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  • Who is who?
  • Why are they?
  • The pros and cons of the two types of personality
  • How to live with myself?
  • How to get along with others?
  • We are learning to be better

It is important to know the features of their character and temperament - in order to make life more harmonious. Most people choose a profession that does not meet their internal capabilities, and feel deeply unhappy. Some people have chosen occupation parents for someone top priority turned out to be money. While taking into account the need to their needs, which vary depending on the type of individual. Psychologists have tried to analyze the actions of the people and bring its classification. So, there are two fundamentally different types of personality: extrovert and introvert.

Who is who?

Extrovert - a type of person who turned in their emotional displays on others. Such a person seeks to:

  • to actively communicate with people,
  • oratory and participate in any public statements,
  • Increased attention from outside.

These are good organizers and public figures, leaders, entertainers and artists. Extroverts well in a team and uncomfortable alone. They are constantly talking, sometimes without even noticing it. People are extroverts bright and fashionable dress (another way to attract attention), and always keep the door of his house open to the many friends and acquaintances.

Introvert - the type of person who is focused inward. So people tend to silence, lengthy internal reflection, experience, in-depth analysis of the situation. It is easier to spend time alone and work, relying only on their own strength. Introverts - great writers, researchers and scientists. There is one feature of such people: they are often uncomfortable to work in a big team.

Worst of all, children have to introverts. Modern society is more aimed at extroverts and encourage the younger generation to the communicative, activity and mobility. In short, everything that can boast a little introverted. And it is not that the child does not like to answer in class. He just is not interesting to talk about, which is about 15 minutes to tell his classmates. These children better at home and independent works. An extrovert virtuoso meets the blackboard. At the same time it does not matter, he learned a lesson or not.

 extrovert and introvert

Why are they?

Let's see: what has caused the existence of fundamentally different personality types? And who is easier to communicate: an introvert or extrovert? Everyone knows that the emotionally and psychologically a human being is much more complicated than in anatomical terms. And an essential part of the internal mechanism is the so-called energy aspect. As psychologists say, all the vital processes that occur in a person, one way or another are related to energy consumption. That is why the way to replenish vital energy is the most important element of the behavior and life of every person on Earth.

We all tend to get energy through food, breathing and sleep. When we sleep, our aura is restored, because during sleep we are almost a waste of energy, but only absorb it. For us, a dream - it is one of the most effective reducing vitality. But not for everyone. Extroverts night's sleep to recharge a little. They have to search for additional energy supply in the community. Therefore, extroverts every effort to engage the attention, organize events and try to gather around as much as possible people. But introverts perfectly restored during sleep. They can live a whole day due to the energy received and did not communicate at the same time. According to this principle, an extrovert can be compared with a solar battery, which requires an external factor for the charge, and the introvert - with an electric battery recharging from which she recovered.

The pros and cons of the two types of personality

As you've probably guessed, "energy vampires" - people extrovert type who need to recharge energy and get the missing energy from people totally unconstructive way. They cause people to resentment, anger, fear. This live. But to think that all extroverts - energy vampires, very wrong. There are many of them, and those people who give others good benefits and good mood, being the soul of the company.

As for the introverts, in its worst it is closed and taciturn people enslaved by prejudices .  Remember the famous "man in the case?" So, it was a wholly introvert .  We are confident that you have met such people in my life .  We can not say that they are harmful to society .  But the benefits of these notorious figures little .  If we consider an introvert at its best, it can be extraordinarily gifted individuals or leaders, are well capable to organize production and find a common language with subordinates .  With them comfortable to work for one simple reason: they are charged with energy from their subordinates .  This has been the chief, with the makings of an extrovert energy vampire .  Such leaders excoriate for small errors, splashing out negative energy on the employee, and in the meantime restore vitality at the expense of other people's fear .  They even grateful for the subordinate slip and allowed the opportunity to inflict scandal .

But it was a picture of the life of an extrovert. Introvert in this case, just close to the office and will be a long time to think about the problem, restoring forces. And it's not in the nobility of the chief. Just conflicts harassed him much more than an independent solution. That is why working with him and more comfortable than the extrovert. Another distinctive feature of the leaders of the two personality types is that extroverted requires a report at each step of the task (triggered a constant need for communication). Whereas the introvert important outcome.

It often happens that introverts and extroverts have to work not in their places. This is the case with which we began this article. It is with his people the problems begin. Since then, that so values ​​in the life of an extrovert, introvert alien. Consider a situation with an example. For example, the active extrovert increased career and gave him a separate room. Gradually, the lack of communication becomes a man so strong that it begins to go from office to office with a cup of coffee (chat) or daily excoriate (an attempt to make up for the potential of life). As for the introvert, it is very often the good work put forward to the front. One has to become a public speaker, to work in a great team and to experience chronic stress. Such a person can not work in modern offices, separated by low partitions. He is much more comfortable in a private room.

That is why every leader, appointing a person for a certain position, it is important to consider the type of temperament employee. It depends on the efficiency of the human being. More specifically, the executive who hires an introvert, can appreciate the qualities of the employee:

  • he would never be rude to the customer, as for him to annoy someone - a real disaster.
  • It will always be able to work individually, and accordingly, and make decisions on their own.

Extroverts also boast some of the qualities:

  • they are not afraid to speak in public:
  • easily come into any contact and can operate even when it is expected backlash client.

 extroverts and introverts

How to live with myself?

If you determine your personality type, you should clearly understand that correct themselves fail. Just a little to correct. A person who is experiencing great need for communication can never be happy alone. That is why extroverts so hard to immigration. They do not communicate with anyone. If before they knew half the city, and could one day to talk to lots of people, but now only has to communicate with his family. What to do? To move into the quarter where compatriots live. There, because of their sociability, extroverts can find new friends.

As for the introverts, they will never get proper pleasure of performing on stage. Such people can become actors, but always will experience unconscious fear and discomfort of the crowded hall. And if they have already chosen their acting profession, the psychologists advise them to look themselves in the movie. Before any movie camera introverted will feel much more liberated.

How to get along with others?

When communicating with a person temperament interlocutor is of paramount importance. If the two extrovert, they will not be easy to get along together. Everyone wants to talk and listen to a nobody. Of course, argue that these personality types are not compatible, you can not. But they obviously have to adapt to each other and allow the other person to speak.

In dealing introvert and extrovert much easier. Where one speaks, the other listens patiently. The problem may be quite different. An extrovert habit can take all the personal space man. And, as we remember the freedom and solitude introvert appreciates most. Or extrovert can take offense at his companion for lack of attention. And he will be right, too.

As for the two introvert, they pretty comfortable together. More precisely, one by one. Such people are likely to be spending time apart, occasionally meeting to exchange information. However, their relationship can be much stronger than the two extroverts, residing together.

We are learning to be better

Despite the fact that extroverts and introverts different cultivation has not been canceled. Because the most important quality of a person - the ability to learn from their mistakes, getting better and benefit not only themselves, but also the society in which you live. Convinced? Now let's look at how to improve your character and temperament to enhance the action of your strengths and reduce the number of drawbacks to a minimum. If you - an extrovert, you need to learn to listen to the interlocutor. In the active conversation control yourself. Sometimes there comes a time when your verbal flow instead of enthusiasm begins to irritate the listener. Know how to stop in time.

Introverts, on the contrary, you must learn how to communicate. And in reality it is much more difficult than anticipated. Very often, introverts simply do not care about other people and their reaction to his own words. Therefore it is necessary first of all to develop an interest in others, and then try to establish contact with them. However, introverts, even for self-improvement will not communicate with everyone. If a person is not interested in them, they are unlikely to expend precious energy on this subject. And with that we must accept.

But the most important key to a successful life is not controlling its own drawbacks and advantages of the development and acceptance of yourself for what you are. Taciturn, talkative, openness or secrecy - it is not a list of deficiencies, and the listing of the ordinary human qualities with which it is possible to live. We are confident that all the others (whether it be an introvert or extrovert) accept you for who you are, even though all the character traits that you would like to change. Love yourself and you!

 The struggle of opposites: introvert and extrovert

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