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  • How to leave the familiar comfort zone?
  • How to change your comfort zone?
  • When you do not want to change anything
  • Top aides to leave the comfort zone: the habit, enthusiasm and reason

What comfort zone? This is a list of places, habits, people who fall under the definition of the word "comfortable" and "usual". We're used to his apartment, car, work colleagues and friends, so our life flows easily and predictably. However, should a person get into an unfamiliar environment, he begins to experience stress and anxiety. And it is quite natural reaction of our brain.

For example, a young mother with a child is sent to a reception at the new clinic. She does not know the location of offices or doctors. Do you think a woman feels comfortable, especially when you consider that in the hands of her sick child? Of course not, she was afraid and embarrassed. But there is no escape, because the child should be treated. That young woman adapts to the situation. And at the same time it expands its comfort zone. Because the next time she will be well oriented in the new clinic. Yes, and with the doctor, it will already be familiar with. It follows that the greater the difficulty there is in your way, the wider the comfort zone. But first things first!

How to leave the familiar comfort zone?

Despite the fact that in their own living space man warm and cozy, it has one crucial disadvantage, which usually do not pay attention to people - the lack of development. It is a kind of swamp, intellectual vacuum, where there is nothing new. The same apartment to which you are accustomed. Friends who do not teach anything new. Jobs where there is no growth prospects.

Like, what's wrong? All you need is there. And the man himself seems quite safe. But it is above the level will not rise. There is no need. Him and so comfortable. Why change something? Our society forgets that the world is rich and multifaceted. And outside the comfort zone has a lot of interesting people with whom you can be friends. Employment, which would be worth to learn. Cities that are worth a visit.

Fortunately, not all people are satisfied with what they have. Many are trying to develop the leadership skills, to try his hand at a new career, to become better. If you want to achieve greater success in life, you just need to know how to get out of your comfort zone. Because if a person familiar surroundings and will develop very slowly. The lack of new incentives will not allow to discover new horizons.

Here is an example. The woman gained weight and now wants to lose weight. It is wonderful. But where to put your favorite habit of snacking at night, taking food to a TV and a huge amount of roast meat pies? It's so delicious! Woman on time indulging in delicacies (coming out of the comfort zone), but then a tasty meal habit is stronger than the desire to lose weight. And it's not even in the most heroin. It is influenced by all the comfort zone as a whole.

Friends and colleagues, who used to see the heroine as it is, puzzled her desire to diet. "Why would you? You're all so good! "- They repeat. It's not that women do have a slim figure and lose weight do not need it. Just not used to it around to see different. What to do? I have friends, a job and a house to leave because of the comfort zone? Of course not, so drastic measures are needed.

In this case, the woman should just stop buying calorie products (the family also have time to go on a healthy diet). For additional stimulus can be attached to the refrigerator (a kind of comfort zone) a reminder that it is on a diet. So repressed subconscious attempt to return to familiar behavioral terms. Does not help? You can hang it on the fridge as your picture in a bathing suit. It is desirable that the picture are clearly visible all the extra weight, which is necessary to get rid of.

With diets is clear. And what about the professional growth? Really, in order to climb the service, you need to retire from work and get to the other? Doing this is not necessary. It is enough to enroll in training courses, to aim to obtain a second education, or simply participate in a short workshop. So you can temporarily leave the comfort zone and improve their professional skills. As you may have noticed all the changes taking place exclusively outside of the usual space and, accordingly, warm and comfortable you will be. Moreover, the severe stress that you experience when you reach the goal, the better will be able to get, the stronger and become more confident as a result. Believe me!

 how to get out of your comfort zone

How to change your comfort zone?

Comfort Zone - this is not just a job, an apartment and a friend of the metro station, but our habits. By changing them, we will expand or contract their usual living space. For example, she used to run in the mornings. It is easy to get up at six o'clock and run a great distance. But then came the winter, and jogging were covered with ice. Naturally, the young woman decided to postpone until spring morning exercise. Habitual comfort zone narrowed. Now there's an extra two hours before the work she just slept. And if, instead of running, she decided to take up the study of the English language? Or programming? Then I have evolved zone just a little, but not narrowed.

What all this information, you may ask? To ensure that you have developed the habit of replacing obsolete occupation or hobby yourself a new hobby. Unfortunately, expand the comfort zone without giving up old habits does not always work. Many happy and charging in addition to swim in the pool, but the time is not infinite, and in a day of 24 hours. So, before you take on new business, ask yourself: Do you have enough on its implementation time and effort? Do not suffer from any of your old habits? Trying to extend the usual comfort zone - that's good. But it is very important to do it wisely. And at first you can not do without incentives.

Change - it's great, but how to win their own laziness? Many dream of cubes on the belly, but only a few gym. What's the difference between those who shakes his muscles and those who at this time lying on the couch? Just one person passionately wants to change, and the second like it wants to, but the victim is not ready to go. How to motivate yourself to take decisive action? Locate the photo that you want to get as a result of their efforts, hang it in a prominent place. Or write a rough plan of the achievements in the coming year or two. Schedule yourself a specific time frame, when, in your opinion, will be able to achieve the goal. If you execute the plan does not succeed, do not despair. Try again. Until you get. And it will happen!

When you do not want to change anything

It often happens that a person does not think about how to find a way out of their comfort zone, and how to stay there forever. And this is understandable. Because that is where human life is easy and pleasant. Why change something if all quite satisfied? Blurred growth prospects does not appeal, because no one promises that there behind the comfort zone, you are sure to succeed. And if the opposite? Lost part of what you have? Why take the risk? So says every second inhabitant of the planet, staying where he is currently. Complicating the situation is the infamous voice of the subconscious, which is too scary to leave the comfort zone. So he skillfully discourages people from decisive action. Here's a simple example from the life of a locksmith, who dreamed of becoming a businessman.

"Why would you start a business? Vaughn Vaska second entrance from the garage and the car sold for promotion and bankrupt. And Savely Ivanovich general jailed for tax evasion. It you want? Grinds his part at the factory and do not twitch. But stay on the loose and the car! "- So says about our inner voice, soothing, pleading, and .... stopping our development.

As a result, a person engages in, though good in principle, but not their business. What's next? Routine. While there may be out of the ordinary locksmith could have made a fine businessman. And he went on now is not broken Moskvich and a foreign car. Where's the guy made a mistake? Everything is very simple. He did not have the courage, determination and the desire for yet another attempt to enter the previously selected institute. A radically change their lives after five to ten years is difficult, especially if you have already started a family, which needs to be fed.

But the ambitious girl in the school do not differ mind and success in school, he graduated from the course hairdressers, suddenly realized - this is her calling. We quickly filled his hand, learning to work with the most capricious customers with interest by visiting the set of thematic workshops and master classes, the crook has issued a bank loan - and now her own beauty salon defiantly flashing a new neon sign. Yes, it will have hard, there will be ups and painful downs, successes and failures, Pre hectic days and a time when revenue is barely enough to pay interest to the bank ... but the rhythm of her life exciting, does not get caught up in everyday life, no matter how "well-fed" it may be.

A success ... It is sure to come to the persistent and courageous man, who is not afraid to change something, to risk, to expand the comfort zone! Each of us subconsciously realizes that it lacks what we would like to achieve, and so on. But how difficult we are the change! How difficult to make a step towards something new, interesting and unexplored!

For example, how many families are constantly sent to rest in the same, familiar place to soreness of the mouth? Ah, just do not justify the act spouses! And conveniently, they say, and as usual, and all explored. You just listen to these words - convenient, familiar. And unbearably boring. But a vacation alone. And apart from rest of the body is necessary to provide a so-called change of image and his inner "I". New experiences, emotional lift, and even minor inconveniences - all this helps to broaden my horizons and look at the world differently.

What to do? Train and teach yourself how to get out of your comfort zone. For example, learn to play the guitar. No wonder that it is gathering dust in your attic for decades. Sign up for ballroom dancing lessons or a strip of plastic - good for the figure and very fashionable. Start jogging. Accustomed to a healthy diet, stop smoking. Embark on a master class on sushi or authentic Italian pizza. In short, do everything that is not engaged before. And when your inner voice tired to predict defeat, decide on something more ambitious. If you just get better does not work, do not despair and do not lower hands.

 out of the comfort zone

Top aides to leave the comfort zone: the habit, enthusiasm and reason

So, you have come to the conclusion that change your life. Let not dramatically, but simply to bring to the usual measured way, and some novelty. But out of their comfort zone to find a not so easy. Rather, each is able to find him, but to cross the threshold and enter the new world of forces is not all. The most important thing in this case - the habit. Scientists have shown that the process takes twenty-one days. And it is even less than a month.

Overpower themselves, make for three weeks continuously engage in new business - and out of the comfort zone in the usual sense, you will not be a problem, and the space will expand significantly. But if you at least once allowed himself to relax and not going to teach, for example, English words, do not go on courses and so on, will have to count again. So, the more persistent you will accept for the development of something new, the faster it will become your habit.

Consider one more nuance. If you ever had to visit the sea in the fall or cool in the summer, you will surely remember the feeling experienced by entering in a rather cold water. At first it seems to be so unpleasant that you hesitantly marking time in the sand, then still prevailed themselves and dipping. For a moment he rolls impatience to get ashore and wrapped in a sun-warmed towel. But after a few minutes you will swim with pleasure. Your body just got used to and adapt to the proposed conditions. Comfort Zone has gained wider border.

The same thing happens to a man who begins to engage in new business. At first, he feels an acute attack of laziness and apathy, trying to find arguments to postpone the work. What I would like to drink coffee, then with his girlfriend on the phone to talk, the film interesting start. Overpower yourself, call for help and all internal resources to take over the case. Remember that enthusiasm that you also came to learn English, for example, or to purchase a subscription to the sports club.

You want to get promoted or find a new high-paying jobs? So think about the opportunities that will be opened in front of you, if now, at this very moment you will be able to bring himself to open the book and to learn first English word. You are too lazy to go to the gym or go for a morning jog? But what about the swimsuit perfectly underlines postroynevshego golden tan body? Visualize your desire, it will help to move forward.

And you can not do without a good reason to extend the usual comfort zone. The simplest example - the regular charge. Ask yourself why you decided to start your day with her? "So in fact it is good for your health! "- You exclaim. So what? You have greatly increased the enthusiasm? It is unlikely. The fact is that the above argument for you not to have the required strength. You are young and while health is not complaining, your brain does not receive the specified reasons as a direct guide to action.

Now, remember the pleasant feeling of fatigue and at the same time boost, gripped you after going to the gym or workout hours at home. This is for him and hold, forcing himself to start charging. Why does it work? It's very simple to explain. In the first case, the common wording to "improve health" is perceived by you as something not quite real, and the second - triggered what already exists, because the brain helpfully gave you a tangible memory of the tide forces.

Another bag of tricks is to talk about their desire to learn something new or to change themselves for the better to the greatest possible number of people. And while their opinions, both positive and negative, will be important to you. If you hear words of encouragement, then at the right moment alien faith in your success will not fail, because you do not want to deceive certain expectations of loved ones? Doubts about your power are also an excellent incentive to prove the opposite, force yourself to respect and to cause admiration.

Extend or modify the comfort zone is not possible without effort. Goes beyond the usual and settled little world is extremely difficult. It reminds a workout in the gym in the early days of body aches and I want everything to throw, then a period of adaptation, the figure is changing, and you feel joy and pride. But we need only run a class, the muscles lose their former elasticity again. Only relying on a really good reason, you will be able to overcome itself. So do it, and decide to expand your comfort zone.

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