how to deal with complexes

We - the real professionals in the fight against overweight, unruly children, treacherous employees, but does not know how to deal with the complex. But they are poisoning our lives more than the old jeans, in which we can not climb. It complexes in a low voice comment on every step you take: "you - fat", "you are - a bad mother", "your report will not do." And in women, this voice is louder, more often demanding. Blame our emotion and sensibility.

And you know what systems? This is a reflection of your personality. The one that you were many years ago. All my dislike for himself (otherwise complex and can not be called) we begin to cultivate, being quite small. Parents call a jerk? Perhaps they are right. The teacher said that I can hardly write a test as "excellent"? That is exactly what happened. We are not fighting with complexes, as yet not aware of their existence.

Children's facilities

But most of all himself scourged ourselves. Remember how you still a schoolgirl, standing on a treadmill. We must overtake an opponent. And next to you, neither more nor less, Ritka-lanky. Naturally, she will overtake you. And you already madly ashamed of future loss. For complete minute that you were at the start, you have a headache, stomach. You are no longer up to the marathon. And you lose. Classmates congratulating Rita, and you think that everything is turned away from you. Needless to say, that from now on you start to dislike gym class, and ... Ritka. itself, basically.

Did you grow up, and grow with you and your complexes .  Let's look at the major ones, and at the same time talk about methods of struggle with our internal enemies .  Thus, women's facilities: how to fight than to treat and how to take your subconscious attempt to convince you that you are worse than it actually is? First dissatisfaction we begin to experience, looking in the mirror .  And the hair is not the same, and a long nose and short legs .  And the most beautiful woman in the class, unfortunately, the exact opposite of you .  It was so? Or maybe this complex is now suffering your daughter growing up? What to do, how to help her? First, find a celebrity, which looks like your daughter .  Then start to admire it, to describe all the dignity of her character, appearance .  Hang in a conspicuous place a poster with the image of stars and wait for the results .  Certainly, anyone who comes into your home, will mark the similarities with your celebrity daughter .  You also try to emphasize this .  And after a while the self-esteem of a teenager inevitably creep up .  Still would! She looks like a film actress!

 complexes as fight

Adults complexes

Then we move on to what you may encounter later in life .  For example, the set of "old maid" .  One of the most insidious and destructive mechanisms of our subconscious .  Imagine that all your friends are married for a long time, and you still have not got family .  And the longer you do not get married, the more complex the start .  "I'm no use to anybody .  I'm the worst .  "In fact, you have a bit higher standards of requirements to applicants, rather than her friends .  Think about it: would you rather have been able to marry someone from their husbands know? One spouse drinks .  The second periodic raises hand on her .  The third does not work .  So why rush to get married? To show off two o'clock in a wedding dress, and then all life to go with bruises? You're not such a fate for themselves want? Therefore cease to torment yourself and enjoy a long-awaited freedom .  No, we're not trying to dissuade you from family life .  Just do not rush into the arms of the first comer just because all your friends have time to try on the veil, and you - no .

The older a woman is, the more mature it becomes complex. For example, in 40 years, almost every representative of the fairer sex to notice that already aging. This phenomenon psychologists call the complex of "closed doors". Someone takes the news calmly. And someone starts to try to turn back the clock with the help of plastic surgery, expensive cosmetic procedures, the young lovers. How to learn to deal with the complexes, if the mirror shows a stubborn wrinkles and graying temples? Learn how to take your age. Find it benefits. For example, your children have grown up, and you can safely stay overnight with a friend. Or, for so many years, you have made a career, and have deservedly appreciated at work.

Next set of comes to a woman after a series of failed attempts to establish a personal life .  And though it is called beautiful - a set of "Cleopatra" - the behavior of women in this period can not be called attractive .  She begins to hate all men, believing that they only made to drink, walk and throw dirty socks in the apartment .  Do you think this woman will be able to find a soul mate? Hardly .  At the same time she did not know how to deal with complexes muzhenenavistnichestva .  First we need to find the reason for his hatred of men .  Perhaps you have someone hurt many years ago? Try to analyze the cause of the conflict .  Maybe you were too young for marriage? Or your husband left you once, simply made a mistake and now regrets it? Forgive his attackers .  And do it sincerely .  Then you can afford to build a new relationship .  But do you need it without looking at the past .  After all, a new choice has nothing to do with the old sins of your ex-men .

Finally you will discover the most important and versatile weapon to combat the complex: it is self-love. If you love yourself, no complexes you will not be afraid!

 How to deal with the complex? Love for Me - the best weapon

 development of intuition


  • What scientists are saying about this?
  • Ways to develop intuition
  • How to use intuition?

Immediately explain why the development of intuition is so important that every woman would like to close with her assistant was always ready to suggest the right solution, and it does not scold her for every miss, fell silent at the right time, and did not demand anything in return. "Fantastic! "- You might say? "Reality" - we answer. Such an assistant there. And his name - intuition. The sixth sense is always there and ready to help. The only problem is that we do not know how to ensure the development of intuition and her inclinations die under the pressure of judgment, feelings and unreasonable desires.

Meanwhile, the inner voice allows you to get a much more accurate answers to questions than logic. Where the mind still doubts and gives several scenarios, the sixth sense of a person already shows a clear picture of the future. Whence this knowledge? How to use them? How to develop a sixth sense? Who are the predecessors famous thanks to the ability to manage a developed intuition? These and other questions will be answered in this article.

As the all-knowing Wikipedia, intuition - this insight, instinct, perception of truth for no logical reason, grounded in the empathy, imagination, and prior experience. In a word, the man himself does not know how he knew the right decision. Needless to mind it! Of course, such a revelation, no one thought to connect with the infamous sixth sense. Furthermore, people often change the right decision on erroneous because the latter defies logic. For example, even successful businessmen accustomed to rely in their actions on the well-developed intuition, knowing that she is right. Hence the success.

And I noticed that women are more susceptible to the tips of the sixth sense. Well it helps inner voice and creative people. The artists create paintings, writers - novels, composers - music at the behest of some unknown voice dictated paint, music and words. And why? Because in the spiritual development of intuition and reason - are incompatible. And if you want to get the right answers to the question, stop thinking. Heed feelings. But it should be done patiently. The sixth sense can not immediately tell the right decision.

 Intuition development

What scientists are saying about this?

American researcher Graham Wallace in 1926, has developed a scheme by which runs the scheme of development of intuition and feeling itself, (which is also called creative imagination). According to scientists, the sixth sense can and should be trained. As for the process of getting the right answer to the question, then it is divided into four points:

  • Preparation: Here are collected the necessary information, consideration.
  • Incubation: This time creative people called the crisis. Create want, but nothing comes out. In fact, at this time the subconscious holds a deep analysis of the problem. So do not rush to throw brushes and pens. A little more, and there will be a breakthrough.
  • Enlightenment: that is exactly what we promised you at the end of the second paragraph. Inspiration, insight, enlightenment - call it what you want. At this moment in my head originate outlines the necessary decisions, and all you need a business woman or a girl, the artist - it is not to lose the idea.
  • Check: the completion of a developed intuition. At this point, all the reins of power transferred to the sense and awareness. They are trying to explain what he saw words, colors, shapes. In a word, there is the embodiment of ideas.

Thus we worked Walt Disney, Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Johann Bach, Thomas Jefferson and many others. Scientists at the proper spiritual development of intuition in a dream prompted scientific discovery, writers dispensed subjects of new books. And what we are worse? Let's find out how you can ensure the effectiveness of intuition and use its strength in life. In fact, everything is much easier than it might seem at first glance. To do this, just turn off the mind and listen .... No, not the heart. Listen to your inner voice.

But in order to hear what your intuition says you need to find a common language with her. There are several methods of sixth sense. At the same time you have to take into account that the more to rely on the judgments of logic, the longer it will have to train in the course of development of intuition. But nothing is impossible. Even lions jump through a burning ring after a certain number of attempts. But we are with you people, right? And our education will help achieve its goal.

Ways to develop intuition

  1. Card game. Shuffle the deck and guess what remove the card now. Pronounces himself suit and value cards. Repeat until the experience until you begin to guess. This means that during the connection of your game was already developed intuition. But, as you know, once to determine the cards you will. So please be not only a new deck, and infinite patience.
  2. Allow your body to decide what to eat or drink in a coffee shop to go to. So usually do pregnant women, assuming that the decision they dictate the baby growing inside. However, forced to disappoint you. This inner voice, which is also worried about the proper development of the baby and tells you the right products. Now imagine yourself pregnant and think about what you want right now? Maybe a sandwich with salami? Or call my mother? Follow all that asks your inner voice. Maybe he's trying to make you a happy man.
  3. Watch a movie without sound. Be sure that you have not seen. Take a closer look to the behavior of the characters and try to guess what is happening on the screen as events unfold further.
  4. When communicating with someone you must not just listen to his words, but also to analyze the facial expressions, gestures, facial expressions. Try to determine his mood, to understand what the person is thinking really. First, you learn to feel the people that will facilitate your further communication. Second, pass an interesting course of training and development of intuition. After all, who really defined, from which frowns favorite guy? Your inner voice.
  5. This technique was invented by scientist Denisov. For her, we'll need a few sheets with the image of letters, numbers, geometric shapes. Try all draw in color, it will complicate your workout and make it more interesting. Take a sheet with pictures in hand. Look at the pictures, try to feel the color, size, shape, shapes. Then, turn off the lights and then take the cards in hand. One by one. Try to guess what the picture is. Give this workout for 20 minutes a day, and two weeks later with the help of a developed intuition, you guess the right result. And another thing: do not be discouraged at the first failures. You have not given up training when not managed from the first ride on the bike? Here is the same. Imagine that you do not learn to control a vehicle, and their own intuition.
  6. The main enemy of the inner voice - it's fear. It is he who keeps us ready to hear the decision. Therefore, to develop your inner voice, you must first get rid of the fear. Create for yourself an extreme situation, provoke fear in their occurrence and to get used to this feeling. No, we do not encourage you to be eternally terrified woman. Conversely. The more you train yourself for symptoms of fear, the faster will get used to extreme situations. Here is an example: an ordinary person at the sight of blood is lost, and a woman with subtle psyche may even faint. Doctor - exactly the same people, only trained. He had seen so much blood in my entire practice that quite calmly to her concerns.
  7. Very strong reception for the development of intuition - that is meditation. Choose for yourself a place where you will be comfortable. Retire when meditation is not recommended, otherwise the process will be associated with a dream for you. Sit back, relax. Come up with some mantra (distracting phrase that helps to distract from extraneous thoughts). It can be, for example, the words "I relaxed." Repeat it until then, until you stop to think about whether you turned off the soup and made Syngman lessons. The head should be clear and free of thoughts. Many argue that after thinking about everyday life no longer distracting, you need to think of something grand. We advise you to simply enjoy the ease and insouciance that brings meditation. Relax. And about the great things you think in the kitchen while cooking.
  8. Submit your inner voice in some way. Maybe it's a little wizened old woman, who lives on the outskirts of the forest? Or an old man, living in the desert? Get to know your character, make friends. And now, before making an important decision, think back to the hut for his sixth sense and ask for advice. At first you will look silly in his own eyes. However, the result is important to you, right? So turn your imagination. Similarly, you can provide a result in the development of intuition in children. In a playful way they learn to listen to the inner voice.

 develop intuition

How to use intuition?

So we gradually come to practical advice on important decisions. After all, we pay attention to the development intuitive to use it. But it does not confuse the inner voice with the voice of reason? How to tune in to chat with your sixth sense? First of all you must understand that the decision will not come instantly. Subconscious mind needs time to analyze the situation. Therefore, take your problem and, instead of nervous and hectic, distracted. Wash dishes, paint with a child, pat dress. You can even go to bed without a ready solution. Intuition is always turned on at the right time.

It happens that the tips of the inner voice has led to problems of life. For example, the woman listened to the development of intuition and separated from her husband, who in some ways it did not suit. However, after some time ex-wife start to regret the decision. And children growing up without a father. Who is guilty? Intuition? Or the woman, who had a conflict with her husband to think over all? No one.

Just very often people do not want to leave that comfort zone, which is formed around it. Perhaps the fate in store for the new darling of women who have it all over the suit. However, their meeting will not take place, as the heroine, disobeying an inner voice, he took the hapless husband back. So if you think that intuition something was wrong, do not rush to make rash decisions. Perhaps you will find a sharp turn in the life? And, for example, the decision to leave the old job was not accidental?

There is another version of events. You do not hear the inner voice of reason and opinion. Hence the problem. After all, the main drawback of the sixth sense is that it can not touch it, and it does not say aloud. His opinion will sound in the head and "whisper". It is therefore important to distinguish between, say where intuition, and where - the feelings and emotions.

And finally: the sixth sense - it's good. However, you should not rely solely on the voice of intuition. In particularly important cases should be connected to the problem of reason and experience. Combine the development of intuition with the improvement in the knowledge and skills to grow in all spheres of life. Only then the decisions will not disappoint you or your loved ones.

 Development of intuition: Learning to use a female instinct

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