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Open your arms to change, but do not let go of your values. (Dalai Lama)


  • What could be the main thing for you?
  • How to install and use your main priorities?

Before us is a daily necessity to solve some problem .  Every day we are faced with some circumstances experienced by our patience and character .  In this situation are very important in life, our values, which serve as markers and allow us to ensure that we are moving our way in the right direction .  When all the words and actions are aligned with our values, life seems correct and meaningful, and we are confident and pleased with themselves .  But if it happens that our behavior does not correspond to inner convictions, we will soon begin to feel anxiety and irritation, which are born and grow within us .  It is an unpleasant feeling tells us that all is not well in our world .  Moreover, these feelings can be a source of anxiety and unhappiness for us .  Only strongly following the instructions of our conscience, we can maintain a sense of self-esteem and feel self-sufficient and happy .

Our values ​​of life - this is our inner compass by which we have to check every step of the way of life. There are problems with health, money, relationships? This is because our internal model of the world do not coincide with what it actually is. It's hard to make any decision? And this is because we are not sure what we really want and that's really important for us. When we have certain settings, it is easier to weigh the options and find the right solution - because the value of human life are his support, and follow them regardless of the circumstances, we begin to live a more fulfilling and productive lives.

 Human life values

What could be the main thing for you?

It is important to decide what is the most important thing for you, because life values ​​help to shape the character and control our actions, desires and solutions. Of course, different people have different internal settings: one most important thing is that it seems not so important for another, and for the third and all the main guideline in life is different from what is important for the first and for the second. And yet, we can list the most frequently mentioned by different people the criteria of primary importance in their lives and should be of particular importance for each person. So, what can be the values ​​of life?

  • Love - it's probably generally the first thing that will call almost every one of us. This is an important personal value that deserves a special place in everyone's life. And here we are talking not only about romantic feelings, because it is not the only kind of love that man is capable of experiencing. So, how do you like your family and friends, and you can love other people. Love gives rise to compassion for the people, and that's one thing we have to say, when are the main values ​​of life. When we come to the compassion, we begin to see the best in people, while they see the best in us.
  • The understanding, which requires each person. How often can see people who keep in their hearts the anger and resentment against others, causes of actions which they do not want to understand. Anger makes them blind and alienated from others. If you are willing to understand and accept the people and circumstances that force them to do so anyway, you will get control of the situation and can each find a common language.
  • Respect for people - is also very important criterion. It not only allows us to be inspired by the best qualities of others, but also makes it easier to see and try to correct their shortcomings. Nobody is perfect; but respect is the only way by which we can notice the positive in others and strive to improve themselves. And like many other life values, respect tends to be reflected from other people to you - with more respect than you treat others, the more respect they show to you.
  • Discipline, which many unfortunately confused with the routine and try to avoid it. Routine means we sadly do something very monotonous; discipline is the same - it works even when a person with a certain amount of fun, but the main thing that worries him is the full implementation of their obligations. A disciplined and responsible person will always respect his and other people's time, so one of its characteristic features can be called a punctual.
  • Faith in others. It can also apply to your relationship to itself. It is your determination, that is able to raise a person if he fell. His self-doubt in a difficult moment can be destroyed your faith in him. And interestingly, this belief is contagious - the more you believe in others, the more your faith will grow stronger in yourself.
  • Thanks. When you spend just a moment on what to say "thank you", and expressed its appreciation to the other, you light a huge fire of friendship and reciprocal gratitude to you this man. That gratitude helps you see and feel the abundance of joy, to which our life is generous.
  • Forgiveness. Forgiveness frees us from the pain and anger that make us "stuck" in the past. When you forgive, you let go of resentment and move forward in their lives.
  • Friendship. Friends support us and they are always ready to help with advice when we ask them about it. Friends provide us support in difficulties and are always with us in joy.
  • Hope. This is exactly what the fuel that warms us when we are tired and do not see the road. Hope assures us that sometimes the question is not, "Do come true", and that "when" it will be.
  • Optimism. There is a saying: "If you got a lemon - make lemonade! "This is a very valuable asset - to be able to see the good, even in places where it is very difficult to see. People with poor quality of life is always less than good. Rather, bad or does not happen - because they are able to resist him.
  • Patience - a value that creates a better state of mind, more effective decision-making.
  • Tolerance. There are people with whom we often do not want to have anything to do. But instead of showing them contempt, it is better to be tolerant - this is the best and a worthy alternative.
  • Honesty. It is even not worth discussing. And do not be surprised that this criterion we call in the end - it's because honesty is the foundation upon which all the others are the values ​​of life, whatever they may be you. Honesty is not only to admit his mistake at work or tell his wife the truth about where you spent money from his card. Honesty is to admit to yourself that you are not perfect. This is the only way by which you can influence your life to change it for the better.

 which can be life values

How to install and use your main priorities?

There is a very effective way to define their values, and it is as follows:

  1. Make a list of what you think the most important thing in your life - so important that you can not be happy without it. Your initial list can be very long - it is not scary, you podkorrektiruete later.
  2. Review your list and ask yourself, is really something without which I could not live happily ever after? Without it, my life really will seem unbearable? If there is any doubt - remove it from your list.
  3. Repeat this process for as long as your list will not be reduced to six - ten values. Now you have a list of the most important for you in life values. Based on these, you can go through life, feeling the importance and satisfaction of all that you will do.

Your personal values ​​are composed of everything that happened in your life, and they involve a lot of different influences: the influence of your parents and family, on religion, your education, artistic preferences, the range of your communication, and many other factors that affect the experience and the prevailing worldview of each person. Effective people always recognize and take into account is the impact of the environment; they develop a clear, clear and meaningful "set" beliefs and priorities. As you act on, if you consider yourself a person with a slender prevailing system of values?

  • You demonstrate and model their priorities in their personal and professional behavior, when making important decisions, and during interpersonal interaction.
  • You can rely on their values ​​in the family, building a relationship with her husband and raising children.
  • You adjust and set life goals based on your main personal criteria.

Therefore select precisely those values ​​that are truly most important to you, the values ​​that define your character. They will be one of the most powerful tools available to you, with which you can become what you yourself want to be. It is a tool to achieve your goals and dreams, a tool to influence other people and to the surrounding reality. Do not miss your opportunity!

 What are your values ​​in life?