of cases end without complications.

 Pregnancy week 29 ultrasound signs of symptoms

Ultrasound at 29 weeks of pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 29 Symptoms: the closer to leave, the stronger the discomfort moms. Because of the growing fetus organs change their location, and many of them have to make room. Correct posture, adequate exercise and good nutrition - is a guarantee of good health of the future mother. Because the bladder is considerable pressure enlarged uterus, the woman has to go to the toilet more often, which can sometimes cause discomfort.

 Pregnancy Week 29

Tummy 29 weeks of pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 29 signs of the appearance of colostrum already observed in many women. This is the first milk that is released from the woman's nipples and a watery fluid, but now the milk can only come about in a day or two after birth. Colostrum contains large amounts of antibodies, which is very important for the newborn, and in the future milk production will stimulate the hormone prolactin.

 Pregnancy Week 29: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

 28 week pregnancy symptoms

Pregnancy Week 28 - a time when the child opens his eyes already. Their color is mostly blue and basic color eyes set some time after childbirth, but there are already clearly visible cilia. The child is actively interested in what is happening outside their residence. Various studies show that kids are starting to learn the language before birth, this fact is proved easy - similar to a baby's cry with the voice of the mother.

The weight of the child and his brain continues to grow rapidly, the cerebral cortex has developed meanders. Hairs in the scalp grow longer and thicker layer of fat tissue. As long as the baby enough space for playing and tumbling, so do not worry if the survey week of pregnancy 28 ultrasound showed that the baby is down the legs, not the head, time to get his head down still abound.

 28 week pregnancy symptoms

Prenatal development of the baby in the 28th week of pregnancy

And with gestation of 28 weeks the signs of preterm labor when the child is such that with proper care the survival of children is high, and he was legally recognized as a fully human person and is subject to registration. Its length is 25 cm., With the weight of 1100 grams.

Pregnancy Week 28: the symptoms of approaching childbirth are becoming clearer, so the woman should visit the doctor at least once every two weeks. Analyses of which must pass now - it is tested for the level of iron in the blood test for glucose tolerance. If the mother is Rh negative blood, you need to donate blood for the presence of antibodies.

 Pregnancy week 28 ultrasound

Tummy expectant mother 28 weeks pregnant

It should be like occupation, where expectant mothers talk about pain relief during labor, on the induction of labor and transactions that may be required in the process of childbirth. This knowledge will help you to be ready to be complications. It is important to continue taking the vitamins, paying more attention to calcium, as it is now bone growth reaches a peak of intensity. Some women from breast colostrum begins to stand out, but basically it occurs after birth.

 Pregnancy Week 28: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

 27 week pregnancy symptoms

More recently, your baby is composed of a few cells, but now a 27 week, a period when the child functioning of all systems. However, the rest of the time they will be developed and improved.

In the past three months, there is an increase in the active brain and let the skin more wrinkled baby, but gestation - 27 weeks ultrasound confirms that its proportions are close to the proportions of a newborn, and wrinkles smoothed themselves just before delivery.

 27 week pregnancy symptoms

Prenatal development of the baby at 27 weeks' gestation

And if you begin preterm labor, the probability of successful resolution of their growing, in 27 weeks, it is 85%, since the moment of birth is up slightly less than 13 weeks, which means that with each passing day increases the vitality of the child. And with a mass of one kilogram of its growth is nearly 24 cm.

 Pregnancy week 27 ultrasound

Uzi at 27 weeks' gestation

Pregnancy week 27 symptoms on this term expectant mothers increased cholesterol levels, this should not worry you, because pregnancy is 27 weeks signs of increased serum cholesterol talking about the normal course of pregnancy. It is produced from cholesterol via a number of important hormones, including progesterone. But progesterone is responsible for the development of your breasts and the removal of a uterus cramps and other muscle.

 Pregnancy Week 27

Photo tummy by 27 weeks of pregnancy

Many pregnant women are beginning to gain weight, do not worry, most of your weight up amniotic fluid and increased blood volume. And for the entire pregnancy expectant mother adds 11 to 13 kg body weight also increased by a small swelling of the skin and by increasing the breast. And, if the average mass of non-pregnant breast 200 grams, the weight of the breasts of pregnant women reaches 800 grams. Should eat right, not overeating, and then after the birth of problems with the figure almost there. However, pregnancy - is not the time for any strict diets.

 Pregnancy Week 27: signs, symptoms, ultrasound