how to cope with stress

The fact that such a stress, everyone knows. Studies show that even six years old children suffering from this disease twenty-first century. And it's no wonder. After all, the rhythm of life in our time such that the time to do everything and thus prevent a mistake - very difficult.

Sophisticated load that we are experiencing on a daily basis at work, too, it is at the heart of what we begin to experience stress, cope with that is becoming harder and harder. Not only that, a lot of work in itself makes us overwork, he also has often robs us of much of the time, we would like to devote to the things that affect our quality of life.

Even worse is that a large number of routine cases, with which you could barely cope during the workday and during household chores, leaves us with little time to address some urgent issues that creates a feeling that the situation is getting out of our control. And this feeling even more "fertilizes" the ground for the emergence of stress. Therefore, it is imperative each of us to understand how to deal with stress at work and home and once again become calm and balanced.

No wonder they say that all diseases - from nerves. Calm and relaxed people get sick less. If illness and overtook them, then the person recovers quickly enough, since it is located in a great mood. For information on how to learn to perceive the world in a positive, talk later. And now define the major symptoms of stress:

  • sleeplessness;
  • irritability;
  • loss of appetite;
  • absent-mindedness;
  • constant feeling of fatigue;
  • memory loss;
  • the loss of a sense of humor;
  • "Psychosomatic" pain in the stomach, head, back.

 how to deal with stress at work

Ways to get rid of stress

Very often people are being treated for gastritis, migraines, osteoarthritis, not realizing that their illness is not from malnutrition or weight lifting, but because of the stress. They relieve the symptoms of psychosomatic pain, drink valerian from excessive irritability - and everything seems normal. However, the cause of the problem is regularly reminding currently worsening sores and depression. How all the same to get rid of stress? We describe a number of ways:

  1. Learn to relax

    Stress often occurs not because of the problems and the strain of the organism. To relieve this stress is useful to perform breathing exercises. Take a deep breath and a short, sharp breath (breath should be twice as long). Repeat ten times. Fatigue and irritation should let you go. There is also a relaxing exercises for all muscle groups: tense and relax the body as long as you feel a total relaxation of the body. You can just lie down with your eyes closed. In short, do all that will allow you to relax.

  2. Once rid of stress helps music

    Not necessarily quiet. What matters is that you like it. Do you like rock? So it is it will help you recover. You can sing along with a favorite singer, this is also cheer you up. It does not matter that you have problems with hearing and voice. You're not on the stage, and at home! So you can do whatever you want without fear of public criticism. It is also useful to listen to music before important events, public speeches and visits to the beloved.

  3. Very often, the stress occurs due to improper load distribution

    Write down on a piece of your daily plan of action. Maybe you take on the burdens and it is time to shift the responsibility to the colleagues and family? If you are handing the quarterly report, ask your home to help you around the house for home or choose the menu are dishes that are quick and easy to prepare. Remember: if you do not sustain loads and ill, a quarterly report would have to make up another person. And the family will have to eat their own. So is not it better to keep a little bit?

  4. For the following method to get rid of stress, you'll need a notebook and pen. We will record observations about the day

    Psychologists say that journaling reduces the risk of depression and stress at 70%. And it is not that you are calm, when you write (though the truth in this is). Just before you get rid of stress, you need to solve the problems that lead to the breakdown. A habit of recording everything that happens the day allows a person to analyze their own and others' actions. Look on their behavior from the outside. Do not forget to read everything that is written above, and do not notice how your character will get better.

  5. It is known that men are more prone to stress than women

    And all because girls are more honest with your best friends. What will help get rid of the stress better than the peace of the conversation? Therefore, at the first sign of bad mood take the packaging of sweet tea and a box of chocolates and go to visit a friend. Often, this rule is neglected young mothers who have no one to leave the thoracic baby. But believe me: it is better for a couple of hours to hire a nanny and calm the nerves than the next week to suffer from depression and to transmit the mood baby. There is no possibility to leave the child to a babysitter? Agree to a friend she came to visit you. Scroll to communicate those cherished few hours when your baby sleeps. You'll see - the result will not take long.

  6. Do not give up sweets

    Emergency assistant under stress at all times was a regular chocolate bar. So many women are so fond of doing sweet reserves in case of a bad mood. Only there is one small condition: you must be treated sweet tile or a cup of fragrant tea or in good company. In short, you need to get the most out of chocolate. And try not to abuse this method. Otherwise, after the stress you have to get rid of excess weight.

  7. It is also good to soothe and pets

    Many people come home from work after a long and nervous day, find an outlet in communication with the beloved cat or dog.

  8. And what a girl that I do not have pets? Take a hot bath with salt and aromatic oils

    Treat yourself to your favorite put on the face mask, rub the body scrub - and see that the home half an hour aromatherapy all problems seem silly and contrived. No less (and sometimes more) are effective for several hours spent in the spa. Nice music, high-quality massage and a cup of green tea will result in the sense of any woman. She did not notice how to get rid of stress and will once again be balanced and restrained.

  9. Diametrically opposed to the previous method. It lies in occupational therapy

    Not in the mood? Start to clean the apartment, throw out all the trash, wash windows. In short: do things which do not reach the hands earlier. After three hours of this treatment, you are guaranteed to become calmer. And not because they are tired (and without this will not do). Just clean apartment every woman uplifting.

  10. Helps to achieve a good effect viewing a comedy or melodrama soul

    This will detract from the existing problems and plunge into a new, invented by screenwriter world at least for a couple of hours.

  11. If none of the above methods does not work, make a day of silence

    To do this, turn off the computer and mobile phone, close the sale of the castle and the whole day with no one to talk. Within 24 hours you will have a rest, come to, to consider all the options for addressing the problem and the next day bring them to life. Even if you do not come up out of this situation, voluntary isolation still help you get rid of the main symptoms of stress.

  12. It often happens that the self does not bring long-awaited effect. Then you have to go to the doctor

    And do not delay the visit. The more advanced forms of stress, the harder it is to treat even the professionals. People usually neglected help of a doctor. And for good reason. For some reason we go to a therapist to treat a runny nose, to LORu - a cold ear, and make an appointment to get rid of stress - not solved. The fact that the post-Soviet space is very strong stereotype that neurologists, psychologists and psychiatrists are treated only mentally ill people. And those - force. Therefore, most people stress is prolonged, becomes chronic depression. And all the while, and it was necessary - seek medical advice at the right time.

Finally we want to wish all readers as little as possible to seek assistance from our advice. Let your life be calm and measured, and the stress and depression will be rare guests in your home!

 How to cope with stress without the help of a psychologist?

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 handwriting and character

As many as three thousand years ago, wise Chinese noticed that the handwriting and character are closely linked. Since ancient Chinese civilization has created the modern science of graphology - graphology. To be more precise, it is the study of man and the features of his character based on his manner of writing. This science is, of course, difficult, that's why today you can even handwriting samples to prove the involvement of the suspect in the crime. But we're not going to catch the criminals, so why do we know something about the features of different types and pisulek zakoryuchek?

Well, we are with you young ladies curious, suddenly so useful! For example, we meet with the guy. He's so full of himself is positive, downright scary - not an angel came down from heaven if married and calls? And then we learn that sticks, circles, squiggles, of which we form letters and words can describe our character, thinking and even emotional well-being (because our emotions can also affect how we write)! And we say darling, "A-ka you write to me, my dear friend, maaalenky such a note, leaves for three-four! "And begin to scrutinize that as a yes, he wrote. And learn about it all that he could carefully hide from us. That he really nice and friendly, and still tends, for example, to outbursts of anger and irritability. It is better to know in advance! As the saying goes, "it forewarned - is forearmed."

Good handwriting - a guarantee of employment

And in another way, we can use this knowledge to your benefit. After all, who knows - maybe in the near future will be the replacement of handwriting analysis characteristics, for example, when applying for a job? And that, in some countries it is practiced! For example, in France. They think that there is no detailed description of the features of the most personal attributes, even if it is confirmed by a bunch of coats of arms and seals, do not tell the whole truth about the person as only a few lines to tell his family, handwritten zagogulinok. Therefore, any self-respecting French firm collects handwriting samples from everyone who is going to join its ranks. And there, considered the letter from different angles and make a conclusion: the bidder suits us, and this - categorically refuse! Intellectually, he will not pull our exclusive delights produce. But do not just take, but also to send the training of a good leader in the future will turn out!

Who knows, maybe we will soon come to this? So, we understand what's what, and learn to show their best side - from "A" to "I"! But first, let's learn how to analyze handwriting.

What is Handwriting Analysis?

Graphology - is, as we have said, a science that allows you to determine the personality characteristics of a person by studying the characteristics of his handwriting - slope and shape of the letters, the forces on the pen pressure, the location of lines and other parameters. It seems incredible, but the experienced graphologist can give just an incredible amount of information about a person, defining its character handwriting. Just like a fortuneteller that takes information from the lines on the hand! Only the fortuneteller mostly lying and graphologist will give accurate information; and he will not only create a complete personality profile of the studied person, but also tells about his health, about the level of morality, hidden talents, the experience of the past, mental health problems - and these are just some of the indicators that are available a handwriting.

How is it working? It's very simple! Our brain directs the hand, and then, with the result that appears on paper is the result of our two-way connection between the brain and the motor reflex arm muscles. We thought quietly - so the muscle twitched; I think a little irritated - commercials muscle twitched. So our handwriting and becomes like a detector which observant eye can read all of our well-kept secret.

At the disposal of the expert handwriting more than three hundred different methods of analysis, we will look at only some of them. After all, we should not so much - only to others "see" themselves and know how to "show".

 character handwriting

Where to start?

In the analysis of the letters should look back at the whole sample. As a rule, the general form of written, too, leaves the person some impression: neat or messy if it is binding or not even consider it necessary to write the letter in full. Of course, for an overall impression still need some experience, but to identify emotional energy "writer" we can have right now. And this is one of the most important factors of the individual, because it has an impact on all other traits. The nature of emotional energy is determined by pressed with which people wrote letters. The appearance of each letter (written in bold or subtle) says for itself, but is especially pressing force is visible, if you turn the paper and look at it from the other side. This is particularly evident if the leaf lying on a soft surface when it wrote.

Well, we took a sheet, turned, looked at from both sides have learned - and what can we learn? A figure can be seen from this: the person who writes with strong pressure, as a rule, successful in everything. He has a lot of vitality and emotional feelings last for a long time. That is, the desire to get things done is not lost on his second day. Those who write to the average pressure, quite successful and, as a rule, they have enough energy to do something and the next day, and the day after. But those people who write, barely pushing the pen, usually very hesitant and not always achieve implementation of the plan.


Letters - this is what we write quite unconsciously. And that's why they are the first to give us a head. All details of correspondence between writing letters and certain types of nature, we are not going to study - we have enough, and a few examples:

  • People with large hand, tend to pay attention to even the particulars. But the most important feature of their character can be called the ability to keep his word - so if you promise, be sure to perform! And all around them, always takes something interesting;
  • Writing in bold letters usually do not stand even a hint of criticism: they are very nervous and touchy. Too emotional, they can not calm down for a long time. And the questions they like to answer another question;
  • Finely written letters with soft, rounded transitions between them talk about the sensitivity of the person, his emotional depth. Such a person will always be able to understand each other and sympathize with him. These people do not tolerate boredom and monotony.

The shape and size of the letters

People who have the habit of writing circular letters by the nature are usually very quiet. If the tail of the last letter is turned up, it is a sign of high energy. Amateur upturned tails sober look at the world and has a practical approach to life. But the owners, and unintelligible scribbles tails usually people artistic tendencies that have non-standard approach to any problem.

Owners of large handwriting tend to be very friendly. They are always confident and firmly know where to go. Those whose letters look more like small beads have an iron logic and can be merciless to those who have the opposite opinion. If a letter looks elegant, downright calligraphic, it could mean that the man who wrote such letters sometimes has difficulty in communicating with people. He often has to break the socially accepted rules.

 a person's character by handwriting

The distribution of letters by zones

Try to mentally divide the written word horizontally into three zones. Remember the recipe for first-graders? Two narrow strips in which it was necessary to enter lowercase letters. Above the upper strip of the upper part of the written letters like "b", "c" (do not forget that we are talking about small capital letters!). This is - the upper zone. Between strips (in the middle zone), we write the letter itself. Under the lower strip (in the lower area) are written "tails" of letters - "z", "d", "y", "p".

So if a person is dominating the upper zone (the upper part of the letter obtained exaggeratedly large, and the letters themselves climbs the top of an imaginary line), it means that the person is ambitious and is always trying to get ahead of time. We can assume that such a person is often dreams about the future. Those who often increases the bottom of the letters (in the lower area), most of all wants to achieve material prosperity. Dreams of a man - of the bread (money, car, house ...). Well, the one who slightly increases some of the letters that are in the middle area (imagine, for example, fat "belly" in a soft sign), the focus is on the present. He does not look back, not betrayed the dreams of the future, because he prefers to live for today.

But if someone is in compliance with the right balance of all three zones and write letters correctly as in the recipe, then this person is in compliance with the right balance in her life - between the past, present and future.

What does the slope of the letters

Letters can be written vertically or obliquely, and it is also entirely dependent on the nature of the writing. The slope indicates that typical human emotional responses to external stimuli. For vertical writing (IIII) requires conscious control by the author of the letter, or the letters begin to lean to the left or right. Therefore, the vertical writing speaks highly disciplined one who writes. This person is trying to keep his emotions in check - the mind is dominated over his heart. And - vertical handwriting indicates a person's independence.

Tilting to the right (////) says that the owner of such handwriting has a rich emotional expressiveness. Such a man is sociable, caring, able to maintain cordial relations; a love he can faithfully and unreservedly. The heart controls his mind.

Tilt left (\\\) shows that people are not prone to excessive emotionality. Anyway, he tries his emotions no one show, and many believe him indifferent to everything. You should know that this is not always the case! Even the owner of such a meticulous handwriting, it is necessary to check every detail in every case. But get him to give someone a promise not to be so easy. He does not promise to do something; He does, and then talk about it.

The distance between the lines and their location

So, how far apart we have lines, too, carries information about our inner world. So, if a person leaves a fairly wide space between two rows of words, it speaks of his love for the accuracy, good organization and the ability to see the big picture and broad prospects. But if the space is not the same (one line closer to another - far away from the previous one), it speaks of disorganization, and even some human carelessness.

If the line moves down up and write it - optimistic and energetic. The downward slope of the line is a sign of pessimism and lack of energy. It is necessary to take into account that this test works only when the subject writes on unruled paper.

Offset from the edge of the sheet

There are many options:

  • The free space on the left side of the written shows that a person does not forget its roots and is tied to the family;
  • Leaving space to the right of the text reflects on the future of the people around him. If the indentation on the right is too high, it indicates a fear of something unknown;
  • A large indented from the top edge of the sheet - people ambitious and big plans;
  • It leaves a lot of space at the bottom of the sheet energetic man, who also often relies on his intuition;
  • If space remains, and the left and right of the text, while the left indent is less than the right to write something likewise cautious, and at the moment he is eager to avoid something that he has to do not on their own;
  • And when, in the same style arrangement of lines is less than the space on the right, it indicates impatience and desire to finish the job as soon as possible. Better even before it starts!

We are putting together all the data

Now, let's mix several characteristics that we mentioned above, and see what we get:

  • Autograph with strong pressure and the vertically arranged letters. High pressure = strong emotions, vertical letters = attempt to keep emotions in themselves. Such a person usually acts guided by reason and not emotions. Even if the stones from the sky will crumble, it will stay cool and will not react as emotionally as a person leans to the right letter. But he will not be able to keep your cool indefinitely. One day there comes a time when the long pent-up emotions are pulled out, and it breaks down, as it appears to others, quite suddenly and unpredictably.
  • The person who writes with light pressure (not too emotional) and left-hand slope of letters (tries to avoid emotionality). This man - cold, indifferent to everything and everybody. He is self-centered, for him there are only his own problems.

There are many variations of combinations of all the characteristics of letters to compile a complete profile of personal qualities. With our two examples, you can create your own profile, which can be useful both in personal and professional relationships. Anyway, knowing all these details, you can understand what is, perhaps, to think about. If our character makes us to write in a certain way, then maybe we can change the traits of our character, changing the writing? Or it does not work, and it is not necessary to change the cause and effect? And you take, and try it! Definitely, if you can force yourself to exercise regularly to improve handwriting, it really discipline, patience and perseverance you will develop exactly! And yet - you will write well, which is also important.

And most importantly, now you can easily determine what actually like your guy and he does not let you show off. After all, you are now able to determine a person's character by the handwriting; and if before someone bring to light, we will now display "on plain paper!"

 Handwriting and character: the secrets of our zakoryuchek

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